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Persuasive Essay

Morning Practices are Ruining Our Education AND SLEEP Do any of you 7th and 8th grade girls and boys ever wonder why we have to wake up at five o’clock in the morning just for basketball practice or wrestling? I will for sure tell you one thing and I am sure you will agree. It stinks!! Why should we waste all of our good slumber hours just to wake up and practice? Well maybe we should go on strike for practice. All that I know is that if we did that we could maybe get the school to change practice times! So do not wake up at 5! Many GMS students believe that waking up at 5 isn’t that difficult. While this argument is common, it overlooks that many people think that waking up that early is pretty punishing.

Almost every single perfect little student to ever go through the Grinnell-Newburg school system and has done some sort of winter sports has probably woke up at five for a pretty foolish reason. Like Zaine Leedom he says that “Waking up at five is not that bad and that you get used to it.” Palmer Schulte said that “You get used to it but earlier when we were just starting I thought it was too early.” Why don’t you just have practice after school is my question. I mean I don’t care if we end up practicing at six o’clock at night till eight. I mean that is not that bad. But, waking up at five in the morning is just ridiculous. Here is the first reason I have that waking up at five is mindless. Sleep. We, as kids are supposed to get 8-10 hours of sleep each and every night. But, with all of the homework that we have, we end up having to stay up until like 10 o’clock! So then we only are getting 6-7 hours and we are not “charged up” for the day. But I think that reason number two is much more important than repose because it has to do with my education. School is so much harder without having any too much sleep at all! I feel like in 7th and 8th period I am falling asleep and it is affecting my grade, normally I would have an “A” in math but right now I have a “B” which might sound good for you, but it isn’t cutting it for me. Also during school you just are not on task or you are not listening as well because you are just so tired. So now you see why I want to get rid of morning practices! I say that we go and talk to the school board and try our very best to get practice changed to after school or if that doesn’t work let’s make school start later so we can get our precious zz’s! That is what every single 7th and 8th grader needs. Besides a good school education of course but it is hard to get that when you are basically a zombie at school.

BrevinH_Morning Practices are ruining our education and sleep