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Being creative can be complicated when it is tailored for the masses. It is a multi-variable equation in need for an optimum solution and that is exactly the reason I love being an industrial designer. I like to mix all different types of bits and pieces from research methods and design models to testing prototypes and optimizing the available manufacturing procedures. These actions are performed in an ever changing environment which requires structured thinking and quick decision making so that existing boundaries will be expanded and an optimum solution could be achieved. Solving the equation is the greatest reward and my own personal way for shaping a better tomorrow.



Comfortable working both within a team and in single projects. Increased ability to motivate and inspire others towards quality results. Confident in initiating and maintaining good social relationships on a professional and personal level.


Dedicated to the defined goal and constantly determined to reach it. Keep a positive attitude and behavior. Effective in acquiring new knowledge.


Broad knowledge in general engineering and design principles. Excellent communication with people from different professional disciplines Adept in research methodology, visual presentation methods, material selection procedures and manufacturing processes.

1999-2000 CAD/CAM modeler V.I.T SA

2003-2006 Digital modeler tripani SA

1999-2004 BSc Industrial design engineering Technical University of WM Greece


3D Max & Vray Adobe CS Alias Catia FEMapp Inventor Jack Python Sketchbook D


email mobile CV

2006-2013 Industrial / interior designer George Tsironas & Associates

2003-2013 CAD Instructor CADvanced Applications

Advanced Advanced Upper Intermediate Upper Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Advanced Advanced +46 (0)72 20158 50 Linkedin link

2013-2015 MSc Industrial design engineering Chalmers University of Technology 2009-2013 Sweden Industrial design engineer Freelancer


eZin The future pedelec

SAWS Beyond handsaws

Sports Tech Horse hurdle

Frank Luminaire set

10deka Contract furniture

3D Visuals

NC Bathroom furniture progress

electric easy enchanting



The future pedelec A thesis group project aimed to bridge a gap found in the market of electrically assisted bicycles of today. The gap offered an opportunity to develop a pedelec which is adapted to an aging demographic and users with age related impairments. Both consumer groups increase in number constantly presenting new market opportunities since they bring forward specific product demands. By doing so, a high interest in research and innovative solutions comes into attention. The project involved extensive user studies and detailed evaluation of various developing trends, for both the corresponding market as well as the target group, in order to realize well fitted solutions. eZin brings individual mobility to the impaired user by combining a unique feature set with a desired target group product expression.


Existing product Analysis

Preliminary trend examination was preformed. Special focus was given in maximizing the project’s effect in tomorrow’s living. Population of people aged 60 years and over

2.5 Billion 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 1950



The current dynamic of the aging population was coupled with current and future transportation means and each relation was evaluated. Evaluating factors were weighted according to the future society’s general well being. Satisfaction factor summed result

Frame types

Motor types

Battery types

Ease of use and comfort



C Electric car Petrol car Moped car Moped bike Electric bike








Petrol bike Electric bicycle Bicycle Tricycle Walking

Step in frame, pedal brake, wide saddle, ergonomic handles, upright posture, large wheels


Internal gears, exchangeable components, sealed hubs, weather proof materials


Fenders, grip shift, saddle handle, two legged stand, spring loaded steering, integrated lock

Considering the target groups’ possible physical limitations electrical bicycles form the best solution for provoking physical action and unavoidably a better living.


Aluminium frame, 3 speeds, rear rack with battery, rim brakes

Existing interaction To experience first hand the target group’s generic interaction with bicycle products a gerontological simulator was used. Control interaction


The future pedelec

General handling Uncertainty Riding handling Physical ability Comfort

Existing context Name Age Personality Special


Valter 68yrs Warm person with a genuine interest in people and nature Due to his age Valter has a first level arthritis. His joints hurt when they are subjected to loads. He also has slight loss of hearing and vision which affect his ability to balance. Usually he enjoys making things in his wood workshop at home. Travels a lot and spends time his 2 grandchildren

“I like having a relaxed life pace”

“A product is the reflection of the interaction people have with it”. This quote concentrates the philosophy of the Vision In Product design model which was used for the needs of this project. The ViP model is used when working with a future scenario while having as an information base an existing scenario, existing products and interactions. It consists of two phases, the deconstruction phase and the designing phase. During the first phase, research regarding the above mentioned factors is performed so that a future context can be shaped. With the help of the future context the desired future product interactions will be defined and help putting forth a suitable product concept.

