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2011 SUMMER issue

The Gospel According to Theistic Evolution Paul Taylor New Resources God Made Earth and Earth Day Partnership: Impacting Our World



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Journey to Peru


Lights, Camera, Action ‌

We are impacting eternity! How about you? Dear Friends and Partners of CSE,

(as well as a few atheists, scoffers and skeptics who would love for us to stop reminding them that they do believe in God!)

I have to say that the challenges this ministry has faced pale in comparison to the victories that we have won in bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, using creation science as a means of evangelism. Nothing thrills my heart more than reading the testimonies from people that were entangled in the snare of their education (or should I say “indoctrination”), but have been set free by the power of the Holy Spirit through the information that we present on creation versus evolution. This is no new formula—it is simply the teaching of God’s Word in a relevant way that opens the eyes of the blind and heals the ears of the deaf. Now, if you want to know what really frustrates me as a leader, it’s the people that do not want to get on board the train of truth with us. My heart goes out to the people that remain, as the Bible declares, “willingly ignorant” of the truth of creation. In 1 Corinthians, the Bible declares that the natural man is blind to spiritual things, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, those blind eyes can be opened. We are thrilled that God continues to use Creation Science Evangelism as a means to that end! Here is an example from Jeremy:

Jeremy from Connecticut “I have been out preaching on the college campuses of Yale and University of Connecticut. Neither school had any students who could articulate why they believed anything they believed. I used a lot of your material to confound the atheists and skeptics on campus. Who would have thought seven years ago when I was given a copy of your then-VHS tapes, that I would get right with God after watching them, and some day be using the material to reach others on college campuses! We set up and preach in the open air on public sidewalks or campus free speech zones, and the students come out to engage us in large numbers.”

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I hope you enjoy reading about the exciting opportunities that God has presented to us. These projects and divine appointments are better enabling us to do our part in getting it done—preaching the Gospel to every creature.”



ounded in 1989 by Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) quickly gained worldwide notoriety as a foremost authority on science and the Bible. In those twenty years, through mountains and valleys, our position has never wavered: The Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate. God created everything in six, literal, 24hour periods, about 6,000 years ago, just as the Bible clearly declares. Many notice that the “We’ve got creation vs. evolution battle exciting projects rages on in the fields of public to announce, that school classrooms, national will change the television and science journals. landscape of the Unfortunately, the casualties of war are often our children. entire battle.” Recent surveys suggest this indoctrination of evolutionary thinking in society is one of the leading reasons why youth and young adults reject Christianity. Churches and denominations are deserting the clear teaching of Scripture by the droves, drastically impacting our world. CSE fights on the front lines of this battle, and we have our share of scars. For the last few years, we considered our testimony to be “we’re still here!” Yet, merely still being here is unsatisfactory. In 2011, we determined to invest in ministry more than ever before. God is enlarging our vision and we’re

moving forward! We believe we’ve laid a solid foundation upon which we can grow. We’ve hired strategic staff and made tremendous investments into technology and media. We’ve got some exciting projects to announce, which we believe will change the landscape of the entire battle. We hope you’ll stand in amazement with us and see the “God is enlarging faithfulness of God. Look—and our vision and SEE—what the Lord has done! we’re moving


inprayer ▪▪ Protection for our foreign translators as they translate creation resources ▪▪ Divine appointments for furthering the gospel ▪▪ Provision for the vision ▪▪ Genesis Series Project | 2011 SUMMER |


