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Global Warming Is Destroying The World AND IT'S ALL OUR FAULT

Global warming is about the biggest issue that this world has right now. Who caused it? Us. Our world is going through a major crisis because of us. As you read this, many animals in the poles are dying because of the warming temperatures caused by us. You may already know, but global warming is basically when the Earth warms up to very unnatural temperatures, because of this it

affects both humans and other animals adaption, especially those in the poles. Some people say this is a natural phenomenon, but it’s definitely not. We need to stop global warming or else it will destroy our home and even us. One of the reasons for this horrible subject is the “Greenhouse Effect.” The Greenhouse effect is when the sun’s heat comes down on earth, but instead of radiating out of our atmosphere it keeps bouncing up and back into our atmosphere causing the heat to lock in and cause unnatural high temperatures. This happens because of all the repulsive smog that is released into the air from cars and other kinds of transportation. We feel the need to be selfish and drive in cars individually when you can carpool with others. This is all stuff we can change, but it has been locked into our brains that this is the way we live, we don’t want to change. Research shows that cement also has to do with global warming, and enormous cities have been blamed also. You see, when cement is laid down it blocks the heat from going into and staying in the cities, so it goes into the atmosphere and stays there. The reason cities are blamed for this is because they keep laying concrete down, even with the proven research that they are absolutely ignoring! Once again, ignorance from certain human beings gets us all in trouble, doesn’t it? One last reason is the factories. I would suppose about everybody knows that there is too much smog released from factories’ smoke stacks and everybody SHOULD know it’s a careless decision from those who manage them. Smog does a lot of damage to our environment. It makes plants die, it’s not healthy for us to breath in, and most importantly, it pollutes our pure air! These sickening factories pollute the air because of these absolutely disgusting, nasty fumes in the smog. Some of the fumes are; carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Isn’t it just absolutely sick to think that we are breathing in methane and other harmful gases? The bad part is there is even more fumes released than just those! These reasons are what other human beings are doing to us without realizing it! This is why we need to convince these people that what they are doing is effecting the environment in a negative way. We can do little things everyday that would help this cause like; riding or walking somewhere (or if you truly need to ride in a car, you can carpool), turning off the lights and other electronics when leaving a room, telling someone about the issues of factories and the overuse of concrete. All of these things are little things you can do that can help your world and others in a big way. Plus, you can write a letter to the governor of your state, try to make it a lot more green! Maybe you’ll even convince them to pass a law or two about certain things that cause global warming. Just remember, talk to others about global warming and do little things to help because this is NOT something that happens naturally.

Tackk it up!

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