Future context / interaction / product “Enhance the interaction with the environment and the traffic situation ”

The context in which the product shall exist offers a set of diverse possibilities and limitations. Categorizing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) pinpointings the areas with the highest development interest. Reduce physical effort

Increased part number

Increase commuting range

Fast worn brakes

Carry more cargo

Being really affected by moisture

Increase average speed

Unstable performance of battery

Increased added features


Usage from people with physical impairments

Aesthetic disruptions

The frame doesn’t need to stiff

Cost of battery replacement

Favorable to older ages

Conventional use is not optimal

Integrate realtively heavy features Implement electric-electronic features Take advantage of the rapid developments in battery technology in car industry The best current alternative in dense traffic situations and sustainability

Compiled strength Favorable to older ages

Compiled weakness Complex product

Public transport getting more accessible Electrical cars get more agile and less expensive Efforts are not spent on the bicycling infrastructure making it less attractive

Compiled opportynity Feature integration

Compiled threat Infrastructure changes

The desired interaction is heavily dependent from the riding posture. A dominating but yet enjoyable posture can easily bring forth the targeted interaction.

Design The product is defined from the areas required for its intended operation. eZin consists of determined characteristics derived from the research stages and banned areas derived from the product’s nature. Bicycle functionality

Ease of use


The future pedelec eZin is a pedelec which offers intuitive riding right from the very start. The rider maintains constant grip on the steering even while braking or signaling a turn. Buttons activate turn signal lights situated on both handlebar ends and rear bike rack offering 360 visibility. The nitification bell besides a bistinct sound provides visual warnings to the traffic environment. Proximity sensors can notify the rider for cyclists or vehicles being in the riders blind spot. These features aid the rider to be fully aware of the traffic situation. A similar feature set improves the bicycle’s ease of use. Back pedaling acitvates a hydraulic ABS system for efficient and effortless braking. The in-frame motor can be regulated according to the riders vital sign so physical stress is kept minimized. Directional speakers integrated inside the handlebar provide audio information to the rider without blocking external traffic sounds. The saddle helps the rider maintain good blance by self adjusting it’s height according to the riding speed. With all the added features eZin has the potential to present an interesting biking solution to all riders.

Design 360o Indicators and turn signals Front and rear lights as well as the turn indicators integrated in the handlebar provide complete information regardless the situation and the viewing angle.

Vibrating notifications A variety of notifications can be passed through vibrations which are emitted inside the handlebar to help the rider understand better the traffic situation (eg. a bicycle is overtaking from right)

Directional speakers Integrated within the handlebar the two speakers provide quality sound for a variety of different uses directly to the rider without losing contact with the surrounding environmental sounds.

Multi sensory bike bell Combining two different sensor modalities the bike’s bell maximizes efficiency by activating simultaneously both the front light and the integrated notification horn .

Combined Anti lock Breaking System (ABS)


Breaking is activated and regulated by backpedaling. The internal hydraulic system drives both the front and rear disc brakes and eliminates wheel blocking. Optimal breaking is achieved.

Vital signs adjusted assistance Optimal physical exercise can be achieved. The motor’s level of assistance can be regulated according to the riders vital signs. It is best used for rehabilitation and normalized exercising causes.

Proximity sensors An feature which aids the rider’s situational awareness especially in relation to the “blind” spot and overtaking cyclists.

Belt drive

Today’s belt equipped drive systems successfully offer low maintenance, clean, quite and reliable commuting, characteristics which are favorable to the targeted market.

Reduced crank length Shorter crank length can result in a lower bottom bracket and therefore a lower center of gravity. In addition, leg movement is minimized providing great comfort for riders with mobility issues.