The Gospel According to Theistic Evolution


n this bicentennial year for Charles Darwin, a number of articles and books have been published, arguing that it is OK to believe in the theory of evolution, while simultaneously believing in the Bible. It is noteworthy that several atheist evolutionists can see the problem. In a recent TV discussion, in which I appeared, Professor Peter Atkins said that he supposed it was all right to believe that a god had created the universe through evolution, but that it would have to be a particularly malignant and cruel kind of god. This illustrates the source of the problem for theistic evolutionists. Rather than concentrate on the many scientific problems with theistic evolution, I “Death came into want to use this article to address the world because some of the theological issues— particularly what we understand of Adam’s sin.” about the nature of God. According to the Bible, death came into the world because of Adam’s sin. In Genesis 3, God tells Adam that the ground is cursed because of him. So the whole of creation is cursed because of Adam, and this point is reiterated in Romans 8:20–21. Originally, in Genesis 1, we see that there was no death—even the animals were intended to eat plants in God’s perfect creation. Therefore, the concept of a new world, where lions eat straw like oxen (see Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 65) is not just poetic. It marks a return to vegetarianism for carnivorous animals. The new heavens and new Earth prophecies make little sense if they are merely symbolic rather than marking a return to original perfection. Indeed,

I have met Christians who believe in a literal end to death and killing in the world to come, but still believe that the past featured an evolution of death, disease and suffering. This is inconsistent. Again, atheist evolutionists immediately see the issue. In a recent documentary, Richard Dawkins said that Christians believe that “Jesus had himself tortured and killed for a symbolic sin by a nonexistent individual.” This is indeed what theistic evolutionists believe. Some confuse matters still further by accepting the existence of a real Adam, but make him merely the first evolved ape-man. In view of this mythological or symbolic nature of Adam, his death is seen as simply a symbolic death. This raises the question of why Jesus couldn’t have simply died a symbolic death for our sins. The New Testament clearly links the representative nature “Jesus died a real of Adam and the representative death on a real nature of Jesus. These parallels are cross, because seen most clearly in Romans 5 and there was real sin 1 Corinthians 15. Jesus died a real brought into the death on a real cross, because there was real sin brought into the world world by a real by a real Adam. Theistic evolution Adam. “ presents overwhelming problems. This is not a minor disagreement on interpretation. It is a straightforward question of whether the Christian is actually going to believe what God has said about Himself and how He created the world. Although proponents and audiences often do not realize it, theistic evolution stands in direct opposition to the truth of the Gospel.

—Paul Taylor

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he newest member of our ministry family is a hiring coup for CSE. Prolific author, music master, former science teacher, computer programmer and instructor, creationist speaker and debater—Paul Taylor is all of these! Paul joined us on April 25, 2011 as Director of Ministry Development. He brings many assets to the ministry during this exciting time of growth and new outreach. Researching, writing, hosting TV and radio interviews, traveling and speaking, appearing on podcasts, and building relationships with new and existing ministry supporters are all on Paul’s to-do list. Quite accustomed to such multi-tasking, Paul is ready to lend his talents to CSE in all of these areas and more. A native of Britain, he is a graduate of the universities of Nottingham and Cardiff, members of the Russell Group, an elite collection of universities in the United Kingdom which are the equivalent of the United States’ Ivy League colleges. Paul has served as teacher of chemistry, physics, math, biology and music. He also owned a business that trained people in computer skills and web development. Most recently, Paul was the senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis– UK, the United Kingdom branch of the creationist organization based in Kentucky. As an author, Paul has written chapters in The New Answers Book series, the world’s best-selling apologetics book, called “the essential resource for any believer” by reviewers. In addition, Paul writes and performs classical and popular music, especially worship music. Several churches of which he has been a member were blessed to have Paul serve as their worship leader. WE WELCOME PAUL TAYLOR and look forward to serving the Lord Jesus Christ with him!

