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RESOLUTION 0008-1213 A Resolution Adopting the Clustering System of the Organizations for the ORGTRIP 2012 WHEREAS, thereis an annual recruitment drive in Xavier University participated by the student organizations called the ORGTRIP, in which organizations have commonly beengroupedin the basis of theircouncil origination. WHEREAS, there is an existing clustering system of the student organizations in the basis of the nature or the dynamics of the latter. WHEREAS, the existence of the clustering system is intended only for collaborative purposes; and there has been no defined legal function of the system for the organizations. WHEREAS, the integration of the clustering system of the student organizations in ORGTRIP 2012 will contribute to a more effective and useful classification, at the advantage of the organizations and to the students themselves, due to the flexible determination of an organization’s nature and identity. WHEREFORE, be it resolved that the Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan student organizations, college councils and the Central Student Government shall adopt the Clustering System for ORGTRIP 2012. WHEREFORE, be it further resolved that the clustering system will not change or modify the existing government structure or the relationship of the college councils to the cocurricular organizations and likewise of the Assembly of Extra Curricular Organizations to the extra-curricular organizations, as this system is intended for easy collaboration and identification among the stakeholders. WHEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED,that this resolution be adopted with a 2/3 vote of the 19th Directorate sitting en banc. Done this 23rdday of June, 2012 at School of Business and Management Student Council Office, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Main Campus, by the 19th Directorate in session assembled.

Approved by

SEAN JARED R. LASTIMOSO XU-CSG Vice-President Convener

CHARITY B. TAPIAHAN ACES President Director of Academic Affairs

MIGUEL KARLO C. MACARIOLA CSSC President Director of Information and Promotion

CYRUS R. SERASPE ASC Prime Minister Director of Environmental Affairs

PRINCESS KIMBERLY V. UBAY-UBAY SBMSC President Director of Political Affairs

JUAN CARLO B. DE LA CERNA CITSC President Director of Rules and Regulations

JOHN MARK C. DAACA TG President Director of Formation and Social Involvement

APRIL ALLEN O. VALENCIA CONUS President Director of Physical Enhancement

ARLOU ADRIAN M. LINAAC UNITASS President Director of Student Services and Welfare


RESOLUTION 0008-1213  

RESOLUTION 0008-1213 A Resolution Adopting the Clustering System of the Organizations for the ORGTRIP 2012

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