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Aesthetics This perfume packaging is very compact and neat. It has a glossy black colour which makes it look very sophisticated and elegant. The text contrasts well with the black and makes it look rich and not like a cheap product. The cube shaped box is an appropriate size in comparison to the perfume bottle. It goes out on the front of the box, creating a more interesting look and shape. The packaging is very minimal, but that makes it look very professional, not tacky. This product looks quite similar to other Versace products already on the market.

Safety This product is very safe. The packaging is just cardboard so its not sharp at all. The only thing that could be potentially dangerous is the glass bottle, but even that is thick glass, which is extremely hard to smash.

Cost I would guess that this perfume & packaging costs about £20 to make. It is sold at £29.99, so a £10 profit is being made. I think that for the amount of perfume you actually get, and how minimal the packaging is, £30 is quite expensive to pay for a perfume, even if it is designer. Costs could be reduced by making the perfume bottle lid a bit smaller, so then the packaging could be smaller and overall costs could be reduced.

Client I think this product is aimed at 30 year olds and up. It suits this age range well, because of its elegance and anyone younger (e.g. students) wouldn’t really pay out for that. Its sleek design would attract customers because it looks very good.

Size The product is approximately 8cm by 7cm. Its a very suitable size for its purpose and isn't unnecessarily big for the perfume bottle inside.

Function The packaging’s job is to protect and cover the perfume bottle. It does its job well and is strong enough to not be easily bent or ripped.

Materials The packaging is made from cardboard. It is a very suitable material for a perfume box. It is made in mass production in factories.

Environment This product packaging is reasonably environmentally friendly, because the box is made out of cardboard, which can be recycled. It could be made even more eco-friendly by the glossiness of the package being reduced, because that makes it harder to recycle. It can be easily reused as well.

Colour Representation: RED: heat, anger, chilli, blood, love, hatred, burning, warning, romance, courage ORANGE: energy, warmth, sunset, friendship, cheery, youthful, excitement, joy YELLOW: summer, fun, happiness, hope, cowardice, intelligence, light, loyalty GREEN: nature, grass, earth, healing, jealousy, spring, safety, refreshing, health BLUE: sea, water, cool, tranquillity, cold, wisdom, sky, freedom, trust, chilled, sadness PURPLE: dreams, royalty, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, nobility, mystery, magic BLACK: night, darkness, death, mourning, unhappiness, fear, authority, elegance WHITE: snow,Christmas, purity, surrender, peace, marriage, angels, cold, innocence Primary Colours: Primary Colours are the 3 main colours- red, blue and yellow These 3 colours can not be mixed from any other colour, and are the starting point to make all colours. Secondary Colours: Secondary Colours are created by mixing two of the primary colours. There are 3 Secondary colours that can be made; purple, orange and green.

•Colour schemes are a big part in all graphic packaging. Choosing the right colours is essential to make an effective package. •By using colour theory you can select the correct colours for your packaging. The colour wheel is made up of 3 different types of colours: •Primary •Secondary •Tertiary



Harmonising colours: Harmonising colours are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Complimentary colours: Complimentary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel Examples:



Sans Serif. Mostly used for Posters & Street Signs because of its easyread bold look. Has a quite modern, rounded look. e.g. Arial Bold

Serif. A more traditional font, normally found in newspapers and books. It has tags on it which is what makes it different from Sans Serif e.g. Times New Roman


A bit like a persons handwriting, and is mostly used in Greetings Cards, because it has a personal touch. e.g. Script MT

Designer. This font is more stylish and original than the others, as you can get a wider variety of styles. Mostly used in packaging and logos to attract customers.

I really like this logo idea, because it is very bright , colourful, and it would catch peoples eye. The typography is effective, but doesn't tie in very well with the Asian theme.

I like the red-yellow-orange colour scheme because it reflects the Asian culture well. Although this font is original, the city style of it is not suitable for an Asian theme.

The Asian symbols on this fan are inspiration from my mood board, and I think they look good on my logo. I think the pink colour scheme also fits in with the theme, but the typography is a bit too modern for it.

In this design I used the same template as the one before, except I added a filter to it, to give it a fabric pattern. I think its good but the white lines don’t look very professional. Also this typography doesn't really fit into the Asian theme either.

This design has been given a filter , and the fabric texture of it is good, because some fans are a fabric texture. The typography is very appropriate for the theme, because it has an Asian look to it. With the filter on this idea, I think it is quite good, but it looks a bit too dark for a logo idea. The typography fits in well with the Asian theme.

I think that this colour and image on the logo looks very Asian-like. The typography also looks like it could be Asian handwriting. The image is of a Chinatown archway, and is taken from my mood board. It is well blended onto the hand drawing. However, the perfumes name ‘blossom’ doesn't fit in that well with the imager and colours, because when you think of blossom a more floral, pink image would be more suitable.

With this logo, I incorporated my perfume title with the logo. The pink colour of it and the blossom branch match it perfectly. It also fits the theme well. Although the font also isn't typically Asian-looking , I think it still looks as if it goes well with the imagery.

I think that this logo is okay, but could be improved a lot. It’s not merged too well, and the colour schemes on the fan don't really fit the ones on the elephant. The elephant image is taken from my mood board, so it represents the Asian theme well. The typography is good, as it is script, so it fits in. However, I don't think that the elephant image does go well with the name blossom.

This is the original net design that I was given. I then adapted it to create a more original design.

This is my adapted net design. I changed it by widening the front and back sections, and making it slightly taller. I did this so that I could fit more onto my perfume box, and would not have to squash everything in.

