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7 Reasons Businesses Need to Invest in SEO The Web and SEO ExpertsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be shrouded in a

deep mystery that even Columbo would have a hard time cracking. Can this often misunderstood perplexing professional service help you leverage the online frontier? How do business owners justify spending their valuable marketing dollars on something that is difficult to measure and often times difficult to relate to their ROI (Return on Investment)? Should Michigan businesses take a leap of faith in this fragile economy to invest in SEO? Let’s list at least 7 reasons why businesses should invest in SEO and why you may not have a choice. Get people to visit your website. One of the most frustrating things I see as an SEO on a regular basis is when a business spends hundreds even thousands on the design of a website and then stop short of marketing it properly. They may spend hours themselves getting quality content written they make sure T’s are crossed every I dotted only to end up with empty analytic reports. Nobody comes to their site. A good SEO will change that unsettled feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize the site is not optimized. The Internet is the number one sales channel and the number one place to generate



Make no mistake about it the Internet is the new marketing landscape. Sure in years past businesses put their marketing dollars into Yellow Pages radio television and other outbound tactics. But those days are long gone these methods are outdated and NO LONGER WORK. We now live in the information age where only Inbound Marketing thrives. The graph on the right courtesy of Marketing Graphs clearly shows the power behind Inbound Marketing eclipsing all other forms of marketing generating Cost per Lead. And SEO is at the heart of this way of getting new customers and retaining existing ones. Just “Google it” Let’s face it. If you do not show up in the SERP your competitors will. If your customers are searching for services and find other businesses occupying top spots they will use those businesses instead of yours. There’s an awful good chance you will loose that customer for good. You really have no choice. If you want to compete in today’s market you’ll need to allocate your marketing dollars to occupy top spots. You will be seen as an Authority Related to the previous reason people searching for your vertical keywords will assume authority when at the top of the first page of Google. That’s because your customers or would-be customers will automatically (and subconsciously) assume these businesses must be the best at what they are searching for and will assume an authoritative position in your industry. PPC (Pay per Click) is expensive. One of the most “alluring” aspects of PPC is immediate gratification. Don’t get me wrong PPC has its place and is actually a great precursor or even companion to SEO . However many times PPC is not sustainable (especially for the small business owners) nor cost-effective. SEO on the other hand is very cost-effective. Why? Because once a website starts ranking for those very same keywords you are paying for they will turn into long-tail keywords (if you stay faithful to your content plan). This is where the real conversions begin. This is where you will find extremely targeted customers “ready to buy.” Those same long-tail keywords will most likely not see the light of day in run-of-the-mill PPC campaigns. Branding your company. Branding is very difficult to quantify but nevertheless something essential if you are serious. This is where you can be on the same playing field as the big boys. If you look closely at Fortune 500 companies you will see an obvious attempt to brand their company and name by using online marketing strategies to do it. You can do the same. Online marketing is simply the best way to brand your business and SEO will provide that means by getting your company name in front of as many eyes possible.


SEO is cost-effective. SEO will in most cases beat other online marketing (paid advertising) and certainly beat the pants off traditional marketing. A good SEO is going to look at the big picture and drive targeted traffic to your website and onto optimized landing pages to draw customers into the sales funnel.

Summary In summary SEO is without a doubt the most cost-effective form of marketing or advertising a business owner can use. If your company is not engaging in SEO to advance online presence you are unfortunately missing out on a very important marketing strategy and opportunity one that will have an extremely positive effect on your bottom line.

7 Reasons Businesses Need to Invest in SEO

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7 Reasons Businesses Need to Invest in SEO  

1/3 The Internet is the number one sales channel and the number one place to generate The Web and SEO ExpertsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO...

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