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1-877-WATERWAY (928-3792)

WELCOME TO WATERWAY! Welcome aboard and thank you for choosing Waterway Houseboat Vacations. We are proud to serve your holiday experience needs on beautiful Shuswap Lake system. Please read through this guide. It will help you to understand the procedures and policies related to your houseboat vacation. If there is anything at all that you need, please call us at 1-877-WATERWAY (928-3792) and our reservations specialists will be happy to help you. We are asking our guests to assist us in a couple of ways. Waterway has been involved in developing environmental programmes to help protect our beautiful Shuswap Lake system. We have improved our on-boat recycling facility. We ask that our guests do not bring any glass beverage containers onto the boats. Grey water discharge will eventually be a thing of the past on the Shuswap. We ask you to assist us in achieving this goal. Our hot tubs may no longer be dumped out in the lake, only back at Waterway base. Please conserve the amount of water you use, as some of it does end up in the lake. Also, to reduce the impact, please take showers out in the lake, not while the boats are beached. Houseboats should be beached at a distance at least as great as the length of your vessel from the neighboring boat. This is both for safety and environmental reasons. Our parking lots can get very congested. We fully understand that you want to get your trip started, but we suggest that the parking lot is not the place to throw footballs, Frisbees, etc. due to safety and damage concerns. The consumption of alcohol is both illegal and prohibited on our property. Parking will be unavailable until just prior to your sailing time. Our friendly staff will be happy to direct you to park facilities, restaurants and pubs, all of which are nearby. You won’t have to worry about being here for when your houseboat is ready, as we will get a cell phone number from you so we can get in touch the minute your vacation is ready to go! Our team has been hard at work in the off season improving our operation. We have introduced an extensive quality control inspection programme to ensure you the most trouble free vacation ever! Waterway Houseboats is the first houseboat company in the world to offer high speed internet on all of our boats, so you can cruise and surf to your heart’s content with no additional fees. The system has been set up as plug n play. Ask us for more details. Tune to 1010 AM on your radio for more detailed instructions as you arrive at our location. We are introducing the new Waterway Activity Center this year down on A dock, which is the departure dock. Come check us out as we have a wide assortment of adventure rentals to choose from, which will certainly add some spice to your houseboat vacation. We have canoes, kayaks, personal water craft, ski and wakeboard boats, patio boats, paddle boards, water trampolines, downhill and cross country mountainbikes. We can also assist you in setting up some guided mountainbike tours around the lake or shuttling for downhill biking. We hope you drop by for a look. We are looking forward to a fabulous season and we are very pleased you have chosen to vacation with us. Our team hopes you have the best vacation ever! Bon Voyage, Neil Millar, General Manager


WHAT TO EXPECT UPON ARRIVAL Waterway Houseboat Vacations strives to provide you with the best guest experience possible. There are some things which will ensure that your holiday is a great success. The departure times, as advertised, are our goals. As with many things, sometimes situations prevail that can disrupt our best planning. We are at the mercy of many issues that include, but are not limited to: train bridge openings, weather, guests returning late, accidents, power failures, etc. During our peak summer months, we have the same limitations that any business has when operating at full capacity (think stores at Christmas, ski resorts at Christmas, Disneyland at Spring break, etc.). This will occasionally mean waiting in line and some minor delays. If you arrive prior to the departure times for your trip, let us know you are here at the main office and then head into town to take advantage of the parks, beaches restaurants, etc. that are available. We will call you as soon as your houseboat is ready and this will assist us in moving returning guests out, freeing up parking and being ready for your arrival. When you are returning to dock at the end of your fabulous trip, it may be wise to come in a little earlier on the busy days, if you wish to get a quick start. Otherwise come into Mara, let the dock staff know you are ready to return and enjoy the sun and beautiful Mara Lake. Our target loading times are as follows: Morning: 8 AM -12 PM (or when the houseboat is fully serviced) Bon Voyage: 6 PM-8 PM (or when the houseboat is fully serviced) Early Board: 8 PM-10 PM (or when the houseboat is fully serviced)


