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FALL 2017

The Monitoring Association

Vivint Smart Home is TMA Monitoring Center of the Year 2017 TMA Excellence Award Winners Share Prolific Industry Experience By Maggie McFadden Shein Excerpted from SDM by permission. ©2017. All rights reserved.


his year’s Excellence Awards have a slightly different name as the newly branded TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards (formerly the CSAA Central Station Excellence Awards), but the awards — now in their 12th year — still retain the same purpose of promoting the inherent value of professional monitoring services and honoring those who have made significant contributions to the industry. The 2017 Excellence Awards, hosted by The Monitoring Association (TMA) and co-sponsored by SDM, recognize exceptional personnel and central stations in the industry (both TMA members and non-members) that are certified by any approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), such as UL, FM Global and Intertek/ETL. One characteristic that stands out among all of the award recipients as well as the finalists is their extensive industry experience. Their dedication shines through loud and clear. “We congratulate our finalists for being recognized as the best of the

best,” said Elizabeth Lasko, vice president of communications and marketing, TMA. “Our judges related how very difficult it was to choose the finalists, let alone the winners, from all the nominations. The applications that were submitted all told powerful stories of service, innovation, corporate culture, and the desire to constantly improve.” Excellence Award recipients were announced at the opening ceremony of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in June in Nashville. The 2017 award recipients are: Vivint Smart Home, Monitoring Center of the Year; Keith Godsey, Dynamark, Manager of the

Year; Craig Pierce, Safe Systems, Operator of the Year; and Laura Jacobson, CRC, Support Person of the Year. “The atmosphere at the awards ceremony was very exciting. I hope other companies will be inspired by our 2017 winners and finalists and consider entering the Excellence Awards in the future,” Lasko said.

Monitoring Center of the Year Vivint Smart Home, Provo, Utah Vivint’s values of taking care of its employees, taking care of its customers and taking care of its community are palpable in everything the company does. Number of subscribers: 1.17 million (as of publication, commercial subscribers: 25,795; residential subscribers: 1,141,188) This TMA Five Diamond company, which has two UL-certified monitoring centers that act as one, holds itself to exceptional standards in its constant pursuit of perfection. Vivint Smart Home has won a variety of awards. In 2016, Business Intelligence Group named Vivint as the winner of its Best Places to Work award. In 2015, Vivint was named on Forbes’ “America’s Best Employers” list. In 2017, Fast Company ranked Continued on page 27

INSIDE: Alarm Companies to be Fined for False Alarms in Sandy Springs, GA  •  ASAP Adds New PSAPs  •  Ivan Spector Elected Next President of TMA  •  Five Diamond Companies   •  Regulatory Report •  Tax Update  •  and more …

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2 | TMA Dispatch • Fall 2017

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PRESIDENT’S NOTE TMA Executive Committee President Pamela J. Petrow, Warrendale, PA First Vice President Ivan Spector, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Secretary Graham Westphal, Pacheco, CA Treasurer Don Young, Boca Raton, FL Acting Immediate Past President Bob Bean, Honolulu, HI Executive Director Jay Hauhn, Vienna, VA

TMA Staff Executive Director Jay Hauhn Vice President of Membership and Programs Celia T. Besore, MBA, CAE Vice President of Marketing and Communications Elizabeth Welsh Lasko Vice President of Meetings and Conventions John S. McDonald Vice President of Marketing Vice President of Education and Training Julie N. Webber Information Systems Manager Bryan Ginn Member Services Coordinator Malory Todd

TMA Headquarters 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 700 Vienna, VA 22182 703-242-4670; Fax 703-242-4675

Dear Fellow TMA Members, My tenure as TMA president is coming to an end, and this is my last President’s Note in Dispatch. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as the leader of this outstanding organization since April 2015. I am very proud that during my tenure, with the support of the Board, committees, volunteer members, and staff, we accomplished the following: ■■ Launched the “Voice of the Customer” initiative in 2015 to lay the groundwork for the future direction of the Association. ■■ Revamped and reimagined the Annual Meeting into a more accessible, higher-level education event while keeping the networking for which our event is famous. ■■ Greatly expanded the reach of the ASAP program, with ADT and other national companies implementing the service. ■■ Expanded our organization through new membership categories and outreach to young professionals. ■■ Changed our name to The Monitoring Association and adopted a new mission, to advance the professional monitoring industry through education, advocacy, and public safety relationships. ■■ Took steps to make committee engagement a priority for the organization. ■■ Completed a comprehensive review of our Association bylaws that included insuring that the Board of Directors fairly represented all sectors. I would like to thank the Executive Committee (Ivan Spector, Ed Bonifas, Joe Nuccio, Shannon Woodman, Bob Bean, Graham Westphal, Don Young, and Ben Dickens) who have provided support, advice and assistance throughout my tenure. Much appreciation goes out to the Board of Directors for their participation and willingness to embrace the long-term vision, and Committee Chairs and participants who are committed to getting the work done to advance the Association. Finally, thank you to Executive Director Jay Hauhn and the TMA staff who make everything happen behind the scenes. Nothing would have been possible without this incredible team of individuals who are passionate about the industry and TMA. I know I am leaving my position in capable hands as Ivan Spector -- our first Canadian president -- takes over at the end of the Annual Meeting on October 11. I thank Ivan for agreeing to serve and know that the next two years will bring great advancement to TMA. Speaking of the Annual Meeting, have you registered yet for Scottsdale? The complete program, with all the details you need to attend, is online. We look forward to welcoming new attendees and TMA “NexGen” professionals along with all the familiar faces. Go to right now to register! Thank you for your membership and your continuing support. I look forward to continuing to work with TMA and our members in the future to fulfill our important mission. Best wishes to all,

Our mission is to advance the p­ rofessional monitoring industry through education, advocacy, and public safety relationships. Copyright ©2017 The Monitoring Association. All rights reserved.

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Pamela J. Petrow President, The Monitoring Association Fall 2017

Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 5


The State of the Association By Jay Hauhn


s the 2017 Annual Meeting Your chance to weigh proaches, I hope you have been in on our progress and let us know what One challenge is volunteer able to look at the weekly reports you think the next steps should be will engagement, which all trade come this month when we launch VoC TMA sent you on the continuing progassociations depend on… ress we’ve made on the Voice of the 2.0. We need your input, so please watch Customer (VoC) initiative. The VoC your email for the survey link, or email when volunteers commit program was launched in 2015 to lay the if you do not retheir time, expertise and foundation for the future direction of the ceive it. energy, things get done! Association. During the initial launch With the success of the VoC and of the VoC, members were asked to disother initiatives, the state of your Assocuss the issues and actions they believed were needed for ciation is strong. In addition to the VoC progress, we have rethe Association to maintain relevance given unprecedented cently surpassed $1 million in dues revenue for 2017, despite advancements in technology that are driving extraordinary the very real challenges of industry consolidation and comchanges to the monitoring industry. Using the VoC data, company reductions in spending. The Five Diamond program is mittee members and staff went to work on the directives. on track to surpass 2016 levels. The reimagining of the AnHere are some highlights of the VoC accomplishments to nual Meeting has been very successful and we expect great date: attendance, including first time attendees as well as represen■■ Marketing and messaging – changed the Association’s tatives from our young professionals program. Our Fall Opname and updated our mission statement erations Management Seminar, in Chicago in November, has ■■ Technology – launched a Technology committee that also realized steady growth, and this year will feature visits to has provided education and information Walgreens and Underwriters Laboratories. ■■ Committee activities – took steps to encourage more There are, of course, challenges. One of these is volunteer committee engagement and cross-committee work; engagement, which all trade associations depend on. It goes launched a Government Relations committee without saying that when volunteers are able to commit their ■■ Public sector engagement – included public safety relatime, expertise and energy to association initiatives, things tionships as a key component of our new mission get done! The position of committee chair is critical to suc■■ Membership – introduced new membership categories cess. To meet this challenge, in the coming months we will be and launched the “NexGen” initiative working to fill chair and co-chair positions that were recently ■■ Education – “reimagined” the Annual Meeting and vacated. revised the Level 1 Operator course I look forward to learning what you tell us in VoC 2.0. If you haven’t had a chance to read the full reports, you If you’d like to contact me directly, you can reach me at can catch up on the TMA blog (themonitoringassociation.

TMA CALENDAR TMA Annual Meeting  October 7-11  •  Scottsdale, AZ TMA Fall Operations Management Seminar  November 5-7  •  Rosemont, IL ESX 2018  June 19-22  •  Nashville, TN

Find all of TMA’s new social media sites at and get reconnected!

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  Fall 2017

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ASAP Surges: New PSAPs in NC, FL, WI and VA; Connections Made at APCO 2017 It’s been a busy summer for ASAP. Wilson County became 7th PSAP in North Carolina to implement the ASAP program on June 5. North Carolina continues to lead all states with the number of ASAP implementations. On June 26, Manatee County became second PSAP in Florida to adopt ASAP. That implementation received impressive local media coverage. Newport News became the 5th PSAP in Virginia to adopt the ASAP program, going live with eight alarm companies on August 1. Dane County became the first PSAP in Wisconsin to launch the program, bringing the total of ASAP-active states to 10 plus Washington, DC. The go-live on July 6 also introduced TriTech’s Inform CAD with an ASAP interface solution. “We’d been interested in ASAP for a long time, thinking it could have a significant positive impact on our operations,” said Paul Logan, Operations Manager for Dane County. “Every PSAP is looking for ways to improve answer times, and decrease the likelihood of errors, and ASAP seems to fit into both of those areas. We decided at budget time a few years ago to ask for the money to buy an interface and get the project rolling.” Going live involved working with Wisconsin’s Department of Justice to open the state message switch, as well as the CAD vendor and ASAP subject matter expert Bill Hobgood. Logan noted that “overall the process was painless … we’re happy that we finally are live.” The Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), launched in 2011 as a public-private partnership, is designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from central station alarm compaASAP Active ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

ADS Nashville ADT Affiliated American Alarm Central Security Group CMS Doyle ESC Guardian Protection Kings III Monitronics NMC Protection1 Rapid Response Safeguard Security Securitas US Stanley United Central Control Vector Vivint

8 | TMA Dispatch •

In Testing ■■ ■■ ■■

CPI TYCO Security Central/Lake Norman

nies to PSAPs. ASAP utilizes ANSI standard protocols developed cooperatively by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and TMA. With ASAP, critical life safety signals and accurate information is processed in seconds, not minutes, through the Nlets system of state-to-state PSAP communication, insuring that complete and accurate information is transmitted to the PSAP every time. At the 2017 APCO conference in August, TMA presented two opportunities for PSAPs to learn about ASAP’s winning formula for error reduction, cost containment and faster responses to dispatch. Dozens of PSAP representatives stopped at the TMA booth in the exhibit hall to discuss ASAP with TMA staff. And about 75 conference registrants attended the special ASAP session featuring Hobgood, TMA Executive Director Jay Hauhn, and representatives from PSAPs in New York, Arizona and Washington, DC. ASAP progress and outreach efforts are seeing results. “What was different from our past appearances at APCO was that this year, there was a significant increase in PSAP personnel who had already heard about ASAP and had already taken steps to educate local decision-makers about its value,” said Hauhn. “We even had a number of PSAPs from states where ASAP is not yet implemented mention to us that they hoped to be the first in their state to do so!” For more information on ASAP or to access ASAP resources (videos, webinars, training and outreach materials), contact or 703-242-4670, or visit tma. us/asap.  PSAPs Online with ASAP ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Onboarding ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

AT&T AvantGuard Centra-larm FE Moran Guardian Alarm Co. of Michigan Kastle Systems LDS Church Peak Alarm Richmond Alarm SEI Watchlight

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Morgan County, AL Chandler, AZ Tempe, AZ Washington, DC Boca Raton, FL Manatee County, FL Cary, NC Durham County, NC Guilford County, NC High Point, NC Johnston County, NC Kernersville, NC Wilson County, NC Monroe County, NY Delaware County, OH Bucks County, PA Denton County, TX Grand Prairie, TX Highland Park, TX Houston, TX

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Williamson County, TX Henrico County, VA James City County, VA Newport News, VA Richmond, VA York County, VA Dane County, WI

PSAPs in Testing or Implementation ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Phoenix, AZ Collier County, FL Sarasota, FL Alpharetta, GA Prince Georges County, MD Monroeville, PA League City, TX Loudoun County, VA

