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Businesses are built on words. Well-written copy creates connections, captures attention and effectively communicates your message to the widest possible audience. Marketing and Sales Copy From sales letters to product descriptions - our years of experience means we know which words sell, and why. We help you speak the language of your peers.

Brand Awareness and Development Being known sells. Whether you’re looking for a new brand identity or just want to get yours out there, we can help.

Customer Engagement and Retention Once you’ve got business, keep it. Turn existing customers into repeat clients and brand ambassadors with our CRM solutions.

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Copywriting Studios, 1 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW copywritingstudiosuk


0845 1541 502 @copywriting_uk

Marketing and Sales Copy

• Flyers/leaflets • Brochures • Sales Letters • Direct Mail • HTML mailshots Flyers and leaflets: versatile, cost-effective marketing tools Perfect for any business, large or small, our flyers are especially written and designed to appeal to your target audience. All of our flyers and leaflets are designed to your specifications by our in-house designers and contain compelling copy with a clear call to action. Whether they are to be used at an event, to advertise a special offer, or just as in-house marketing collateral - we’ll work with you to create your perfect leaflet or flyer. With hundreds of satisfied clients, you can trust us to fulfil all aspects, from concept to print and delivery. We can also convert your design into an HTML email for use in email marketing campaigns.

Client: The Complete Works Brief: A flyer for the education sector to be handed out at a trade show. Copy originally several hundred words. Client asked for copy to be condensed while retaining all necessary information. Designed to be clean and clear, but meant to differentiate the client by using a colour scheme and layout different to most education companies.

Copy only: from £30 Copy and design: from £80

Direct Marketing Direct B2B marketing is our speciality. As corporate members of the DMA with hundreds of satisfied customers, we turn our advertising, sales and brand-building expertise into new business for our clients.

HTML email campaigns

Specialists in email marketing From concept to call-backs - we’re here for you every step of the way. With customers such as Apple, Visa and Singapore Airlines trusting us for their email marketing campaigns, you’ll be in good company. Not only do you have a team of 6 creatives working for you, you have the backing of a DMA member data supplier, with hundreds of thousands of business contacts just waiting to be turned into new clients. We distil your message into clear, concise and compelling copy, designed to bring your brand to life and provoke a positive reaction. Our designers work with you to capture the essence of your company’s identity in an attractive, easy-to-read email guaranteed* to hit inboxes. We also offer managed email campaigns with detailed analytics, allowing you see who clicks what and when. You are then able to follow up your emails with a courtesy phonecall, knowing the recipient has expressed an interest. Whether you’re looking to attract new business or engage with your current customer base, we have the technology and expertise to take the stress out of your email campaigns. But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the designs we’ve completed for our satisfied customers...

Email copy and design: £99 Copy, design and 1000 data records: £299 Managed email campaigns: Please call for details

*Emails sent out using our free email sending software have an 85% inbox delivery rate guarantee

Sales letters: from £100

Direct Mail

Managed mail campaign: please call for details

Sales letters with something different Postal marketing still has a level of prestige not met by other forms of direct marketing. Nothing works better as an introduction to your company.

Hypes, not hard sell Our team of experienced journalists strive to keep abreast of the issues in the business world. If there is a change in legislation, interesting study results or something in the news that gives your letter an edge or an extra call to action, we’ll include that. All research is included in the price of the letter.

A recent study by the DMA has shown that every pound invested in direct mail returns around £9.60 in incremental revenue. Having a long-form platform can be daunting for some companies. It’s so important to get the message right. Our 15+ years of B2B sales experience means we know what looks and sounds good to who, and why.

Managed Mail Our experience in postal campaigns, our ability to source bespoke, quality distribution lists as well as our contacts in fulfilment houses and printers means we can take the stress out of your postal campaign. Whether you’re sending a letter to 500 potential customers or a magazine to all existing clients, we can help with all aspect of content, design, fulfilment and delivery.

Schools letter Woodhams:Legacy LD01 16/03/2012 11:12 Page 1

Blackett Walker Ltd Gosforth Park Avenue Gosforth Business Park Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE12 8EG

RNIB 105 Judd Street London WC1H 9NE 020 7388 1266

Tel: 0191 256 9600 E-mail: March 2012

Dear Sir/ Madam, Do you know what the potential cost of Auto-Enrolment will be to your business and could you be getting a better return on your investment in employee benefits?


Read for

Read for fun and raise a ton for RNIB and your school


When Alice ventured down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she discovered a world full of imagination and delight. Read for RNIB Day wants to inspire children in a similar way by encouraging them to read and share their love of books through fun events.


Reading can bring so much joy, yet blind and partially sighted children are missing out on this crucial part of childhood. Your school can help to open up the world of Wonderland and beyond to children affected by sight loss. Only seven per cent of books published are available in formats that people who are blind or partially sighted can read. Last year, RNIB provided nearly 8,000 accessible books to enable blind and partially sighted children to share the freedom that reading brings. With your help, we could provide so many more.