WHAT TO EXPECT UPON ARRIVAL Tune in to 1010 on your AM dial Upon arrival a Waterway Staff member will give you directions for parking and for checking-in. Upon check-in to the office the captain and co-captain of your boat will do your paperwork. The captain must be the holder of the credit card for the deposit and signing of the contracts (captain must be 19 or 25 on the Legacy 94). You may wish to discuss this with your group prior to arrival. The contracts take about 20 minutes to go through thoroughly. You can help us speed up this process by downloading and reading the contracts off of our web-site, prior to arrival. Please note which programme you have signed up for (AM, Bon Voyage or Early Boarding). The office staff will not know the name of your boat until it is ready for boarding as the boats are being cleaned, serviced and inspected for your safe and enjoyable vacation. Your damage deposit and insurance charges are due upon arrival if they have not been previously paid for. We accept cash, Visa and Master Card as payment in the office. We can process up to 3 cards per reservation. Check in Times AM sailing:

arrive to *check in* anytime after 8am

Bon Voyage:

arrive to *check in* no earlier then 4:30 pm

Early Boarding: arrive to *check in* no earlier then 6:30pm * Please note this is a check in time only, this is not a boarding time* Help us to make your check in process as speedy as possible by adhering to the above mentioned check in times. If you do arrive earlier, we will have to ask you to come back later, as we will not have any parking available for our evening arrivals until, the guests who have just returned from their houseboat trips, have moved their vehicles out of the parking lot. Feel free to use our public beach or the one in town (just a short distance away from our marina) to pass time. Guests can provide us with a cell phone number and Waterway Houseboats will call you when your boat is ready. Please note alcohol consumption is prohibited in our parking lot.


FRIENDLY REMINDERS & HINTS Please visit to preview the required rental forms and orientation video. • Hot tubs are no longer drainable into the lake. We are improving our on lake environmental impact. A thorough explanation of procedures will be given during your orientation. • Alcohol consumption is prohibited on our property. Indulgence in and suffering from over consumption may result in your trip being delayed or cancelled. It is vital that the captain and co-captain are not intoxicated for the trip to commence. • Please do not bring any external speakers onto your houseboat. This will result in issues both with Waterway and out on the lake. There is a $1,000 charge for this infraction and the speakers will be confiscated for the duration of your trip. Noise must cease at 11 PM and this is strictly enforced, both on our docks and out on the lake. Please respect others and abide by this regulation. • Waterway Houseboats provides a clean air environment for all of our guests. If you smoke, please take the appropriate precautions and do so outside of your houseboat. Smoking inside the houseboat will result in a charge of $1,000 being applied against your security deposit. • Pets are permitted with a $100 +HST charge per pet. • Fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the lake. Infraction of this regulation will result in a $1000.00 charge and may result in the forfeiture of your trip. •All of our cleaning products are tested and as benign to the environment as can be. These items include: hand soap, body wash and shampoo. Please utilize the on board products to help us protect the health of the Shuswap Lake system. We also ask that you minimize the amount of water you use on board by refraining from running the kitchen sink doing the dishes, the bathroom sink while washing up and shortening the length of your showers, by way of example. • Please check out our lake map for places to visit and interesting attractions around the lake. • There is a pump out available at Anglemont Marina for your septic, if this becomes an issue during your trip. There is a user fee for this service. If required, you can also return to Waterway base. Most trips do not need any additional pump outs. • At the return of your trip, we ask that you fill in a comment card to let us know how we did. All cards with contact info listed will be eligible to win a free houseboat trip!


AM SAILINGS AM Sailings allow you to board your boat the morning of your scheduled sailing date. Your boat will be ready for boarding between 8 AM – 12:00 noon (or when fully serviced). Once you have your boarding pass a dock staff member will take you down to your boat and assign you an orientation time. You will have a departure time between 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM.

BON VOYAGE If you have purchased the Bon Voyage programme you will board your boat and set sail the evening prior to your scheduled sailing date. Your boat will be ready for boarding between 6 PM and 8 PM (or when fully serviced*). Once you have your boarding pass a dock staff member will take you down to your boat and assign you an orientation time. You will have a scheduled departure time between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM; all passengers must be ready to sail by 8 PM. Those arriving later than 8 PM may not be able to leave dock due to daylight restrictions. There will be no refunds for late arrivals. ** Bon Voyage sailings  may be limited to Mara Lake on the night of departure, especially as light wanes later in the season or in the event of unavoidable late departures. We do not offer the programme before June 10th, or after September 2nd, due to the amount of daylight available. Please note that the Legacy 94s are not available as Bon Voyage.

