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RESOLUTION 0004-1213 A Resolution Confirming the Executive Unit Appointments of Dean Cris M. Acabo, XU-CSG President WHEREAS, stipulated in Article VI Section 4.2.7 of the 2005 XU-CSG Constitution, the President shall appoint the heads of the executive units which will be confirmed by the Directorate. WHEREAS, also stipulated in Article VII Section 3.7 of the 2005 XU-CSG Constitution, the Directorate shall be responsible for the confirmation of the appointments of the heads of the executive units. WHEREAS, Mr. Dean Cris M. Acabo,President of XU-CSG for AY 2012-2013, in compliance to the mandate of the XU-CSG Constitution, submitted to the Directorate his appointees for the positions of Department Heads, Office Directors, and Events Committee Head for confirmation. To wit: Head, Department of Co-curricular and Academic Affairs Head, Department of Extra-Curricular Affairs and Networking Head, Department of Mission and Social Action Head, Department of Student Services and Welfare Director, Office of Administrative Affairs Director, Office of Budget and Finance Director, Office of Communications Director, Office of Research and Constituent Insights Head, Events Committee

John Dean AĂąavieza Elijah R. Fuentes Cinderella B. Calva Micheal B. Bravo Mark Gertrudo C. Amon DiorelaneBaobao Kristine Q. Leonen Ritchie L. Borja Donna Fe A. Dahilan

WHEREAS, the 19th Directorate finds the appointees mentioned herein duly capable of handling the given positions. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the appointment of all aforementioned persons as heads of the executive units by Mr. Dean Cris M. Acabo has been duly approved. Done this 1stday of May, 2012 at the Teachers’ Guild Office of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, by the 19th Directorate in session assembled.

Approved by

SEAN JARED R. LASTIMOSO XU-CSG Vice-President Convener

CHARITY B. TAPIAHAN ACES President Director of Academic Affairs

MIGUEL KARLO C. MACARIOLA CSSC President Director of Information and Promotion

CYRUS R. SERASPE ASC Prime Minister Director of Environmental Affairs

PRINCESS KIMBERLY V. UBAY-UBAY SBMSC President Director of Political Affairs

JUAN CARLO B. DE LA CERNA CITSC President Director of Rules and Regulations

JOHN MARK C. DAACA TG President Director of Formation and Social Involvement

APRIL ALLEN O. VALENCIA CONUS President Director of Physical Enhancement

ARLOU ADRIAN M. LINAAC UNITASS President Director of Student Services and Welfare

Resolution 0004-1213