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Aesthetics – The aesthetics of the package is the appearance of it, how it catches your eye in the shop and makes you want to purchase the product. The colours that the company have used are very soft, pinks being very welcoming and appeal to women. The shape of the box appeals to the size of the bottle inside, they have used a simple shape which is compact and handy to have. Jimmy Choo has kept a theme between the bottle and the packaging keeping the same colour and pattern of the bottle the same as the packaging. The finishing techniques have been well used, having the name of the perfume in capitalized form in the very centre of the box. However, The pattern used could have been a bit more simple, but having the snake skin effect has made it remember able. - The cost of the perfume, varies from shop to shop as well as the different sized bottles you can purchase. The average cost in the UK is around £49 for a 60ml bottle. The production of the packaging and the bottle would have cost alot of money costing on average £30 pound per amount of packages. The value for money is very good, having designer perfume that smells absolutely beautiful (my opinion) is very good value for money. If the cost of manufacturing increased the cost of the prices in shops would increase, making the perfume unpopular. The cost could be reduced by making less bottles or having smaller bottles for different amounts of the perfume.


Client - The client that would be buying the product would look for how appealing and eye-catching the package is, so its very

important to get the colours and the theme correct. If the Jimmy Choo perfume was a different colour say Black and red, not many people would look at it unless they really wanted it and already knew about the product. The customer for this perfume would be Women between the ages of 14 – late 30’s/ early 40’s, this is because of the theme and smell of the perfume. The product is very well suited to its audience, having the colour and design of the package in a very women like maturity. This Jimmy Choo package has been designed to attract women, by having it designed by a famous designer of shoes and the colour and pattern they have chose for the packaging. - The product is environmentally friendly, by having a cardboard packaging so that it can be recycled and reused again. To maker it more environmentally friendly they could use different materials for the name of the perfume because what they have used is a shiny plastic material that looks great on the package but wouldn't be very environmentally friendly. This could be changed to make it more reliable and sustainable, they could just have used a different type of material that could be easily recycled.


Safety - The product packaging is safe to handle, there are sharp edges which could be dangerous to children of a young age, but if its only adults and teenagers that would use the product the corners wouldn't be that much of a problem. Furthermore, it would be much safer to round of the edges and make them smooth to touch. During production there could be safety issues due to the use of machines and cardboard to make this product. That could be easily solved though due to the management of the packaging.

Size – The size of the packaging depends on if the customer would bye it or not. If the package was to large it would make it inconvenient for the customer, but if it was too small it would be to small to pack the perfume bottle in unless it was a very small bottle. The Jimmy Choo perfume packaging is just the right size, i would say it was approximately 10x 10 cm (because of the cubed shape). The size of the perfume package allows the perfume inside to have more space so when the customer opens the package it would be more effective and not to cramped into the box. If the packaging was made a different size the perfume bottle would have to change size also. The product could be more effective by having a more interesting shape either by elongating the sides to make it more effective.

Function - The function of the perfume packaging is to protect the class bottle within, which is why people would purchase the product, as well as selling the brand as well. The perfume box states the perfume name and who designed it as well as all the ingredients and things that would make the bottle to crowded if it was all placed on the perfume bottle. The product does its job really well by advertising the perfume in shops, drawing women in. The product could be more effective by having a different pattern on each side to make it more striking and eye catching.

Materials - The materials that where mainly used for the packaging where cardboard, so the packaging could be easily recycled, as well as a decoration on top of the cardboard so the box looks more interesting and makes people want to think ‘ what is in there?’ The material is suitable for the context of the perfume, its kept to the same colour scheme and made the product stand out from the rest on the shelves.

They have used the same format of the text to link the packaging to the bottle.

The Colour and the pattern of the bottle matches the packaging of the product.

They have used a feminine design and colour to draw in more attention.

The name of the perfume stands out really well.

Colours mean alot of things, for example: the can mean feelings, or add a bit more detail onto a piece to make it more attractive. The colour wheel had Primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours.

COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS Are the colours that look well together, that on the colour wheel are located opposite each other for example green/ red or yellow/ purple. They make each other stand out.

PRIMARY COLOURS – are just Red, Yellow, Blue.


These 3 colours are the base colours for every other colour on the colour wheel. This is why they're called "primary." When you mix two primaries together, you get a secondary colour.

These are the colours that are directly next to each other in the colour wheel, for example blue/ green or red/ orange. They normally work well together in a colour scheme.

SECONDARY COLOURS – Are Orange, Green,


Purple. These 3 colours are what you get when you mix the primary colours together, with secondary colours you can make completely new colours for example : Red + Yellow = orange ect...

Some colours can mean different things for example red can show Fear and anger as well as Love. So if you use colour in the right way you can show feelings through your work. Light colours like pastel colours are more peaceful and cold, but bright colours represent warmth and happiness. So different colours mean different things and they can make your product really eye-catching.

TERTIARY COLOURS – are the in-between colours that are produces by mixing primary and secondary colours together. For example Red/Blue and yellow /green.

Green is normally associated with Nature, its also associated with calmness and natural beauty.

The colour orange normally represents, its normally associated with Halloween and autumn. It makes you feel warm when you see the colour orange.

Blue is a colour normally associated with beliefs of other cultures, depending on the shade it can be a very cold colour or a striking colour. The feelings are normally happy or sad when you see the colour blue

Yellow is normally the colour of the sun, so its associated with the summer months. But yellow is a weird colour its normally a very light colour or a very bold colour, making you feel different emotions.

Purple is normally seen as a royal colour, the feeling associated with the colour purple, is normally warmth and happiness, depending on the shade, if its a pastel colour its normally quite sad but if its brighter its normally more cheerful

White is a very cold colour, and its often not used that much during the everyday life. But normally in the winter time it brings happiness to people because of the snow.

Red is normally associated with anger and death, because we all know that blood is red. But red can also represent Love because its the colour of roses. Its also a very warm colour, used a lot at Christmas.

The black is a very dark colour often used everyday, but when people see the colour black on a package they often think that its a very moody product because of the colour Black.

Sans serif is a font that is a bit like Arial, its normally simplistic and bold with simplistic style that is easy to read.

Serif is a bit like Times new roman, it is mainly used in printed book, it is a bit like old fashioned writing with tails on the ends.

Designer is anything that is a bit more decorative and expressive toward the shape and lettering, it is much more interesting than normal

Script is a format that looks like its been handwritten and is more original and personal.

The logo I have chosen to go on my perfume box is the Chinese symbol for love, I chose it because women love perfume and at the time it seemed relevant for the project. The name of the perfume ‘J’adore’ , I chose that name because of the logo idea, meaning love. The logo and the name of the perfume make it seem international, having the Chinese symbol and the French lettering . I can created these logo designs based on my finished mood board theme.

In all the logos for my new perfume packaging I have tried to include, eyecatching colours to make the name of the perfume stand out. I have used mainly pastel colours but I have also used bright vibrant colours such as the red logo. I think the colours I have chosen will make the product more memorable.

The programme that was used to create these net designs was called 2D design, it was simple and easy to use, also the tools made it easy to keep the perfume or aftershave box to scale.

This is the original 2D net design for the after shaving and perfume project. We where asked to adapt it and make it personal to us by changing where the net was positioned, the length and width of each side. I have adapted the original idea of a simple perfume box, and transformed it into a cube type shape to make it more handy for size and effect. I have made all the sides the same width and length to create more space for the products information to be more eye catching and striking. Once the logo and information is placed on the net, the finishing product will be eye catching.

Bar code... The bar code if only there to scan the product in the shop. Its normally Placed out of side either on the back of the product in the very corner or on the bottom.

Keep tidy symbol… This symbol represents that rubbish from the packaging should be placed in a bin not littered anywhere else.

