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Comebacks The danger of what they could cause and the voices of others opinions...

Comebacks, They're just annoying!!! “Your mom!” How many times a day have you heard that comeback? It’s one of the many comebacks I hear in one school day... Come to think of it, It is the one thing that I hear the most! Any comeback: “Your mom,” “Your face,” “That’s what he/she said...” THEY ALL ARE MAJORLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do people even go about doing this anyways!?!? The this I ask is “Why?” “WHY?!” “WHY!?!?!?” I will find out the answers... Even if the answers are COMPLETELY IDIOTIC!!! ... Also, I’m hoping to point out to some people how stupid it is to use these...

My plan to show all of these points: I will ask some people in the classroom. Also, I will ask people I know that use comebacks often, when I’m around to hear anyways. I might make a slight prediction by talking about what comebacks could do in the future. For a conclusion, I think I’ll put in some “words of wisdom” about comebacks too. I’ve been going around and asking some of my peers about their reactions to comebacks, what they think about them... Anyways here are some of their thoughts: Anonymous #1: “They are stupid and most don’t make any sense, some are funny though...” Anonymous #2: “They’re good!” me: “Don’t you think that they get annoying after awhile though?” Anonymous #2: “depends...” Anonymous #3: “They’re immature and people should just explain what they mean is instead of, ‘Yeah right...’ or “Your mom’.” Anonymous #4: “It’s rude” Anonymous #5: “It’s funny at some points while other times it’s just annoying...” Anonymous #6: “It can make others feel bad.” Those are only some of the people in this class... But later I will ask some people I know that use comebacks often... So far you’ve seen some people that are okay with comebacks... But most think that they are just plain stupid!!! I think that, possibly, all of the people I surveyed might be annoyed by comebacks a lot as well... The people I know that say the most comebacks are some other people I asked... Here’s what they said: Anonymous #7: “YOUR MOM!” Anonymous #8: “They do get annoying after awhile...” Well after that anyways... I think that people could get very upset from comebacks. Like, violence for example. Comebacks might even start the next world war for all we know!!!!!!!!!!!! They are NOT a good thing! IT COULD KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Although, comebacks can be fun, if you think about it enough... You’ll see and understand how pointless it is for using them. This, my friend or friends that are reading this... Something that I’d say for some words of wisdom... CUT DOWN ON THE COMEBACKS!!!!!!!!! Well anyways, that’s it! Thank you!!!

JessiA_Persuasive Editorial  
JessiA_Persuasive Editorial