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2011 winter issue

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The Star of Bethlehem: Fact or Fiction


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Defend the God of the Bible! Dear Friends and Partners, We’re on TV! One year ago we made a progressive decision to build a professional studio set and launch a new outreach, all right in the middle of tough economic times. It seemed like a risky choice from our perspective, but God knew what He was doing. That decision has become a reality with the birth of The Creation Today Show, which has expanded the Creation Today outreach through audio and video podcasts, online streaming on our website and YouTube, and television broadcasts. Each week thousands of people are able to get up-to-date information on science and the Bible, along with the practical application of why it matters. Creation is proclaimed, the gospel is preached, and God is glorified as we continue to impact our world with the creation message. You may find this hard to believe, but not all the testimonies that come into our ministry are positive! Actually we get emails, letters, and phone calls all the time from people who want to argue over the truth of God and His creation. What I find interesting is that anyone who tries to argue against the truth of God ends up using the principles of God to argue! Pointing out this inconsistency proves to be a powerful tool. If you have been watching the new Creation Today Show at www.CreationToday. org, you have heard Paul Taylor and me answer questions with that idea in mind. Defending the faith has never been easier. After thirteen years of traveling the country speaking in churches, schools, and universities, I carry a heavier and heavier burden for today’s youth. There are two things that continue to burden me more than ever and I pray that you are burdened


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by these, as well. One, I am burdened for people who hear the truth of Christ but do not listen, and two, I am burdened for people who know the truth of Christ, but do not share the truth with others. The Bible commands us in 1 Peter 3:15, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” One of the reasons for this ministry’s fervor is to better equip you to obey this command. I challenge you! Defend the God of the Bible! With many blessings,


inprayer Indonesian foreign language translators Permanent visas for Paul Taylor’s family

By Kyle Winkler

Genesis Project’s creative team

Vice President

Proof of God Conference ~ October 12 and 13, 2012 Equipment funding for better video production God’s power on speakers in debates with atheists

inpraise Testimony letters– God is still using us to win others to Himself Creation Today Show gaining in viewership and impressions Continued provision for the Creation Today ministry Donation of mechanical dinosaur for The Creation Store museum Obtaining an additional office space for Genesis Project studio, video suites and museum space


here is an old adage that says, “You’ll always be who you’ve always been, if you always do what you’ve always done.” This is just as true for an organization as it is for an individual. Growth and expansion frequently require much resistance and pain. Yet the results are most often worth the effort.

You’ll always be Our ministry understands that if we are to impact the world at the level at which we believe who you’ve always we are called, we should consistently search for been, if you always relevant ways for outreach and to creatively keep do what you’ve our message energized. This year was just the beginning of an intentional effort at doing just that, always done. and we are pleased to report the fruits of our labor. In our Summer edition, we introduced a new member God is enlarging of our team, Mr. Paul F. Taylor, former senior speaker our vision and and manager of Answers in Genesis–UK. We announced we’re moving our Genesis Series film project, bringing Genesis chapters forward! one through three in 3D animation to a theatre near you. Additionally, we revealed plans for our new television studio. Throughout this edition, we’ll give you updates on these projects and a sneak peak into exciting initiatives to come. Finally, and perhaps the most obvious, is our transition to a brand new name — Creation Today. We believe Creation Today is a fresh brand that trumpets our mission of impacting the world with the creation message — today, right now, in the present. Over the next year, you’ll notice the transition on our website (, in our logo, and on our resources and publications. Certainly, we are continuing the core values that God has blessed over the last twenty years: The Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate; God created everything in six, literal, 24-hour periods about 6,000 years ago. Our transition to Creation Today honors our past while anticipating the thrilling future to which God is leading. As we take paths we’ve never taken, we believe God is working in ways we’ve never imagined! Just flip through the following pages to see what we mean. | 2011 WINTER


Scheduled Highlights • Breakfast or lunch with the speakers • Fun, engaging breakout sessions for everyone • Internet cafe with free wi-fi • Chick-fil-a® lunch for all attendees • Question-and-answer sessions • Free time to enjoy Orlando’s many attractions

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hy do you believe in God? Today’s youth are asking this question. Is anyone giving them a solid answer? Enter the Proof of God Conference October 12-13, 2012! With atheism on the rise and resistance to Christianity coming from all directions, we had better know what we believe and why we believe it! So, what does everyone — even the atheist — know about God?