Self adjusting saddle Taking advantage the bike’s hydraulic system the seat post can be automatically regulated in height in occasions where stability is essential like for example reaching a full halt.





The future pedelec Top

Date Type

Location Tools


January 2015 - June 2015 Master thesis MSc Industrial design engineering Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden Alias Catia 3DS Max Skechbook pro Photoshop Premiere Illustrator

Sports Tech Horse hurdle innovation

Either for training purposes or for use in hurdle events, measuring the actual horse jump height is valuable. In training, it can provide objective data for optimizing training schedules and techniques. Bringing the same technology in race events can enhance the spectators experience. Innovating in an area like this might present multiple difficulties but it also brings to the surface several design opportunities. The device was first used in 2016 Gothenburg horse show with remarkable resonance in the specific context.

Research - ideation Motion analysis Examination of the nature and characteristics of the physical action so the required capabilities of the sensor could be determined.


Laser profile scanner Technology which is used mostly in scanning of large surfaces and LIDAR applications. Convenient installation and usage.

Light curtain Equipment for industrial application such as object recognition and dimension checking for fast moving objects in conveyor belts.

Hardware According to specs hardware and electronics were chosen. The device is independent of power and wireless network

Testing The equipment was tested on site for reliability and performance and was reconfigured according to findings.


Reverse engineering & Programming Sensor output is calibrated and examined for unexpected results. Scanning rate reached ~1500 lines per second.

Motion capture was realized with high frame rate cameras. Hoof avg. speed 9 m/s Hoof avg. length 6 cm Max. jump variability 20 cm Avg. jump variability 6 cm Avg. exit time 0.5 sec Scanning speed Basic requirement

>400 Hz

Spec <100 Hz

Spec >1000 Hz

Basic structure Microprocessor USB Hub USB Wifi

Remote PC

Power USB RS 485



Interference from the local network was eliminated by changing the wireless network transmitted frequency. Additional motion and pressure sensors were used to automate the scanning procedure and eliminate errors.


Sports Tech Horse hurdle innovation Date Type Location Tools

October 2015 - March 2016 Multidisciplinary university project Gothenburg, Sweden Tracker video analysis 3DS Max Python programming Illustrator

Press - Video



Beyond handsaws... FLEXIBILITY



The project is focused in the benefits of manual handsaws and ways to implement those in the product design. The later years power tool domination is driving manual driven products to extinction. In order to sustain and develop their market share a different approach need to be implemented. To be able to find the needed information extensive user studies were performed together with a broad market research. User studies are not only focused in manual saw users themselves but also in the retailers and manufacturers. The projectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s final result is a range of three different manual pull saw products with an innovative set of features towards function and user interaction. Extensive effort is given so that the product range has a strong connection with the brand through appropriate product quality and form language.


User groups/Personas

The study’s aim was to map the usage of manual saws and find unexplored areas in the market. Different user types were examined in relation with various factors so that a holistic context view could be created.





Karl 39yrs Building constructor


“I simply can’t use handsaws. It takes way too much time”














Efficiency Specific tasks Repetitive tasks

Percentage of ownership

“No electric saw in the world can do this cut better than my pull saw”

Satisfy users’ needs

Mobility Multi-functional Efficiency Blade protection

Precision Flexibility Ergonomics Durability



User requirements presented extended diversity. Together with the client the project’s focus was directed into areas that presented specific market interest.

Frequency of use






“Every site is different, it is better to have everything rather than go back to the workshop”



“If test users like it, then we will make sure to have it in the store”

Åke 54yrs Workshop carpenter




Leif 35yrs Service carpenter





Nicklas 52yrs Store manager









SAWS Completing several braiwriting sessions resulted in a vast amount of ideas and forms to work with. Evaluations with user groups were performed. New ideas and new designs came into play from which the three final designs were chosen.

