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Terrible School Lunches

This years school lunches are terrible. This year the school lunches are way worst that last years school lunches. There is a lot of reasons I don’t like the school lunches this year, and I bet the majority of kids that eat school lunches will agree with me. We need to do something to make the school lunches better. One thing I really notice is this year with school lunches every time i’m done with lunch i’m always hungry. Last year most of the time I was full when I was done with the lunches, but not this year. All we usually get to eat is a milk and one type of food that is are main food, and sometimes thats all I get. Every once in a while they they give us a little of something else. Last year we got a side of ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce and and lots more for free, but this year we don’t. Now we have to pay for a side of something, which I don’t think thats fair.

An additional problem with some of the lunches are that they are cold when they are supposed to be hot. One time I got a pizza that was not even warm. It taste like it had been sitting out the whole day. Sometimes there is a reason that are food is cold it is that this year we eat last, so the food has to sit out the longest. Last year we had to eat lunch last so we were used to it being cold. I think we should try to talk to the people that do the lunch and tell them to try to somehow keep the food hot if not hot at least warm The main thing I think the all the other kids and me think is wrong with the lunch is the taste. Pretty much everyday at lunch I hate the taste of the food. Macaroni and cheese used to be my favorite school lunch, but this year it is my least favorite food. Now whenever I get the school macaroni it is consistently cold clumpy and terrible tasting. Sometimes I think that they used left over macaroni from the last time we had macaroni. It is often thought that school lunches are good. Even though this view seems convincing at first it fails to state that lunches are more healthy but taste terrible. We need to do something about the school lunches. Lets try to get the school to get better lunches so were not leaving lunch hungry. We have to do something about it, no matter what.

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Trenton O Terrible School Lunches  
Trenton O Terrible School Lunches