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Middle School Matters

September 2021


Scholars is

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Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year, Crosby Scholar! OUR MISSION We will assist public middle and high school students in Forsyth

WE ARE HYBRID THIS YEAR! We will have both

County in preparing themselves for

virtual and in-person

successful college enrollment.

options for completing Crosby Scholars Requirements this

OUR VISION To ensure that every public school student in Forsyth County has the opportunity to attend college.

year to meet the needs and preferences of all of our students!


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

Requirements Crosby Scholars Academy You are required to attend one Crosby Scholars Academy this year. Virtual and in-person options will be announced and posted in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal by October 1st. Community Service You are required to complete at least two hours of community service by May 13, 2022. We now have an online community service form! Visit our community service page to access the online form and view a list of opportunities.

Community Service Webpage


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

Check out what Crosby Scholars offers Middle School Students! Learn how to manage your time and set goals in Crosby Scholars Academy.

Discounted tickets to Wake Forest Football and Basketball Games!

Community Service Contests where you can win great prizes - This year, they are in November and April!

Participation in the Winston-Salem Jaycees Holiday Parade

Middle School Matters Newsletter

and so much more...

Crosby Night at a WinstonSalem Dash Baseball Game


Your volunteering makes a huge difference in the community! Nonprofits rely heavily on members of our community to donate their time. With your help, our local nonprofits are able to achieve their goals and make the community a better place!

Did you know...

Middle School Crosby Scholars completed more than

9,000 hours

of community service during the 2021-22 school year?!


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

2021 Excellence in Community Service Award Winners The Excellence in Community Service Award is given to the middle school Crosby Scholar who has completed the highest number of community service hours at their school for the year. Congratulations to the following Crosby Scholars:

Jabarey Crawford

Ryas Ferguson

Messiah Davidson Ivrye Davis Adric Ebert Avery Ehrman

Josiah Fogleman Ana Fuentes Myles Garrett Ella Goodmon

Jayla Hairston Hayden Harper Bailey Huff Audrey Lane Lola Larsen

n lema g o F h Josia

Joseph Mattingly My'nautia Moore Courtneigh Peebles Myles Presswood Alisha Reynolds-Welch Tanaja Winnegan

Audr ey La ne

Myles Presswood


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

Meet our 2021-22 Middle School Leadership Council! Lizzie Grace Allen

Reagan Gauldin

Olivia Hutchison

Frii Sampson-Young

Lauren Bodenheimer

Lily Goldenstein

Diego Inoa Matos

Slayde Schott

Solomon Brown

Brandi Gonzalez

Paige Kiesling

Aryaman Shukla

Kenzie Bullins

Emma Gwyn

Annalee Mathis

Carly Surrell

Zella Ann Cook

Kimharie Hall

Wendy McLaurin

Omar Tapia Garcia

Christopher Cordero-Vigil

Ava Hardy

Casey Milestone

Hannah Townsend

Tiani Davis

Reginald Hartzfedt

Justine Mourkos

Manuel Tyson

Kamya Evans

Joel Hayes

Ehshi Na

Gracie Ward

Onyinyechi Ezeigbo

Jocelyn Hayes

Addison Nichols

Summer Warren

Ryas Ferguson

Gabrielle Holt

Kyla Penn

Dominique Wiley

Josiah Fogleman

Derecia Howard

Lakoya Price

Corrinne Williams

Ethan Fox

Elijah Huffin

Nadley Reagan

Nevaeh Wright

What is Leadership Council?

How can I join?

2021-22 Leadership Council Kick Off


Leadership Council members serve as ambassadors of the Crosby Scholars Program in their school and in our community. Our goal is to develop and nurture young adult leaders within our community of Crosby Scholars. Be enrolled in Crosby Scholars for both 6th and 7th grades and complete all program requirements for both years. Students are invited to apply for Leadership Council in the summer following 7th grade.

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Middle School Matters

September 2021

Meet the Middle School Team!

Tara Stokes

Molly Thomas (she/her)

Middle School Program Coordinator

Middle School Program Assistant

Tara is a graduate of Wake Forest University and began working at Crosby Scholars in 2006.

Molly is from Raleigh, NC and is a graduate of NC State University where she studied Human Biology.

She and her husband Wade have three children, twin granddaughters and enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with her puppy, Millie.

She lives in Greensboro with her husband, Dylan, and their dog, Rusty. She enjoys hiking, watching women's soccer, going on road trips, puzzles, and hanging out with family!


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

Meet our Scholarships and Financial Aid Coordinator! Ashly Wilson

I’m Ashly Wilson, Crosby Scholars Scholarships and Financial Aid Coordinator, and I work directly with students and families to navigate all financial aspects involved with paying for college. While college enrollment may still seem far away, we can assure you it is never too early to start saving and creating a financial plan for your child. We offer guidance to parents with financial aid concepts and strategies in middle school that will better prepare you for deeper dive topics in high school with detailed financial aid webinars, individual financial aid counseling and more. I am excited to connect with each one of you and to become your trusted resource for Scholarships and Financial Aid guidance and planning.

Crosby Scholars has Leadership + Enrichment Programs! Did you know? Our middle school program has a Leadership Council and all high schools have elected officers that participate in leadership training. The African American Males Pursuing Educational Dreams (AAMPED) program ensures African American males have resources to achieve educational equity. Excelencia educates Hispanic girls and their families about the many opportunities that exist beyond high school. The Hispanic Latino Male Success (HLMS) program provides mentoring, as well as introduces career and STEM opportunities. The Show, Help, Employ (SHE) program encourages underrepresented women to learn about and pursue STEM careers.


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

It Matters: Help your Middle Schooler Start Thinking About the Future College is years away, but that doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t start thinking about it and making plans for it now. Studies show that college graduates are more likely than non-graduates to: Live healthier, longer lives. Stay employed. Enjoy their jobs. Change jobs more easily. Earn significantly higher salaries. To help your child begin focusing on higher education: Talk about his interests. What does your child like to do? What are his passions? Whether it’s graphic design or physical fitness, there’s surely a college program geared toward it. He won’t be enrolling anytime soon, but it’s OK to “plant the seed” and get him thinking about how he can continue doing what he loves at the university level someday. Encourage him to set goals. How does your child see himself in 10 years? As a college graduate? A successful executive? Ask him what he envisions and how he plans to get there. Specifically, talk about what he can do now (such as studying harder or taking tougher classes) to help him reach his goals.

Click Here Widen horizons. There are too many careers to count, and odds are your to his Apply! child hasn’t heard of many of them. So go online and research various professions. Get him excited about the different options available to him!

Reprinted with permission from the September 2021 issue of Parents Still make the difference!® (Middle School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2021 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc.


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Middle School Matters

September 2021

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