The Proof of God Conference addresses both of these paramount concerns. On October 12–13, 2012, several ministries are coming together to host this event designed to teach people how to present and defend the absolute God of the Bible. A proper defense of our faith is possible and it’s commanded in Scripture. Many of us have been guilty at times of allowing the unbeliever to put the existence of God on trial, when Scripture clearly declares that even the unbeliever already knows that God exists (Romans 1:18-21). Let the truths presented at this conference infuse you with a new confidence to proclaim the validity of our Creator. Gain new insight into how to present Jehovah God to a lost world. Come doubting, hurting, or even skeptical. Leave informed, equipped, and in awe of our God! Revolutionize the way you defend your faith at The Proof of God Conference 2012! “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.” – Luke 21:15


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“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men. . . . so that they are without excuse. . . . when they knew God, they glorified him not as God. . . . but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” —Romans1:18-22

We are without excuse.

Prolific author, concert pianist and composer, high school science teacher, creation speaker and debater, Paul Taylor joined the Creation Today staff on April 25, 2011, as Director of Ministry Development. He has been speaking and writing on creation for more than 30 years, most recently serving as senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis–UK/Europe. Paul and his wife, Geri, reside in Pensacola with three of their five children. Mark Spence is the Dean of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort’s School of Biblical Evangelism, where he currently administrates their more than 13,000 students. He has also served as

Featured Speakers

For more information:

Head of the Calvary Chapel Bible College and the School of Discipleship in Yorba Linda, California. This gifted expositor of God’s Word teaches in a down-to-earth manner, making material understandable for every Christian to put knowledge into practice. Mark resides in Southern California with his wife, Laura, and their five children. Eric Hovind literally grew up in the creation ministry and in 2007 founded God Quest ministries. Ordained in 2008, Eric has had the privilege of speaking in many foreign countries and in all 50 states, as well as managing a leading creation ministry. Eric lives in Pensacola, Florida, with his wife, Tanya, and their three children.

Canadian apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate was raised in a Christian home in Toronto, Ontario, with a passion for defending his faith. Sye speaks on “the biblical approach to apologetics,” in which God is presented as the necessary foundation for everything. In 2006, Sye launched the website and in 2008 began pursuing apologetics full time. Since then, Sye has been teaching Christians how to present God to a lost world. Whether he speaks to youth or adults, Carl Kerby has a way of connecting with almost everybody. He was a founding Board Member of Answers in Genesis for 10 years and served there for more than 15 years before becoming president and founder of Reasons for Hope. His most cherished accomplishment is his marriage to his wife, Masami, and his roles as a father of two and grandfather.

▪▪ Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Nottingham ▪▪ Masters in Science Education and Management, University of Cardiff ▪▪ Former senior speaker/ manager, Answers in Genesis– UK ▪▪ Contributing author to The New Answers Book (the world’s best-selling apologetics book) ▪▪ Debated renowned atheist Richard Dawkins on BBC Radio ▪▪ Authored No Time for Itching Ears; Darwin and Darwinism: 150 Years Later; The Six Days of Genesis; Frankie’s School Day; etc.

email call1.877.479.3466 W W W . P R O O F C O N F E R E N C E . C O M

| 2011 WINTER



$ By Paul Taylor


few creation speakers correctly explain that too many churches are not connecting the Bible to real life, because they are failing to teach the foundational truth of Genesis. They rightly urge pastors to use expositional preaching, rather than topical sermons. Yet many creation talks, by their very nature, are topical rather than expositional. For this reason, I saw a need to present the creation message expositionally and in context, so that Christians could understand exactly why Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible and the basis of every Christian teaching. I first had the opportunity to present a series on Genesis chapters 1 through 11 in the early 1990s, while on the preaching team of a South Wales church. A decade later, I began compiling this information into a book, which I self-published under the title Just Six Days. In

2006, Master Books decided to republish an updated version of this book, and retitled it The Six Days of Genesis. I really want to see churches and small groups studying the whole creation vs. evolution debate in this unique way. Here at Creation Today, we are now producing an entire study group curriculum based on Genesis chapters 1 and 2 also titled The Six Days of Genesis. Six easy-tofollow sessions on DVD will be accompanied by study notes, so that participants can come to grips with the biblical reasons for believing the six days of Genesis to be six literal days, and why this belief is important. These 40-minute talks will be easy to follow and will be filmed in front of a live audience. Our objective is to make this program fun but informative; simple but biblical. Keep a close eye on our website for more news on this product and how you can get involved in the project!

