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I).- Match numbers 1-5 with letters a-e in the following sentences. (20 pts) 1.- Any form of Stared energy 2.- Energy stored in a material that is bent, compressed, or Stretched and will return to its original shape when released. ____ 3.- Energy Stored in the bonds which hold atoms, ions, and molecules together. ____ 4.- Energy stored in the inner core of an atom. _____ 5.- Stored energy associated with the force of gravity between two objects. ____ a) Elastic potential energy

b) Potential energy

d) Gravitational potential energy


c) Chemical potential energy

e) nuclear potential energy

Circle true (t) or false (f), using the information about energy as reference. (20pts.)

1.- Coal, petroleum and natural gas are energy sources. T


2.- Electricity cannot be produced by sunlight.



3.- A photovoltaic cell is also known as a solar cell.



4.- Most photo voltaic cells are made from a single silicon crystal.



5.- Silicon is a chemical element rarely found in the earth’s crust.



III) Using the multiple choice answer the following sentences. (20 pts.) 1.- Which of the following is non renewable energy resource?

   

Solar Methane Hydroelectric Coal

2.- The amount of oil that may become available for use is called oil.    

reserves reservoirs resources traps

3.- A coal deposit that is not economical to mine today would be consider part of our    

coal reserves coal resources coal reservoirs none of these

4.- What is the leading source of energy used in the United States today?    

coal reserves coal resources coal reservoirs none of these

5.- The first oil well was drilled in the United States in    

1829 1859 1929 1959

IV) Providing the information about energy complete the following sentences. (20pts.) 1.- Thermal recovery entails injecting steam into the _______________________ 2.- Gas injection uses either miscible or __________________________________ 3.- Chemical flooding involves mixing dense, water-soluble polymers with___________________________ 4.- There are three common approaches thermal recovery, gas injection or__________________________________ 5.- Primary recovery first relies on underground pressure to drive fluids to ____________________________________

V) Using your own words answer the following questions. (20pts.) 1.- Energy efficiency is defined as:

2.- “Fossil Fuels” refers to:

3.- We use most of our oil products for:

4.- What is energy?

5.- Types of spontaneous radioactive decay include:

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