EARLY BOARD If you have purchased the Early Board programme you will board your boat the evening prior to your scheduled sailing date and spend the night on dock. Your boat will be ready for boarding between 8 PM and 10 PM (or when fully serviced*). Once you have your boarding pass a dock staff member will take you down to your boat and assign you an orientation time. Please note: Captains must be available for orientation prior to 9 PM. If this is not adhered to then departure may be delayed the following morning. You will have a scheduled departure time between 8:00 AM – 10:30AM the following morning. Please be aware that barbecuing is not permitted on dock so plan to use the kitchen for meal preparation. *Please note our boats arrive and depart on the same day. Sometimes unavoidable delays can occur; such as, but not limited to, bridge openings, late returns, service issues, weather conditions etc… ***Please do not use our loading carts until your boat has been assigned to you***


IMPORTANT In order to make sure your arrival day goes smoothly as possible, please confirm correct dates and times with your group and ensure everyone clearly understands the above information. It is not necessary to arrive prior to your boarding time, as there will not be available parking until all of our returns for the days have cleared out of the parking lot. Thank you for your patronage, and we look forward to seeing you out on the beautiful Shuswap Lake!

BOARDING, DEPARTURE & RETURN TIMES Boarding Times: • AM Sailings are: 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon or when boat is fully serviced.* • Bon Voyage times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM or when boat is fully serviced.* • Early boarding times: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM or when boat is fully serviced.* • All return times are between 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM *Please note our boats arrive and depart on the same day. Sometimes unavoidable delays can occur; such as, but not limited to, bridge openings, late returns, service issues, weather conditions etc… RETURN TIMES WILL BE ASSIGNED ON CHECK-IN (late charges will apply for late returns, no exceptions)

Return Times: • Return Times Are: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM RETURN TIMES WILL BE ASSIGNED ON CHECK-IN If you require a return time prior to 11:00am please arrange this with guest services before departing the dock. • If you would like an earlier return time you will also have to inform the dock staff as well.


PARKING Waterway Houseboats has a large parking lot with a smaller overflow parking area. Unfortunately, as large as the parking area is, it gets very congested. We would encourage all of our guests to bring as few vehicles as possible if they wish to utilize our parking area. We will direct you to the appropriate parking (vehicles such as trucks with trailers, RV’s, buses will be parked in our overflow lot). Please understand that it is illegal to consume alcohol in our parking lot and it is prohibited. We also can not allow activities such as football and Frisbee throwing in our parking lot due to potential damage and injury. There are wonderful public facilities very close by and our staff would be happy to point you in the right direction. You can leave your cell phone number with Guest Services and they will contact you as soon as your boat is ready. We do have security that patrols our property at night. We do offer complimentary parking, however we can not be held liable for any damage or thefts which may occur. This is not a common occurrence but it has happened on occasion. Please ensure that our parking attendants office is aware of the vehicles parked in our lot and all vehicles must visibly display a Waterway issued parking pass showing trip dates and boat name. DOCK B












• Please have a boarding pass prior to going onto the docks. • Only fill carts when ready to load or disembark. • Please respect your neighbours, noise must cease at 11pm, no excessive noise at any time. • Smoking and the use of the bbq’s are prohibited on the docks. • Drinking is prohibited in all public areas. • Parking at your own risk.







EXPRESS CHECK-OUT When you return from your Waterway Houseboat Vacation your houseboat will have the septic pumped out, the boat fueled, then docked. Once it has been serviced and checked-out you can go back on board and remove your belongings. At this time you have the option of Express Check-out or Regular Check-out. Express Check-out is for our guests that would like to leave right away. They can just load their gear into their vehicles and head off. Their account will be charged for the fuel, any bottled water used and any damaged or missing items. These amounts will be taken out of your security deposit and your credit card will be refunded for the difference. You will receive in the mail your final invoice along with a final check-out confirmation. Regular Check-out takes a bit longer. The office will be advised of your fuel charges and any other charges. You will then need to go into the office to “checkout”. Your fuel and any other charges will be charged to your account and you will receive your security refund less any expenses at this time. To expedite your departure and help accommodate the next group of Waterway Vacationers, your assistance in making sure the following will be done before you arrive back in dock will be greatly appreciated. Please: • Make sure your bimini is up and open • Place all garbage and recycled bottles on the front deck (Starboard side) • Have all personal items removed from cupboards and fridge • Have luggage packed and ready in front salon • Turn off propane • Have boat clean & tidy (all dishes washed and put away) • Leave all rental bedding on the beds