Product Durability This symbol tells you that once the product has been opened it can last about 12 months after. This is a handy symbol to know when it reaches the point that it wont be the same.

Flammable symbol… The flammable symbol shows the customer that the product within the packaging could set on fire due to the alcohol content.

The ‘e’ symbol... The ‘e’ symbol represents the net contents (the amount of contents within the package) The symbol is a guarantee that quality of the product is correct to the EU standards

Recycle symbol... This tells you that the product being handled is a recyclable material. This means that the product is sustainable.

The product contents… 30ml 1 FL OZ

This shows how much the perfume has in and how much you would get for your money.

Eau de parfum symbol… Eau De Parfum Ingredients: Alchol Denet Parfum/Fragrance Aqua/Water/EAU Linalool, Limonene Acrylates/ octylacrylamide Copolymer, Amyl cinnamal, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Hexylcinnamal Hydrolyzed jojoba esters Isoeugenol

This states that the product being purchased is a liquid that has been scented with nice oils to make it smell nice. It also means that there is 10 – 30 % aromatic compounds.


These are the three final design I had to choose from, I think I made them with the theme in mind. Some are better than other, so I took this into consideration.

Advantages: this design was inspired by the culture of Asia and the Themes of my previous Moodboard. I think that the colours and tools I have learned over my course on Photoshop has helped me a great deal, causing certain features of my Packaging to stand out from the rest of it. Furthermore, I have also chosen one of my hand made logo designs that would standout within all the colour of my Product and it has worked very well. Disadvantages: The disadvantage of this product would have to be that I could of used more resources from my Moodboard to make the design and the Moodboard have more things in common. I could have also made the ingredients a different font colour, but with a very colourful and bright background it was hard to choose a complementary colour that would go with the colour theme. Advantages: This design was based on my Moodboard, making the link between the two, making my creativity stand out. I really think that the theme we where given to work with, is really noticeable in this design, Having a lot of Asian features. I have also used my Knowledge of Photoshop, including different layers and making the design more special. Disadvantages: A disadvantage for this design would be that again the Ingredients aren't seen that well, but the colour of the writing is notices when looking at it closely on the Package, so that would be an improvement to the Packaging of the Perfume box if I decides to change it. Advantages: The idea behind this design was that it would be very tranquil and peaceful, incorporating all the good aspects of the Asian Continent, by adding flowers I included on my moodboard. So I have used very neutral colours that I learnt about in colour association. I have also included all the information on signs and symbols for perfume and after shaving packaging, so it looks more professional. Disadvantages: The disadvantages would be that its not as well put together as the other designs, also you can see where the folding lines are which is a really bad thing to have on a Packaging box, So that's what i would change about it so it would be more professional.

I chose this design as my final product because I think it is the best design out of the three that shows what the theme of the Aftershave and perfume packaging. I have also designed it well keeping the Asian theme in my mind as I came up with this. I have placed the images and different layers onto the net design I had previously designed and placed them where I thought they would be more effective. I have included all the research and imagery as well as the signs and symbols on the Packaging to make it look more Professional.

Is it Copyright?

Is it Environmentally friendly?

Was it right to get all my images of Google Images?

Was it right to put the ‘Made in china’ symbol on my packaging?

Would anything offend peoples culture and beliefs?

