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"Our School Lunch Stinks!" Wasting our money

Our School is like a lunch from the 19th century! November 28th, 2012 Administrative Team, Grinnell Community Schools 927 4th Avenue Grinnell, IA 50112 Dear Administrative Team of Grinnell Schools: My name is Logan Abrahamson, here to tell about the terrible Grinnell Middle School lunches. Have you ever thought that getting a free lunch on a Friday would be cool because your school lunch stinks? Maybe, that would be a great idea to have a free lunch on Friday. Wouldn’t you? Various

students would argue that our school lunch is despicable, and we should get free lunch on Friday’s. Hey, this could be a cause of wasting our money. Even though this view seems persuasive at first, it fails to recognize to save money for our school. Some background of this issue is that our school lunch isn’t the best, and we shouldn’t have to pay that much for something that is downright despicable. Not only me, but my friends and others in all grades have noticed how the lunches can look and smell nasty. Like, something I have observed is that the refried beans look like a big pile of poop. I mean, how can you cook a food that looks like a big pile of poop. My mom doesn’t cook like that. Another thing, that whole eating healthier thing, failed, big time. In addition to, the fish sandwiches literally smells like a rotten up fish. Likewise, the tuna sandwiches look like a cat took a dump when it was constipated. Trust me, I think I will know what that looks like. This is just the beginning of this letter. Our school lunches are not well prepared. I am thankful to have Ethan Mitchell’s Grandma, Judy. She is the best cook I think by far. If it wasn’t for her, the other cooks would fail. Furthermore, when I took my first bite of my walking taco, the meat was like ice cold. Such a disappointment. Who wants to come here to eat the school lunch. Not me! Also, I found a strand of hair in my food. Just disgusting! In addition to that, my fork was bent. I hate eating with a bent fork. Is that how you want this school to be. Hopefully not. Nevertheless, you should imagine that it is critical to have free lunches on Friday’s.

Thank you,

Logan Abrahamson

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LoganA_Our School Lunch Stinks