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iewers rave about the high definition and cutting-edge effects of Creation Minute ( Now, the highly acclaimed series is available wherever you are — on your mobile device! Is a skeptic, friend, or co-worker breathing down your neck for evidence of Noah’s flood, a young earth, or proof of God? There’s no need to say, “I’ll have to get back to you.” Seize the moment and “wow” them in just one minute with a captivating answer at your fingertips. The first three Creation Minute episodes are available free in the “Creation Minute Lite” app in the Apple App Store. Get all nine current plus upcoming episodes in the paid version for only $1.99. Search “Creation Minute” in the App Store or scan the following QR code with your device to be routed there directly. We would like to give a big thanks to iLifeTouch for producing such an amazing product for us. Check our website for announcements about forthcoming availability on other platforms.


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item 4226 Paperback

New Resources! The Creation Today Show

Engaging and entertaining hosts Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor answer today’s most pressing questions about creation such as: How can you prove to anyone that God exists? How does a college student stand for Christianity in the increasingly secular halls of academia? Where’s the evidence of a worldwide flood? You’ll see and hear how evolution abundantly betrays truth and distorts our logical thought process. Team up with Creation Today hosts and their guests to embolden your faith and equip you with the cold, hard facts to refute evolution! For more details about each DVD, visit About 2 hours each item CT101 $ item CT1011 $ 95 99 each DVD pkg item CT1012 all three item CT1013 DVD


Unbelievable Audio Debate Set with

Christians feel it necessary to Bonus DVD! Most defend God when skeptics attack their




beliefs. In this three-part recording of a lively debate, Sye Ten Bruggencate of refuses to be defensive, and instead positions God as the absolute foundation for all creation and the activities within it. Atheist Paul Baird attempts to refute Ten Bruggencate’s stance with his arguments. This exchange will give Christians everywhere the ability to introduce God, rather than put Him on trial. 212 minutes item 1157DVD DVD set

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Untold Secrets of Planet Earth

item 1161CD Audio CD Two dynamic speakers — Eric Hovind of Creation Today and Sye Ten Bruggencate of — talk about the certainty of God’s existence and how you can convince others of this irrefutable fact. No need to be on the defensive or on the attack when you can speak authoritatively about our living God. Their valid points can counter the flimsy arguments of atheists, so arm yourself and others with this power pack of faith! Spread the word with this 25-CD tract pack. 35 minutes


Unbelievable photography and artwork make this coffee table book a great conversational piece! Beasts of legend, or real reptiles? The creatures known throughout the world as dragons are examined by author Vance Nelson in this hardcover book of fascinating facts. Check out the evidence gathered from fossils, ancient artwork and other means. 140 pages



item 4222 Hardcover

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We’ve combined the highlights of Creation Today’s best series to answer the arguments of evolution on Confronting Evolution. The two-hour DVD packs a powerful wallop to shake the very foundations of the “science” of evolutionists! Eric Hovind takes a tract from his Beginnings series and infuses it with evangelistic zeal to share the gospel in The Truth. Pass it on by giving out these 25 DVDs to family, friends, and colleagues! The Truth about Dinosaurs is an educational, entertaining documentary featuring interviews and illustrations to separate fact from fiction about dinosaurs. It answers questions such as why giant dinosaurs no longer exist — or do they? Dinosaur Fossil Putty Make your own fossils by pressing leaves, rocks, handprints, and more into this colorful putty! Packaged in a 3.5” diamond-faceted clear container for ages 5 and up.



Dragons: Legends & Lore


Truth About Dinosaurs item 316TPK25 A $25 (pack) Confronting Evolution item 108TPK25 B $25 (pack) The Truth DVD item 109TPK C $25 (pack) Dinosaur Fossil Putty item DAL209 D $1.65 (each)


4D Woolly Mammoth Discover the anatomy of the long-extinct woolly mammoth. Reconstruct using 30 pieces, starting with the internal organs. Anatomically correct and highly detailed, the design was verified by an international expert on vertebrate paleontology. Includes a display platform, fact sheet, illustrated assembly instructions, skeletal structure and internal organs. Ages 8 and up