Our expert team works with some of the most successful businesses across the North East, ranging from companies with 5 employees to 1,000+. We make it our business to understand your business in order to help you to provide the best employee benefits your organisation can afford, and we can make sure that your employees understand and value the benefits that you provide to ensure you get the best return on your investment. As independent Financial Advisers we offer independent advice without restrictions and we are passionate about delivering a quality service in line with best practice rules. The reason we are offering free initial consultations without obligation is to demonstrate our expertise in this area and it’s an opportunity to meet you informally and to help address the issues you may have. You can find out more about us by visiting If you would like to meet with us, then we would be delighted to hear from you and we can provide references upon request. Talk to us – 0191 256 9600

0191 256 9600

Royal National Institute of Blind People Chair Kevin Carey Chief Executive Lesley-Anne Alexander Reg charity no. 226227 Incorporated by Royal Charter Registered in England no. RC000500 Principal address: 105 –121 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE l


You’re likely to continue to hear more about this in the media over the coming months but do you have a strategy in place to ensure you meet all your duties as an employer? In order for you to fully understand what the implications are for your business we would like to offer you a free pension review with a member of our corporate team.

Richard Blackett

Ruth is ten years old and has an eye condition which means she can’t see the print or pictures in normal books. She loves her talking books and says “I love listening to every sound. It’s like I’m there in my head. I can enjoy stories just like my friends.”


Between October 2012 and February 2018, employers will need to automatically enrol all of their “jobholders” in a workplace pension scheme or in the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) - a national defined contribution pension scheme. Minimum employer contribution levels will also apply.

Kevin Walker

0191 256 9600

• Naming

Brand Awareness and Development

• Tag lines • Visual identity and logos

Being known sells. Brand awareness goes hand-in-hand with purchase intent, market share and other vital brand equity and business metrics. Whether you’re building an identity from scratch or want to increase the visibility of your company’s brand, we have the services to suit you.

• Press releases • Content marketing

Vecta Possible Colours


Renaming: from £100 Logo design: from £75

Client: Chesapeake Solutions Brief: New company name and logo This US-based IT consultancy turned to us to create a new brand identity for their re-launch. We envisioned a vibrant and unique name for their enterprise as well as a straightforward, attractive logo suitable for their sector.

Content Marketing

Content marketing provides an alternative to traditional advertising by offering branded content native to a user’s browsing experience. Intertwining interesting content with a brand’s identity means users are engaged with and entertained by the brand, giving them a positive experience from the brand in a way not achievable through other forms of marketing.

Optimised, not compromised SEO-optimised copy: from £15 per article Guest Blogs (500 words): £20

We can’t pretend we’re unique in offering SEO optimised articles and web copy, but we think we create some of the best white-hat content for the web. There are countless agencies offering badly-written, obviously keyword-stuffed SEO copy. We create quality, well-written and, most importantly, entertaining content you’d be proud to have on your site or blog.

Keyword: Sell designer clothes Should I Sell or Swap My Used Clothes? Do you hate money? Do you like exchanging formerly loved items for old tat? Do you want to lose your friends? Then swapping clothes is for you! Unless you're friends with Carrie Bradshaw, one of the Gossip Girls, or another person with an unrealistically large and well-stocked wardrobe – I'd strongly suggest selling your clothes rather than swapping them. If you want to embroil yourself in a world of drama – by all means , try swapping. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you want to be coerced into trading your lovely designer angora jumper for a pair of mustard and puce polka-dot tights with a ladder in them, go for it. Selling your clothes beats swapping every time, and here's why: 1. Cash. Cold hard cash. I'm not going to pretend you'll get mega-bucks for your old clothes, but anything is better than nothing. If you sell designer clothes in particular, you can bring a few quid in. You can auction them off, or if that's too much of a pain, sites like ***** let you indicate the brand of your clothes and pay accordingly. Even older clothes not in great condition can be bagged up, picked up from your house, and exchanged for cash. 2. Not getting lumbered with stuff no-one wants. If you swap your clothes, your only option is to exchange your garments for those of your friends. Which is great if your friends are amazingly stylish, filthy rich and exactly the same size as you. But if you live in the real world, you're much more likely to be swapping for a party dress covered in kebab grease. That's 2 sizes too small. That everyone's seen being worn by your friend in countless facebook pics. 3. Laziness or, as I like to call it, being economical with effort. Selling your clothes online is so easy, you barely have to leave the sofa, let alone organise a swap-meet with your friends. The easiest possible way is to use one of the cash for clothes sites – my recommendation is the site above. A few drop-down boxes is all they need to determine how much your clothes are worth. They'll pick them up from your house and they can even transfer the money directly into your bank account. Which you can then spend on more clothes, online. There should be no doubt in your mind now. Raid the back of the wardrobe, check the attic, grab those clothes that have been draped over the treadmill for the last 6 months – and sell them!

