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Dr. Cohen: I'm very proud of the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland. I'm the medical director and started this practice close to 20 years ago. It's really evolved over time. I initially started doing reconstructive surgery which actually I think has helped me appreciate some of the cosmetic aspects even more.

The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland is a real multi-disciplinary plastic surgical practice. We have other practitioners that specialize in other parts of the body so this multi-disciplinary practice I think works well for the patient who is looking for an improvement maybe even in a couple of different areas at the same time.

Seven years in a row I've been invited to a special meeting where some of the more productive and advanced plastic surgeons in the country have gotten together to share ideas, to have conversations and discussions with the company on ways to improve breast surgery and ways to improve breast implants. That opportunity to learn from others and share ideas and concepts has been very helpful in the development of my breast practice.

So there are various reasons why women have breast surgery. Often it's simply because they want to create better proportion other times it's because they want to be fuller, they're happy with the shape of their breasts but they just want more. They may not like the position of their breast, they may want them lifted and put into sort of a higher more youthful position. Some women actually have very large breasts and want to have them reduced and have them fit their bodies better.

Woman 1: He really listened to exactly what I wanted and for me what was important was to be proportioned and I just trusted that he knew what he was doing. According to his reputation and the quality of work that I had personally seen, I knew that he was the surgeon for me.

Dr. Cohen: I know that the consultation process is very sensitive. Patients have to come with their greatest insecurities and express them to somebody that they've just recently met or heard something about. Listening to their concerns is extremely important. Sharing ideas and concepts, we will encourage patients to bring in photographs to describe in great detail what they want. We'll even go further into drilling down to exactly what the type of shape, what type of size, you know, a simple bra cup isn't always enough information because this is the most important part of the process. Understanding what the patient wants.

Woman 2: I wouldn't change this for any decision I would make. I would do it over and over again so I'm really happy and excited about my results and my experience here at Dr. Cohen's office.

Dr. Cohen: I believe that plastic surgery has a very valuable contribution to the patient's mental health, visible well being and overall happiness and I'm really proud to take a role in helping people do those things.

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Dr. Michael Cohen of CSCMD describes his history and philosophy of plastic surgery.

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