This fascinating book by Bill Looney separates the facts from the fantasies about dragons. Every culture in the world, from the most primitive people to the most advanced, has stories of these flying beasts. Interactive pages, vivid illustrations and surprising insights will make this one of your favorite books! 24 pages item 4217 $ 95 sale price Hardcover


Dinosaur Excavation Kit For the budding paleontologist, this kit supplies all the tools needed to unearth a triceratops skull! Great hide-and-seek project for ages 8 and up. item DAL182 Novelty


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MOST POPULAR PRODUCT! For young and old, Dr. Kent Hovind’s award-winning Creation Seminar with 8 DVDs is fast-paced and packed with captivating illustrations. Be encouraged in your walk with God as you watch this entertaining and educational set. Now updated with subtitles in 31 languages, it includes: The Age of the Earth, Garden of Eden, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Questions and Answers and more! 18 hours item 150BXS $ 00 sale price DVD set




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of Bethlehem

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item 1151DVD DVD

This celestial wonder still amazes more than 2,000 years later! Presenter Rick Larson guides us through the biblical and scientific evidence of the sign of Christ’s birth. From producer Stephen McEveety, known for the movie “The Passion of the Christ.” 65 minutes

The BIG 3

Specially priced for the holidays, our most popular series is now bundled; includes the Creation Seminar, Beginnings DVD curriculum, and Godonomics. Dr. Kent Hovind guides you through the Creation Seminar for 18 hours of entertaining and fully illustrated facts on topics from evolution to age of the earth. Join Eric Hovind for an interactive explanation of creation in Beginnings, and his cousin Chad Hovind for a six-part economics study, Godonomics, based on biblical principles. item 1150P DVD Package

$99 $4save sale price

For KIDS KJV Illustrated Study Bible What a wonderful way to enrich and explain the Bible to your children! Carefully crafted for children ages 6 to 10, this guide has 44 full-color pages highlighting key concepts such as the Ten Commandments, a topical concordance children will understand, Bible dictionary, words of Christ in red type, seven colored maps, stories of children in the Bible, and more! 740 pages item 4220 $ 95 sale price Hardcover



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An entire library of the most fascinating creation productions for the special price of $299 (a value totaling $462!). This complete package includes the Creation Seminar Series Boxed Set (8 DVDs and the Seminar Notebook and Workbook on one CD-ROM), Debate Series (20 DVDs), and the Topical Series (13 DVDs)! item 350DVD Package

$250 sale price | 2011 WINTER


Update Y

ou have likely heard it said that if you want to reach people you haven’t reached, you need to do things that you have never done. It is for that very reason that in the summer issue of the Current, we introduced our biggest project ever — bringing the story of Genesis to the big screen! If there is one part of the Bible that has undergone more scrutiny and abuse than any other, it is the very first book. Both from within and from outside of the Church, assaults on Genesis continue to question the validity of the creation story and

ultimately the Creator Himself. What exactly happened at the beginning — at creation? We all know the power of a good story communicated in an exciting film. The first book of the Bible begins the greatest story ever told, and therefore it is our goal to produce one of the greatest films ever! In a very accurate, even emotional way, Genesis will depict the first three chapters of Genesis from God’s creation to the fall of man. Just to insure that this film really reaches out and grabs the audience, it will be created in 3D!

Support the Genesis Series today! $8,250



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Hearing the phrase “In the beginning” many times, it has become almost cliché; but our hope is that using stunning visual effects and the latest in scientific research, the first three chapters of Genesis will literally come to life, reaching thousands of people in an unforgettable way. Individuals will see and understand what took place when Adam and Eve sinned, and the dire consequences that ensued. Understanding the story of the first Adam will help enable people to understand the need for the second Adam, Jesus Christ!

We are excited about this Godsized project and ask that you pray and support this evangelistic outreach. Many of you are seeing the vision and are already helping us unveil that true science and history go back to the beginning as recorded in Genesis. We have now begun production of the CG (computer-generated) portion of the film and we invite you to join the community of people that are making this spectacular movie a reality. Wait until you see the works of the magnificent Creator God in Genesis!