•This symbol tells us how long our product will last for. It is normally found on the bottom or the back of the packaging along with most of the other logos.

•This writing and symbol is normally placed on the front of the packaging, underneath the name. 3.4 FL. OZ.The ‘e’ symbol stands for estimated, and represents the estimated amount of perfume given.

Eau de Toilette 100ml

•This symbol is to remind you that this packaging is disposable in a bin. It does this to hopefully reduce people littering.

This is the barcode. It is usually on the bottom of the packaging , and sometimes on the side. This is because it makes it easier to scan at the till when you are buying it.

This symbol is to show that you can recycle the packaging. It would be placed on the bottom of the packaging. It’s important to have this on, so that people will be more encouraged to recycle if they know that it can be recycled.

This is the registered trademark symbol. It is used by companies so that other companies cannot use their name. It is placed after the company’s name.

This is the flammable sign. It is used on every perfume box because the buyer has to know that the product could be potentially dangerous. It is placed on the bottom of the packaging normally, next to the barcode and other symbols. This is an example of a list Alcohol denat., Parfum/Fragrance, of ingredients. It is Aqua/Water/Eau, Alpha-isomethyl important to have them ionine,Benzyl Benzoate,Butylphenyl so that people with Methylpropional,Citral, allergies can be wary. Citronellol,Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, They are put on the back Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool, of the packaging Methyl 2-Octynoate. normally.

I think that this design fits in well with my theme. It is simple but it still has colour on it because of the logo chosen. I think that I could improve it by adding more on it, because it looks a bit too plain and a bit boring. Also text could be added down the sides, to promote the name of the perfume more.

This is my improved version of the first design.

I like this design very much, because it is eye-catching and would stand out on the shelves. The fan pattern makes it look Asian-like and it is not too cluttered. However, the colourful look does look a bit childlike and might potentially put customers off.

This design has lots to do with Asia, and images have been selected from my mood board. However, I don't think that it looks very professional and also the logo and the image don't fit very well together. The lotus flower image by itself looks good, but the colour scheme on the logo is not the same shade of pink, so doesn't look very good.

This blossom design goes extremely well with the name of the perfume, and quite well with the Asian theme. The colour’s all go together and the logo also goes well with the colours. However, I think that it doesn’t look as good as it could. Text could be placed down the sides and it could be made to look more professional. This is the design that i have chosen to adapt into my final idea.

This is my final design. It goes very well with the name of my perfume and blossom also is associated with Asia a lot, so it also goes with the theme. The blossom branches have been carried round to the other side of the net, so the whole deign flows. The logo with its blossom branch image in, fits in with the other images on the box well. The ingredients on the back make it look more like a proper perfume box, and the “R” symbol next to the name also makes it look very professional.

I chose this design because I think that out of all of them, this one went with the Asian theme, and the blossom theme much more than all of the others did. Also this one looked much more finished and professional, the others looked quite childlike or not very well merged.

To adapt this from my original of this design, I added text down the sides of the box, to promote the name and I also added the “R” symbol to make it look like a professional design.

The net size and shape fits very well with the layout of my design. I fitted it so that it would be not to tall or wide, but I could still fit a decent size design on. It will hold the product very effectively

Good Points:

What I could improve on: •On the top of the box the fan logo is cut off, because the tab folds down inside the box. •The front of the box doesn't flow with the design of the rest of the box as well as it could; I should have not had the miniature blossom tree on the front, just one big blossom branch going through the whole design. •my lid is too big, and keeps popping out so I should have paid more attention when using 2D Design/ cutting it out. •Not glued together very well, some edges are sticking out •The symbols on the bottom, one of them overlaps a bit onto the front of the packaging

Peer Assessment:

My Net Design

• Ingredients make it look •I think that this design is very professional •The blossom branch well blended and original. •It could be improved by havingover the packaging more artwork than flowers on it, looks good, how it flows over the whole design, but that may have been the intention, to keep it simple and and help it be more 3D, not just one image on professional. each side of the box •I also think that showing the ingredients on the back adds to •Some sides stuck how professional the entire together very well, design looks. with no gaps or overlapping.

Design Brief I think that my package does fit the Asian theme extremely well, because blossom is often associated with Asia.

PowerPoint My PowerPoint is full of information and I think it looks very neat and well finished. I have focused all of my slides on the Asian theme, so everything fits together.

My Design

Designer Perfume Aesthetics The colour scheme on the designer perfume is loud and stands out, and the typography is graffiti-like. The shapes used on the package are circles. I think that the package looks quite childlike, or like it is designed for a younger market. My design is quite different to this, because my colour scheme is just plain with simple blossom branches on. Cost I would estimate that the designer package would cost approximately ÂŁ8 to make, because it has a lot of ink on it, and it costs a lot to print. It is on sale for ÂŁ29.99 but that includes the cost of making the perfume bottle too. It is good value for money. My design would cost approximately ÂŁ4 to make, because it doesn't have much ink on it.

Client The clients for both perfumes are quite different. The designer perfume looks aimed at a younger audience, such as young teenagers. However my design could be aimed at any audience, though particularly older teens because it looks too plain and boring for younger teens and children.

Size I think that the tall, thin package of the designer perfume looks much better than my packaging because mine is too wide at the front. If I could change it, I would make it a thinner front, and the sides thicker. Materials Both packages are made out of card, but the designer box is made out of thicker card, so is much better value than my box. This is because the materials that are available in school are not to the best quality. The card that the designer box is made of is too expensive for schools to use.

Environment Both products are as environmentally friendly as each other. However, the designer perfume, because it has more ink on it, it makes it a bit less environmentally friendly than my design.

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