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FALL 2013

Donor Spotlight

MULTIPLIER EFFECT How do you turn two into 351? Well, for one thing, you start with a very special two. In this case it was Barb Torborg Melsen ’78 and Kathy Kurvers Henderson ’85. With a lot of generosity and a dash of competitive flair, these two were able to transform their gift into 351 new alumnae donors in the last three weeks of fiscal year 2013.

Barb Torborg Melsen ’78

Kathy Kurvers Henderson ’85

Early in June, we announced that Barb and Kathy were … prepared to give the college a matching grant … but there was a catch. They wanted to help raise Saint Ben’s alumnae participation percentage. So, for every 50 gifts we received from new alumnae donors, they would give $1,000 — through the end of the fiscal year on June 30. We announced the challenge in social media and during our All-School Reunion. And our alumnae responded. When the fiscal year ended and the dust settled, 351 new donors had given during that stretch — triggering a $7,000 donation from Barb and Kathy. Thirty-one of those donors were alums who hadn’t given in over 10 years, including 21 first-timers. Those numbers helped lead to our first year-over-year increase in alum donors since 2007.





Including first year-over-year increase in number of alum donors since 2007

Average annual gift size increased over fiscal % year 2012





Presidents’ Circle



with 211 already contributing at the new $1,500 LEVEL which went into effect July 1, 2013

Young Alumnae President’s Circle




in annual operating and scholarships for students




total gifts and pledges for fiscal year 2013


A BRIEF NOTE: SCHOLARSHIPS AT CSB Students arrived back on campus a few days ago, and 93 percent of them are here with the help of scholarships and grants. That aid can take a lot of different shapes. Here’s a look at just a few of the scholarship programs funded in part by annual giving from donors like you.




285 TRUSTEES’ SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Criteria: Minimum GPA of 3.60, minimum ACT composite score of 30 or minimum SAT combined score of 1980, demonstrated leadership and service, and faculty interview. $18,500-$20,500 annually; renewable; 4-year value up to $82,000 1,190 PRESIDENT’S SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Criteria: GPA, high school rank, ACT/SAT scores, leadership and service. (Range of past recipients: ACT composite score of 25-29 or SAT combined score of 1700–1920, GPA 3.50-4.0) $14,000-$17,500 annually; renewable; 4-year value up to $70,000 305 DEAN’S SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Criteria: GPA, high school rank, ACT/SAT scores, leadership and service. (Range of past recipients: ACT composite score of 21-24 or SAT combined score of 1500–1650, GPA 3.15-3.45) $6,000-$13,000 annually; renewable; 4-year value up to $52,000

220 ART, MUSIC, THEATER SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Criteria: Awarded to students with significant experience and success in the arts. They are not, however, restricted to students majoring in any of these areas. Candidates are invited to campus based on a pre-screening of materials received by the deadline. Scholarships range up to $4,000 per year and are renewable based on continued participation and faculty recommendation.

progress toward a major in mathematics, computer sciences, physics, applied physics or numerical computation.

30 MAPCORES SCHOLARS Criteria: Women are invited to enter the MapCores program based on their: GPA and grades in mathematics and science classes; placement test scores; motivation to pursue a scientific career (specifically in math, physics, computer science or preengineering); ability to communicate their goals; and financial need.

The program provides support for talented first-generation students to build on their leadership skills. Scholars receive a $10,000 per year scholarship, personal mentoring, student workshops and enhanced campus experiences that support emerging leaders.


70 INTERCULTURAL LEAD FELLOWSHIPS Criteria: Academic accomplishment; community/school involvement and leadership; graduate from a diverse, urban high school; financial need; firstgeneration college student; commitment to intercultural issues and actions; on-campus interview; high school senior.

220 30

Accepted students receive a scholarship of $20,500 a year, renewable up to four years if they enroll in and complete the required courses and make satisfactory


Student Spotlight

GETTING STARTED GIVING BACK In February, CSB/SJU students got a lesson in giving from an unlikely source. “Why would I give back,” asked then-senior Paida Chikate in an editorial in The Record (CSB/SJU student newspaper), “when I’m going to be eating life-saving ramen for the first two years out of college?” “That was before I heard the facts.”

the institutions should make enough money to get through the years. But the truth is the donations that are made by alums, parents and students like ourselves really contribute a lot to the scholarships we receive.” “So the next time you get a ‘give back’ email,” she recommends, “please don’t just

delete it. Think about what it means to help someone who would not have had this opportunity for education. Think about yourself four, three, two or one year ago, whip out that credit card and click the link because one good turn surely deserves another.”

Paida went on to explain to her classmates that, “Ninety-three percent of CSB/SJU students receive scholarship or grant assistance to help pay for college.” And if we took those 9 of every 10 Bennies and Johnnies out of the picture, Paida continues, that tenth student would be a very lonely student indeed. “Frankly,” writes Paida, “I never once thought that I owed it to anyone to ‘give back’ to my school. I always thought that 7

Paida Chikate ’13, center. Also pictured: Seyi Alabi ’13, Trevine Saunders ’14, Jackie Corral ’12 and Chris Turnbaw ’13.

Since graduating, Paida has begun a year-long residential internship at Saint John’s Prep, serving as a mentor for young women. She’s also in the process of applying to law school and proudly a member of the Young Alumnae President’s Circle. “Times are tough for many and money is often a scarce commodity. But when you give to Saint Ben’s, you don’t only make it possible for a student to attend school and receive an education. You are raising the social status and broadening the possibilities for that student’s whole family. Because of a generous sponsor, my sister is now more likely to attend college because my whole family has seen the positive effect that Saint Ben’s has had on me. It’s not about me, it’s bigger than that. So thank you all for your donations!”