Genesis Series requires 17 supercomputers — that’s literally 100 extremely powerful processors computing non-stop for 8 hours just to create that 1 second of animation. It takes two large 2-ton AC units to cool all 100 processors inside those 17 super-computers! 3D requires two sets of video; one for the left eye, and one for the right eye. Thus each figure is multiplied by two and each second of animation is rendered twice! The effect, though, is amazing; you’ll feel much more immersed inside the Garden of Eden as you’re watching. The image in the background of this page took 8 hours for one super-computer to create. The dense populations of digital trees and plants are necessary to create a realistic forest. The more complex the scenes the longer it takes to render. Any type of moving objects, from animals to plants, have to be handanimated. A computer animator must spend tedious hours hand placing the motions. However, Adam and Eve, in more distant shots, will not be hand-animated, but rather be depicted using a technique called “motion capture.”



The technique of motion capture is when the two actors reenact their parts on a special stage that records their motion into 3D data. That 3D data is then transferred onto 3D objects that look like the actors. Those objects can then be fully immersed into the 3D world for even greater realism in distant shots.

Watch the trailer

Genesis Series | 2011 WINTER


A Family Transformed by Creation


obert was a typical Christian father How Partnership Helps concerned for the salvation of his children. Robert’s story is like so many of the Over the years, he and his wife tried zealously testimonies we receive each day at our ministry. to live good Christian lives and share the It’s the profound impact that the creationgospel with their college-aged gospel message, when coupled When you partner with sons, Rob and Nick, in order with relevant and creative to attract them to the Lord. Creation Today, you share methods of outreach, has upon Seeing virtually no signs of in the celebration of the individuals of almost any age. success, Robert was tempted people God touches. It is for this reason — for all of to give up. “It just seemed the families like Robert’s — it all was falling upon deaf ears,” he admits. that we’ve invested so heavily into our media “They were consistently turned off.” efforts. One late Tuesday night, after coming home When you partner with Creation Today, you from a long day, Robert stumbled upon our share in the joy and celebration of the people creation science programming on his local God touches through our ministry. In addition television channel. Amazed at the engaging to providing for new resources, projects, content ways the information was presented, he quickly and operating expenses, a portion of every jumped on his computer to order the videos. He financial gift given by our partners is dedicated reports, “The impact was incredible!” to evangelism and outreach. We’ve estimated The creation-gospel that it takes a gift of just $5 to reach one new Robert stumbled programming opened person with a DVD tract. upon our creation the door for Robert and science program- his wife to have renewed Will You Join Us? ming. “The impact communication with their sons. He shares While the gospel is free, the pipeline that was incredible!” that it didn’t take long, carries it isn’t. Your help through financial and the “fire of faith” in them began to burn partnership is incredibly vital in progressing brightly! He is no longer concerned for the toward the vision God has given us. In 2012, salvation of his family — that’s been taken we look forward to expanding The Creation care of. Now his sons are full of conviction and Today Show into more regions, producing new confidence and have both embarked to fish for DVD resources and curriculums, sharing the souls of men! creation-gospel message at more live events, Here’s their update: “Our sons Rob (now 25) and spreading more media tracts to new people and Nick (now 21) have become so solid on the across the globe. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ‘science of Scripture’ that they both challenged double our impact next year? the lies being offered in school, armed with Despite today’s economic woes, we believe the truth to defend their positions. In so doing, that God, the creator and sustainer of all things, they impacted fellow students as well and the will direct the funds necessary to continue what professors backed down — lacking any facts to He began. As the season As a partner, defend their positions. Nick was called to the of giving approaches, your ministry, no would you ask God if music arena to bring the Light of Jesus. Rob also writes music and sings back-up vocals. They matter how great He’s leading you to make are now performing live wherever opportunity or small, will a monthly partnership comes their way to bring the Good News in the become a part of language of the age.”

our ministry.


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commitment or a special year-end gift to help us begin the new year successfully? As a partner, your ministry, no matter how great or small, will become a part of our ministry — and vice versa. Together we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone!

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Partner welcome kit with Creation Minute DVD Impact testimony updates 20% off all CT-produced resources

2011 PARTNERS Distributed approximately 200 resource packages to prisoners Shipped more than 3,000 creationgospel DVD tracts to new people Reached thousands each week with biblical answers from The Creation Today Show Began a monumental effort to bring Genesis 1-3 in 3D to the big screen | 2011 WINTER