▪▪ Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Nottingham ▪▪ Masters in Science Education and Management, University of Cardiff ▪▪ Former senior speaker/ manager, Answers in Genesis– UK ▪▪ Contributing author to The New Answers Book (the world’s best-selling apologetics book) ▪▪ Debated renowned atheist Richard Dawkins on BBC Radio ▪▪ Authored No Time for Itching Ears; Darwin and Darwinism: 150 Years Later; The Six Days of Genesis; Frankie’s School Day; etc. | 2011 SUMMER |


The most ambitious project ever undertaken by Creation Science Evangelism is underway! We are still in the beginning stages of creating and producing the Genesis Series. This full-length feature film incorporates the most advanced animation and special effects in the industry. Genesis: The Creation to the Fall is based on chapters one through three of the first book of the Bible and will be a faithful retelling of this true story. No longer will the story of creation be a tale limited to text on paper. The Genesis movie will be produced in stereoscopic 3-D, and available in Blu-Ray and Anaglyph 3-D integrating the latest scientific research and stunning visual effects. We have already logged two years of development, research and pre-production needed for the project. Our goal is to raise $250,000 before animation can begin. We are currently securing screenwriters for the next stage of development, which will take approximately 12 to 14 months. The total fund-raising goal needed is $1.5 million; $700,000 for production and $800,000 for marketing and distribution. An anticipated release date of 2013 is planned. Donors to the movie will receive regular updates and behind-the-scenes scoops. For a sneak peek at this glorious undertaking, we introduce you to the principals of the Genesis Series: Project visionary and lead animator Ralph Strean is founder of Sevenfold Films, an animation/film company which originally produced secular films, that is now transitioning to full-time ministry work in films. Mr. Strean currently produces CSE’s popular Creation Minute series.

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Producer Dr. William Harrity is a practicing anesthesiologist, and founder and president of Resurrection Pictures, a film ministry producing and distributing movies for theatrical release with the objective of bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ. He launched his film ministry out of frustration that there was a lack of wholesome content and an abundance of offensive material in films. Resurrection Pictures is the world’s first 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt Christian movie ministry of its kind.

Producer Rick Eldridge established Reel Works Studios as president and CEO with Chris Cates in August 2009. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years as producer, director, musician and creative visionary for Universal Studios, Disney, Fox Sports, MGM, Discovery, BET, PBS, ABC, NBC and ESPN. The mission of Reel Works Studios is to produce media that entertains, educates and edifies. All of their movies have messages that are uplifting and redemptive, and raise values worthy of teaching. His feature films include “Bobby Jones–Stroke of Genius” (Sony Pictures) and “The Ultimate Gift” (20th Century Fox).

Support the Genesis Series today! A project of this size is accomplished only with many partners. You can be a part of the world’s first 3D-animated feature film on Genesis! Perhaps you can support one second of the film with $275 dollars or an entire minute of the film with a generous gift of $16,500. Those sponsoring at least 30 seconds with a gift of $8,250 or more will see his or her name appearing in the film credits. No amount is insignificant. With any gift, you will be bringing to life the redemptive message of creation to audiences around the world!



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Q: What is your vision for the Genesis Series? Mr. Strean: The Series’s main purpose is to bring to life the Genesis account as it has never been done before! From God’s creation of the heavens and the Earth to the love story between Himself and man, His ultimate plan of redemption through Jesus Christ all begins in the first three chapters. It is also intended to set the record straight on ridiculous theories like evolution, and to help the audience understand what man and woman relationships are supposed to be. These are just a few of the fascinating truths from the first history book ever recorded. Dr. Harrity: Our mission and vision for this film is to have millions view the movie in theaters around the world and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Q: What effect would you like for this film to have on its viewers? Mr. Strean: We hope that viewers will realize that the Word of God is true; that as sinful men, they need a savior— Jesus Christ; and that every beginning has an end and they had better prepare before their end or The End comes!



Dr. Harrity: We hope to first entertain the viewer by eliciting laughter and tears, as well as present a memorable experience that would impact the viewer long after watching the film. Most importantly, we would like the viewer to palpably experience the strong arguments for creation, leading to strengthened faith and salvation.

Watch the trailer

Full Interview | 2011 SUMMER |


New Resources!

