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Possible Features of iPad 5 It has been a great 2012 for Apple fans. It started out with the iPad 4 followed up by iPhone 5 and lastly, the surprise release – iPad Mini. Even the iPad 4 was a surprise given that iPad 3 was released only seven months before that. And, given that the iPad Mini was released only sometime back, the big question is about when iPad 5 will be released and what are the new things that we can expect to see. Analysts say that Apple might want to go in for an early 2013 release given the dynamics of the tablet market. Microsoft released Surface and Google released Nexus 10 bringing fresh competition to the iPad. Therefore, most experts are of the opinion that to stay ahead of its competition, Apple needs to bring in something bigger and better. And it is needless to say that the next generation iPad should be a winner when it comes to specifications, design and looks. Let’s look at some of the features that might make their way into the iPad 5.


Display:- Display wise, iPad 3 and iPad 4 have remained very similar. Although it is known that iPad 5 might not require a huge upgrade it terms of its display but it might be desirable for the next version to have improved readability, power efficiency and brightness. Processor Capabilities

Processor Capabilities:- The iPad 4 is still in a dual core stage just like the iPhone 5 and continues to run on Apple’s A6. Although A6 is supposed to be twice as fast as A5. However, it should be kept in mind that if the iPad 5 continues to run on A6 without improved processor capabilities, it will definitely lead to problems like heating. Therefore, the iPad 5 should definitely have a quad core in its specifications.


Camera:- The iPad 4 and iPad Mini brought with it front and rear cameras. The front facing camera made sure users got a better Facetime and Skype experience. Both these versions have 5MP rear camera. However, what would be nice to see is a higher resolution in the front facing camera for better Facetime. iPad 4users have complained of shaky image issues due to image stabilization while taking a picture. Apple should iron out these issues in the iPad 5.

A/V Output: The iPad 4 saw some advanced audio and video output features included. However, there are still no stereo speakers in the iPad like in the Macbooks. What would be a great to have in the iPad 5 is stereo speakers for a fabulous A/V experience. In the iOS 5, the gaming experience was taken to a much higher level due to the Airplay feature which was introduced. But, iOS 6 hasn’t seen great improvements in this feature. This also happened due to iOS 6 not having the best transceivers to deal with better quality Airplay.


Networking:-Given that iPad 4 has better WiFi connectivity and the LTE on the iPad 4 is almost the same as that in the iPhone 5, what might be desirable on the iPad 5 is better power efficiency

while on WiFi or 3G networks from the next generation chipset. These features will surely tempt customers at the same time leaving fans stunned making them root for more. Find More Informations About iPad5 and iPad5 launch date.

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