Fall 2017

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AICC’s Vigilance Helps Protect Alarm Industry Interests Year-Round By Louis T. Fiore I am often asked what AICC does to help alarm installing, monitoring and manufacturing companies: “I already support TMA, SIA or ESA; why should I join AICC?” So I thought I would devote this quarter’s article to a recap of what AICC is about. The Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) is the only industry committee devoted to preserving and expanding the use of the radio spectrum, the telephone network and broadband for the alarm industry. The committee was founded in 1969 to ask and receive a portion of the radio spectrum for alarm communications. Through the years, our mission has grown. Among our members are the major alarm installing and monitoring companies, the major manufacturers of alarm products, the nationally recognized testing laboratories and related groups. We periodically invite the carriers, representatives of new communications technologies, members of Congress and congressional staff to give us updates. We are responsible for obtaining a section of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 specifically dedicated to the alarm industry (Section 275). (We are the only industry singled out for protection in the Act.) A re-write of the Telecom Act may happen in the next Congress (2018). We are working toward the language we would like to see as part of that Act. This will be a modernized version of 275. We retain a Washington, DC law firm and lobbyist. Dues received from our members support these two entities and for our meeting expenses. We meet quarterly in Washington, DC. Between meetings, I provide timely information to our members. We often lobby Congress and meet with the FCC on relevant issues. I have been its volunteer chair for the past 25 years, Among our work is the use of the telephone network. At the urging of the major carriers, the FCC has signaled its desire to switch fully to IP and off copper (the IP transition). While we have no problem with this move, we want to make sure that alarms are properly received at central stations. We file FCC notices on behalf of all our members (these are available to you for review). As a method of judging the usage of various telecommunications media in our industry, I run a yearly survey of what is installed (i.e. legacy systems) and what is being newly installed anew. The survey is now in its sixth year. We stay on top of what the cellular carriers are doing as they migrate through the various generations of cellular service. 10 | TMA Dispatch •

Another issue is to preserve the industry’s use of the Part 15, unlicensed frequencies, especially at 300 to 350 MHz used by many manufacturers for wireless alarms and PERS. These frequencies are “waterfront real estate,” coveted by many and are under constant siege Recently we have begun to discuss the Internet of Things, Cyber Security, DIY and MIY products. We also explore newer telecommunications technologies that may be of interest to our members. Important to many of our manufacturing members is the fact that we provide information to you in a timely fashion so that you can plan products accordingly. We provide information, influence and advocacy. Not being at the AICC table could put a company at risk! It is important to know that among AICC’s functions is to deflect threats to our industry’s communication needs and to advocate for suitable alternatives when needed. These range from copper facilities including pots, VoIP, broadband, cellular radio, business band radio and part 15 unlicensed spectrum. At any given time there are one or more issues from the above list in which AICC is involved. At the current time, we have pending activity on most of these. For example, the major carriers are asking the FCC to speed up their discontinuance of copper pots facilities. While we are not opposed to this “progress,” our point that we have made over and over is that the replacement must be as reliable for the protection of our citizens that have burglar alarms, fire alarms and personal medical systems (PERS). Their suggested replacements are VoIP and cellular. We have purposely not entered the Net Neutrality debate, choosing rather to ask for a level playing field against broadband carriers that have entered the alarm monitoring sector. Regarding cellular, we recognize and understand the needed changes to the generation progression of cellular from AMPS to LTE. We only ask that we be given good and timely information so that our industry can accommodate the changes with our customers. We are fervently hoping that our relationship with FirstNet will yield stability as we partner with the Public Safety sector. Regarding business band radio, this is mainly in the 450 to 470 MHz portion of the radio spectrum. Beginning in 1969 we enjoyed some level of exclusivity on a portion of Continued on page 38 Fall 2017

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Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 11 For more information visit or call (440) 247-5602


SIAC Works to Stop a Growing Threat to the Alarm Industry Alarm Industry Draws Line in the Sand By David S. Margulies


he article from the local newspaper says it all: “Sandy Springs targets security companies to reduce false alarms.” Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, recently voted to fine alarm companies instead of alarm owners for false alarms. The vote passed despite a lively debate between council members and alarm company representatives. The new false alarm law takes effect September 1 and the fine system will go into place October 1. The new alarm ordinance law requires the company that installs and services an alarm to register it, and makes the company responsible for false alarm fines. The fines escalate quickly: $25 for a first offense; $250 for the second and third; and $500 for all subsequent offenses. The alarm industry is challenging the action by retaining legal counsel to argue that the ordinance is illegal. “The entire industry must rally around this,” said Jay Hauhn, CEO and Executive Director of The Monitoring Association (TMA). “If this municipality is able to implement this, others will quickly follow. “This impacts monitoring companies everywhere, not just in Sandy Springs, not just in Georgia, not just for the Southeast. The potential repercussions will be nationwide,” Hauhn said. The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) is taking the lead hoping to draw a line in the sand when it comes to the policy of municipalities fining alarm companies for false alarms. “We have retained legal counsel to interface with the Sandy Springs’ city attorney,” said Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director. “Our past successful

12 | TMA Dispatch •

work in this area suggests that city officials are not aware that this type of legislation poses a number of serious legal issues for the city.” Because each state operates under different laws it is necessary to retain legal counsel each time a city proposes fining alarm companies. In the past, industry attorneys have successfully argued that the Proposed Ordinance: ■■ Violates Substantive Due Process ■■ Violates Procedural Due Process ■■ Violates Equal Protection ■■ Is an Improper Tax on Alarm Companies ■■ Is an Invalid Exercise of Municipal Police Power “In order to make headway with a city attorney, or the courts, an attorney must first research state law and

the state constitution,” said Martin. “The attorney can also raise sustentative issues regarding violations of the U.S. Constitution.” “What makes these ordinances such a threat,” said Hauhn, “is that they can create a huge financial and logistical burden for companies without the legal protections that are afforded those accused of violating a city ordinance.” In past cases, industry attorneys have argued that these laws violate due process, which is afforded by the U.S. and most state constitutions. Due process is violated by making companies responsible for someone else’s actions which it has little or no control over, and fining them with no way to determine whether there was in fact a false alarm. Such an ordinance imposes a penalty exclusively on the basis of government’s unilateral determination of a false alarm, and affords the alarm company no meaningful opportunity to be heard. This is a fatal due process obstacle in the ordinance. “A significant cause of false alarm activity is caused by end-users not operating their system properly,” said Hauhn. “It is proven that fining end-users for false alarms has a direct and measurable positive impact on false alarm reduction. It’s a simple and effective concept: personal financial responsibility for misuse modifies personal action!” “Legal challenges cost money and require continued strong industry financial support,” he added. “We are kidding ourselves if we believe such laws are going to be isolated incidents or a minor problem. Investment to stop this type of legislation will have a tremendous ROI vs. the cost of fighting these battles nationwide for years.” Your contribution is needed now. Please visit donate.aspx to make a donation in support of the effort to protect alarm companies. 

Fall 2017

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Products. Technology. Services. Delivered Globally. • TMA Dispatch | 13

Why Monitoring Center Personnel Should Attend TMA’s “Fall Ops” By Chris Newhook

Central Station Manager, American Alarm


he Monitoring Association is my number one resource — my one-stop shop — for industry feedback, as well as educational and operational best practices. As if this wasn’t enough, it also serves as the backbone of my peer network. While its strength lies with its members, it is TMA’s sustained commitment to actively listen to that membership, gather the insight and effectively channel this wealth of knowledge into a platform for industry growth and development that serves as the organization’s greatest triumph. For me, the culmination of its collective efforts manifests itself each year with the TMA Fall Operations Management Seminar. The 2016 “Fall Ops” was no exception! TMA focused its usual world-class coordinative talents last year, directing a stellar line-up of speakers and timely topics ranging from ASAP-to-PSAP, PERS monitoring, UL Standards updates, and a real show-stopper on cybersecurity. The event was thoughtfully balanced with a selection of dynamic round-table exchanges and lively break-out group discussions. The TMA Fall Operations Management Seminar is my annual reload – a getaway to assess my current objectives, develop my goals and rethink my direction; all in the company of the industry’s best talent.  Chris Newhook was TMA’s 2014 Monitoring Center Manager of the Year.

Sunday, November 5 ■■ ASAP and Contract Council Meetings ■■ Check In/Ice Breaker Reception (6:00 pm)

2017 Fall Ops



Monday, November 6 ■■ Breakfast for all hotel guests ■■ Tours of UL and Walgreens ■■ Lunch for registrants ■■ Afternoon Session ȚȚ What’s New, What’s It Do? ȚȚ UL Standards Update ȚȚ GSOC Transformation Best Practices ■■ Proprietary Council Meeting ■■ Dinner on your own

Tuesday, November 7 ■■ Breakfast for all hotel guests ■■ General Session ȚȚ What’s New, What’s It Do? ȚȚ Roundtable Exchange ■■ Lunch for registrants ■■ Afternoon Session ȚȚ Operator Code of Excellence ȚȚ Best Practices in Employee performance Evaluation ȚȚ Performance Incentive Programs in the Monitoring Center ■■ Closing Remarks Schedule subject to change

Register now for the 2017 Fall Operations Management Seminar, featuring tours of UL Headquarters and Walgreens Security Operations Center, November 5-7 in Rosemont, IL. Visit for program details.

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Fall 2017

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Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 15

TMA NEWS Ivan Spector is Voted President-Elect of The Monitoring Association Membership Votes for New Officers at ESX 2017 Members of The Monitoring Association (TMA) chose their next president at the General Membership Meeting in Nashville on June 13: Ivan Spector, president of Montreal-based Sentinel Alarm Co. Sentinel has been in the security and critical monitoring business for more than 40 years and is a full-service, custom-designed ULC-listed and Five Diamond designated monitoring station. “I am very honored and humbled to serve in the position of President,” said Spector. “I look forward to continuing our successes and I thank all of our members for their support and participation.”

In addition to his ownership of Sentinel Alarm, Spector is a leader in advancing alarm management in both Canada and the United States. For CANASA, he has served on the Board of Directors, was national president, and chair of the Response Committee. In that role, he proved instrumental in driving many false dispatch reduction initiatives. He was a founding member and longtime member of the board of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC). Currently, he serves on the Executive Committee of TMA. Spector is a Superior Court of Canada-acknowledged and accepted expert witness. He is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal. He and his wife Jodi reside in Montreal and have four children. In addition to the election of Spector, officer positions for the next two years were proposed and accepted by

vote of the membership: Don Young, ADT; Morgan Hertel, Rapid Response; and Steve Butkovich, CPI will become vice presidents of the Association and Alan Gillmore IV, Gillmore Security, will become treasurer. “Congratulations to Ivan and our other new officers,” said TMA President Pamela J. Petrow. “I have had the pleasure of working with all of them during my presidency, and know that the Association will be in very good hands under their leadership.” These leadership changes become official at the conclusion of the TMA Annual Meeting in Scottsdale October 7-11. In addition to voting on these leaders, members approved several proposed changes to the Association bylaws sections pertaining to officers and committees. The revised bylaws are posted online at

The TMA Board of Directors met at ESX in June. Left to right: Ralph Sevinor, Alan Gillmore IV, Phil Hempen, Ed Bonifas, Bud Wulforst, Pam Petrow (president), Jay Hauhn, Rick Sheets, Dave Carter, Shannon Woodman, Don Young (treasurer), Teresa Gonzalez, Steve Butkovich, Chet Donati, Bob Bitton, Nigel Spinks, Ivan Spector (first vice president), Bob Bonifas, Stanley Oppenheim, Ben Dickens. Following the 2017 Annual Meeting, Young (ADT), Morgan Hertel (Rapid Response), and Butkovich (CPI) will become vice presidents of the Association and Gillmore IV (Gillmore Security) will become treasurer. Photo courtesy of ESX 16 | TMA Dispatch •

Fall 2017

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A Sharp Focus on Leadership, Technology, and Business Management Solutions for Monitoring Industry Professionals Looking for the latest “industry intelligence” that will help you advance your business? Join your colleagues in Scotts­ dale October 7-11 for the TMA Annual Meeting, the monitoring industry’s premier networking and education event. Don’t miss the top-level engagement and professional development our members have come to expect from the TMA Annual Meeting! (Meetings and schedule are subject to change.) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7

Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meetings Board and AHJ Dinner


From the Hill: Up-to-the-Minute Legislative Updates Affecting TMA Members Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and current National Managing Director of alliantgroup A post-election legislative and tax update that will outline what businesses and business owners can expect with tax reform and other economic issues.


