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12/13/12 11:59 AM

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Humans Are Not to Blame for Global Warming!!!! So you have got that friend that will shout out “GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT REAL!” Or that friend that say, “Global Warming is man made and we are all going to die.” Let me tell you something. They are both wrong. Global Warming is most definatley fictionous . Global Warming is NOT artificial. It is simply a cycle that the earth goes through. I am going to show the light to you on that topic. Many people falsely believe that Global Warming is manfactured . While this topic is popular among, well, millions of people it doesn’t follow the facts.

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Tackk - Creatively Share your Message‌ One Tackk at a Time.

12/13/12 11:59 AM

You see, the earth goes through the stages. Remeber the Ice Age? Yea, um, that was a stage the earth went through. Then those melted. Now the ice caps are metling again. They are just stages people. It will pass with time. The sun temperature has gone up significantly since the 1800s. Tell me this. How can man have something to do with a big ball of fire millions of miles away? How? If the earth is warming because of the sun. It is just a phase of the sun. Another reason why Global warming is not man made is the volcanoes. Many volcanoes have exploded since 1912. It takes many years for all of the residoue to go away Almost back to the topic of the sun getting warmer. Is a cycle called the sunspot cycle. It lasts around eleven years. Causing the earth to become warmer. Fewer sunspots means a weaker sun. More sunspots equals a stronger sun.

So you see, it is just a phase that the earth goes through. So sit back, relax, and wait patiently for this cycle to pass.

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