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Cancellation Policies There is a 10 day grace period from the time you book your houseboat to make any changes or cancellations with no facilitation fees and a full refund of your reservation deposit. You will be charged a $525/$750/$1000 facilitation fee if you make any changes or cancellations 60/90 days (60 days for Mirage 40, 42, 44, 54, 56,63,65 and 65U. 90 days for Mirage 66, Genesis 60,66,70,75 and the Legacy 94) or more prior to sailing. In the event of a cancellation or any changes LESS than 60/90 days prior to sailing your full charter may be forfeited.*All cancellations must be requested in writing. *On cancellations LESS than 60/90 days Waterway will retain your full charter rental unless your boat is rechartered. You would then receive a refund of the re charter value less a facilitation fee of $525/$750/$1000 and any specials or discounts we have to offer to recharter the houseboat and we would refund the difference.

Final Rental Payment The full rental payment is due 60 DAYS prior to your sailing date, with the exceptions of the Mirage 66, Genesis models, and Legacy 94 which are due 90 DAYS prior to your sailing date. Your reservation will be cancelled without notice if we do not receive payment in full by the due date.

Additional Expenses Your costs are minimal. You pay for the gas and propane you use during your vacation and daily insurance during your trip. Your gas costs will vary depending on how you operate your boat and how much time you spend cruising. Most of our customers spend around $110-$150/day on gas, this is an estimate only but is a good figure for budgeting purposes. Propane also will vary with use and would average between $50-100 per trip. Your insurance will be $34/day plus applicable taxes and each sailing will be charged a $50 environmental fee. Upon arrival, we require a $2500 Security deposit for most of our vessels, The Mirage 66 and Genesis models require a $5,000 and the Legacy 94 requires a $7,500 security deposit. This deposit is refundable less any outstanding charges including lost or damaged items, cleaning charges, or any damage resulting from negligence. This deposit is payable by cash or credit card; no personal cheques will be accepted in the office once you arrive at the marina. Please note: Security deposit will double if insurance is not purchased. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1-877-928-3792, or by email and one of our representatives will be happy to help you. We invite you to visit our website at:



Steamboa Bay

Two Mile Creek


Beach Bay

Encounter Point


Anglemont Unnamed Waterfalls

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Horseshoe Bay ST. St. Ives IVES Park Armstrong Pt.



Nine Mile Pt.

Rendevous Picnic Site

Twin Bays


Ruckell Pt.

Prohibited beaching West of this line

Anstey Arm West

Cottonwood Beach

Dive Site good night diving Anstey Nielson View Beach




Woods Landing South

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Woods Landing

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Beach Bay


Internet Coverage

Anglemont Marina



Peter Martins Bay

Robert’s Bay

Floating Stores Narrows Village Haven Pt.

Wild Rose Bay

Cinnemousun Narrows

nice hike and view of Anstey Arm

Tillis Beach


Dive Site

Aline Hill

Alvera tug boat, advanced dive 90 feet

Shuswap Lake East

Hermit Bay

Swall Beach

Waterway is pleased to Point announce complimentary high speed internet Marble is available on the lake on all of our vessels.

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Pictographs Please take Hungry note of Indian the coverage areas on the lake. Just one more of the many Cove us different from the competition! things that make

Bastion Bay


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Murdock Pt.

ACTIVITY CENTRE RENTALS EAST to Calgary via Banff Old Town Bay

Canoe Pt.