Committee Meetings Evening Welcome Reception/Buffet MONDAY, OCTOBER 9: LOOKING TO THE FUTURE

TMA General Membership Meeting Industry Attrition Report John Brady, President, TRG Associates

Government Relations/Advocacy Update KEYNOTE PRESENTATION

Business as Unusual: Innovation and Global Trends -- What’s in the Future? Jack Uldrich, Global Futurist and Author, Business as Unusual: How to Future-Proof Yourself Against Tomorrow’s Transformational Trends, Today “In the near future, the greatest change will be the accelerating rate of change itself. In this session, I’ll outline the trends transforming the world of tomorrow, as well as identify concrete actions business leaders can take today to future-proof themselves and their companies against ‘the tides of tomorrow.’” – Jack Uldrich

AHJ Open Forum and Luncheon

Valuation Trends and Drivers in the Current Market Environment Alper Cetingok, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Raymond James & Associates; Co-Head, Security, Defense & Government Services Practice A comprehensive discussion regarding the factors affecting how companies in the security industry are currently being valued and what to expect going forward. FEATURED PRESENTATION

Executive Leadership Skills – Investing Your Time Wisely to Get the Results You Want Rory Vaden, NY Times best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and business leader, and founder of The Center for the Study of Self-Discipline Time management and procrastination impact the best of us. Learn how to identify and prioritize the leadership skills with the most positive influence to more effectively lead your organization.

Optional Afternoon Activity: Paddles Up – Desert River Raft Float Open Evening for Networking WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11: TECHNOLOGY TRENDS

Home Security Market Dynamics, Disruption, and Opportunity Tom Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy, Parks Associates Hear the latest research on key trends in the residential home security market and how smart safety and security products are impacting the competitive landscape.

Lightning Round Presentation: From Research to Reality – What’s New in Our Industry Staying Ahead of the Race for Connectivity-Smart Business Strategies to Empower Your Monitoring Business in the World of IoT Justin Smith, Security Director, KORE Wireless

Closing Conversation: The Legal Implications of Cybersecurity Optional Afternoon Activity: Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour President’s Reception and Dinner/Dance with Presentation of Stanley C. Lott Award

Come to Scottsdale, make valuable connections, and take home information that will help you advance your business! Find detailed schedule, speaker, registration and housing information at

Theme Night Reception/Buffet: Western Nights at Whiskey Flats 18 | TMA Dispatch •

Fall 2017

Up Your Installation Game A smart-breakthrough-technology app for technicians uses Automated Panel Programming to cut install times and save you money. With complete panel programming, instant access to documentation, troubleshooting information, zone statuses, Wi-Fi signal strength, cellular-device activation and more, techies will have a dynamic resource on hand for painless installs. Go to for a chance to win a new iPad®.

We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 •

Keep updated on our new products and features: @dmpalarms

Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 19


10th Annual ESX Solidifies a Decade of Success It’s a wrap on the 10th annual Electronic Security Expo (ESX), which took place June 13-16 in Nashville, TN. Connections were made. Ideas were shared. And quality conversations were had. As a nation-wide event, open exclusively to the electronic security and life safety industry, the 2017 program was designed to allow passionate professionals to learn more, share more, and interact more than ever before. And ESX (co-owned by TMA and ESA), again, delivered in big ways. Each Main Stage event welcomed more attendees than we have ever seen. Over 700 attended the General Session on Thursday and numbers were up across the board on all events. The show’s 35 education sessions also saw their highest-ever attendance. Many sessions were standing room only, and attendees left classrooms with ideas to put to work in their businesses immediately. Passionate professionals left ESX with actionable knowledge, new contacts, and perhaps a new way of thinking about some ex-

tremely important industry-shifting trends. TMA welcomed members to our booth in the exhibit hall (above), presented our 2017 Excellence Awards (see cover story), and honored John M. Merklinger with the 2017 Public Sector Award (see the Summer 2017 issue of Dispatch for details). 

Rochester/Monroe County, NY’s John M. Merklinger (left) received the 2017 TMA Public Sector Award at ESX.

Mark your calendar now for ESX 2018: We return to Nashville June 19-22! Visit for updates.

20 | TMA Dispatch •

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 21


TMA Voice of the Customer: “VoC 2.0” Now Underway In 2015, TMA (then CSAA) launched the “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) initiative to lay the foundation for the future direction of the Association. The initiative included surveys, conference calls, and in-person focus groups, in which members were asked to discuss the issues and actions they believed were needed for the Association to remain relevant and vital going forward. For the past 24+ months, TMA has

been acting on the findings of the VoC. Association committee members and staff took these findings and began collaborating on how best to address the concerns of the members. Over the summer, weekly progress reports were emailed to members on the actions taken to address issues identified as critical during the VoC. See the Executive Director’s Report on page 6 for a synopsis of the progress reports, and the complete reports can be read on

the TMA Blog: In early September, TMA emailed all members a survey to launch “VoC 2.0” – the next step in our goal to provide value to our members. If you did not receive a survey link, contact Don’t miss your chance to weigh in, again or for the first time, on the direction YOU want to see your association take in the future!

Our Members Are Saying… TMA recently surveyed its Regular members to assess their views on the installing do-it-yourself market. The results confirm the innovative mind-set of our members, with the majority of the respondents seeing the installing doit-yourself market as either an opportunity or both an opportunity and a threat. How do you see it? Send your remarks to Celia Besore, VP of Membership and Services, at Let’s keep the conversation going.

TMA Membership Renewal Period Begins Soon Renewal notices for 2018 will be mailed in October. TMA thanks you for your support and participation in 2017, and looks forward to serving you and advancing the professional monitoring industry in 2018!

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Fall 2017

Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 23

TMA MEMBER NEWS Engineered Protection Systems Earns 2016-17 Police Dispatch Quality Award At ESX 2017, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) recognized TMA member Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI) with its prestigious 2016-17 Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award. The PDQ award is given to the company that promotes best practices working with law enforcement to reduce the number of unnecessary dispatches to alarm customers. The award was presented at the ESX Public Safety and Networking Luncheon on June 16 in Nashville. “Engineered Protection Systems has consistently shown itself to be extraordinarily conscientious, exacting and effective where it comes to alarm management and dispatches,” said Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director. “The company encompasses all that the award stands for in cutting false dispatches, and building relationships with the community and first responders.” “Winning this award was the result of focus towards dealing with alarm issues for the benefit of our

valued customers and the community as a whole,” said Kevin Carlson, EPS Security President. “Reducing unnecessary dispatches is vital to the health of our industry and our ability to serve and protect the community.” EPS Security strategies for reducing false alarms include two call confirmations, customer education at installation, detailed user guides and specific procedures for problem alarm sites. “When a pervasive false alarm problem is discovered, EPS Security has a number of procedures to make a correction,” Carlson SIAC Executive Director Stan Martin, left, and said. “These include a member EPS Monitoring Center Operations Manager Josh of the EPS Security Monitoring Sanders following the presentation of the award. Center team calling customers, Photo by Elizabeth Lasko. downloaders checking on the programs, service techs coordinating ally by SIAC and the False Alarm onsite visits to check equipment, or Reduction Association (FARA), and providing a full re-education of the co-sponsored by Honeywell Security, system to the customer along with a Security Sales & Integration Magpossible extension of delay times.” azine, and the Installation Quality The PDQ Award is given annu(IQ) Program.

ALAS Celebrates 20 Years, Recognizes TMA for Support In July, TMA Vice President of Membership and Programs Celia Besore attended the ALAS Management Summit, the annual event of ALAS, the Latin American Security Association. The summit focuses on the executives and decision makers of Latin America’s most prominent security companies. At the summit, ALAS celebrated its 20th anniversary and presented TMA, along with other industry partners, with commemorative gifts. TMA’s was inscribed: “On our 20th anniversary we would like to thank The Monitoring Association for being a valuable partner in our history.”

24 | TMA Dispatch •

ALAS CEO Alberto Alvarez (far left) with TMA’s Celia Besore (center) and representatives from Al, UL, NFPA, SCALA (Smart Card alliance), CABA (Continental Automated Building Association) and CASEL (Camara Argentina de Seguridad Electronica) at the ALAS Management Summit

Fall 2017

TMA NEW MEMBERS Non-Listed Non-Traditional Monitoring

Tech Systems Inc. Buford, GA Since 1987, Tech Systems, Inc., has been a leading provider of integrated security solutions for a diverse group of national and international clients. Tech Systems’ core competency is the design, integration and maintenance of electronic security products and enterprise systems for liability prevention, asset protection and process applications. Their goal is to set the standard for performance and reliability in the market places they serve. As a 100% employee-owned organization, their employees are empowered and motivated to deliver high-quality support and performance.


Compliance Management Solutions, LLC Salisbury, NC Compliance Management Solutions, LLC provides clients in the electronic security systems industry with a customized and cost effective solution for managing their compliance needs. They provide compliance services for companies throughout the U.S., including: accelerating licensing and compliance, smoothing out volatility in resource demands and protecting organizations from penalties/fines associated with compliance mistakes. Compliance has an in-depth understanding of the security industry and thorough knowledge of the state and local regulations that impact businesses.

Siterwell Electronics Co., Limited Jiangbei, Ningbo, China Ningbo Siterwell Electronics Co., LTD was established in 2010 and focuses on creating various types of sensor alarm, IOT industry application security solutions and smart home solutions. Siterwell products are exported to more than 60 countries. Siterwell works actively to promote an International development strategy and establish a close working relationship with many international brands and each national standards laboratory, and has also established a European branch in the United Kingdom.


ITSPAYD Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing; Joins Forces with UCC The Business Intelligence Group awarded ItsPayd a 2017 Stratus Award in their annual contest to identify the companies, products and people that are offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies. ItsPayd is a SaaS platform that automates accounts receivables and helps companies reach past-due/ at-risk customers (to their mobile device or tablet/pc) and set up payment plans all in an automated process. “I am so proud of our employees and partners for their dedication and hard work,” said Ken Green, ItsPayd CEO. “We know that the work we are doing is transforming the world as we know it and our technology will continue to lead the industry.” Fall 2017

ItsPayd and United Central Control are joining forces to offer automated payment services to UCC dealer customers. With their shared interest in superior customer service and simple-to-use products, the two companies anticipate a long-standing relationship. Mark Matlock, Senior VP of Sales at UCC, stated that “We are very pleased to partner with ItsPayd to deliver a proven solution to our alarm dealer customers for collecting past due balances from their customers and for lessening attrition. This service fits well with our overarching strategy of helping our dealers grow and control attrition. Additionally, by developing this unique program with ItsPayd, UCC is able to deliver this service at a discount to our dealers. It’s a big win for everyone.”

New Affiliate Offers for TMA Members TMA has collaborated with associate members to create some exclusive new offers that will help regular members advance their businesses. Exclusively for TMA members, alliantgroup is offering free assessments to business owners and executives, in which they will identify the amount of tax credits (and cash refunds) for which your business could eligible. ItsPayd is offering TMA members special discounts on invoicing plans for their cloud-based application that enables businesses to offer customizable payment plans and their customers to make payments from mobile devices. For details on these and other valuable affiliate benefits, visit tma. us/affiliate-benefits. • TMA Dispatch | 25


Tax Update: New 1099 Penalties By Mitch Reitman


here are perils of treating employees as “contractors” and issuing them IRS forms 1099. Not only is it a bad idea to treat an employee as a contractor, the IRS has instituted new requirements, and penalties, for misfiled and late filed 1099s. Filers can receive up to a $530 per record penalty (a $3+ million maximum penalty for even a mid-sized penalty), if delivering 1099 or W-2 statements after the IRS deadlines. To make things worse, even if you can scrape together the penalty money, penalties aren’t deductible against your Federal Income Tax liability. Intentional disregard for furnishing or filing information returns is a $530/return penalty. Additionally, filers can receive up to a $260 per record penalty for the late delivery of a statement (i.e. sending out a 1099 too late) and then another $260 per record penalty for filing late. If this isn’t bad enough, the penalty is indexed for inflation. IRS Code Section 6721 includes penalties for: ■■ Missing or incorrect Social Security and Taxpayer Identification Numbers ■■ Failure to E-File Correct Information Returns to the IRS ■■ Late 1099-MISC forms with Box 7 information (non “employee” compensation) ■■ Here are examples: ■■ Failure to Furnish Correct Payee Statements: $50 / $100 / $260 per payee statement depending on when you furnish the correct information returns (IRS Code Section 6721) ■■ Intentional Disregard: If a company fails to provide a correct payee statement, due to intentional disregard of the requirements to furnish a correct payee statement, the penalty is at least $530 per payee statement with no maximum penalty. ■■ Failure to File by the Due Date: 26 | TMA Dispatch •

$50 per return if filed within 30 days of the deadline, $100 per return if filed by August 1st, and $260 per return if filed after August 1. Note — Jan. 31st 2017 was the new IRS filing deadline for 1099 MISC with box 7 (non employee compensation). ■■ Similar penalties apply for 1099s in which the Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number is incorrect. “What, the “contractor” is using his/her Social Security Number?… I thought that this was a ‘contractor’ with a real company and a Taxpayer Identification Number.” Even though it is better to treat these people as employees, remember that W-2 forms are now due on January 31, 2018. If you think that you are immune to the healthcare debate in Washington, be aware that thousands of IRS personnel who have been sidetracked to administer the insurance mandate may suddenly find themselves with time on their hands. They will be looking for new targets — don’t become one. Make certain that your employee / contractor house in in order. Be aware of the new filing deadlines and aggressive accuracy requirements. Talk to your tax practitioner.  

