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THE COUNCIL  OF  STATE  GOVERNMENTS   JUSTICE  CENTER     The  Justice  Center  is  a  national  nonprofit  organization  that  provides  practical,  nonpartisan   advice  and  consensus-­‐driven  strategies,  informed  by  available  evidence,  to  increase  public   safety  and  strengthen  communities.  In  general,  the  Justice  Center  works  closely  with  legislative   leaders,  judges,  prosecutors,  defense  attorneys,  victim  advocates,  and  others  to  develop   consensus  on  various,  often  highly  politicized,  criminal  justice  issues  and  to  translate  this   consensus  into  comprehensive  reports,  policy  briefs,  state  and  federal  legislation,  model   policies,  and  innovative  programs.    The  Justice  Center  not  only  develops  written  and  web-­‐based   materials,  but  also  provides  on-­‐the-­‐ground  technical  assistance  to  cross-­‐systems  policymakers   and  practitioners  from  multiple  systems  (corrections,  mental  health,  housing,  etc.),  in  state  and   local  jurisdictions.    

Posting: Administrative  Assistant   Job  Title:    Administrative  Assistant   Department:  Justice  Center,  State  Division   Reports  To:    Deputy  Director  of  Operations,  State   Division   Location:  Seattle,  WA  

FLSA Status:  Non-­‐exempt           Type  of  Position:    Full-­‐time,  Regular     Reporting  to  This  Position:  NA      

JOB SUMMARY   The  Administrative  Assistant  is  responsible  for  providing  administrative  support  for  staff  in  the   Seattle  office  as  well  as  ensuring  effective  office  management,  travel  logistics  and  expense   report  completion,  data  entry,  and  execution  of  organization’s  meetings/forums  and   technologically-­‐based  duties  related  to  selected  web  content  administration.   ESSENTIAL  DUTIES  &  RESPONSIBILITIES    

Office  Management  –  Support    day-­‐to-­‐day  office  operations,  including,  but  not  limited  to:     • Weekly  processing  of  expense  reports  for  staff  and  updates  to  invoice  logs;   • Prepare  various  reports  for  finance  teams  with  relations  to  accounts  payable  and   receivable  functions;   • Travel  and  logistics  planning  for  traveling  staff  members,  coordination  with  logistics   personnel  in  other  offices;   • Updates  to  organization  website  as  needed;     • Data  entry  and  report  generation  from  organization  tracking  applications;   • Responsible  for  management  of  the  organization’s  supplies,  equipment  and  software,   including  maintaining  and  replenishing  inventory,  and  work  with  vendors  to  secure  bids   for  contracts  and  verification  of  receipt  of  supplies  delivered  when  needed;     • Work  as  back  up  support  for  information  technology  questions  or  simple  office  hardware   needs;   Page  1  of  3    

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Coordination with  building  maintenance/management;   Support  the  Operations,  Finance,  Logistics  and  HR  Departments  as  needed.  

Administrative and  Logistical  Support     • Support  staff  as  needed  in  monitoring  project  based  timelines,  budgets,  and  deliverables   to  support  programs.       • Provide  proofreading  and  presentation  creation  support   • Track  and  Initiate  draft  reports  to  comply  with  responsibilities  to  funders  on  a  monthly   and  quarterly  basis   • Prepare  staff  meeting  agendas,  correspondence,  memoranda  and  other  materials  for   distribution.   • The  assistant  will  support  the  Seattle  and  NYC  offices  with  travel  for  CSG  staff  and  others   as  needed,  meeting  planning,  where  s/he  will  plan  meeting  logistics  (food,  location,   hotel,  technological  needs),  and  travel  for  meeting  participants.             • The  assistant  may  also  be  charged  with  supporting  large  scale  conference  planning,   develop  conference  materials,  and  catering  planning.    This  will  include,  among  other   things,  the  compilation  and  preparation  of  on-­‐site  briefing  packets,  preparation  of   signage  and  tent  cards,  assessing  and  ensuring  that  on-­‐site  equipment  and  supplies  are   provided,  assisting  in  the  execution  of  office  mass  mailings  and  other  member    

SKILLS &  ABILITIES   Candidate  must  have  strong  organizational  skills,  be  detailed-­‐oriented  and  able  to  multi-­‐task.  In   addition,  candidate  must  be  dependable,  maintain  a  consistent  workday  schedule,  work   cooperatively  with  staff  colleagues  and  management,  communicate  effectively  and  possess   good  customer  service  skills.    Candidate  must  have  the  ability  to  maintain  a  high  level  of   attention  to  detail  and  accuracy  in  preparing,  entering  and  coding  information.    Prioritizing  and   coordinating  work  assignments  to  meet  deadlines,  exercising  initiative  and  good  judgment,   following  directions,  understanding  and  explaining  complex  procedures  and  instructions,  and   working  independently  and  collaboratively  in  a  team  environment  are  also  essential  skills.         Candidate  must  also  have  strong  office  management  skills,  be  proficient  in  computer  skills   utilizing  OSX  and  Windows,  data  analysis  skills  desired,  with  mid  level  or  above  proficiency  level   with  Excel  and  PowerPoint,  WordPress,  HTML  code  writing  preferred.     EXPERIENCE  REQUIREMENTS   The  ideal  candidate  will  have  at  least  1-­‐2  years  of  experience  in  a  non-­‐profit  setting,  ideally,  in   the  field  of  law  enforcement,  criminal  justice,  or  policy  analysis.           EDUCATION  REQUIREMENTS   A  college  degree  is  required.    

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS  ESSENTIAL  TO  PERFORM  THE  DUTIES  OF  THE  JOB   • Frequently  communicates  with  internal  and  external  coworkers  and  customers.   • Frequently  views  the  computer  to  create  spreadsheets,  complete  expense  reports,  write   Page  2  of  3    

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memos and  presentations.   Frequently  remains  in  a  sitting  position  to  perform  desk  duties.   Frequently  uses  the  computer  with  fingers  and  hands.   Frequently  works  in  a  well  lit,  tempered  room.   Occasionally  walks  throughout  office  to  communicate  to  coworkers.   Seldom  lifts  objects  such  as  with  weight  up  to  25  pounds  such  as  files  or  paper  boxes.    

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:   Interested  individuals  should  upload  the  following  elements  to   1.  Cover  letter   2.  Resume   3.  Names  and  contact  information  for  references  (at  least  two)     Incomplete  applications  will  not  be  considered.     CSG  is  an  Affirmative  Action/Equal  Employment  Opportunity  Employer   CSG  Participates  in  E-­‐Verify  

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