Making my Design for the Perfume and after shaving project, I have thought about all the above, I would never include anything to offend peoples culture or beliefs. I just included images about the theme, not offending anybody with the images I have included in my designs. The copyright symbol should be included in anything that has been created from someone else’s idea, For example if someone else had already created a perfume box looking exactly like my one that would be copyright. The environmental side of things is very important, it has to be sustainable and recyclable, making the product environmentally friendly. On the packaging the person who created it should include a recycling symbol to tell the customer that the materials used in making the packaging can be recycled and reused. Furthermore, If the materials used in making the aftershave and perfume packaging wasn't recyclable it wouldn't be very environmentally friendly, causing problems with the world. The images i used fort he majority of the Mood board , I had to choose appropriate images that wouldn't offend people, you have to be careful with this because if your product has offensive images on the product wouldn't sell very well so the product that you would have spent loads of time on wouldn't be very successful. I included a ‘made in china’ sign, I thought about it before I included it to my final design idea, and thought that its not offensive because lots of products today include this sign if its made in China. I know that around the world different people have different beliefs in their religion and I have thought about this and not put any offensive images that would upset the people that would be purchasing the project that I have been designing. The issues for a Product that would be selling around the world in numerous shops and if they have anything that could upset people the Product wouldn't end up very successful and wouldn't be purchased by anyone, so it is better to just think about all the possible things that could go wrong and make sure that you don't carry them out in your designs and final product.

My Evaluation... My Perfume box was measured perfectly and was made correctly, in 2D design I measured it correctly, making the box the right size, so once I had cut it out and put it together it was the right shape that I wanted it to be. To improve on the Shape of the final product I could have made it more personal, more interesting, I could have done this by changing the shape to a more eye-catching Final Design. The colours I used in the project could have been more vibrant and bright, but once the Design was printed out it was a bit more dull than I thought it would be. The main thing that I could improve on would be the text on my Perfume box, it isn't very clear and the colour and the font type didn't go well with the Theme of the box. That would be the main thing I would improve on my design, it would be much more better if the Font was a bit bigger and a different colour. Furthermore, the other thing i would change would to make the design on the Perfume box flow more, so the design on each side would carry on, on the other side so it would be more linked together. I could have included the logo on the top of the box.

The text is the wrong colour, so it isn't seen very well, so that would be something to improve on...

To make the design relate to the other sides.

I could have been more carful in cutting out the final design so it would fit together perfectly I could have made the logo a different colour so it would stand out more on the Final product.

Others Evaluation... -Robyn McKenzie ď Š *Great detail in most slides! Lots of relevant information and good design ideas for your logo. Maybe add a little information about your design ideas, as to why you used that specific design. Great final design though! Lots of colours and information as to why you chose it. WELL DONE xoxo -Emily Hall Very detailed information in your PowerPoint, but on your colour theory page, you could have written in a darker yellow, as its hard to see against the white. Great box too, very colourful! Well done Meghann xx

This is a Image I took of my Final product, all Cut out and glued together, I took this image from different angles to make it more effective, so you can see the majority of angles of the product.

Similarities: The Similarities between a professional Brand ‘Chanel No.5’ and my final design are that the Size and shape of the Perfume packaging is more or less the same. Chanel has used the same logos and symbols as I have included in my final perfume box (making it look more professional). The have included a eye-catching Logo and name of the perfume the same as I have and that is what has made it so Popular with women today. The eye-catching Name of the Chanel perfume is striking and it is well noticed when trying to purchase the final product. My design has the same type of title, but it could be more interesting and eye-catching against the very busy background. The clients are the same they are both aimed at the women of the world. The product have been made with safety in mind, they both have the same sort of edges and aren't that sharp to touch, so the product is safety friendly. Both the Products are environmentally friendly, where as My packaging was more friendly due the fact that we only used card where as Chanel would have more resources to use. Differences: The Difference between my product and The other more Famous design would have to be That Chanel has used a very simplistic design, make it more striking, whereas I have used a more complex design make it personal to me. The Other thing was that They haven't used a main logo they have only text, where as with my design I have used the Text and a hand made logo. Furthermore, they have used neutral tones and is a very boring simple design. So I think that the design I have created is better in some ways due the increase in colours and images, But the Chanel has a more striking Name and has used its simplistic design to its advantage. The cost would be different due to the fact that Chanel is a more famous brand and sells world wide.

Aftershave/Perfume Project  

Mini GCSE Graphics Products project

Aftershave/Perfume Project  

Mini GCSE Graphics Products project