If you think that you are immune to the healthcare debate in Washington, be aware that thousands of IRS personnel who have been sidetracked to administer the insurance mandate may suddenly find themselves with time on their hands. They will be looking for new targets — don’t become one.

Mitch Reitman is the Managing Principal of TMA member Reitman Consulting Group, the Security Industry’s tax and accounting specialists, and can be reached at 817-6989999.

Fall 2017




Vivint #22 on its in most compalist of the World’s nies, but more 50 Most Innovathan that, it’s just tive Companies. an exciting comThis year pany to be a part Vivint was of at all levels of awarded TMA’s the organization,” 2017 MonitorBecht says. ing Center of the Vivint also Year award — an focuses on emawards program ployee acknowlthat has been in edgment and the existence longer ability for staff to than the company excel in current itself. So, how did roles or move to Todd Pedersen, other roles within founder and CEO, the company take a company through special that was started committees, leadPhoto captions: Mike Tupy (center left) and Amy Becht (center right) accept the Monitoring in 1999 as APX ership training, Station of the Year Award for Vivint Smart Home during the Monitoring Association’s ExcelAlarm and recareer developlence Awards ceremony in June from TMA’s Pam Petrow (left) and SDM’s Karyn Hodgson. PHOTO COURTESY OF ESX branded as Vivint ment programs in 2010 and grow it into one of the most exceptional comand mentorships. The key, here, is opportunity. panies in the industry with more than 1 million subscriber It is not uncommon, according to Becht, for an employee customers, 250 operators (both full-time and part-time) and to move throughout different departments in the company two Five Diamond central station locations? during his or her career at Vivint. The company wants its employees to succeed and places an emphasis on mentorValues ing. Mentors encourage their mentees, aid them in achieving their goals, and advocate for them throughout their “We have six values that really drive all aspects of the tenure. business and those are a huge piece of our daily operations, even down to the individual performance level, and that reInnovation ally makes a difference,” says Amy Becht, director of central stations at Vivint Smart Home. Also rooted in the company’s core values are the many The six values are: Honesty and Integrity Come First; internal technological improvements and implementations Customer Obsession is Our Advantage; Innovation is EsVivint has made to its monitoring business over the last sential; We Win Together; Exceptional is Expected; and We several years. For instance, the company began leveraging Give Back. its intelligent IVR (or interactive voice response) system One of the ways this 2017 Excellence Award winner stays to make notification calls to its customers on low-priority true to its values is its focus on employees. Once an emsignals such as low battery, which has reduced low-priorployee makes it through a multi-tiered interview process ity alarms handled by monitoring specialists by 90 percent, to become one of the eight percent of applicants hired as while positively impacting customer satisfaction. With a monitoring specialists, Vivint Smart Home management change in the company’s cancel signal policy, Vivint rewant individuals to feel appreciated. Its focus on “winning duced false alarm volume by 26 percent. Additionally, entogether” lends itself to numerous, exceptional perks within abling two-way connection on fire alarms with an active the company for existing employees. Along with schedulconnection for two-and-a-half minutes drove a 62 percent ing flexibility, competitive base compensation and bonuses, reduction in dispatch rate for fire alarms. Vivint employees enjoy features focused on making them Another intelligent tool that Vivint implemented about happy and comfortable in the workplace, such as floor-totwo years ago to help it keep up with its more than 4.5 milceiling windows, cafe with free meals, fitness center, putting lion signals each week, is a staffing software through IEX, green and gaming area, pool tables, basketball court and which adjusts projections in real-time throughout the day sand volleyball court. The company’s Utah central station based on actual volumes, helping to optimize scheduling. even has an on-site health clinic with a full-time doctor on The results have been game changing, according to staff. Becht. “We moved from a more manual process when it “As a company, the employee experience is something we comes to staffing and schedules, and that has given us high really value and invest in. We have amazing perks not found visibility of agent availability status and high visibility of

Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 27

2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS over- and under-staffing. It makes us station, Godsey became the person for more agile,” she explains. the job. On the customer-facing front, in“In this industry, you almost never novation and adoption of new techget to build a central station from nologies, as well as customer focus, scratch. We rented the space, remodare values that help Vivint stand out. eled it, got UL and FM approved, Every customer who has an alarm hired and trained operators and put activation receives a two-question our first account in there. We also got email survey asking if he or she would Five Diamond certified and now we recommend Vivint. A dedicated team have close to 400 dealers and tens of member reads and categorizes all thousands of accounts,” recalls Godsey, survey responses, along with a team who is responsible for all operations at that personally calls every customer Dynamark’s Maryland central station that gives a rating of six or lower (out along with its two dozen operators. of 10) to make sure all concerns are Two traits that have aided in Godaddressed. A real-time dashboard dissey’s successes are his love of the work plays survey results and users can drill and humble leadership style, according down to the team and individual level to Alter. “The most important aspect to see specific results. of Keith’s job is to be a good leader and Vivint is always thinking about inlead by example. He never asks somenovations to add or execute to make a one to do something he wouldn’t do,” more seamless customer experience. Alter continues. “That’s a tremendous For example, recent integrations with asset and can’t be overstated.” Amazon Echo and Nest Learning In addition to empowering emThermostat into the company’s platployees by advocating opportunities Keith Godsey receives Monitoring Center Manform add on to the customer’s smart and promotions from within, as well ager of the Year Award. PHOTO COURTESY OF ESX home experience. In addition, all as giving them the training and tools systems are paperless and accessible they need to excel at their job and through a single sign-on, ensuring employees can deliver handle issues and conflicts, Godsey does everything he can the best customer experience possible with all the informato ensure that employees are able to do their jobs and protion they need in one place. vide the level of service that account subscribers and dealer In the end, while Vivint’s values, perks and business procustomers deserve. cesses all matter, numbers also matter and Vivint excels in Two years ago, during a blizzard that dumped 48 inches this area as well. To go over a few metrics: Vivint currently of snow, Godsey enlisted four-wheel drive vehicles and even verifies 87 percent of all alarms as false without dispatchsnowmobiles to take operators to and from their homes so ing employees; 93 percent of survey respondents rate the that proper staffing and safety could be maintained during company’s monitoring representatives at a seven or higher the state of emergency. Food also was brought in to make out of 10; and in 2016, Vivint’s average speed of answer on a sure operators were taken care of and could perform their signal was 8.4 seconds. duties. “We have consistent innovation in all that we do,” Becht Beyond training team members to answer the phone, says. “Beyond the products, to the employee experience and Godsey has created a positive environment for the monitorevery facet of our processes, we are always looking at ‘Is ing center’s employees, as well as a great all-around expethere a better way?’” rience for the company’s dealers and their subscribers, according to Alter. “This industry is unique and you have to train peoMonitoring Center Manager of the Year ple that way, too,” Godsey tells SDM. “There are very few businesses where at the end of the day, you can say ‘I saved Keith Godsey, Senior Vice President of somebody’s life today’ or ‘I helped a customer’ or ‘I saved a Operations, Dynamark Monitoring Inc., home.’ We do that every day.” Hagerstown, MD Adds Alter, “Keith has built a culture and a philosophy from his real passion for delivering to the customer. He Keith Godsey fosters a culture of positivity and opportunity. wants every alarm system to be monitored like it is his and Keith Godsey, senior vice president of central station ophe holds everybody to that standard. I am sure there are erations, has been a part of the monitoring industry for more many great central station managers, but Keith is more than than 40 years. Six years ago, when Trey Alter, president and that. I recommend him because I honestly do not believe CEO of Dynamark Monitoring Inc. wanted to build a central there is anyone more deserving.” Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 28


Monitoring Center Operator of the Year Craig Pierce, Central Station Lead/UL 2050 Lead, Alarm Detection Systems (dba Safe Systems), Louisville, CO Craig Pierce’s ability to anticipate customer needs is one of his biggest assets. Craig Pierce, central station lead and UL 2050 lead, exemplifies the best of what a central station operator should be, according to Safe Systems’ central station manager Shelley Chasteen. “There are a lot of people that fall into this industry by accident or stay because it is comfortable. This is not true for Craig. For him, this is a profession that he has chosen and trained others in for more than 20 years and he has done it with a positive attitude. It matters to him,” she tells SDM. Pierce came to Safe Systems during an acquisition in November 2012, starting as a new operator only to learn the company’s monitoring software and procedures. From day one he was providing assistance to employees that had been at the company for years, and within six months he was acting as a new hire trainer and lead. One attribute that serves Pierce well in this industry is his desire to continue learning and improving. During the first several months after being acquired by Alarm Detection Systems, Pierce received his secret clearance and quickly became an expert on UL 2050 high-security monitoring accounts (SCIF, Closed area and DSS) and, subsequently, became the UL 2050 lead. Even though he’s an operator, Pierce’s vision is a larger one: doing whatever needs to get done for the company and its customers. He has gone to customers’ homes to replace batteries when a technician could not be scheduled. He has

Craig Pierce received his secret clearance and quickly became an expert on UL 2050 high security monitoring accounts at Alarm Detection Systems (dba Safe Systems). PHOTO COURTESY OF SAFE SYSTEMS

done data entry, remote programming and troubleshooting when necessary. When asked what he likes most about his job and this industry, Pierce said it is the number of different people he gets to talk to in a day. “And usually when I am talking to those people, I am helping them in some way. That is very satisfying for me,” he adds. A few years ago, Colorado was hit with a declared natural disaster that included major flooding and rains that re-

TMA Congratulates Our 2017 Finalists Monitoring Center of the Year: ADT, LLC and Cooperative Response Center (CRC) Operator of the Year: Darlene Ardrey, CPI Security and Dielle Holmberg, EPS Support Person of the Year: Eric Kantner, The Protection Bureau and Mike Tupy, Vivint Smart Home Manager of the Year: Josh Sanders, EPS and Shari Wilson, ADT The TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards have been formally recognizing top-notch professionals in the industry for more than a decade. The awards recognize exceptional personnel in the industry as well as the most outstanding monitoring stations (TMA members and nonmembers) that are certified by any TMA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as UL, FM Approvals, and Intertek/ETL. Read more about this year’s winners and finalists at http://www.

Fall 2017

TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards

2017 • TMA Dispatch | 29

2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS sulted in deaths and thousands of destroyed properties and displaced residents. One signal that Pierce received during that time before the weather was declared a natural disaster, was a low-priority alarm on a sump pump. Typically, the alarm would have been pended for day notification, but with the heavy rain in the area combined with Pierce’s extensive knowledge, he called the customer. The customer — annoyed with the late night call — was going to go back to sleep, but instead went down to check his sump pump. They had not been on the evacuation list and thought they were safe, but the basement was flooding rapidly. Pierce’s call couldn’t save the home, but it did allow the customer to take out family heirlooms and other irreplaceable items that left the family very grateful for Craig’s persistence. “Craig is passionate about helping others and doing the right thing. He has amazing customer service. That can be trained to some degree, but you have to have that core of wanting to help people and Craig does,” Chasteen shares.