5 hours drive time

WaterwaySICAMOUS offers a wide array of state of the art rentals right in the marina to Sicamous Narrows Waterway make your holiday even more fun and always memorable. We will also provide Moose Builders Base Mara you with the information you need to make your adventures happen. Our rental Point Mulligan’s food, liquor store items include:pub,ski and wakeboard boats, personal watercraft, pontoon boats, Waterway Base lot more. We are introducing mountain bikes as paddleboards, kayaksMarina and a whole well this season so that you can take advantage of all the great trail work that has been done around the lake. Enjoy some great trail rides right from your personal floating resort. Need a guide to come along? We can arrange that too. golf club

e tain


Black Point

ake Park



ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES Waterway Houseboats is co-operating with the Ministry of the Environment and being pro-active in protecting the Shuswap Lake system. We are initiating major retrofits of our fleet to deal with the grey water issue. Waterway continues to use the environmentally friendly products, we urge you to use only the provided environmentally friendly products as well. Waterway is also embarking on an extensive education campaign on water use, recycling and other environmental initiatives. Waterway has invested considerable resources into the installation of water and sewer provided by the district to bring our facility up to a higher standard. We continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. In partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Columbia Shuswap Regional District, and other parties, Waterway Houseboats is dramatically reducing the quantity of grey water that is ending up in Shuswap Lake. As one step in an ongoing programme to reach zero discharge, we have de-commissioned all of our washing machines on our houseboats. Dryers will still be available for your convenience. Our hot tubs will not longer be able to be drained into the lake, they will be pumped out upon the return of your vacation. We appreciate your assistance in helping us improve the water quality of the Shuswap Lake system. Thank you for understanding with regard to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this matter or your sailing please contact Guest Services at 1-877-928-3792. *Please note: When beaching your houseboat(s) please ensure that you are beached a minimum of a houseboat length away from any other houseboats/ boats. This will keep a good flow of water between boats, and will also protect you if a storm occurs.

RENTAL FORMS Please visit to preview the required rental forms for your vacation.


GOLFING INFORMATION Shuswap Lake Estates Golf and Country Club Phone: 250 675-2315 Toll Free: 1-800-661-3955 E-mail: Shuswap Lake Estates 18 hole scenic golf course, pro shop, licensed lounge, and dining room. Tie up your boat at one of the two marinas. One mile walk to course or taxi service provided through Trapper’s Landing for small fee.

Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course Phone: 250 833-0258 Toll Free: 1-877-933-0258 E-mail: Sonseekers Ridge is a 9 hole regulation length golf course. It can host staff BBQ’s and tournaments up to 50 people. Golf in 2 ½ hours! Wheelchair accessible.

Eagle River Golf Course Phone: 250 836-4454 E-mail: Website: Eagle River Golf Course is a scenic 9 hole course with, Licensed lounge, restaurant, patio, pro shop and RV parking.

Club Shuswap Phone: 250 832-7345 E-mail: Website: Club Shuswap 18 hole executive course, driving range, golf lessons, pro shop, lounge, baseball pitching machine and tennis.


Talking Rock Golf Course Phone: Toll Free 1-877-663-4303 E-mail: Website: A unique golfing experience awaits at Talking Rock Resort. The proud development of the Little Shuswap Indian Band, Talking Rock Golf Course encompasses rich native traditions and elements of native art. The course meanders through a mature sandy forest and finishes with a breathtaking 18th hole along the shoreline of Little Shuswap Lake.

Canoe Creek Golf Course Phone: 250 832-3285 Toll Free: 1-866-431-3285 E-mail: Website: Canoe Creek’s unique 18 hole design brings you a bit of the British Isles, offering more than 7000 yards of open fields, grass-faced bunkers, very playable greens and striking water features. This new addition to the region’s wide spectrum of golf facilities is Dave Barr’s first signature course.

Birchdale Par 3 Golf Course Phone: 250 838-7740 E-mail: Website: Birchdale Golf Course is a 9 hole par 3 course. It has easy walking, rentals, licensed coffee shop, pro shop, wheelchair accessible and can hold tournaments and BBQ’s.

GOLFING INFORMATION Hyde Mountain on Mara Lake Golf Course Phone: 250 836-GOLF or Toll Free 1-877-677-4653 E-mail: Website: Hyde Mountain is a full length 18 hole Championship Golf Course located in Sicamous BC. It has a Full service lounge, pro shop, and driving range. Hyde Mountain Golf Course is wheelchair accessible and has boat moorage available. Dockside shuttle service from Mara Lake.