Hurry! These sale p

Danny the Dinosaur, Book 2

Reminisce with Danny the Dinosaur about life in the Garden of Eden, the Fall, and then the Flood. In this beautifully illustrated book written by Dr. Kent Hovind, Danny sees the Flood through his grandfather’s eyes, including the master plan of the ark and the safety we find in trusting Jesus Christ. Graphically illustrated in brilliant, full-color by gifted artist Brent Giles, Danny and The Big Boat teaches valuable lessons to children. Get both Danny the Dinosaur books as a package, which includes “Danny” the beanbag dino. In Book 1, Danny the Dinosaur sees creation through his great-grandfather’s eyes. Book 2 shows Danny the flood through his grandfather’s eyes. Ages 3 to 12. 25 pages.



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Darwin’s Empty Cradle


In Darwin’s Empty Cradle, Stephen Lawwell analyzes the abortion movement’s philosophical history, along with its current motivating factors, to reveal how centuries of evolutionary thought have greatly changed how our society views the life of the unborn child. One of the greatest travesties in American history occurred in 1973 when the United States Supreme Court decided that it is our fundamental human right to murder the weakest and most defenseless among us—the unborn child. 31 pages.


item 4206 $ Paperback

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Help! Package Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution! Books 1, 2


Looking for help for your public school student? How about a resource with some practical steps for confronting evolution in the classroom? Written in an e-conversation format between a student and Dr. Hovind, this package is a fun, easy read that helps equip public school students to defend the truth in a respectful manner. This series includes both books: Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution in my Earth Science Class (Book I), 46 pages and Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution in my Biology Class (Book II), 64 pages; specifically geared towards middle and high school students.




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item 4210P Package

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Book 1 item 4911 Paperback Book 2 item 4210 Paperback


$ 55


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Order today 1.877.479.3466

Best Sellers

Creation Seminar Series

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Dr. Kent Hovind’s award-winning Creation Seminar is his most popular set of videos, capturing the attention of all, young and old alike. God has used his fast-paced, fully illustrated seminar to bring thousands of people closer to Him. This 18-hour series comes on 8 DVDs with bonus content. Updated! Now includes subtitles in 31 languages. Includes The Age of the Earth, The Garden of Eden, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Lies in the Textbooks, The Dangers of Evolution, The Hovind Theory and Question and Answers. Boxed set includes the Seminar Notebook and the Seminar Workbook on CD-ROM.   item 150BXS DVD set



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Beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches, and individuals from all walks of life. Creation Speaker Eric Hovind explores the age-old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth, and how dinosaurs fit in with the Bible. The included guide provides an introduction to each lesson, creative challenges, great discussion questions, and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life!


re u t a Fe

m e t I

Dino Super Airplanes kit


item 109DVD $


Create paper airplanes that fly over 400 feet and travel more than 130 mph! Our popular children’s activity is now in a fun kit, featuring Preparing to Soar, a motivational DVD that teaches Biblical and life lessons. The kit includes 10 pages of super airplane-making paper, launching equipment, and the DVD. Children will be mesmerized for hours as they create these airplanes while learning timeless lessons. Ages 5 and up.


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prices expire July 8, 2011.


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Darwin and Darwinism “This excellent book explains how theistic evolution is not a reconciliation of science with the Bible but a damaging union of humanism and the Bible.” — Stuart Burgess, Professor of Design and Nature, UK, and author of Hallmarks of Design. In 1859 Charles Robert Darwin published On the Origin of Species, a book that has had a profound impact on the Western world ever since. Here Ian McNaughton and Paul Taylor review Charles Darwin’s religious ideas, setting them in the context of his background and family, and examine his evolutionary claims in light of the Bible for a worldview consistent with faith in God. 103 pages.