Press Releases

Visibility and Credibility Being writers and marketers ourselves, we’ve received a fair few press releases in our time. We know instantly what is worth a second look.You’ll generally get 7 seconds of your recipient’s time to make an impression. We can distil your message into a concise, interesting and compelling piece containing all the facts, without the usual PR waffle.

Copy only: from £80 Rather than just presenting the facts - we offer journalists a ready-made story. We go the extra mile to write interesting, compelling copy that’s ready to publish as is. These days, when journalists have to trawl newswires and inboxes filled with content just above spam - well-written, quality content is far more likely to be published.

Copy + distribution: please contact with requirements

Press release copy: Beautiful Bottoms Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Skerrit, Marketing and Management graduates 2009, have created a new line of sheer silk underwear that has caught the attention of high street retailer Fenwick. During their time at University both Poppy and Lauren came up with the idea for Beautiful Bottoms through a module for their Marketing and Management degree. The girls have successfully managed to produce their underwear collections in both Delhi and Olympia. Lauren commented: ‘It started off as theory but then we bought the domain name and went for it’. Poppy explained what they have gained from their venture so far: ‘We are designing, marketing, selling and budgeting so we’re learning a lot about business, affordability is our selling point. As students we couldn’t find anything affordable and beautiful.’ The duo come from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds with Lauren’s mother an interior designer and hotel owner, and Poppy’s father having set up an antiques shop on Portobello Road. They are now both spreading their creative wings and have seen the expansion of their London based lingerie company. The success of the company has drawn the attention of a shop in St Barths as well as the popular high street store Fenwick, who have both proceeded to buy Lauren and Poppy’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which includes silk underwear and gowns. The pair are looking to the future, with the potential growth of their company at the forefront of their minds, they will be bringing out new brands for their Autumn/Winter collection, as well as breaking into the swimwear market by 2013.

A creative approach to job hunting has landed graduate Kyle Clarke a dream job in London. After graduating with a business management degree last summer he decided to promote his skills on the internet to encourage potential employers to come to him. He set up his own website,, to advertise himself to companies across the globe. By the time Kyle (pictured) reached the end of the project in October, he had 15 different job offers on the table ranging from multi-national corporations to individual entrepreneurs. He has now taken up a role as digital marketing manager for the Knowledge Labs, a not-just-for-profit product development group based in London and New York. “I decided I needed to come up with something that really made me stand out and so the idea to auction myself online grew,” he said. “Unlike a lot of graduates, I admitted that I wasn’t 100 per cent sure what career I would like to move into, but by creating the website and generating interest from potential employers I hoped to find the perfect role for me. The final decision was much harder than I thought it would be.” The site, which set out information about Kyle’s CV, personality and ideas, had over 4,000 visitors from 80 countries. The first task Kyle has been given is to lead an original marketing campaign, starting with “thinkpal”, the company’s new iPhone app. Tristan Alltimes, alumni relations manager of the University’s Business School, said: “We are incredibly impressed by Kyle’s innovative approach to tackling the job market. “It isn’t an easy time for graduates looking for employment but it just goes to show that with the right mindset, enthusiasm and entrepreneurialism, graduates can make a big impression on the business world.” Kyle was one of three Newcastle University Business School students to represent the UK in the final of the 2010 L’Oreal International Brand Manager competition in June.

Customer Engagement and Retention

• Newsletters • Catalogues • Magazines

Once you’ve secured a client, your relationship doesn’t end there. Repeat clients are essential for any business, so we’re dedicated to building the loyalty and trust that will keep your customers coming back.

Brochures and catalog ues are the perfect way to keep the range of your products and services fresh in the mind of your custome rs. We’ve found that while print copies are still preferred , electron ic copies are rapidly growing in popularit y We can help your business from start fo finish from initial consulta tion, to layouts and product descripti ons, to print and distribut ion.

• Managed CRM

Managed CRM campaigns Whether you’re sending out a special offer, showcasing your newest products or just sharing some exciting news - we can help you make your message engaging. With our DMA guarantees, you can rest assured that whatever the message is, we can get it to the people who matter.

Brochures and catalogues: copy only from £20/hr. Design and copy from £40/hr. CRM campaigns: price varies depending on media and number of sends. Please contact for details

Standard Rates Per hour Copy only Copy + design Proofreading

from £20 from £30 £17.50

Data/distribution lists 1000 B2B double-opt in records (minimum order 3000) + HTML email design and copy + managed send with analytics

Find us: Copywriting Studios, 1 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW Call us: 0845 1541 502 Email us: info@


£100 £99 £50

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