Salmon Arm Golf Club Phone: 250 832-4727 E-mail: Website: Salmon Arm Golf Club 18 hole championship golf course and 9-hole executive Course. New club house, gas carts, pro shop, rentals, golf school and licensed lounge and restaurant. Tie up your boat at the Salmon Arm Wharf-Taxi service available. (Telephone on wharf).

FISHING LICENSE INFORMATION Available at: Lukie’s General Store Beside 18 Hole Mini Golf in Sicamous, B.C. 250 836-2533

Shopper’s Foodland 305 Main Street in Sicamous, B.C. 250 836-2277

True Value V & S 534 Main Street in Sicamous, B.C. 250 836-4781

Please visit for current License fees and regulations.


GROCERIES, GAS & LIQUOR STORES ACCESSIBLE ON THE LAKE Little River Boat World - Blind Bay Phone 250 675-2321 Fax: 250 675-4564 Email: • Groceries, ice, boat rentals • Tie up to their wharf • Open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in July and August

Anglemont Marina - Anglemont 250 955-2277 • Groceries, Liquor Store, gas, ice, freshwater, dumpster for garbage, fishing tackle • Tie up at Marina • Open May 1 to October Long Weekend • Septic pump out available

Daniel’s Store - Seymour Arm • Liquor off sales, groceries, gas • Tie up to their wharf • Open from late May to September • Motels, Camping, and RV Sites


PUBS & RESTAURANTS ACCESSIBLE ON THE LAKE Seymour Arm Hotel and Pub - Seymour Arm 250 803-8765 or 250 804-9175 • Tie up at wharf • Open Late May to mid September

Moose Mulligans Pub - Sicamous 250 836-3603 • Tie up ski boat to their wharf or a short walk from our dock • Open all year round • Houseboat parking not available

Doc’s Pub - Canoe 250 832-4080 • Tie up at wharf in Canoe • Open all year round

Urban Beach Café - Bughouse Bay - Seymour Arm 250 517-8475 —


• Baking Sheet

• Bath Towels

• Deck Chairs

• Beach Towel

• Fishing Gear

• Bedding/Pillows/Blanket

• Flashlight/Batteries

• Binoculars

• Hiking/Walking Shoes

• Matches

• Insect Repellent

• Camera/Film

• Ski Boat/ Water Skis/Toys

• Cards/Games/Books

• Sunscreen/Sunglasses

• CD’s, DVD’s

• BBQ Utensils

• Medications


MOTELS Anchor Riverfront Motel – 250-836-2546 Alpiner Motel – 250 836-2290 Best Western Motel – 250 836-4117 Cedars Motel – 250 836-3175 Monashee Motel – 250 836-2575 Paradise Motel – 250 836-2525 Pines Motel – 250 836-2556 Super 8 Motel – 250 836-4988

CAMPING Joe Schmucks – 250 836-2290 Homestead RV & Tenting Campground – 250 836-2583 KOA Campground – 250 836-2507 TP Tent and RV Resort – 250 836-4508


RENTALS & THINGS TO DO ON THE LAKE Waterway Activity Centre -

Adams River Rafting - Scotch

Sicamous, BC Waterway Marina 1 877 WATERWAY (928-3792) 250 836-2505 Email: • Speedboats, sea-doos, canoes, kayaks, sightseeing & fishing boats, tubes, waterskis & kneeboard rentals

Creek, BC 3843 Squilax Anglemont Highway 250 955-2447 or 1-888-440-RAFT (7238) Email: Website: • White water rafting and unique catarafting adventures for everyone

Little River Boatworld - Blind Bay, BC 2509 Blind Bay Rd. 250 675-2321 Fax: 250 675-4564 Email: • Fuel, store, and watercraft toys – open 9am-9pm in July and August

DEAR GUEST We at Waterway Houseboats strive daily to adopt practices which protect our pristine environment. From biodegradable soaps and shampoos to an enhanced recycling program, we are the leaders in “green” practices. Therefore, in order to enhance that effort, we urge you to consider bringing with you foodstuffs and beverages that are contained in plastic, or some other recyclable material. We also encourage you to please use the provided biodegradable soaps and shampoos on your boat. In short, we are specifically asking our Guests to avoid bringing glass containers, to avoid the risk of broken glass on our beaches. In closing, we wish to thank you for assisting us in the effort to protect the beauty that is the Shuswap Lake. Your friends at Waterway Houseboats Comments? Suggestions? Please fill out our online comment cards at