By Kyle Winkler


nswering questions on the Bible and science, covering creation versus evolution and why it matters to you — this is the Creation Today Show!” Nearly each week Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor recite this now-familiar line in the opening of our of newly launched internet and television broadcast — the Creation Today Show. One of the hallmarks of our ministry is its ability to communicate sometimes complex scientific information in a way that seems almost like common sense. Supporters often write in about these “wow” moments — when the information suddenly clicks. In the same common-sense way, Eric and Paul answer viewer questions and welcome special guests on the 30-minute program, discussing a range of hot topics on creation, science and the Bible. Now in its sixteenth episode, they’ve featured a host of experts, such as prominent creationist John Mackay, ark hunter Jeremy Wiles and well-known evangelist Ray


Current |

Comfort, for lively and often humorous exchanges. How can you prove to anyone that God exists? How does a college student stand for Christianity in the increasingly secular halls of academia? Where’s the evidence of a worldwide flood? Tune in for easyto-understand answers to questions like these or ask one of your own. The Creation Today Show is released weekly on, in the iTunes podcast directory and in select television markets. It is yet another example of our emphasis on investing in new, creative ways to spread the creation-gospel message. Thank you to our generous financial partners who make the show possible. Your gifts and monthly contributions are expanding the program to reach more people, in more places — everyday. See page 7 for more information about ordering the first 12 episodes of the Creation Today Show.

O Star of wonder, Star of night Star with royal beauty bright
 Westward leading, still proceeding
 Guide us to thy Perfect Light —Rev. John Henry Hopkins, “We Three Kings” (1857)

The Star of Bethlehem: Fact or Fiction I

n our current intellectual “sophistication,” many seek a scientific basis for the Star of Bethlehem. Could it really have happened as depicted in song and story? There are books and web sites arguing for and against the Star’s appearance signifying the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. It has been identified as a comet, meteor, nova or supernova. More recently, researchers (archaeoastronomers) believe that the Star of Bethlehem may actually have been a close conjunction of Jupiter and/or Venus with the star Regulus, which was a phenomenon that occurred during the time of Jesus’ birth. Several writers state that the Star appeared in the constellation of Leo (symbolizing the Lion of Judah); while others believe it appeared in Aries, the sign that represented the Jews, and King Herod’s reign. According to Michael R. Molnar, astronomer and author of The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi, the

ancients looked to Aries for signs that related to Judea. Much of his hypothesis is based upon his discovery of an ancient Roman coin depicting Aries the ram looking back at a star above. From the symbols on the coin, Molnar has researched pertinent dates, which he has tied to celestial events during the era.

The Real Meaning of It All

We must be careful to look for the deeper meanings in the Bible’s text. Author F. Belton Joyner writes: “Some people are more interested in the way the truth is wrapped than they are in the truth itself. Don’t use the Bible for INformation; use it for TRANSformation.” So it is with the Star. The conclusion about the Star of Bethlehem: It cannot be explained by science. It was a special, supernatural light created by God to be a celebratory sign of the miraculous

By Barbara Tapp

virgin birth of His Son, the One sent to save us. In much the same manner, we, too, are specially created by God to be a celebratory life magnifying His Son. A more detailed article on this topic can be found on our website at

facts about the star •It signified birth •It signified kingship •It had a connection to the Jewish nation •It rose in the east, like other stars (due to the rotation of the earth) •It appeared at a precise time •Herod didn’t know when it appeared •It endured over time •It was ahead of the Magi as they traveled south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem •It stopped over Bethlehem

Researchers examine historical records, such as the writings of Jewish historian Joseph ben Matthias, also known as Flavius Josephus (C.E. 37/38–100), to tie in dates with the occurrence of unusual spectacles in the heavens. We know the dates that King Herod, Emperor Augustus, and Quirinius governed in the Roman Empire. These are used as markers to determine the exact time of the Star’s appearance. Computer models can now replicate what occurred in the sky based on specific dates.

Presenter Rick Larson walks you through biblical and historical clues revealing the incredible significance of this celestial event, as well as the vastness of God’s creativity. Item# 1151DVD $11.00 | 2011 WINTER


Creation Today PO Box 37338 Pensacola, FL 32526

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Creation Today is a Bible-based ministry dedicated to impacting the world to KNOW their creator — GOD! Committed to excellence and the promulgation of the Gospel, Creation Today produces some of the most requested resources available on creation, apologetics, and evangelism.

PO Box 37338, Pensacola, FL 32526

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Live events by Creation Today present the creation message in fact-filled, entertaining and captivating ways. Our creation events are anything BUT boring! Visit for more information about how you can host a creation event in your area or a live webcast online.


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Creation Today Current | Winter 2011  

Creation Today Current | Winter 2011

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