Monitoring Center Support Person of the Year Laura Jacobson, Central Station Coordinator Cooperative Response Center Inc. (CRC) Laura Jacobson has a passion for making things better and a knack for building strong relationships. Laura Jacobson started working for Cooperative Response Center Inc. (CRC) more than 18 years ago as a central station operator. Over time, she advanced to team lead and then to central station coordinator, where she is the front-line, dealer-relation administrator. She’s a reliable and trusted advisor to the central station manager as well as her co-workers and dealer customers. Dealers often ask for Jacobson by name and hold no other CRC employee in higher regard, according to Randy Ambrus, central station manager at the company. From an operational perspective, Jacobson has worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of alarms that are presented to operators. She has helped reduce the AHO (alarms handled by operators) over the years from 8.8 percent to its 2016 number of 3.3 percent, making CRC more efficient than ever. “Because Laura is a historian with nearly 20 years of experience at CRC, she knows the ins and outs of legacy systems, dealer protocol and specifics that only a veteran would know. This is crucial in the day-in and day-out operational guidelines and best practices that Laura helps establish,” Ambrus says. Jacobson possesses several attributes that set her apart, including her desire to learn, her retention of that knowledge, and her outstanding communication and relationship-building skills. One example of Jacobson using her knowledge and problem-solving skills to assist in operational improvements is through how the company identifies certain accounts in one

Fall 2017

Laura Jacobson helped reduce the AHO (alarms handled by operators) over the years from 8.8 percent to its 2016 number of 3.3 percent, making CRC more efficient than ever. PHOTO COURTESY OF CRC

particular service provider’s website. CRC was having difficulty auditing these invoices by dealer. Jacobson added a prefix to all of the accounts through the company’s interactive website that would allow everyone to see what account belongs to which dealers without having to access the automation system unnecessarily. Her wit dramatically reduced the time it takes to invoice customers. “There is a new challenge in every aspect of my job and that’s what I like the most. Whether it is problem-solving with dealers or helping subscribers with alarms or interacting with monitoring station staff. There is always a new challenge and that is very satisfying for me,” Jacobson says. Over the past three years, Jacobson has been documenting her knowledge and using her ability to take complex subjects and turn them into digestible pieces of information for others by helping to create the central station training course “CS University.” Jacobson spends significant time adding and improving the training program, according to Ambrus. “Every day, it is all about team for Laura. I’ve been in the alarm industry a long time and in all my years, I’ve never seen somebody with such a passion for making the central station a better place to work. Her passion to make things better is key,” Ambrus tells SDM. • TMA Dispatch | 30

TMA Five Diamond Member Companies These monitoring centers have received or renewed their TMA Five Diamond designations since the publication of the Summer 2017 issue of Dispatch. TMA applauds their commitment to the highest training standards in the monitoring industry. For an up-to-date list of TMA Five Diamond companies, visit Acadian Monitoring Services Baton Rouge, LA since 05/2009

API Alarm Monitoring, Inc. (CO) Denver, CO since 8/2014

Guardian Alarm Systems Shreveport, LA since 08/2017

Acadian Monitoring Services Elk Grove Village, IL since 12/2010

API Alarm Monitoring, Inc. (ON) Toronto, ON since 12/2014

iWatch Communications, Inc Beaverton, OR since 01/2008

Acadian Monitoring Services Lafayette, LA since 01/2005

Atlas Security Service, Inc. Springfield, MO since 03/2005

Kastle Systems Falls Church, VA since 06/2014

Acme Protective Systems Ltd./APS Security Vancouver, BC since 09/2005

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers Ogden, UT since 01/2007

Kroger Central Alarm Control Portland, OR since 07/2015

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers (ID) Rexburg, ID since 08/2016

LDS Church Security Salt Lake City, UT since 05/2012

CenterPoint Technologies, LLC St. Louis, MO since 06/2006

Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc. Encino, CA since 11/2014

Centra-Larm Monitoring Inc Manchester, NH since 06/2009

Nationwide Central Station Monitoring Corp. Freeport, NY since 04/2007

Alarm Systems Belleville, ON since 03/2014 Alarmco, Inc. Las Vegas, NV since 06/2006 AlarmForce Industries Inc Toronto, ON since 04/2015 AlarmWatch Atwater, CA since 08/2010 All American Monitoring Sarasota FL since 01/2011 American Alarm and Communications, Inc Arlington, MA since 04/2004 American Burglary & Fire, Inc. St. Louis, MO since 11/2005

Fall 2017

COPS Monitoring (TN) Nashville, TN since 01/2012 COPS Monitoring (TX) Lewisville, TX since 6/2014 Damar Security Systems, dba Security Response Center Sarnia, ON since 11/2012 Doyle Security Systems Rochester, NY since 02/2004 Global Monitoring Solutions Denham Springs, LA since 10/2013

Paladin Security Systems Burnaby, BC since 06/2016 Post Alarm Systems Arcadia, CA since 12/2014 Protection One Irving, TX since 10/2014 Quick Response Monitoring Alarm Center Cleveland, OH since 10/2005 • TMA Dispatch | 31

FIVE DIAMOND Richmond Alarm Company Midlothian, VA since 06/2017

Security Response Services, Inc. Bloomington, MN since 09/2012 Stanley Security Canada Montreal, QC since 10/2011

Safety Systems, Inc. Jackson, MI since 03/2012

Vector Security, Inc. (East) Plymouth Meeting, PA since 04/2014 Vector Security, Inc. (West) Warrendale, PA since 04/2014

State Farm Insurance Bloomington, IL since 02/2004

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Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 32


By John Prendergast

FCC NPRM re Central Station Channel Restriction With the filing of the TMA/AICC and LMCC Joint Ex Parte Comments, Lou Fiore and I met with the relevant FCC personnel about their view of the consensus the proposed rule changes and coordination procedures. The staff had reviewed the filing, and indicated that it would be hard pressed to ignore a consensus among all relevant FCC coordinators and stakeholders. Therefore, we continue to expect a strong probability that the FCC will find the proposed measures acceptable without significant change. The staff asked a few questions about the proposal, including their desire to see adjacent channel protection spelled out more clearly; and why non-central stations had to be station class FB8 (centralized trunking). We are therefore addressing these matters with LMCC and will do a supplemental ex parte. The staff indicates that the FCC is looking to issue an order in this proceeding by the end of the year.

Satellite Interference AICC continues working with the FCC’s International Bureau, NOAA and NASA to provide input on the draft rule change, in the hopes of avoiding further interference from weather satellites. Lou Fiore, Owais Hassan and I have participated in several meetings and calls that will shape the US position on this issue, and have been able to have limited Fall 2017

changes made to the wording of the draft report. AICC will continue to work with the Federal working group to seek fair terms, ahead of the finalization of the US position paper this Fall. Specific developments: ■■ We have established August 15 as a date when AES alarm equipment will be tested for interference impact from the proposed satellite technology, at the Maryland test lab used by NOAA RF contractor Alion. This testing will be the primary factor in determining whether changes must be made to the interference protection criteria that will be considered at the next World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) in Geneva. Lou Fiore, Owais Hassan and myself will be present for the testing. ■■ Pursuant to the recommendation of FCC International, TMA has reached out to the Fixed and Mobile working groups, to press home its case for protection from satellite co-primary signals. ■■ The United States is firming up its Preliminary View report on the satellite issue at the end of August, to be turned into a final document in October. Again, the US view must be vetted with CITEL, representing the Western Hemisphere; and thereafter, be taken up in Geneva.

FCC Adopts New Renewal and Discontinuance Rules at August 3 Meeting At its August 3 Open Meeting, the FCC voted on an order in WT Docket 10-112, in which it created unified construction, renewal and discontinuance of operation rules for the various wireless radio services. The FCC also issued a Further Notice

of Proposed Rulemaking in which it will seek comment on a range of additional possible actions to “increase access to wireless communications services” – which includes taking spectrum back from licensees deemed not to making adequate use of their license. It is important to note that the FCC’s action will impact both traditional commercial wireless services and wireless services used by private and public safety entities to meet internal communications needs. Following is a summary of the order and its impact on the alarm industry: License Renewal Under the FCC’s renewal standard, private radio licensees will be required to demonstrate that over the course of the license period, the licensee operated and continues to operate to address the licensee’s private internal communications needs. Commercial licensees will be required to demonstrate they provided and continue to provide substantial service to the public. The FCC established a safe-harbor which will permit the vast majority of license renewal applications to be processed in the normal course, much like they have been up until now. The safe-harbor includes three certifications under penalty of perjury: ■■ The first certification in each scenario addresses the renewal applicant’s ongoing provision of service and/or operations, and is tailored to the particular nature of licenses covered under a given safe harbor. ■■ The second certification requires the licensee to certify that no permanent discontinuance of service or operation (as defined below as an unbroken failure to provide service or operate over a specified period • TMA Dispatch | 33

REGULATORY UPDATE of days) occurred during the license term. ■■ The third certification requires the licensee to certify that it: (1) has substantially complied with all applicable FCC rules, policies, and the Communications Act of 1934, as amended; and (2) is not the subject of any FCC orders finding the licensee to have violated the Communications Act or any FCC rule or policy and is not the subject of any pending proceedings that relate to any matter described in the certification. The FCC recognizes that geographic area licenses (i.e., auction licenses) and spectrum leases are being used by licensees to meet private internal communications requirements. As a result, the FCC adopted a safe harbor for this class of license, which includes the following certifications: (i) the required construction benchmarks have been met and the licensee continues to utilize the facilities to “further [its] private, internal business or public interest/public safety needs at or above the level required to meet its interim performance requirement” and (ii) has met its final performance requirement and continues to use its facilities to “further [its] private, internal business or public interest/public safety needs at or above the level required to meet its interim performance requirement.” Those licensees that are not able to meet the safe harbor will be required to provide a showing demonstrating how it meets the FCC’s renewal standard. Even for the private land mobile services, we anticipate that these showings could be detailed and the subject of intense scrutiny by the FCC’s staff. In addition, each licensee will be required to certify that (1) it has substantially complied with the FCC’s Rules and policies, and the Communications Act of 1934 (the “Act”) as amended and (2) is not the subject of any FCC Order finding a violation, or subject to any pending FCC enforcement action. In the event that a Fall 2017

licensee cannot make the compliance certification, the FCC has indicated that the license renewal application will need to include a detailed explanation of the circumstances preventing the certification and a justification as to why the license renewal application should still be granted. If the FCC determines that a license renewal applicant’s compliance certification is insufficient, the license renewal application will be denied and the spectrum will automatically return to the FCC’s inventory for reassignment to another applicant. BloostonLaw filed comments on behalf of its clients pointing out the unfairness of denying a license renewal based on a pending enforcement action, which may eventually be resolved in favor of the licensee. The FCC has recognized that its new rules will have differing impacts on site-based licensees and geographic- area licensees. Because the FCC anticipates that license renewals for site-based licensees will be very similar to the renewal process in use today, the FCC is not planning for a transition period. Rather, the rules will become effective following approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the release of a Public Notice by the FCC. For geographic-area licensees, the FCC established a transition period which will make the new standards effective on January 1, 2023. Permanent Discontinuance of Operation The FCC established uniform permanent discontinuance rules applicable to all services. These rules are based on the type of license (sitebased vs. geographic-area) without regard to whether the license is used for private internal communications or to provide commercial wireless services to the public. For site-based licenses, the permanent discontinuance period is 365 consecutive days (i.e., the same as the current rule for Part 90 private radio licensees). For geographic-area licenses, the permanent discontinuance period is 180 consecutive days. While licenses used

to meet private, internal communications needs must be operating, licenses used to provide commercial service to the public must have “at least one subscriber that is not affiliated with, controlled by, or related to the . . . carrier.” Should a station permanently discontinue operation, the FCC will require an application for license modification to delete that transmitter or an application for license cancellation to be filed within 10 calendar days of the permanent discontinuance of operation. Exempt Services The FCC’s order states that these rule changes will not apply to the public safety services or the Educational Broadband Service. We expect that various parties may seek reconsideration of this exemption – especially as it relates to the Part 90 public safety services. Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking The FCC also adopted a further notice in order to seek comment on additional rules which, if adopted, would impose further construction requirements for commercial licensees after the initial license term. Essentially, the FCC is proposing to require commercial licensees, who have already met their build out requirements, to continue to build out their network in increments of at least 10 percent per license renewal term following the initial term. For those licensees that don’t meet this requirement, the FCC is proposing to take back unserved areas and allowing commercial licensees to only keep those areas that are being served. Comments to the proposals in the Further Notice will be due 30 days following publication in the Federal Register. Reply comments will be due 60 days following publication in the Federal Register.