Complete DVD Set $ (Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm, CST)



lowest ever price

We now offer all 41 DVDs for the special price of $299 (a value totaling $462!). This complete package includes the Creation Seminar Series Boxed Set (8 DVDs and the Seminar Notebook and Workbook on one CD-ROM), Debate Series (20 DVDs), and the Topical Series (13 DVDs)!   item 350DVD Package sale price

$299 | 2011 SUMMER |


Explore the All-New




10 | Newsletter |

As always, our highly acclaimed Seminar Series streams absolutely free, along with selected debates, interviews, webcasts, and the popular Creation Minute series. Whether you’re looking for articles, advice, media, or resources to buy—the all-new is the doctor!


ou may be missing out on the latest excitement at! If you haven’t been to our website recently, there are lots of great changes. It’s never been better! Browse on over and explore the many new features. Each month, tens of thousands of visitors enjoy unlimited access to our catalog of hundreds of easyto-read articles, focusing on a range of topics from the age of the universe to street evangelism. Finding the article you want is easy! features a smart, intuitive search to help you find what you’re looking for instantly. Begin typing in a topic—such as “carbon dating”—and the site will filter the results before your eyes. If it’s unique, fresh content you’re looking for, we’ve added even more daily features, such as conversational blogs and Letting God Create Your Day devotionals. See the most up-to-date content at a glance. Using the new “today tabs,” you can quickly spot what’s current right from the homepage.



Always Ready webcast

“O Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.” —Psalm 104:24


sn’t it ironic that man only got around to valuing and protecting the earth as lately as 1970? That is the year that Earth Day, based on the assertion that all people have a moral right to a healthy sustainable environment, was inaugurated on April 22. It is also considered to be the beginning of the modernday environmental movement. The Industrial Revolution had raged on since 1733 with no environmental controls until the 1970s. With the advent of Earth Day, beneficial legislation was finally enacted, including the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts. The earth is not merely an “incubator” for evolution; rather, it’s a complex and intelligently designed home that God has given for mankind to care for and keep. It may be

flawed due to man’s abuse, but the earth is still a magnificent creation, and every creation has to have a creator. We credit God! Here at Creation Science Evangelism, our mission was to take the day of heightened awareness of creation and turn the focus to God Himself. We started a God Created Earth Day campaign with a contest to design t-shirts broadcasting this message. The winning t-shirt design was submitted by Mark Danker via our Facebook Fan Page. On April 22, hundreds of people across the world—from Singapore to South Africa— Canada to the Wal-Mart Headquarters—were wearing our shirt as an evangelistic tool and reminder that God created the earth!

“The earth is not merely an ‘incubator’for evolution.” | 2011 SUMMER |


Partnership: Impacting Our World


Evangelism & Outreach

Last year, we shipped approximately 50,000 creation DVD tracts and distributed thousands of free resources worldwide. More than 200 gift packages were sent to prisoners through CSE’s prison ministry. We participated in 100-plus speaking opportunities on TV, radio and at live events. The Creation Store was opened in Pensacola, Florida and has attracted countless groups to its learning center. Each year for Valentine’s Day, we offer visitors to our website a free evangelistic DVD to send to loved ones. This year, it

12 | Newsletter |


In 2010, our new interactive website, blogs, devotionals, videos and articles reached hundreds of thousands of people in more than 200 countries and territories. Our new Creation Minute episodes aired on TBN, CTN, AFA and SkyAngel for a potential audience of millions. Hundreds of free videos were viewed 250,000plus times! And we launched a social networking ministry that attracts more than 23,000 followers.

caught the attention of renowned atheist blogger PZ Myers. Hearing of our outreach, he launched a blog campaign to derail our efforts by asking his followers to request all of our DVDs. In just one day, we received more than 10,000 hits to from Myers’ blog, yet it didn’t stop us from getting the Word out! More than 1,000 people received a special Valentine’s Day card with a DVD gospel tract sent from a loved one. Our partners helped us: translate portions of the Creation Seminar into 31 languages; produce a new highly acclaimed DVD curriculum, Godonomics, for a biblical insight into economics; create the hugely popular Preparing to Soar children’s DVD and activity kit with both science facts and biblical life lessons; release Book Two in the Danny the Dinosaur children’s series; and release book two in the Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution series, handbooks for middle and high school students.

