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Memorial Gifts

Naeve & Associates, Inc. Jayson Olson Russell E. Oorlog Charles T. Parks, Jr. Brad Plank Sheila F. Price Charles and Lucy Quaintance Michael J. and Donna Rooker

Doug Hruby Jeff and Linda Rotschafer Francis Hughes Bernadette F. Hughes Bill Jenkins Paul E. and Helen S. Meyer Foundation Donald B. Johnson Heather Thompson

James Lehman

Terence J. Martin

Richard Bullock Mattie Lewis Susan and Lawrence Diamond Br. Samuel Lickteig, OSB William L. and Lorraine Cofell Marlin G. and Betty Eich

Andrew J. and Karen Rosemark

Kristina Johnson, our daughter

Tom Fromelt

Dennis J. and Jennifer Rosemark


Danny and Sandra Hendrikson

James A. and Louise Rosemark Sheelagh Frost Russell Robert H. Schumacher Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey Dale P. Spong Linda M. Swanson Marshall Tanick Marianna Lee Tiller Robert L. Tritt United States District Court

Diane and Thomas Johnson David M. Judge Phyllis Judge Jerry Kafka Susan and Lawrence Diamond Rev. Matthew Keis, OSB Anonymous Sr. Moireen Kelly, OSB Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Abbot Timothy T. Kelly, OSB

Daneiel J. and Elisabeth Van Orsow


Brigid M. Volk

Robert A. and Jean Albrecht

Robert L. Wicker

Paul J. and Edna Berres

David A. Wikoff

David Christenson

Thomas and Joan Woldum

William L. and Lorraine Cofell

Dennis Yelkin

Cate and William Coghlan

Kathleen Zassick and Eric Angyal

Philip A. Dugan

Joseph E. Flynn Elizabeth J. Mathias Martin Fredericks Drake and Madeline Dierkhising Helen Freeburger David M. Rossman

Marlin G. and Betty Eich Margaret Elliot Edward R. Goossens

Leslie Pope Garnet

Steve Gwen Lickteig

Robert L. and Mary K. McClure

Thomas and Carol Rentz

Paul L. and Terry Weinle

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M. Josie and Ronald Stang

Dr. Adrian L. and Jacqueline Kapsner Dr. Louis and JoAnn Kucera Lloyd Lund Gilbert G. Mages Trudy Mahady

Robert and Delphie Sorenson

Michael T. and Barbara Rummel Eileen Mahoney Carol Marrin Joseph and Mary Bauer

Louise Gorman

Allan J. and Jean Beckel

Warren D. and Dianne Janzen

John Leddy

Phillip J. and Sarah Layne

Jeffrey and Wendy Lindquist

Cheryl A. Loetscher

Cecelia Martin

Erin Lonergan

James A. Mullin

Burdette C. Miller-Lehn

Paul and Carol Martin

National Association of College

Tannis Gruber Edward and Dorothy O’Brien David Halstrom Sally and Bruce Iverson Bernice Hamerlik Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Clare Hayes Drake and Madeline Dierkhising A.A. Heckman Nancy A. and Robert G. Thompson Edward Henry Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Robert Hill Terence L. and Millicent Dosh Mark Hirschey Jack Muhar Dr. Thomas Hobday Jay E. and Sue Morgan James S. Hoolihan Gerald and Rose Linnihan, Sr.

Raymond Paredes William and Lorelle Ulfers LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Tony Patz Richard and Julie Herrick Wayne Pickett LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Mary Gaspar Prahinski Stephen and Regina Wolfe Don Pribyl Richard and Julie Herrick Bernie Quinlivan

Stores, Inc.

McGough Construction Company, Inc.

