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Call for Papers [Special Topic]

Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums The special topic calls for papers on “Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums” and such papers will appear in Higher Education of Social Science as a special column. 1 Affiliated research area: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Laboratory Integration, Scientific Knowledge, Engineering Knowledge, Educational Curriculum, Biomedical Engineering

Description The growing body of scientific and engineering knowledge, against the current economic and political realities restricting the number of credits required to obtain a degree, constitutes a significant challenge in designing tomorrow's engineering curriculum. More novel content from emerging areas of engineering needs to be integrated into the curriculum, without sacrificing the fundamental background, and without increasing the credit count. We propose a laboratory based approach to this dilemma, where the novel content is introduced as applications within the laboratory exercises of the course with the closest topical area within the existing curriculum. We use biomedical engineering concepts as the novel area and electrical & computer engineering courses as the existing curriculum in our implementation, to increase awareness and interest in biomedical engineering. We discuss our reasons for choosing biomedical engineering as the novel content; present the implementation details of our approach, as well as the assessment results of our initial implementation.

Requirements In addition to the Review and Original Articles by invited speakers, we are inviting you to submit a relevant research paper on “Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums” for consideration. Papers will be subject to normal peer review and must comply with the Guide for Authors. To submit papers to the “Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums” Special Topic, please go to With your submission, please state clearly to the editor that your manuscripts are submitted to the Special Topic “Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums”.

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Related Journals (Special issue): Higher Education of Social Science Journal, ISSN 1927-0232 [Print]; ISSN 1927-0240 [Online].

Related Articles: Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculum ISBN: 1-4244-0256-5

About The Journal Higher Education of Social Science (ISSN 1927-0232 [Print]; ISSN 1927-0240 [Online]) is a leading peer reviewed academic journal published bimonthly. The first publication time was 30th September, 2011. The journal promotes the

exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and educational researchers in social science aspect and contributes to the understanding and/or the improvement of educational processes and outcomes. The Journal aims to serve the needs of faculties, researchers, administrators and those concerned with the present and the future of higher education. This Journal also encourages discussions about higher education at the perspectives of social science within and among relevant professional and academic communities and researchers at social science level. Articles will combine phenomenon analyses, the development of higher education, discussions of education methods and other issues which are important to faculty, administrators, and program managers. More detailed information about the journal can be discovered in We sincerely welcome you to submit articles to the special column of our journal. If you rightly have a manuscript in this field, please don’t hesitate to write us an email with the subject of “Submission for HESS Special Topic: Laboratory Integration of Emerging Topics into Existing Curriculums (”. We look forward to your submission at;! More detailed information about the special topic, pertinent conferences, related journals (special issue) and relevant articles can be discovered from our websites:

Higher Education of Social Science (HESS) CSCanada Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures (CRDCSC) Address: 758, 77e AV, Laval, Quebec, H7V 4A8, Canada Http://; Http:// E-mail:;;


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