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H The Heritage Crescent School of Business’ Independent Newsletter Vol.1, Friday, August 18, 2017 Chennai, Tamilnadu, India





CSB Students Geographic Distribution

A Taste of Darkness Process Mapping at Flatirons Jouve Of LEAN Engineering and Coffee

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CSB Batch of 2017

CSB is the only institute to offer its students the best of faculty and the finest infrastructure right in the heart of Chennai.

Modern business environments need skills like effective communication, interpersonal interaction, critical thinking, and relevant practical experience. Located in the heart of Chennai, Crescent School of Business (CSB) was born with this philosophy and the aspiration to create a class of industry ready management leaders who will drive businesses in the New Economy. Students go through a focussed curriculum which blends experiential learning and academic instruction led by experienced faculty at CSB, a unique programme launched by the BSA Crescent University. CSB is mentored by two of the biggest names in the Indian education space, Dr.Pramath Raj Sinha (Founding Dean, ISB Hyderabad; Former Partner, McKinsey & Company) and Anand Sudarshan (ViceChairman, MD & CEO, Manipal Education; CoFounder, Microland Limited; Founder, Sylvant Advisors Pvt Ltd). Our CXO Advisory Board boasts of S.Ravichandran (Former MD, TTK Prestige), Rajeev Lochan (MD and CEO, The Hindu), AK Parameswaran (VP-Corporate Planning, TAFE Limited), Surya Mantha (Investment Director, Peepul Capital), Ajit Abraham (Chief People Officer, Ad2Pro Media Solutions), Rajeev Gopalakrishnan (HR-OD Consultant), AP Justin (Country HR Leader, WABCO) and several other distinguished entrepreneurs and professionals. The first batch of CSB was launched in August 2016. The students of the second batch have been meticulously hand picked and the academic year kickstarted in July with 17 students, each with their own cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity is sure to create a rich experience among the students in their personal and professional lives.



CSB Students’ Geographic Distribution




Rakesh Kumar Siriseti

Ajith Parth

CSB Batch of 2017

CSB Batch of 2017

Your senses make your world beautiful.. It’s time to awaken them!

We had a fun dinner at Taste of Darkness with our peer group. You get to have dinner in a pitch black environment, meaning - you cannot even see your fingertips. Being in total darkness for an hour is definitely an intimate and rare experience. With enhanced senses, amplified imagination - you begin to get an understanding of how challenging it would be to be deprived of one or more of our senses. We had a fun time chit-chatting and trying to figure out what we were eating but more importantly, we had a good experience.

My first Industrial Visit for Process Mapping was to a company called Flatirons Jouve which is an American company that has its branch in Perungudi, Chennai and is responsible for the publishing of Component Maintenance Manuals for Aerospace Components. They make manuals that are designed to address all the technical complexities of maintaining it. In the mid-nineties, they supplied technical publication system for Boeing 777 and today they provide publishing technology for Aerospace Programs such as Airbus 350, Mitsubishi MJR and for Honeywell. With the help of an employee, I was taught about the process that the company undergoes right from scratch. I was also explained about the time frame for each process. A maintenance manual usually consists of the specifications of parts and its pictorial representation. The work in this office is split between the teams in Chennai and America. The Chennai team takes care of the text and the American team is responsible for the graphical illustration. The company maintains great accuracy and consistency levels as they upload content from a single source of information. My key learning from the visit was that proper workflow and reporting ensure efficient production and also every process should start and end with customer satisfaction.

ALUMNI SPEAK “The journey has been a mix of interesting industry visits, guest lecturers from eminent personalities of varied industry backgrounds, and amazing faculty keeping us motivated to go ahead and excel in this journey with CSB.” - Sainath Gajale (Founding Batch of 2016)

4 OF LEAN ENGINEERING AND COFFEE K R Aravind Picture this - the entire class is assembled and ready for what was promised to be a grueling class on operations. The faculty enters the room and says (I paraphrase) "Alright, everybody go to the hotel and drink a coffee - RIGHT NOW!" You can probably imagine the quizzical looks on our faces at that very moment. For one the hotel nearby was quite a premium one, coffee there must be pretty expensive. But why? The faculty, our very own Tushar Jaruhar explains to us to do a real time process map of our process of leaving the class to get a coffee at the hotel and return to class. We had been through a session about how operations are mapped by breaking them down into activities and also have a record of the time each activity takes and the resources we use in each activity. Before we started, the faculty made a quick demonstration of measuring time, the pitfalls of multiple readings and the crucial importance of making accurate measurements. And then.. "You have 40 minutes" - he says. And there we were, literally pushed out of our class to our first ever process mapping task in the real world. I was paired up with Ruthra - an energetic and enthusiastic chap who I have seen to be ready to take a shot at the moon even. We set off - me, with a spiral note and pen; and Ruthra leading the way with a stopwatch in hand meticulously measuring each activity. So, head out of class, take the elevator down, walk to the hotel, take the elevator to the restaurant, order a coffee, drink it up, pay the bill and that's it - so easy, what could be so complex. How wrong was I! For one, we were clever enough to let the rest of the teams take a lead, we were sure the rest of our batch mates would be competing to grab the elevators. We were sure that if we were to have a beverage (non-

CSB Batch of 2017 alcoholic unfortunately) at a snazzy hotel, we might as well make the most of it. We made sure we made note of every little activity such as waiting for the elevator, we wanted to capture as many details as possible. A few minutes later, there we were at the fifth floor of the hotel building where we landed right outside their restaurant, serving the residents their breakfast buffet and the rest of the seats brimming with none other than all our comrades - a good business day for the restaurant indeed! It was fun when each team smiled up to the maître d’ asking for a table and the lady would be puzzled probably thinking who are these people, what are they doing here, why is this guy noting down times. Ruthra and I took a seat and looked over the place. The place had its charm and now that there were a lot of coffees to make, the waiters were abuzz. To spice things up, Ruthra and I ordered cold coffees and seeing that most of our mates were paying cash, we thought we ought to pay by card just to see how long they take with such a variation. After a rich cup of cold coffee and billing we went back to class to make our process flow diagram - a flow chart of all the activities with the time taken for each activity. We understood what a real minute felt like. Just try holding still for one minute staring at the clock and you will realize how long a minute really is. The whole affair took about 42 minutes and 29 seconds in total out of which our coffee consumption time was just 2 minutes and 18 seconds! Our faculty had hence showed us what the meaning of “waste” was. So what was the whole point – he had just taught us why we need LEAN principles. Take that all you other MBA institutes. I bet your professor didn’t teach you this way!

5 Neelam Pranav CSB Batch of 2017 I remember in my childhood sharpening the pencil and planting the pencil shavings in the soil so that a pencil plant might grow up. How childish was that?

pencil - Plant “ Theit Sprout and watch it grow

herbs and vegetables.

What if I told you that there is a pencil that grows into a plant? The Sprout Pencils are plantable pencils that contain a seed inside. When it is too short to use, instead of disposing of the pencil you can plant it in a pot or your backyard and watch it grow into a variety of useful edibles, such as basil, cherry tomato, sunflower, thyme, and so on. In these desperate times of global warming, these pencils may be one of those ecofriendly products that appeal to tree huggers worldwide. The Sprout pencils are available now on Amazon.


“Love Aaj Kal” By Ajith Parth







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