Brad Neary and Suzette Sutherland

Paul and Nancy Moran

Maureen T. Houlihan Otremba and

Dr. John J. and Kimberly Mullon

David M. Rossman

Alyce Parsons

Robert and Dixie Labat

Veronica Grandpre

James and Diane Nolan Amy O’Brien

John and Margaret Arnold

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien

Robert and Kathleen Goff

David A. Wendt Philip A. Nolan

Gerald and Lorraine Sande

Thomas A. and Jane Ballon

Jerome D. Grandpre

Mary Korman Jeanne M. Nelson

Rose Mary Goossens

John and Monica McGill

Thomas A. and Judy A. Bierman

Lee Hanley

Patricia Mages

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB

Mike Goff

James W. Nelson Glenn R. Gaster

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien

Robert E. and Susan Culligan

Drake and Madeline Dierkhising

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Sylvia Wendrow

Edith M. Kelly

Fredrick Gleich

Lois Beery Mosiman Karl Mueller

Elaine Vogel William Knipp

Denise A. Kelly and Michael Suglia

Carol Johnson Porter

Bernie Morgan

Mary Ann Krebsbach

Elaine Blommel

Julie Gerlach

Vigo G. and Arlene M. Nielsen Rev. Bede Michel, OSB

Anne D. Campbell

William and Jennifer Cahoy

Diane and Thomas Johnson

Joseph A. Rossini

Judith and James Weiler

Jerald L. and Juliann Howard

John and Elizabeth Kelly

Audrey Gerads

Carol Rossini

Terrence E. Martin


Rev. Roger Hessian

Br. Barry Gearman, OSB

Daniel and Margaret Reif

Stephen J. and Lynn Martin

Jaime and Blance Merino

Phyllis S. Carmien

James C. Otremba

John T. and Patricia Myser

Loretta Pfannenstein

Julian G. Plante

Danya R. Rice

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M.

Stephen M. Rosenberg

Delphine Statz

Mary and Luke Sakalosky

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann Lyle Rustad John Richards Saint John’s Boy’s Choir Dan Ringstrom

Miriam H. Sullivan

James P. Secord and Teresa Roberts

Colleen and Howard Thielman

Tri-State Bookstore Association

Mary Alice Tomporowski

Dr. Theresa Vann

Thomas M. and Patricia Daly

Mark J. Twomey

Dr. Joseph H. and Mary Wenner

Peter M. Rogers

Elaine Vogel Charles and Nancy Wenner George Krancke Brian J. Racette Sarah Kunza Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois Dr. Edward M. LaFond William P. and Ramona Mohs Ferrol Sue Lawin Annette Binder Blanche and Allan Tirk

Rev. Paul Marx, OSB

Richard and Virginia Plastino

Daniel J. and Julianne Martin

Timothy J. and Mary Keaveny Paul Roche

Rev. Stanley F. Roche, OSB

Marty P. and Patricia Rossini Joseph Rossini Cynthia Labatte Marty P. and Patricia Rossini Timothy P. and Catherine Rossini James and Helen Rudden Mary Ellen Rudden Francisco Ruiz Dr. Robert and Nancy Clements Dr. C. Thorpe Running Cheryl Running James Scheller LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Joseph Schulzetenberg Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Rev. Paul L. Schwietz, OSB Maxine Z. and Patrick Flynn George Schwingle Ethelyn Theisen Richard Scanlan Dr. Timothy and Kimberly Scanlan Josephine Selinsky Jim and Pat Selinsky Betty Smith Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois William Soucy Dr. P. Robert and Joanne Wurtz Dr. Ernest Sowada Michael L. and Pat Bromelkamp Mercedes Stedman Gerald and Lorraine Sande John Stokman, OblSB Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Jack Strain Michael T. and Barbara Rummel Bernard P. Strouth Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bellin Sr. Clarus Strouth John (father), Margaret (mother), John (son), and Margaret (daughter) Strucel Joseph and Cathlene Vene Rev. Edwin Stueber, OSB Julian G. Plante Br. Patrick Sullivan, OSB Phyllis S. Carmien DeLores Lorraine Teigen Rev. Terry and Martha Teigen Truman Dewey Teigen Rev. Terry and Martha Teigen Dr. Charles E. Theisen Homer R. Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. Bergeron, Jr.

Julian G. Plante

Marjorie T. Blubaugh

R. Conrad and Georgia Schmid

Eileen Souders

Cynthia T. Smith

Frank Machnik

Samuel R. and Nora Whitmore

Clarice M. Theisen

Mary McCaffrey

John M. Rossini

William and Lorelle Ulfers Eugene McCarthy Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell James and Elizabeth M. McCarthy Clarence F. and Stephanie McCarthy Dr. David McMahon

John W. Theisen

William J. and Mary Culbertson

Kathleen E. Theisen

Robert J. and Robbie Dircks

Mary Theisen

John and Joanne Heller Antonio C. and Sarah Jimenez Carol B. Lehman

Betty McMahon

Thomas and Beverly Osiecki


Ethelyn F. Theisen

Dennis P. and Jerrice Barrett

Philip M. Theisen Gerald Thielman Colleen and Howard Thielman

SJU Giving Report and Honor Roll  
SJU Giving Report and Honor Roll  

2010-2011 Saint John’s University Giving Report and Honor Roll recognizes donors who have made gifts to the university in the past fiscal ye...