Saint John's Magazine Summer/Fall 2020

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Cristo Rey Jesuit’s shining stars

JENNIFER AGUSTIN AMBROCIO performed so impressively in her Corporate Work Study Program internship at Ameriprise Financial that she won the Ryan Family Corporate Workplace Excellence Award. She immersed herself in a variety of other school and family activities and earned National Honor Society-caliber grades. “I’ve always challenged myself with different class work and classes, so overall I’ve taken five AP classes because I’m a pretty serious student.” She’s interested in a communication major with the possibility of going to law school.

By Dana Drazenovich


volunteered in the office plus taught Sunday School at Holy Rosary Church in Minneapolis every weekend and spent much of his week doing the extra studying his AP math and science classes required. “I really had to push myself and stay on track and stay motivated to really try to improve myself and educate myself.” He has his sights on a nursing major on his way to a career as a nurse anesthetist, and he’s excited to join SJU/CSB’s close community. “It’s almost like its own town. I really like that.”