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Why Can't People Treat Everyone Equally? By: Megan Weaver

ENJOY! Some people are just too concerned about themselves or they are to self conceited. We need to change that. People that change their behavior in a certain way or leave others out put those people in such an awkward position. Those people start to feel tense and self conscious about themselves.

I personally know people that can treat others so terribly and not even care. They can’t

handle anything that’s’ different from themselves. It makes the other person feel rejected and like they aren’t part of the group. It even makes them feel like everyone looks at them like they’re strange or they don’t belong.

People that judge people before even getting to know the person put them in an uneasy position for something that doesn’t even matter. Maybe it’s something even as simple as if you have a knock-off brand of shoe people make fun of you. People don’t deserve to be treated like that. Would you want someone to make fun of you because you are wearing a shirt they don’t like? One of my fellow classmates says that “People that treat others as if they are less then themselves might’ve had bad parenting in the past or in the present. That maybe the reason they call people those names is because their parents have done.” She also says “Maybe their parents even let them do anything they want so they will do anything they want.”

Those people think that they are better than you just because you simply have differences with them. People are all equal no matter what size, shape, or race. No matter what all they want to do is be above you. That can only mean one are just the bigger and better person. They might just be trying to act cool to impress people but they’re not cool because what they are doing is not funny.

If those rude conceited people talk to you like that you can depend on your friends because trust me they’ll back you up. You can stand up for yourself and say: You know what you’re not any better that me. You may think you are but you’d be wrong. Just let people live their lives. Help those other people understand that we are all the same and no one should be judging anyone. Because we can judge you just the same as you can judge us. It will hurt you just as much as it’s hurt us.

MeganW_Why Can't People Treat Everyone Equally-  
MeganW_Why Can't People Treat Everyone Equally-