FCC Updates Equipment Authorization Rules for Radio Frequency Devices The FCC has taken action to • TMA Dispatch | 34

REGULATORY UPDATE streamline and simplify its equipment authorization procedures for most radiofrequency devices such as cell phones, televisions, and other devices that are marketed, imported or operated within the United States. Under the current regulatory scheme, the Commission has two different procedures – self approval processes such as verification and declaration of conformity and certification processes. Verification and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) are self-approval processes that are reserved for RF equipment that has an established testing methodology, low risk of causing harmful interference and a high compliance rate. The more rigorous certification process is reserved for equipment and/ or devices that either employ new technologies, involve complex testing procedures, or have a high risk of causing harmful interference. Under the FCC’s newly adopted procedures, verification and DoC are being replaced with a single process – “Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC). The Commission believes that this new process will be more efficient for RF devices that are well suited for self approval – i.e., equipment that has a strong record of compliance and for which there is minimal risk of harmful interference. Equipment tested under the SDoC process will no longer be required to display the FCC logo as is currently required for devices approved using the DoC process. Nonetheless, the FCC will maintain the requirement to display a compliance statement and the identity of the responsible party, and apply it to all self-approved devices, but permit it to be included with other information provided to the user instead of being displayed on the device itself. This compliance statement will represent a new requirement for verified devices, but should not increase the burden on equipment manufacturers, since it replaces the requirement for a label on the device itself confirming the device’s compliance. In order to permit equipment 35 | TMA Dispatch •

manufacturers to transition from the current verification of DoC systems to the SDoC regime, the FCC has determined that while the new procedure will be effective immediately upon publication in the Federal Register, equipment manufacturers will be permitted to “continue to self-approve products using the existing DoC or verification procedures for up to one year from the effective date of the rules if they so choose.” Further, the FCC has clarified that any equipment authorized under the verification or DoC procedures prior to the end of the transition period will remain valid without any further action by the FCC, so long as the equipment has not been modified in a manner that would require the issuance of a new equipment authorization under the FCC’s new rules. The FCC is also modifying its labeling rules to comply with the Enhanced Labeling, Accessing, and Branding of Electronic Licenses Act (E-LABEL Act). The E-LABEL Act applies to all RF devices that have the “capability to digitally display labeling and regulatory information”, and requires the FCC to adopt rules which would allow manufacturers of RF devices to utilize electronic labeling in place of a physical label. In this regard, labeling must be accessible within 3 steps, meaning that the enduser must be able to access the information without having to drill down more than 3 steps. Further, manufacturers will be required to provide easily accessible instructions on how to access regulatory information – either in the product packaging material, operating instruction booklet or on a product-related website. If a product-related website is used, then the packaging material must contain a statement that the information on accessing the regulatory information is available on the product-related Internet site, along with instructions on how to access the direct website. Further, RF devices that rely on another device to operate or on a wireless or remote connection and have no display must have a physical

label unless the RF device can only be used in conjunction with a device that does have a screen. This is consistent with Canadian equipment authorization procedures. The Commission has also eliminated the requirement for importers to file with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the FCC Form 740 – the FCC’s unique import declaration for RF devices brought into the United States. Because of the exponential increase in imported RF devices, this filing requirement has become an unwieldy tool for the FCC and it has placed an increasingly substantial burden on importers. At the same time, the CBP’s revised database and the increasing availability of product information on the Internet and through other means have reduced the practical need for the form. Finally, the FCC has updated its specific measurement procedures and clarified that certain standards may be used for demonstrating that RF equipment complies with the FCC’s rules. These changes will allow the FCC to respond more quickly to changes in technology and international standards, and will speed the approval of new RF devices.

AT&T Discusses Hurricane Preparedness FirstNet’s blog recently ran an article by AT&T’s Senior Vice President of FirstNet operations discussing how the company is preparing for hurricane season. According to the article, Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) assets include 6 technology recovery trailers, a satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck), a mobile command center and an emergency communications vehicle. AT&T also developed new Helicopter Flying COW (Cell on Wings), to help provide coverage in areas where traditional Cell On Wheels units can’t go. AT&T also said that it plans to add 72 Satellite COLTs to its fleet to support the FirstNet network. These will be dedicated to first respondFall 2017

REGULATORY UPDATE ers and their specific needs during sustained situations where coverage may need to be strengthened. The company said that its goal is to assess the situation within an hour of a request to deploy. AT&T also discussed priority and preemption on the network. According to the article, these services will be available to public safety across all AT&T LTE bands, and includes the coverage provided by NDR technologies. In total, first responders will have access to more than 700 pieces of equipment – including COWs, COLTs, trailers, generators and more – which can be used in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis.

FirstNet Provides State Plans, Sees First State OptIns In June, FirstNet and AT&T provided U.S. states and territories with individual State Plans to enable the deployment of the FirstNet network. States and territories had up to 45 days to review the plans, and will also have the opportunity to exchange feedback with FirstNet before an official 90-day clock starts for each state or territory governor to make an “opt-in/opt-out” decision on its State Plan. According to a press release, a governor’s decision to opt-in will open the door for FirstNet and AT&T to immediately begin delivering services to that state or territory’s public safety community. As governors opt-in, FirstNet and AT&T will kick-off the network build process. Opting-in will: ■■ Transfer the financial, operational and technical risks of building, maintaining and upgrading the FirstNet network in the state or territory to AT&T for the next 25 years. ■■ Launch key network features like quality of service and priority access to voice and data across the existing nationwide AT&T LTE network. ■■ Provide preemption over the Fall 2017

AT&T LTE network – expected by year-end. This means fire, police and EMS will have dedicated access to the network when they need it. ■■ Deliver feature-rich services at competitive rates for first responders. As of August 1, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming have opted-in.

Legislative Update NEW BILLS: H.R. 2903 - Rural Reasonable and Comparable Wireless Access Act of 2017 Introduced in House 06/15/2017 06/16/2017 Referred to the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. This Act directs the Federal Communications Commission to promulgate regulations that establish a national standard for determining whether mobile and broadband services available in rural areas are reasonably comparable to those services provided in urban areas. AICC continues to demonstrate to the FCC that “reasonably comparable” service is not just about speed, but also reliability in emergency situations. In the event that Congress directs the FCC to establish a definition of reasonably comparable under this bill, AICC will want to participate to ensure adequate battery backup functionality is part of the definition. S. 1104 - Rural Wireless Access Act of 2017 Introduced in Senate 05/11/2017 Latest Action: 05/11/2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. This bill requires the Federal Communications Commission to establish a consistent methodology for its collection of coverage data about the available speed tiers and performance characteristics of commercial mobile and data service for the Uni-

versal Service program or any similar programs. Any effort to collect data should be monitored by AICC to ensure that the appropriate data is being collected, because it will inevitably be used to set new standards and regulations. UPDATED BILLS: H.R.582, S.123 - Kari’s Law Act of 2017 House: Introduced 01/17/2017, Latest Action 01/24/2017 Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Senate: Introduced 01/12/2017, Latest Action 07/10/2017 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 164. This bill amends the Communications Act of 1934 to require multiline telephone systems to have a default configuration that allows users to directly initiate a call to 9-1-1 (without dialing any additional digit, code, prefix, or post-fix, including any trunk-access code such as the digit “9”) from any station equipped with dialing facilities. Businesses installing such systems must configure the systems to provide a notification to a central location at the facility where the system is installed when a person at the facility initiates a call to 9-1-1 using the system, provided that the system is able to be so configured without an improvement to the hardware. The alarm industry will want to ensure that, if this legislation is enacted, any configuration changes made to comply do not interfere with existing arrangements between central stations and PSAPs. S. 134 - Spoofing Prevention Act of 2017 Introduced 01/12/2017, Latest Action 06/06/2017 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 117. This bill expands the prohibition on misleading or inaccurate caller identification information to include any voice service or text messaging service, the definitions of which are • TMA Dispatch | 36

REGULATORY UPDATE slightly broader than in the current rules, and capture recent advances in technology (primarily VoIP). Some AICC members have expressed interest in an FCC proceeding regarding spoofing in 911 and other emergency apps. This legislation does not cover such spoofing, and the alarm industry may consider addressing the issue here.

Wireline Report

By Mary J. Sisak

AICC Files Comments and Reply Comments on FCC NPRM/NOI Regarding Copper Retirement, Section 214 Discontinuance and State Law Preemption AICC filed comments and reply comments on the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), Notice of Inquiry (NOI), and Request for Comment (NPRM/NOI), in which the FCC outlined proposed changes to current rules regarding copper retirement and the discontinuance of telecommunications service. The NPRM/NOI also asked for comment on the preemption of state laws governing the maintenance or retirement of copper facilities “to accelerate the deployment of next-generation networks and services by removing barriers to infrastructure investment.” In its filings, AICC urged the Commission to retain a requirement that direct notice to retail customers must be provided before copper facilities can be retired and demonstrated that notice of more than 90 days would not slow down the transition to next generation networks. To support its comments, AICC pointed to the practices of Verizon Fall 2017

in retiring copper facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, which have resulted in customer complaints and confusion and could result in suspension and termination of service. AICC also informed the FCC that a number of companies providing alarm services in the areas in which Verizon is retiring copper facilities have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of failed signals and invalid reports in the first and second quarters of 2017 and that the majority of these failures have been traced back to alarm systems using communications services with Verizon ANIs. In light of this, AICC urged the FCC to re-evaluate the merits of a general notice to the public, such as through general media, when copper facilities will be retired in addition to direct customer notice so that alarm companies operating in the area will be able to work with their alarm service customers to ensure that their services will continue to operate properly once copper facilities are retired. AICC also argued that the FCC must maintain the section 214 discontinuance process when LECs seek to discontinue services and that the mere presence of fiber, IP-based or wireless services is not sufficient to protect the public interest because entities offering services over such facilities oftentimes do not provide the same quality, reliability and functionality as the TDM-based services on which consumers rely. AICC stated that to be functionally equivalent to a TDM-based service, the new service must be equivalent with respect to dialing, dial plan, call completion, carriage of signals and protocols, loop voltage treatment, decibel loss, jitter, dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) signal performance, compression and latency. The service should meet these standards for the entire span of the connection, even when a call is routed to an intermediate provider in the call path. It also should include eight (8) hours of standby power supply capac-

ity for communications equipment deployed in the field deployed and twenty-four (24) hours of standby power supply capacity for communications equipment at the central office or equivalent facility. A substitute service also must support alarm signaling from premises, including medical alert or PERS systems and the ability for an alarm provider to reach a remote alarm system and control it as necessary. To support its position, AICC pointed to the issues experienced by alarm companies in areas where Verizon is retiring its copper facilities; issues that arise when alternative providers make changes to their networks that affect service reliability and quality, either by changing their own network parameters, for example, with respect to compression, or by using intermediary providers that do not meet the same reliability and quality standards; and cases like Fire Island, NY where Verizon sought to replace POTS service with a substandard wireless alternative, Voice Link, which was not capable of supporting alarm services. Finally, AICC argued that the Commission should not preempt State laws requiring maintenance and service quality standards. These state standards helped to ensure that the traditional TDM-based public communications network met the highest standards of availability, reliability and functionality to the benefit of all consumers. Rather than try to preempt state laws, AICC urged the Commission to examine ways to ensure that new communications networks meet or exceed the availability, reliability and functionality standards of the traditional, TDMbased network.

Rural Call Completion NPRM Addresses Intermediate Providers The FCC has requested comment on new proposed rural call completion requirements to make covered providers responsible for • TMA Dispatch | 37

REGULATORY UPDATE ing rural call completion performance, including for their intermediate providers. The FCC proposes to hold covered providers responsible for monitoring rural call completion performance, and maintaining the accountability of their intermediate providers in the event of poor performance. Related questions include whether the FCC should specify: performance metrics; the form and frequency of required monitoring; limits on the scope of monitoring requirements; best practices; and how covered providers must hold intermediate providers accountable. AICC has argued at the FCC that the use of intermediate carriers is one of the reasons alarm signals are not accurately transmitted. FCC Fines Robocalling Platform Nearly $3 Million The FCC issued a $2.88 million

fine against a New Mexico-based company, Dialing Services, for facilitating unlawful robocalls. Specifically, Dialing Services’ calling technology platform was used by robocallers to make millions of illegal robocalls to mobile phones without express prior consent from consumers. The FCC has made clear that a third party, such as a platform provider, may be liable if the platform provider is so involved in the placement of a call that it essentially made the call. The FCC determined that Dialing Services played a significant role in the illegal robocalls, and thus should be held liable because, for example, Dialing Services’ platform automatically blocks the originating telephone number and enables caller ID spoofing. According to a Press Release, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau for-

mally warned Dialing Services that it could be held liable for robocalls its customers were making in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA prohibits autodialed phone calls, robocalls, or texts to wireless phones in most instances unless the caller has the prior express consent of the called party. Following the citation, the Bureau investigated and determined that Dialing Services’ platform was still being used to make unlawful robocalls. The fine reflects the FCC’s determination that Dialing Services was involved in making 180 unlawful robocalls after being warned to stop. John Prendergast, Sal Taillefer, Benjamin H. Dickens, Jr., and Mary J. Sisak are attorneys with the law firm of Blooston, Mordkofsky, Dickens, Duffy & Prendergast in Washington, DC. For more information, call 202-659-0830 or visit

AICC REPORT (continued from page 10) that spectrum for voice and then later voice and data. But our use of voice has greatly diminished as we have moved toward cellular. So the voice channels are being coveted by others. We have managed to strike a deal that preserves our data channels and potentially gives us the ability to use date as primary on some of the voice channels. We should know more about this in the upcoming months. Finally, regarding the unlicensed spectrum covered under FCC Part 15, we have managed to deflect many threats over my tenure as chair of AICC. At the moment there is an FCC Notice of Inquiry (NOI) at the 900 MHz portion of that spectrum for uses such as broadband and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is unclear at this writing if this will

effect a few of our manufacturers and potentially some legacy systems. Perhaps the best way to determine if AICC is providing value is to ask those who attend the quarterly AICC meetings. I am certain their reaction would be positive! At our September AICC meeting, we plan deep dive into the First Responder Network Authority, better known as FirstNet, and a discussion of the NOI on 900 MHz and our comments and reply comments to the FCC regarding copper discontinuance.  Louis T. Fiore is a Past President of TMA (1997-1999) and currently serves as chair of the AICC.