514 3.451 33 20 10

Total grads: 514

Average GPA: 3.451

Majors represented: 33

Home states represented: 20

Home countries represented: 10

Top majors: Psychology Biology Nursing Communications Global Business Leadership

Top home states: Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa South Dakota North Dakota

Top home countries: United States China Bahamas Trinidad and Tobago Vietnam



Tanya Carlone ’90, Mary Schmelzer ’90, Megan Carlone ’17 and Amelia Schmelzer ’17


2013 All-School Reunion

A CENTURY OF CONNECTION June’s Centennial All-School Reunion spotlighted “A Century of Connection” in thousands of unique and wonderful relationships. Not the least of those were the multi-generational dynamics that went on in Corona Hall when Tanya Carlone ’90 and Mary Schmelzer ’90 got together with their incoming first-year daughters, Megan and Amelia.

the years also, and really feels excited to become part of the welcoming atmosphere that is everywhere at Saint Ben’s. College is so much more than just gaining an education — it is key in forming what type of people the women become in their futures. The whole experience gave me a strong base for how I see the world, how I live my life and how I’ve raised my family.”

They popped some corn and sat in the lounge and, while Tanya and Mary turned back the clock and reminisced, Megan and Amelia got a chance to start seeing the timeless bonds that are created between Bennies.

Mary: “I am excited that my daughter will become part of a culture that values women who make a difference in this world. I am hoping that she will find many like-minded individuals (men and women) who recognize the potential for societal improvement when people work for the betterment of everyone. Saint Ben’s was such a defining, refining time in my young adulthood, and I look forward to her having a similar experience. It was great to reconnect at reunion with women who value these same things.”

So what’s it like for Bennie friends to watch their daughters begin their own years at CSB? Tanya: “I know I always enjoy reading the variety of interesting, meaningful adventures that CSB alumnae and students partake in. Megan has seen these over


UPCOMING EVENTS SATURDAY, SEPT. 14 – Patti LuPone, Escher Auditorium, CSB campus MONDAY, SEPT. 16 – Blazer Open, St. Cloud Country Club, St. Cloud, Minn. SUNDAY, SEPT. 29 – Scholarship Mass & Brunch, Gorecki Center, CSB campus SATURDAY, NOV. 16 – Red Mass & Dinner, Sacred Heart Chapel and Gorecki Center, CSB campus TUESDAY, DEC. 10 – Benedictine Christmas, Gorecki Center, CSB campus THURSDAY, DEC. 12 – Presidents’ Christmas Dinner, Town and Country, St. Paul, Minn. THURSDAY, APRIL 24 – Scholarship & Creativity Day, CSB Campus SATURDAY, APRIL 26 – Grand Centennial Gala, The Depot, Minneapolis, Minn. THURSDAY, MAY 29 – Young Alumnae President’s Circle Reception, TBD 11



Beginning an automated giving plan is a purposeful decision — reduced paper waste and postage costs allow the college to be better stewards of natural resources, as well as your gift. Your contribution is deducted automatically, monthly or quarterly, from your bank account, your credit card or via CSB/SJU payroll. > 10% of all Saint Ben’s donors were sustainers last year. > 13.24% of Presidents’ Circle members were sustainers. > 62.09% of Young Alumnae President’s Circle members were sustainers. > Average age of our sustainers is 41.

A note from the president

WHY THE TIME IS NOW We’re at a pivotal moment in Saint Ben’s history — the dawning of our second century. And we’re blessed to be entering this new phase strong and healthy. We’ve just concluded our most successful annualgiving year ever. But there’s much more to be done to take Saint Ben’s into the future. And, while our last century started with the vision and guidance of the sisters of Saint Benedict, the future is in our hands. It’s up to us, as alumnae, parents and friends, to become the “sisters” for the next century. It is up to us to make sure there’s a vision in place and the resources available to bring that vision to fruition.

for the first time since its inception, we’ve increased the donation level for initial entry into the Presidents’ Circle from $1,000 to $1,500 per year. This level, and all higher levels, includes new membership benefits which offer you opportunities to provide feedback, experience the impact of your contributions and receive exclusive updates about the health and future of Saint Ben’s. It’s our intent that updates included in this new

publication, Informed, will give you an even greater understanding of how much your giving means and how grateful we are. One hundred percent of your gift to the annual giving program makes a Saint Ben’s education possible for current students, creating an immediate and enduring impact. Thank you for your continuing support.

It was 1970 — over 40 years ago — when the “President’s Club” (now known as the Presidents’ Circle) was created to celebrate the college’s tradition of philanthropy and the impact of our leading annual-giving donors at $1,000. Starting July 1, 2013, 12

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID College of Saint Benedict

ANNUAL GIVING 37 South College Avenue St. Joseph, MN 56374 Please direct questions to 800-648-3468, ext. 3 or

BE THE LIGHT SO OTHERS MAY SHINE Your planned gift will help us keep the torch of knowledge burning bright. Please consider a charitable IRA rollover. It allows taxpayers age 70 ½ or older to make tax-free transfers of up to $100,000 from IRAs directly to charities.

This year’s rollovers must be completed before December 31, 2013. And, as always, review your situation with your financial and tax advisors to determine if this type of gift is appropriate for you.

Questions? Ask Bill Hickey, director of gift planning, at 320-363-5480 or



CSB Fall 2013 Informed Newsletter  
CSB Fall 2013 Informed Newsletter