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DIVISION 1 TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Nepean April 16-18, 2010 The following swimmers have been selected to participate in Team Champs. 10 & under swimmers have option to travel with the team or with their parents. All 11 & over swimmers will travel with the team. Please e-mail or call NYAC office to confirm your participation by Friday, March 26 so we can finalize the swimmers list and the cost.

10 & under


GIRLS Aw, Katie

BOYS Corazza, Luca

Lai, Abbie

Hamilton, Drew

Wang, Amy

Lychy, Thomas

Webber, Kiana

Sun, Joshua

Kennedy, Sasha

Jun, Joseph

Liberta, Lee Anne

Lee, Jacob

Martin, Allison

Li, Yi Wen

Michailoff-Russell, Kiera

Ren, Ben

Pan, Angelina 13-14

Moradi, Neushaw

Brodie, Jonathan

Nguyen, Donna

Choi, Youn Ho

Runnalls, Maggie

David, Razvan

Shum, Sarah

Hamilton, Alex Hu, Nathaniel Jin, Alex Kim, Rogan Mierzynski, Alex

15 & O

Gallagher, Casey

Drews, Roland

Hodge, Caitlin

Malihin, Patrick

Langballe, Jocelyn

Smith, Mackenzie

Moy, Nathalin

Turnock, Jeffrey

Martin, Katie Williams, Michelle Yang, Connie 20


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