The TMA Dispatch is published quarterly by The Monitoring Association (TMA). Send address changes to TMA, 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 700, Vienna, VA 22182 or to Subscription policy: Individual subscriptions are available without charge to TMA members. Back issues of the Dispatch are obtainable for $10, if available. TMA does not provide legal advice, business advice or any other kind of advice that should be relied upon in making business decisions, and does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any person or company for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in the material contained herein, regardless of whether such errors result from negligence, accident, or any other cause whatsoever. Printed in the USA.

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USA and international graduates completed May 1–July 31, 2017

First Last Company Amber Clements Bay Alarm Shanice Cobourne City Of Toronto (CA) Mallory Cochran SRSI Jeffrey Cohen Quick Response Monitoring Caleb Collins Seacoast Security Tyler Collinske Universal Protection Service Aimeerose Cooper Vivint Inc. Sam Cooper Guardian Alarm Systems Caleb Corbett Vivint Inc. Jesse Crabtree Securitas Electronic Security Felicia Cromartie UAS Ashley Cundiff Securitas Electronic Security Brandon Curtis Vivint Inc. Chloe Curtiss AZ Security Control Mark Curtiss Vivint Inc. Brianna Davis Interface Security Systems Markel Davis Time Warner Security Christian DelAlcazar Universal Protection Service Cristela Delgado Interface Security Nichole Delgado Securitas Electronic Security Perla Delgado Interface Security Ronnell Deosaran City Of Toronto (CA) Dominique Depts Affiliated Monitoring Tanner Diamond Vivint Inc. Ramon Diaz Alarm Specialist Corp Victoria Dibia National Monitoring Center Corlandrion Dorsey AT&T Shelby Downey Commissionaires (CA) Jeana Duran VRI Braedyn Eagle Universal Protection Service Tara Edwards UAS Kendra Egert Securitas Electronic Security Priscilla Eick SRSI Heather Elkins Vivint Inc. Keon Ellison Sony Michelle Espinoza National Monitoring Center Elexa Evans Kings III of America Judiann Ewing Securitas Electronic Security Shannon Farquer VRI Milinda Feeney Guardian Protection Services Dejeunee Fields Affiliated Monitoring Lynita Fisher Interface Security Systems Erin Fitch Total Monitoring Service Crystal Fitzgerald RDG-GCS Joint Venture III Alexus Flood Monitronics International Jimena Flores National Monitoring Center Kela Fonoti Total Monitoring Service Valencia Foreman THRIVE Intelligence Hannah Franklin National Monitoring Center Ricardo Garcia Securitas Electronic Security Paige Garrett United Monitoring Wyatt Geiger Vivint, Inc. Vivien Geisler-Fern Guardian Protection Services Ramon George Interface Security Angel Gil THRIVE Intelligence Taylor Gilles Securitas Electronic Security Jay Glass American Alarm & Communications, Inc. Jieneve Gonzales Vivint Inc. Nicole Gordon National Monitoring Center

Graduated 7/13/17 7/26/17 7/9/17 6/6/17 6/1/17 7/28/17 6/29/17 7/17/17 5/7/17 7/16/17 6/30/17 6/2/17 5/9/17 5/20/17 6/24/17 6/1/17 7/25/17 7/5/17 7/10/17 7/14/17 5/4/17 5/19/17 6/23/17 6/23/17 5/2/17 6/8/17 5/5/17 7/19/17 7/27/17 7/10/17 6/30/17 7/14/17 5/28/17 6/20/17 6/13/17 7/21/17 7/20/17 5/19/17 6/8/17 6/9/17 6/27/17 7/13/17 7/13/17 7/26/17 7/1/17 7/27/17 7/25/17 7/14/17 6/8/17 5/13/17 5/18/17 6/17/17 5/20/17 7/11/17 6/26/17 7/14/17 6/11/17 5/11/17 7/21/17 • TMA Dispatch | 39


Monitoring Center Operator Level 1 Training Graduates


First Last Company Shelby Green Security Central Kassandra Greer Vivint Inc. Kasey Grubbs Seacoast Security Rebecka Guilbault ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Vanessa Guitierrez National Monitoring Center Angel Gutierrez Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Stephanie Hale Monitronics International Andrea Hall Vector WEST Alex Hand Securitas Electronic Security Tayler Hannafin Quinte Kawartha Alarm Systems (CA) Kylan Hanson Guardian Alarm Systems Rae Lynn Harman Vector WEST Derrick Harrell Time Warner Security Joshua Harrell Guardian Protection Services Ashley Harris Interface Security Systems Colin Hawkins Securitas Electronic Security Karly Helton VRI Marcus Henderson Avantguard Monitoring Centers Lenora Henry UAS Emma Herbert City of Ottawa SOC (CA) Jesus Hernandez THRIVE Intelligence Orlando Hernandez THRIVE Intelligence Donovan Hicks Security Central Erin Hill National Monitoring Center Corie Hinkley Guardian Protection Services Brian Hoffman American Alarm & Communications, Inc. Nancy Hole Electro Watchman, Inc. Maryann Holland Securitas Electronic Security Nakesha Holley Valley Security & Alarm Jake Horlacher Vivint Inc. Ericka Howard Vector EAST Marcy Howard Interface Security Shannon Howard Security Alarm Corporation Briona Howell Kings III of America Lisa Hubbard VRI Camillia Hudson Securitas Electronic Security Robert Huff Interface Security Systems Kristen Hulbert Time Warner Security Tabbatha Hundley Vivint Inc. Clarissa Izor VRI Charles Jackson Interface Security Systems Michael Jackson THRIVE Intelligence Spencer Jacobson Vivint Inc. Linkcole James Security Solutions Inc. Adrienne Jennings Redwire Mariam Jensen Vivint Inc. Anthony Jimerson Time Warner Security Michael Johnson THRIVE Intelligence Kaylee Johnston Interface Security Elizabeth Jolly VRI Vaneshia Jolly Securitas Electronic Security Lakisya Jones Per Mar Security Services Tayah Jones FE Moran Amanda Jordan Vector EAST Breanna Jordan Interface Security Systems Trina Karwasinski THRIVE Intelligence Christopher Kelsey Interface Security Systems Wickersham Kelsie Interface Security Francis Kerr Les Gestions Pierre St-Cyr (CA) Barbara Keys Interface Security Systems Robert Kibler Guardian Protection Services Faye Killer Time Warner Security Miesha Kilson THRIVE Intelligence Thomas Kimball Guardian Protection Services

Fall 2017

Graduated 5/30/17 7/26/17 5/23/17 5/18/17 6/16/17 7/21/17 7/1/17 5/24/17 5/7/17 7/3/17 7/5/17 7/13/17 7/25/17 6/12/17 5/24/17 5/19/17 5/24/17 6/7/17 5/10/17 7/22/17 6/26/17 6/26/17 5/30/17 6/8/17 6/19/17 6/13/17 7/21/17 6/16/17 7/27/17 6/7/17 5/23/17 6/19/17 6/23/17 7/18/17 5/24/17 5/18/17 7/13/17 7/25/17 7/1/17 7/12/17 7/13/17 5/23/17 6/2/17 6/23/17 5/17/17 6/12/17 7/25/17 5/23/17 5/25/17 6/28/17 5/17/17 6/27/17 5/1/17 6/26/17 5/18/17 7/14/17 5/24/17 6/19/17 5/24/17 5/24/17 6/14/17 7/25/17 5/23/17 6/12/17

First Last Company Ronald Kindrix CenturyTel Security Systems Brian King Paragon Systems Inc. Alyssa Kirk Vivint Inc. Alex Kleiner VRI Karen Klimczyk Vector WEST W.Andre Knight THRIVE Intelligence Mary Koehler SRSI Sukhdeep Kohar Telsco Security Systems (CA) Jennifer Konopka Walgreens Deborahlee Krause VRI Zachary Lafoca Vivint Inc. Stenea Lakes National Monitoring Center Autumn Lala VRI Alyssa Lamano Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Molly Lamb FE Moran Christina LaSpina Time Warner Security Christopher Laudrille The Las Colinas Association Wolfgang Lawton Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc. Brianca Lee Redwire Debra Lee Interface Security Systems Alexa LeValley FE Moran Niah Lew AlarmForce Industries Inc. (CA) Catasha Lewis Vector EAST Jairo Loaiza Umaña BCCR (CR) Vincent Lofaro Towne Monitoring Service Whitney Long Guardian Alarm Beth Long-Williams Safety Systems Naima Louis ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) John Love Vivint, Inc. Danny Xavier Lunianga ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Amy Madden Vector WEST Tim Manley Securitas Electronic Security Abby Manns VRI Kasey Mantanoma THRIVE Intelligence Leonarda Martinez Security Alarm Corporation Dmitry Masarskiy Universal Protection Service Jacob Mathis Guardian Protection Services Valerie Mathis Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Anthony Maynard THRIVE Intelligence Viviline Mcafee Seacoast Security Robert McDavid CVS Health Mesha McDonald National Monitoring Center Dean McGlone Paladin Security Group (CA) Brett McIntyre Quinte Kawartha Alarm Systems (CA) Lucretia McKeough Vector WEST Caroline Mcmilan ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Jessica Meiners Vivint Inc. Edgar Mesina ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Perla Mijangos ISS Danielle Miller VRI Taft Miller Vivint Inc. Shabrisha Mims ComSouth Darlene Molina National Monitoring Center James Monardo Securitas Electronic Security Amanda Monk VRI Brittany Morgan VRI Jessica Morgan Vivint Inc. Kasey Morgan Time Warner Security Elaine Mosley Time Warner Security Jonathan Mueser Guardian Protection Services William Murphy CVS Health Mark Needum Securitas Electronic Security Jordan Nelson Monitronics International Justin Ng CVS Health

Graduated 5/3/17 5/18/17 5/10/17 7/12/17 5/24/17 6/27/17 6/9/17 7/2/17 5/2/17 5/24/17 5/26/17 6/9/17 6/8/17 7/12/17 7/17/17 6/28/17 7/7/17 5/31/17 7/19/17 6/2/17 7/17/17 5/5/17 6/26/17 7/20/17 5/24/17 7/12/17 5/7/17 5/18/17 5/10/17 5/19/17 7/13/17 7/14/17 5/24/17 5/23/17 5/11/17 7/1/17 6/9/17 7/12/17 7/14/17 5/28/17 7/25/17 6/9/17 6/12/17 6/26/17 5/24/17 5/17/17 6/28/17 6/5/17 5/12/17 7/12/17 5/10/17 6/28/17 7/26/17 7/8/17 7/12/17 5/24/17 5/29/17 6/28/17 5/18/17 6/11/17 7/25/17 5/22/17 6/11/17 7/26/17 • TMA Dispatch | 40

Fall 2017

Graduated 5/23/17 6/16/17 7/25/17 5/24/17 5/17/17 6/28/17 5/19/17 7/5/17 6/28/17 7/10/17 6/15/17 7/16/17 7/6/17 5/30/17 7/14/17 5/5/17 7/2/17 5/19/17 5/5/17 6/1/17 7/14/17 7/18/17 5/10/17 5/19/17 7/6/17 6/24/17 7/28/17 6/3/17 7/26/17 7/20/17 7/2/17 5/2/17 6/1/17 5/18/17 5/4/17 7/12/17 6/2/17 6/23/17 7/18/17 5/17/17 6/14/17 7/25/17 7/25/17 6/24/17 7/27/17 5/18/17 7/13/17 7/14/17 5/19/17 6/14/17 5/25/17 7/31/17 7/28/17 5/18/17 6/16/17 7/6/17 6/13/17 6/22/17

