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Energy evolved.

Energy solutions that benefit the environment and the bottom-line. THAT’S ENERGY EVOLVED.

Energy evolved.

For more than 20 years, Stellar Energy has helped companies and public utilities worldwide reduce energy costs, optimize energy performance and prepare for the energy needs of the future.

Energy Evolved is taking energy solutions further. It means continually improving on product, process and delivery to find the best possible solution - one that meets the energy demands of today and tomorrow.

As a leading provider of energy systems, including turbine inlet air chilling, district cooling, central utility and combined heat and power, we offer a complete range of in-house analysis, design, fabrication, installation, start-up and commissioning, and maintenance. We deliver energy solutions globally for a variety of markets, including power generation, healthcare, universities, manufacturing, data centers, hospitality and government, from our strategically located offices in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.


The Stellar Energy Advantage Worldclass Experience – Our experience spans more than 20 years, with more than 100 energy solutions delivered worldwide, and our clients benefit from our strong, established industry relationships.

Turnkey Scope of Supply – We have the internal resources and global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities to deliver successful energy solutions from concept through maintenance, including all disciplines of engineering and integrated project execution personnel. Technology & Innovation – We invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation so the delivered solutions to our clients are the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Boosting power output in more than 100 gas turbines worldwide.

We’ve delivered more than 1 million tons (TR) of chilled water across the globe.

+ 100

1 Million+ Tons TR


Solutions TURBINE INLET AIR CHILLING (TIAC) Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (TIAC) is a power enhancement system that is applied to a gas turbine to enhance the power output, efficiency and operational flexibility of power plants. Power plant owners and operators integrate TIAC into their power plants to realize the following benefits:

• Maximize existing asset • Improve heat rate and reduce emissions • Enhance operational stability and flexibility, including opportunity for energy storage • Improve financial performance • Improve power plant lifecycle cost

+30% –30%

DISTRICT COOLING District Cooling is the distribution of cooling energy from a centralized plant to several buildings in a district. Centralizing the comfort cooling infrastructure offsets the need for mechanical rooms in each building within the district. Benefits include:

• Lower construction costs for each building within the district • Increase in leasable building space • Reduced operating and maintenance costs • Efficiency improvement of up to 40% • Sustainability – future enhancements are streamlined with all equipment centralized

Up to 30% output gains Up to 30% cost savings

+40% –20%


Efficiency improvement up to 40% Life cycle cost savings up to 20%

CENTRAL UTILITY PLANTS Central Utility Plants can meet a range of needs, including chilled water, hot water, steam, electricity or other utilities. Stellar Energy is a global leader in the design of modular energy plant solutions which offer the same functionality as traditional utility plants but with the added benefits of modular design, including:

• Lower capital and operating costs • Reduced site work and exceptional quality as modules are constructed in a qualitycontrolled manufacturing environment • Scalability and flexibility to add capacity as needed, and when budget allows • Improved schedule control and quick ship capabilities • Exceptional customization and exterior aesthetic options

+50% –20%

Improve efficiency up to 50% Improves and cuts costs by 20%

COMBINED HEAT & POWER (CHP) With Combined Heat & Power solutions (also called cogeneration), waste heat is captured and recycled for the purposes of power generation and thermal energy, including hot water, steam and chilled water. Benefits include:

• • • • •

Reduced energy costs Improved energy efficiency Reduced greenhouse gas emissions Improved reliability Lower operating costs

+50% –75%

Improves energy efficiency up to 50% Reduces CO2 by up to 75%




In the mission-critical world of data centers, power needs are super-sized 24/7. Stellar Energy helps reduce energy costs for data center owners and operators without jeopardizing dependability or performance.

Delivering energy solutions for a wide range of markets.

HOSPITALITY, RETAIL & COMMERCIAL Our innovative solutions help large commercial office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and other large commercial spaces save valuable real estate and energy costs while improving the efficiency, environmental impact and flexibility of their comfort cooling systems.

HEALTHCARE By designing custom energy solutions with the highest level of reliability and regulatory compliance, Stellar Energy helps hospitals meet the full spectrum of energy needs, including all utility demands, medical gases and backup power generation.

PHARMACEUTICALS & BIOPHARMA We deliver site specific energy solutions for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers that exceed expectations for efficiency, flexibility and affordability.

POWER GENERATION & UTILITIES When temperatures rise, so does power demand. Our solutions help power plants provide more power efficiently, affordably and with reduced carbon emissions.

