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Do You Find Hockey Violent? by Jace W. ! Is college hockey really *that* violent of a sport? Well, that depends on which decade you are in. Many people argue that college hockey is violent. Hockey doesn’t have to be violent, and at times it isn’t, especially the college hockey level. ! I’m such an “expert” on this sport. I know this because I’ve been to hundreds of Jorie’s hockey games. Jorie is my eldest sister. She’s been involved with hockey since, I think, her elementary years. She has also been on a few hockey teams like the Des Moines Buccaneers, the Minnesota Mavericks,the Shattuck Saint Mary Sabers, and the Wisconsin Badgers. Some people would kind of think that hockey is enjoyable and entertaining because of the action that takes place on the ice. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Some people would think that both types of hockey are very violent due to the speed. They sometimes mistake the quick movments as agression. Even though this sounds convincing, it really isn’t reasonable because some of the players aren’t that fast and are wearing protective gear. ! Hockey fans like me think hockey is very compelling and engaging for several reasons: Reason # 1: It is pretty much of an all-year sport. Reason # 2: It can be played either indoors or out. Reason # 3: Brawls rarely happen. Reason # 4: A bit of good sportsmanship. ! There is pretty much of a difference between college hockey and professional hockey: In professional hockey, there are a lot of penalties, and in college hockey, there are only a few. If a player is tripped intentionally by another player on another team, they get sent to the penalty box. They have to stay there until at least the timer reaches zero, then they’re back on the ice. Like I said before, brawls rarely happen in college hockey. College players do not get paid for playing, unlike proffessional hockey. Which is why proffesional hockey has more aggression. ! Another thing I’d like to include is about what hockey was like back then and now. In old times, hockey players didn’t wear helmets, which is kind of scary. Don’t you think? But some of the hockey players wanted to feel a little.... safe. So today, hockey players wear protective gear and a helmet.

! To me college hockey isn’t a violent sport. You should attend one and see for yourself.

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