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Let Kids Chose their Classes Why can't middle school kids chose their classes

Are you a student that hates some of your extra curricular classes or do you know a student who does.Middle school students should be able to chose their classes.I have been there and I also have noticed many students who also dislike their extra classes.Students are disliking their extra classes and they would like to be able to chose

their classes.I surveyed a class of 22 students in 7th

grade and all students said they wanted to be able to chose their own classes.I have even asked a teacher on this topic and she said “ I would like students to be able to chose their own classes their just has to be a system.�

Students still don’t get the chance to pick their additional classes but why.Students don’t get to chose their extra classes because there would be way to much craziness the school board would not be able to handle it.The other reasons is the students are becoming lazy so they don’t want to take matters in to their own hands.We can stop this if students are not slothful and take this issue to the school board.

Some students and parents would argue that it would lessen their education.Even though these people think it is convincing ,that it would lessen your education it fails to provide information on why it would lessen your education.

Kids have the Right to Chose

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