Changed Lives


mpacting our world with the creation message is a bold mission, one we cannot accomplish alone. At Creation Science Evangelism, we depend upon the faithful monthly partnership of ministry supporters who pledge time, prayers and financial gifts. When you partner with us, where we go, you go—what we accomplish, you accomplish. We’re better together. Our partners impact the world through four significant ways: Media, evangelism, resources, and changed lives. “For we are labourers together with God:” —1 Corinthians 3:9a.

Every day we receive the most precious of any of our mail: testimony letters. These are letters from real people pouring out their hearts about what God has done in their lives. Our partners share in the joy and celebration of the people God touches through our ministry. Look what the Lord has done!

Beth from Texas —March 7, 2011 Thank you, Eric, for providing videos about the proof of God. This has been invaluable for strengthening my faith in God! My focus has been so internal and selfish, but I’m answering your challenge. I want to do God’s work now more than I ever have, and I credit that to you speaking the truth. God is real! There’s just no way around it!


makes all the difference.

equips five new people with one dvd tract each equips fifteen new people with one dvd tract each equips twenty people with one dvd tract each

Tammy from Wisconsin —December 2010 I am writing to let you know that my brother Mike passed away November 20, 2005. He had been seriously ill and you called and talked to him in the hospital. I don’t know what you said to him, but his dying request was that I make sure all our unsaved siblings and family saw your creation DVDs, and that they be available at his funeral. We honored that request, and as a result of those DVDs, Mike’s son, who we all had given up on twenty-five years ago, was able to make amends with his mom. The drug addict sister is no longer addicted to drugs but to Jesus. Three siblings have come to Christ. Many other family members have come to know God. Thank you so much for being such a big part of his life and ours.

Just imagine what we could accomplish with you as our partner! Please prayerfully consider a monthly contribution to our global efforts. Together, as partners in ministry, we combine our gifts, talents and resources to reach the world. Your ministry, no matter how great or small, will become part of our ministry—and vice versa. Partner with Creation Science Evangelism and together we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone!


Stephen from South Africa and the U.S. —March 2011 I’ll always remember the way your teachings helped me stand strong in the faith as a public high school student. Thank you! Thought you would want to know that I served as a missionary to South Africa and now continue to minister in the U.S.


equips one new person with one dvd tract

Will You Join Us?

5 $ 25 $ 75 $ 100 $

Dale from Washington —February 2011 I was in a bad accident in 2006. I broke 19 bones, nine in my neck and back. The person responsible for my accident, my close friend, stole all of my tree climber business equipment and sold it to a pawnshop while I was in ICU. I became bitter. I could not understand how a “Christian brother” could do this to me, when all I had ever done was try to help him. For four years, I kept away from church and from seeking God. Then, I started watching your movies that a Christian brother had given me shortly after my accident in 2006. By the grace of God using your movies, I am going back to church and reading the Bible constantly. Your ministry is bearing fruit!

Monthly Partnership visit or mark your monthly commitment on the enclosed envelope. | 2011 SUMMER |



n another milestone for our ministry, we are excited to unveil our brand-new film and television studio set. In our twenty-year history, we’ve recorded well over one hundred DVDs and other visual media. God has used these efforts to spread the creationgospel message around the world. It’s no small thing to produce and distribute such a volume of technologically current media. Still, every time we prepared to record something new, we always found ourselves scrambling to find the equipment and resources necessary to make a successful video. We were often left with a hodgepodge of lights, cameras and backgrounds, which to the casual bystander looked fine, but were incredibly inefficient when filming. We have a vision to greatly expand our media outreach and take our message in cutting-edge ways to new audiences around the world. With a generation accustomed to the high-tech animation of “Avatar” and the polished studios of ESPN, we knew our homemade efforts were lacking the creativity and professionalism needed to capture

