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SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER Tues. What Does HRRC Want to Know? Sept. 27 12:00 ‐ 1:00 pm, 2201 KC Tues. Responsible Conduct of Research for  Sept. 27 Grad. Students 4:30 ‐ 5:30 pm, 303 C DEV Wed. CSCE Funding Opportunities Sept. 28 11:00 am ‐ 12:00 pm, 140 CHS Thurs. CSCE Funding Opportunities Sept. 29  12:00 ‐ 1:00 pm, 2201 KC

CSCE Award Nominations  We encourage you to consider nomina ng your colleagues for one of four awards which highlight the accomplishments of our scholarly pursuits. The deadline for the Dis nguished Early‐Career Scholar Award, the Dis nguished Undergraduate Mentoring Award, the Graduate Mentoring Award, and the Dis nguished Contribu on in the Discipline Award is Nov. 1, 2011 to the CSCE. Applica on guidelines are posted on the CSCE website. Please note that your College may have an earlier deadline for their review of the applica on materials. Please check with your College for further informa on.

CSCE Competitive Grant Proposals  The CSCE is solici ng grant applica ons from University researchers. Individual grants of $3,000 ‐ $10,000 will be awarded in November. Applica ons are due October 3, 2011 at 5 pm. The pro‐ posal guidelines are posted on the CSCE website. The applica on process is on‐line and can be accessed at .

Fri. Quality Circle @ Faculty Fridays Sept. 30 12:00 ‐ 5:00 pm, 302 E DEV

Undergraduate Research Fair 

Mon. Oct. 3

CSCE Grant Proposals Due

With deadlines for the McNair Scholarships, the Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowships, and the Student Summer Scholars grants approaching, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship will be hosting a festival of undergraduate research and creative work.

Tues. Oct. 4

Collaborating with Undergraduate   Students 5:00 ‐ 6:00 pm, 2259 KC

Goals: Provide a forum to match faculty and interested students Showcase recent faculty‐student projects from across the disciplines Provide networking opportunities for faculty to pursue interdisciplinary projects

Tues. Oct. 4

Undergraduate Research Fair 6:00 ‐ 8:00 pm, 2250 KC

Wed. Oct. 5

Cayuse Training 12:00 ‐ 1:30 pm, 202E DEV

Thurs. Oct. 6

David Bauer Proposal Writing   Workshop – Foundations 8:30 am ‐ 4:00 pm, 302E DEV

Fri. Oct. 7

David Bauer Proposal Writing   Workshop – Government 8:30 am ‐ 4:00 pm, 323E DEV

Fri. Oct. 7

Quality Circle @ Faculty Fridays 12:00 ‐ 5:00 pm, 120 LOH

Fri. Oct. 14

Quality Circle @ Faculty Fridays 12:00 ‐ 5:00 pm, 323 E DEV

Fri. Oct. 21

Quality Circle @ Faculty Fridays 12:00 ‐ 5:00 pm, 120 LOH

Fri. Oct. 28

Quality Circle @ Faculty Fridays 12:00 ‐ 5:00 pm, 323 E DEV

Tues. Nov. 1

Distinguished in the Discipline Award  Application Packets Due

Tues. Nov. 1

CSCE Award Nominations Due From  Colleges

The value of this event depends largely on active involvement by both faculty and students. If you are interested in building a community of faculty collaborating with students, we strongly encour‐ age you to attend so that you can meet and mix with our potential undergraduate scholars. Even if you have never involved undergraduates in your research and creative work, come and learn more about this rewarding opportunity. For more informa on, please go to

Quality Circle Review @ Faculty Writing Fridays  Successfully submitting grant proposals, journal articles, manuscripts, or juried program materials is a detailed process. GVSU’s new Quality Circles program provides opportunities for you to im‐ prove your proposal by receiving feedback from past recipients and selection‐committee mem‐ bers, in a manner designed to mirror the actual review your submission will undergo. The reviewers look at your entire submission (title, abstract, main body, and any appendices) and review the different components, helping to ensure that your material is conveyed in the best possible manner. Care is given to explore the initial impression of your application and in providing feedback to assist with making a strong first impression. Circles for Success offers: Peer review and feedback on a variety of writing projects Insight from recipients and former selection‐committee members Corporate, foundational, governmental and internal grant submission feedback Improvement of success rates Improvement of scholarship Aid in increasing your portfolio and research If you would like your proposal reviewed, the CSCE will evaluate your work during the Writing Center’s Faculty Fridays. Please contact Kirsten Bartels at the week be‐ fore so that we can prepare for your quality circle review.

