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More Recess A Persuasive Essay by Ethan Kirby

Hope You Enjoy It! In seventh grade at GMS they made a new rule so that we have recess twice a week. I believe that we should have recess at least three times a week so we have more days where we are have it than not. The weekly schedule is: Monday we watch Channel 1 News, on Tuesday we have grade checks, on Wednesday we go outside for recess, on Thursday we have a study hall, and on Friday we go outside

for recess. I think that we could switch Channel one News to Tuesday and have recess on Monday, then we could have students can check their grades on their free time or during part of the study hall on Thursdays if they want to. One of the reasons I think we should have more recess is that it lets students get outside for some fresh air, getting outside will help to skyrocket grades because it lets them take a break from work time. It will make seventh graders less restless in class. If the students don’t want to run outside then they could bring out their book or something and read it in the fresh air. Another reason I have is that going outside will keep seventh graders active and not cooped up inside all day. Since PE is every other day they don’t always get time to be active during the school hours. Students could be restless and being outside and running would cure that. And my last reason is the school is having healthier lunches with fruits and vegetables to fight obesity, but that doesn’t make any difference if the seventh graders can’t go outside and run and play. Some people would argue that since we are older we don’t need recess time. While this argument is common, it doesn’t take into account that no matter how old you are you need to be active, and you can’t do that if you are inside all day. I asked some students about having more recess and the results were unanimous, they said things like: “it’s a great idea,” “yes”, “we should have it,” “that’s a good idea,” and “gives you exercise and makes you healthy.” If you agree with me go and tell your seventh grade teachers, and maybe if enough people do it than they will give us one more day of recess if not more.


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