First Last Dorothy Scott Antonio Segura Marika Seymour Kala Shaw Kamissha Shaw Katelyn Shay Jean Shinkle Carmen Shook Nathaniel Small Christine Smith John Smith Fernando Soler Jennifer Sorto Cynthia Soto Tracy Spoor Taneya Spruill Adam Stavast Elizabeth Steele Kyle Stewart Adam Swanson Karnisha Tatum John Glenn Tenorio Derek Thicklen Briana Thomas Lashay Thompson Steven Thompson George Thorne Jesse Timm Jorge Torres Juan Torres Alaina Tramell Dino Vatalaro John Walker Katrina Walker Mark Walsh Amanda Warren Deunta Washington Shaquanna Watkins Tabatha Wilkes Trish Wilkinson Emily Williams Kristina Williams Trevor Williams Alana Williams-McDavis Cody Wilson LaDeidra Wilson Thomas Wilson Maranda Winget Morgan Wise James Yates Molly Young Wyatt Youngquist Jamie Zahn Rubi Zamora Alishia Zupancic

Company Interface Security Monitronics International Global Tech Systems Ltd (BS) THRIVE Intelligence Securitas Electronic Security Vivint Inc. Kings III of America Security Central Seacoast Security AT&T Hitachi Data Systems ISS Alarm Specialist Corp Vivint Inc. Telsco Security Systems (CA) Affiliated Monitoring Vivint Inc. Seacoast Security Vector EAST FE Moran Monitronics International Sony Kings III of America ADS Security L.P. SRSI Vivint Inc. DGA Security Thrivent Financial Vector EAST Guardian Protection Services Vivint Inc. Universal Protection Service Security Central Time Warner Security UAS UAS National Monitoring Center ComSouth Interface Security Systems Guardian Alarm Systems THRIVE Intelligence Vivint Inc. Vivint Inc. Interface Security Systems ADS Security L.P. Central Station, Inc. Security Central FE Moran VRI Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Securitas Electronic Security Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. AZ Security Control Valley Security & Alarm Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center SPANISH

Graduated 5/22/17 7/1/17 6/24/17 7/14/17 5/18/17 6/21/17 5/2/17 6/8/17 5/23/17 5/5/17 5/16/17 7/6/17 5/3/17 5/30/17 7/10/17 6/30/17 5/6/17 5/24/17 7/25/17 5/5/17 7/14/17 6/13/17 7/21/17 7/19/17 6/30/17 7/28/17 7/6/17 5/16/17 7/25/17 5/20/17 7/27/17 6/29/17 5/31/17 6/28/17 6/30/17 5/15/17 6/8/17 6/23/17 5/24/17 7/3/17 5/3/17 7/27/17 6/5/17 5/24/17 7/18/17 7/5/17 5/31/17 5/5/17 6/28/17 7/1/17 7/14/17 5/23/17 5/30/17 7/31/17 7/18/17



First Last Company Samwel Niyonzima ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Zach Nowell Interface Security Breanna Nuskey Vector EAST Eileen Offen Vector WEST Geoffrey Oglesby Securitas Electronic Security Kyra Oldham VRI Kevin Oliver ISS Kelsey Orquiz Avantguard Monitoring Centers Jessica Osborne VRI Keshia Osmundson FE Moran Doug Pacheco American Alarm & Communications, Inc. Anna Page Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. Koren Paris Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Nicholas Parker Vivint Inc. Racheal Paul Securitas Electronic Security Clark Paulino SecureSafe Solutions Brittany Peoples Guardian Alarm Systems Alejandra Perez Monitronics International Tami Petrie Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. Rickia Phelps Security Central James Piper Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. Lacey Plaisance Guardian Alarm Systems LaNaya Plummer Security Alarm Corporation James Polanco Securitas Electronic Security Emily Pollock iWatch Communications Latasha Potts Central Monitoring Services Jean-François Pruneau CCAQ (CA) Amy Raney Vivint Inc. Elizabeth Rangel Kings III of America Jordan Read ADS Security L.P. Erik Redeker American Burglary & Fire, Inc. Danielle Redmond Fifth Third Bank Savanna Reilly Vivint Inc. Daniel Reyes Time Warner Security Marcos Reyes Interface Security Felicia Richardson Guardian Alarm Systems Bret Rickerson ISS Madelyn Riggs Vivint Inc. Tony Rios Guardian Alarm Systems Christy Rivera Monitronics International Fernando Rivera Johnson Controls Erica Roach Time Warner Security Major Roberts Time Warner Security Nanette Rodgers Grand Central Station Evangelina Rodriguez AT&T Andrew Roeckel Time Warner Security Daniel Rosen Alarm Specialist Corp Kenyata Ross THRIVE Intelligence Jacob Rucker Securitas Electronic Security Ashley Rushing Vivint Inc. Jennifer Salt ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Kevin Sampayo Vivint Inc. Sarah Sandstrom Vivint Inc. Tashnie Sanon ADT Canada Inc. / Reliance Protectron (CA) Lisa Santiago National Monitoring Center Melissa Schrader Securitas Electronic Security Lauren Schuck Vector EAST Jillian Schwarze Guardian Protection Services


Monitoring Center Operator Level 2 Training Graduates First Last Meleisha Ayala Michael Baker Kelly Bernhardy Danielle Bixler-Robinson Judith Brousseau Ora Brown Brittany Burns Chantelle Carmoega Sean Chapman Mint Christopher Eileen Ciardi Shanice Cobourne Edward Corbett Med Daugherty Natalie Denardo Ramon Diaz Alyssa D’Orto Josh Duke Meghann Elliott Keon Ellison Stephania Esparza Amy Flores Lindsay Formicola Taylor (Renee) Fuchs Alex Hand Rachael Hanson Dustin Hatchett Gerard Heingartner Shannon Howard Janice Hunter Christa Kelly Brian Kennedy Kori Knox Wolfgang Lawton Birdie Lightbourne

Company UAS COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Guardian Protection Services COPS Monitoring - Texas Commissionaires Ottawa (CA) Global Tech Systems Ltd (BS) COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Time Warner Security Doyle Security ERMC Corp. Doyle Security City Of Toronto (CA) Vancouver Fire & Security (CA) WM Security Services, Inc COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Alarm Specialist Corp COPS Monitoring - New Jersey BC Hydro / Paladin Security (CA) Wegmans Asset Protection Sony Alarm Specialist Corp COPS Monitoring - Boca Raton COPS Monitoring - New Jersey COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Securitas Electronic Security Per Mar Security Services Time Warner Security CMS Monitoring Security Alarm Corporation Kings III of America Wal-Mart Alarm Central Time Warner Security Time Warner Security Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc. Global Tech Systems Ltd (BS)

Graduated 5/4/17 5/1/17 7/3/17 6/6/17 7/20/17 5/18/17 5/21/17 6/21/17 5/30/17 6/22/17 5/15/17 7/27/17 7/16/17 5/13/17 6/20/17 7/17/17 6/27/17 5/31/17 5/17/17 6/14/17 7/14/17 6/5/17 7/26/17 7/14/17 7/20/17 6/30/17 6/10/17 6/15/17 7/25/17 7/26/17 5/8/17 6/7/17 7/7/17 5/31/17 6/5/17

USA and international graduates completed May 1–July 31, 2017

First Last Company James Longhurst UAS Joshua Maldonado Kings III of America Leonarda Martinez Security Alarm Corporation Kynan Maynard Thrivent Financial Robert McDavid CVS Health April McHugo Guardian Protection Services Christina Melise CVS Health Evan Miller Securitas Electronic Security William Murphy CVS Health Oliver Otte-Pabst Quinte Kawartha Alarm Systems (CA) Eleuterio Patriaca CVS Health Adolfo Pena Alarm Specialist Corp Johnny Pena Turner Security Systems, Inc. Carl Pierre COPS Monitoring - New Jersey LaNaya Plummer Security Alarm Corporation Lee Qualls COPS Monitoring - Boca Raton Christina Quintero Bay Alarm Tiffany Rathmann Doyle Security Daniel Reyes Time Warner Security Surra Rigers First Alarm Katherine Robotham-Smith Alarmco EliasSamuel Rodriguez Gresinsa (PA) Miguel Salas Alarm Specialist Corp Tyler Sands COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Jillian Schwarze Guardian Protection Services Jessie Seneriz Electronix Systems CSA, Inc. Kelsey Shisler COPS Monitoring - New Jersey Alissa Simoneau CVS Health Brian Somerville Doyle Security Jennifer Sorto Alarm Specialist Corp John Glenn Tenorio Sony Kendra Weisbarth Securitas Electronic Security Maykala Williams Bay Alarm Alishia Zupancic Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center

Graduated 7/25/17 7/26/17 5/30/17 5/25/17 7/24/17 6/12/17 7/27/17 7/28/17 7/25/17 5/19/17 7/27/17 7/14/17 5/3/17 7/12/17 5/10/17 7/27/17 6/8/17 5/12/17 6/6/17 5/31/17 5/30/17 7/3/17 7/11/17 6/17/17 6/23/17 7/6/17 7/6/17 7/26/17 5/11/17 7/14/17 6/14/17 7/7/17 6/22/17 7/11/17

Fall 2017 Advertising Index The Monitoring Association thanks the following advertisers for their generous support

Altronix. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Bold Technologies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Central Insurance Agency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 CSS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 DICE Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 DICE Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 DMP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 DSC/Sur-Gard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

42 | TMA Dispatch •

Honeywell. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 MAS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Mechanic Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 NAPCO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 NAPCO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Perennial Software. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Tri-Ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Fall 2017



Alarm Contractors (Fire and Burglary)

Liability – Commercial Liability

Central Station Monitoring Companies

Professional Liability – Errors and Omissions

Security Systems Integrators Security Product Manufacturers and Distributors Electronic Security Consultants Security Software Providers

Network and Cyber Liability Workers Compensation Auto Liability & Physical Liability Excess – Umbrella up to $25,000,000 Crime – Employee Dishonesty

WHY HAVE YOUR BROKER CALL US? 27 Years of Dedicated Service to the Physical and Electronic Security Industries Managing General Agent – Program Administrator for “A” rated by A.M. Best Insurers Commitment to Broad Form Insurance Products that protect your business and bottom line

HOW TO CONTACT US (800) 214-0207 Mike Lehner, Principal – Marc Katz, Principal – Fall 2017 • TMA Dispatch | 43

Takeover the World (or the millions of systems out there)…


Honeywell® & ADT®


Upgrade & Takeover Any Alarm Account - Add Dual Path Cell/IP Reporting & Connected Home Services – all-in-one Smart, Easy & Far Less Expensive: Give accounts smart interactive services & bus-based notifications, at a fraction of the cost of others, i.e.,®, etc. Plus, cell-based connected home doesn’t require Internet connection at premises – for easy installs.**

One and Done. 5-in-One, Award-Winning Unit:


$2995 net*

1 Universal Dual Radio IP &/or Cellular Alarm Reporting to any Central in North America via cyberprotected multibillion dollar networks – AT&T® or Verizon Network Certified®

2 Full Support for Top Panel brands - Full Up/ Downloading of Honeywell®, DSC®, Napco™ & more‡

3 Full Virtual Keypad Smart App, Mirrors the Real Keypad on the Wall 4 Text Notifications - Full Bus-Based SMS/MMS powered by iBridge® 5 “Z-Hub Model” Z-Wave Device Control for Connected Home & Scenes w/ alarm, video, temp, appliances, lighting– smart bus-based on top brands -or arm/disarm-based scenes

Standard Model with Virtual Keypad & Notifications or Z Option for Full Connected Home


In Stock Today! Ask for StarLink Connect at your distributor or contact us at 1.800.645.9445 StarLink Connect and iBridge are trademarks of Napco. Other trademarks listed are unaffiliated and property of their respective cos. (‡See growing list of supported brands/models online.) *Net price quoted after tradeup Incentive promotion; non-combinable and subject to change without prior notice. **Note-Video may require Internet -see WI2193B. See full details online

44 | TMA Dispatch •

Fall 2017

TMA Dispatch Fall 2017 Digital Edition  
TMA Dispatch Fall 2017 Digital Edition