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Streakers: Let The Streak Continue By: Palmer Schulte When you think of streaking you think of a nude dude running in a public place. Some people think that it is hilarious( I had Funny). Some people put it on the internet. Its not funny at all. If you streak in a public place you should get fined and, go to prison for your rest of your life.

The Baltimore Sun said that there is a “batman streaker” The streaker ran onto the field Baltimore Ravens field. He is dressed up in tight batman underwear and, a black cape. The “batman streaker” has also streaked on the Baltimore Orioles game too. This is just one example of streaking.There are abundance more evil story.

One reason why it is a Terrible ( I HAD BAD)thing is because it scars your life. It is very disturbing to be in a public places and, all of a sudden you see a nude person running from the cops naked. Then you are like someone discontinue them. Then you get flashed.

Another reason why it should stop is because it is illegal. There can be many possible rules you can break. Like public nudity, trespassing, you can get fined up to 10,000 dollars, and you can also do community service for many hours.

While this argument is common, it fails to consider that streakers are hilarious. People think that they are funny because most the time you get chased from the cops so they think that it is entertainment.

My conclusion or call to action is that all cops need to have a taser so that way if a streaker strikes the streaker will be taken down. If they get the tazers that shoot out then that will help solve our major problem of streakers in the country.

The End