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I think it's wise to think about and research your breast augmentation. I'm glad to hear you've given it some thought. I understand you may not know exactly what you want in terms of implant size and some of the other details. That's what I'm going to go through, every aspect of the procedure with you. I have hundreds of before and after photos of breast augmentation and lift patients. These will give you a better idea of how different size implants look on different body frames. When we meet, I'm going to consider your shape, including how tall you are and the width of your upper frame. Then I will show you breast implants that will complement your frame. By trying on a bra with various implants, you can see how you look in the various sizes you are considering. I urge my patients to bring in photos clipped from magazines that show breasts the size that they would like to have. As your plastic surgeon, it's very important to me that your expectations are met. You can start to tell us your expectations by typing them into the box on screen. Then we'll talk about some of the details of breast augmentation. What are your expectations for the outcome of your surgery?

Michael D. Cohen, MD Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland 8322 Bellona Ave Suite 300 Towson, MD 21204 410-296-0414

Breast augmentation expectations  

Learn what to expect from a breast augmentation from expert surgeon, Dr. Michael Cohen

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