14 | Newsletter |

the attention of today’s world. It was time for a change. We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Christian Television Network (CTN) affiliate in Pensacola, Florida. In 2010, CTN approached us about using their professional studio for our future projects. The studio is just a few blocks down the road from our ministry headquarters—a perfect fit! We enthusiastically accepted their offer. Next, we needed an attractive set to call our own. Early this year, we worked with a popular set design company from Charlotte, North Carolina to build us a mobile environment, flexible enough for a variety of broadcasts. They delivered a contemporary, beautiful design! Today our new film and television studio is ready for action! Soon, you’ll be hearing about new television broadcasts, DVD series, and online webcasts that will help us engage the attention of countless new people in captivating ways. THANK YOU to CTN Pensacola and all of our generous partners for making this giant step possible!

—Kyle Winkler


Journey to Peru blog series


Eric’s Excursion Ica Stones

In Ica, Peru, there is a private collection of artifacts known as the Ica burial stones. During a private tour of the collection, we learned that these stones are pre-Incan artifacts made by the Ica people who lived in the area from around 300 BC to 800 AD. The significance of these stones is found in the etchings depicting brain surgery, C-sections, maps of coastal seas, and animals that are both alive today and some that seem to be extinct. Yes, these stones even show dinosaurs and man together.

On April 4, I found myself and my bother-in-law Paul Dublin, jettisoned into a lost world—a world of startling evidence of dinosaurs living with man, of advanced science used by the pre-Columbian people, and age-old secrets in the Inca’s land. We were on a ten-day excursion to Peru with leading Peruvian artifact researcher, Denis Swift, to explore evidence of man and dinosaurs living together. We even caught glimpses of an earlier scientifically sophisticated civilization, and in dusty archives of museum backrooms were artifacts depicting people with dinosaurs. In Nazca, we flew over carved lines in the earth, which made me think, “This is possibly the world’s largest sketchpad.” Returning from this mission to discover truth, my mind was flooded with questions. How did an ancient civilization illustrate dinosaurs on stones thousands of years before the first dinosaur bones were discovered? What kind of technology did they have to carve mile-long lines in the earth with such precision? How did they depict the intricacies of a rare spider’s anatomy when today only a highpowered microscope can view it? Much mystery surrounds this place. Yet, the evidence all agrees with the biblical account of creation: Man and dinosaurs lived together and people were sophisticated, not primitive products of evolution.

Nazca Lines Nazca lines are one of archaeology’s most baffling enigmas. Carved in sand with laser-straight precision are giant geoglyphs of a variety of shapes—a spider, monkey, pelican, parrot, and dinosaur. Some of these stretch as long as 25 miles. Amazingly, when a line comes to a hill or a mountain, it stops, and then proceeds on the other side at precisely the same linear path. The precision is astounding. The scientific calculations necessary to accomplish this feat are mind-boggling.! | 2011 SUMMER |


creation science evangelism

PO Box 37338 Pensacola, FL 32526

Schedule an Event Near You! Live events by Creation Science Evangelism present the creation message in fact-filled, entertaining and captivating ways.  Our creation events are anything BUT boring! Visit for more information about how you can host a creation event in your area or a live webcast online. It will be the talk of the town!

Miami, OK June 26, 2011 918.542.6917 Chancellor, AL July 30-31, 2011 334.684.9544 Cleveland, OH Oct. 2, 2011 216.351.7995

inpraise ▪▪ Testimonies of salvation received every week ▪▪ New set for television broadcasting and recording - Initial recording with new set done by a group of missionaries to the Jews! ▪▪ Creation Seminar in thirty-one languages. ▪▪ Faithful staff & partners in prayer

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Creation Science Evangelism is a biblicalauthority ministry, dedicated to developing Christians to experience, defend, and share their faith in Jesus Christ. CSE produces some of the most requested resources on the topics of creation, apologetics, and evangelism.

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