CUSTOMS INFO FOR VISITORS TO CANADA Welcome, On behalf of Canada Customs, we would like to welcome you to visit Canada. Please consider the following tips to help make you entry into Canada as smooth as possible. Please be aware that when entering Canada, all persons must provide proof of citizenship. This may include passports or birth certificates along with picture identification and any applicable visas. Customs inspectors are always on the look out for missing children and you may be asked to provide a birth certificate and or legal custody documentation for children traveling with you. Please have your identification readily available. Most things that you bring into Canada for your personal use during your visit will be considered “personal baggage”. Some examples of personal baggage are food, fishing tackle, cars, boats and motors, snowmobiles, fuel, and sports equipment. You may bring bonafide gifts worth up to $60 Canadian each for your friends in Canada with out paying duty, provided these do not consist of tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO Please declare the exact amount of alcohol and tobacco (including duty free shop purchases) you and your traveling companions possess. There is a limit on the amount of alcohol and tobacco each person may bring into Canada free of duty taxes. Persons must also meet the legal age requirements set out by province or Territory where they enter Canada (in BC, 19 years of age, in Alberta 18 years of age). • 24 X 355ml (12ounces) cans or bottles of beer or 1.14 liters (40 ounces) of liquor, wine or wine coolers. • 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars or cigarillo and 200 tobacco sticks and 200 grams (7 ounces) of manufactured tobacco.


FIREARMS & WEAPONS Certain firearms are classified as restricted and may require permits to be lawfully imported. All firearms and weapons must be declared to Canada Customs at first point of entry. Canadian law prohibits the possession or importation of weapons and certain firearms such as: • Self defense sprays (for example Mace, pepper spray) • Hand guns, stun guns and automatic weapons. • Rifles or shotguns with barrel length under 18” or an overall length under 26” • Offensive weapons such as throwing stars, nun chucks and switch blade knives. • Severe penalties and confiscations apply to the possession of illegal firearms in Canada.

RESTRICTED & PROHIBITED GOODS • Narcotics • Obscene materials (pornography or hate propaganda), • Explosives, fireworks and ammunition. • Endangered species, plants and animals and their derivatives. • Agricultural products

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS To protect plants and animals from diseases, there are restrictions on international movement of certain agricultural products and animals. There are restrictions on: • Live animals and animal goods; • Meat and poultry; • Eggs and egg product; • Plants and plant products; • Soil and fertilizers;

• Fresh fruit and vegetables; More commonly, • Apples • Pears • Nectarines • Blueberries • Apricots • Fruit of the Hawthorne • Potatoes • Plums • Quinces


FALSE DECLARATIONS Failure to meet the above conditions may result in the seizure of the items and vehicles, payment of penalties and or arrest and prosecution and or refusal of entry in Canada.

PETS ANIMALS & BIRDS Domestic Dogs and cats may be imported, provided each animal is accompanied by a certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian of Canada or the United States that clearly identifies the animal and certifies that dog and or cat has been vaccinated against rabies during the preceding 36-month period.

FOR MORE INFORMATION For additional information about entry into Canada or bringing goods into Canada, please contact a Customs Border Services Office. The regional information Unit Office Columbia is located in Vancouver. Regional Information Unit Web: Main Floor 333 Dunsmuir Vancouver, BC V6B-5R4 Within Canada – toll free number.................1-800-461-9999 This document is only a guide. Information is subject to change. Please contact Canada Customs for more information.

SAFETY TURTLE Young children on your boat? Try our Safety Turtle alarm system for peace of mind. Cost: $50 +HST. Ask for more information. These devices do not substitute for proper parental supervision. Safety turtle requires a security deposit of $250.00 upon arrival and then will be refunded at the return of the turtle.


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2012 Adventure Guide for Waterway Houseboats Nestled amongst vast BC mountain valleys, the beautiful Shuswap Lake in the North Okanagan, acc...

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