Call for Comments on Proposed New  Rules for Human Subjects Research  The Research & Development Committee has is‐ sued a call to all faculty members for comments on the federal government’s proposed new rules for human subjects research. If enacted, the proposed changes would dramatically affect both research and the Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) oversight functions at GVSU. Summary documents, a list of identified concerns, and the full proposal are available on a special HRRC web page:‐ ohrp‐proposed‐new‐rulemaking‐85.htm. A portal link from the HRRC page to a BLACKBOARD discus‐ sion forum dedicated to the proposed new rules will be available by September 23, 2011. Comments will be collected and reviewed by the R&D commit‐ tee and a recommendation made for a formal GVSU response to the proposed changes. DEADLINE for  submitting comments via BLACKBOARD is October  4, 2011. Access to the BLACKBOARD forum is open to any‐ one and has already been granted to all college deans and unit heads. Individual researchers may request direct access by sending an e‐mail request to the HRRC at In the subject line please put: NEW RULES. For questions please call the HRRC help desk at 331.3197.

What Does HRRC Want to Know?  Facilitator: Research Protec ons Program   For addi onal details about this event contact us at or 616.331.3197    Learn how to build a research plan that shares important information with the Human Research Review Committee about your protocol. What are they looking for? How can you give a thorough explanation of your study without exerting unnecessary time and energy? Responsible Conduct of Research Credits.

CSCE Funding for GVSU's Scholarly Pursuits  Facilitator: CSCE Staff   For addi onal details about this event contact us at or 616.331.2281  This workshop will provide an overview of the research grants offered through the Center for Scholarly and Crea ve Excellence. We will discuss the various ways to make your grant pro‐ posal suitable for review by the R&D Commi ee members from various disciplines, as well as clarify the types of supplies, equipment, and travel that can be funded through the research grants. We will discuss the opportunity for an Early Career S pend as well as the request for a one‐course reassigned me for your scholarship. Also included in this presenta on will be the Interdisciplinary Grant, which can be an award up to $10,000.

Cayuse 424 Training   Facilitator: Office of Sponsored Programs   For addi onal details about this event contact us at or 616.331.6826    This interac ve hands‐on 90 minute training session (bring your own laptop) will show how to use Cayuse424 for proposal development and electronic submission. The OSP uses Cayuses424 for proposals being submi ed through and now to the Na onal Science Founda on through You should be trained on Cayuse424 if you know you will be, or are thinking of, submi ng a proposal, assis ng others with grant proposals, or if you review and approve proposals. NOTE: Laptop required and class is 90 minutes.

How to Find and Win Corporate and Founda on Grants    Facilitator: Office of Sponsored Programs with special guest David Bauer   For addi onal details about this event contact us at or 616.331.6826  Did you know that each month the Office of Spon‐ sored Programs publishes a newsle er? The Bright  Side of Grants updates GVSU’s Research Communi‐ ty on issues and opportuni es pertaining to feder‐ al, state, and founda onal funding agencies. The newsle ers also highlights GVSU’s faculty and staff members that receive awards. Spend a minute to read the Bright Side

This dynamic seminar will provide intensive instruc on on how to tap into the $26 billion avail‐ able in private grants. It will also provide step‐by‐step essen als for organizing and wri ng a founda on or corporate grant.

How to Find and Win Government Grants    Facilitator: Office of Sponsored Programs with special guest David Bauer   For addi onal details about this event contact us at or 616.331.6826  Get an insider’s look at the government grants marketplace and find out how to locate the federal, state, and block grants that are right for your project. You will learn where the money is, how funding decisions are made, and what a winning government proposal look like.  

CSCE Newsletter Sept Oct 2011  
CSCE Newsletter Sept Oct 2011  

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence Newsletter SEPT OCT 2011