UNIVERSITIES/CAMPUSES On the scale of small cities, universities often have extremely high energy needs – cooling, heating and power – across many buildings. Stellar Energy provides reliable, scalable and cost-efficient energy supply while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the campus.


LEGEND Turbine Inlet Air Chilling


District Cooling

With worldwide demand for petrochemicals on the rise, Stellar Energy helps petrochemical, oil and gas companies achieve greater efficiencies and improve their profitability through a range of advanced energy technologies.

Central Utility Plant Combined Heat & Power

MANUFACTURING We deliver energy solutions designed for maximum efficiency, optimum reliability and budgetary accountability for a range of manufacturing needs.


As governments worldwide seek to replace or update old power plants with new energy technologies, Stellar Energy’s high level of quality assurance ensures precise and measurable results.

Our energy solutions for food processing and distribution, including converting biogas to energy, are designed to integrate with a client’s process while lowering the cost of production and distribution to improve the bottom line.


How We Work Stellar Energy has the internal resources to deliver turnkey energy solutions from concept and design through fabrication, installation and maintenance. We work with clients at the earliest stages to realize their goals and deliver an optimized solution at the lowest possible cost. As recognized experts, we are also sought by contractors and other vendors to provide energy solutions on behalf of their clients, and we can handle specific aspects of a project depending on the situation.

SOLUTION DESIGN We are an engineering-driven company that understands each project and client is unique. Our in-house registered professional engineers span every discipline, including process, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and more so we can approach projects from all angles to craft the best possible solution.

FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS We conduct engineering studies to assess the technical and economic viability of energy projects, working to identify the proposed project’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, resources required, and ultimately, the prospects for success.

OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE Once a facility is built, our in-house team can provide turnkey delivery of all operations and maintenance (O&M) services. After designing, building, testing and commissioning a facility, our team has developed an unrivaled understanding of that facility we can then apply to its O&M.


FABRICATION & INSTALLATION Stellar Energy has spent 20 years designing, fabricating and installing modular utility plants. We build these plants in our own fabrication facility in Jacksonville, Florida, or through our trusted network of fabrication facilities around the world.

START-UP & COMMISSIONING Start-up and commissioning activities directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. We begin the start-up and commissioning process during the design phase, considering future start and commissioning activities early on.


Project Delivery

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)/Turnkey:

District Cooling Central Utility Plants Combined Heat & Power

Ground-up, on-site construction of the energy solution.

Hybrid: A combination of on-site construction and modular systems.

Modular: Modular solutions are fabricated in a controlled manufacturing environment, and typically prove to be the most economical, expedient and scalable solution.

With an international team of engineers, project managers and operations specialists, Stellar Energy can provide single source responsibility from concept through maintenance.


Turbine Inlet Air Chilling

Field Erected:




We deliver successful projects by matching a proven solution with the appropriate design and scope optimized to the exact needs of each client.

EP/Reassembly: Working in conjunction with clients’ own in-house team or outside contractors, we can provide engineering and procurement services along with on-site reassembly of the modular or hybrid system.

EP Only: Engineering and procurement of the modular system.

Modular Construction Stellar Energy has been at the forefront of modular energy solutions for more than 20 years. Our modular systems are designed with maximum flexibility while utilizing standard building blocks to minimize engineering and construction costs. The scalable solutions are based on a phased approach that enables clients to spend only what they need now and expand as their needs grow. While modular construction aims to streamline projects and save costs through standard building blocks, each approach is unique and each system is customized to meet the exact needs of the client.


Experience 20+ years experience, 100+ projects delivered worldwide

LEGEND Turbine Inlet Air Chilling District Cooling Central Utility Plant Combined Heat & Power Office Location



Turbine Inlet Air Chilling with Thermal Storage Mission, Texas

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling with Thermal Storage Saudi Arabia

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling Multiple sites, USA


District Cooling for Hospitality, Retail & Commercial Dubai, UAE


Central Utility Plant for BioPharma Franklinton, North Carolina


Combined Heat & Power for Power Generation & Utilities Egg Harbor Township, NJ

District Cooling for Transportation

Central Utility Plant for Data Centers

Combined Heat & Power for Pulp & Paper

Dubai, UAE

Multiple sites, USA

Alberta, CA

District Cooling for Healthcare

Central Utility Plant for Retail & Commercial

Combined Heat & Power for Food & Beverage

Jacksonville, FL

Dubai, UAE

Kingston, Jamaica


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