Beyond handsaws... Based on evaluation, the most interesting part of the concepting phase was the pull technique. It is considered to have great potential to expand it to new usage areas and therefore it was selected to further develop a range of three pull saws including the high precision saw, power pull saw and pocket saw. Providing a range of saws besides being favorable from the actual users it will be easier to introduce to retailers. The three pull saws are intended for different purposes and situations. The first is focused in usage were high precision is required, the second is characterized by high efficiency and the third one is targeted towards occasions were increased accessibility is needed. All three concepts have advantages when compared to electric saws just as well as to other manual saws that use the push technique.

Features Pulling technique

Sizing overall

A normal saw is pushed against the working piece in order to cut, an action which introduces compression forces to the blade. Buckling is often evident and so, pushing saw blades need to be thick to prevent it. On the other hand a pulling saw cuts while pulled away from the cutting piece which introduces tension forces to the cutting blade. Tension forces are desirable because the blade remains straight without being thick. With less blade width the resulting cuts are created easier with better quality

Extensive focus was given into the size of the different saw types. Blade length and height size, handle size and overall size were taken into account. Decisions were much dependent on the type of cuts every saw was intended for and also the visual expression the saws were required to have. For example a long handle inspires more confidence making precision cuts. The foldable saw was the one with the highest dimensional interest due to the demand for increased mobility.

Reflective aid

Retractable blade support

Having a high reflective blade surface brings an interesting interaction between the actual cut and the user. Not only before but also while cutting in the beginning of the cut, the user can make sure that the blade is orthogonal to the cutting surface by looking the workpiece's reflection in the blade. If the reflection is aligned with its own edge then the saw blade is perfectly positioned for a perpendicular cut. An easy and straightforward way to improve cutting.

Precision cuts with a pull saw can be further improved by the use of a rigid blade support. Instead of having two different saw types, the support can be retractable to enable having the benefits of two different pull saw types into one. Flush surface cuts and even slight curved cuts can be performed without sacrificing high precision. The feature is simple to implement and straight forward in itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s use. The back support is completely encased in the handle when not in use.





For use in situations where fast and efficient cuts are needed. It incorporates an open handle to express the pulling function with typical 45o and 60o markings. It’s blade is thiner, longer and higher than normal push saws with fine teeth especially closer to the handle to aid the cut’s starting movement.

Used for precise cuts that can only be executed by a pulling handsaw. It’s extra thin blade comes with a retractable blade support to aid the accuracy of the cut in certain occasions. 200mm Long handle inspires confidence and can be used with both hands.

Focused in the users need for high flexibility in usage. Because of its size it can easily fit into a working pants folding rule pocket. Therefore it is always available and can be used for small cuts that can occur unexpectedly. Blade has 3 locking positions open closed and 45o.


Beyond handsaws... Date Type

Location Tools


January 2014 - June 2014 IDE group project MSc Industrial design engineering Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden Alias Catia 3DS Max Skechbook pro Photoshop Premiere Illustrator



for an office interior...

Lights the way

This project is focused on targeting specific market groups by offering products with certain expression and corresponding qualities. The market area were the focus is set is related with interior office spaces. In addition, the starting requirement is to offer a complete lighting solution by bringing to life a family of luminaires which consists out of a working, an ambient and a secondary luminaire. After completing a thorough research towards the desired product qualities the resulting product family is ready for production. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Frankâ&#x20AC;? luminaire set brings besides innovative features an appropriate expression for the specified application.

Explore & interpret

Persona & Product expression

An extensive market research was performed to familiarize with the current light forms, materials and the corresponding manufacturing methods. The resulting six categories express specific types of forms due to the nature of the respective material and the forming capabilities that it provides. These categories were further sorted into different types of manufacturing processes for each material.

In order to create a persona that will reflect the targeted market group expression a series of steps were taken. A formal board was created to define the desired product characteristics and create a theme which in turn will help shape the persona. In the next step the persona will be used as a tool to provide formal drivers for the actual luminaires.

Fabric Various form types and shapes. Usually it is combined with rigid and light structural frames to provide the desired shapes.

Form drivers

Product expression

Formal Starting Board


















Theme â&#x20AC;&#x153;Directâ&#x20AC;?


Paper All types of forms. The production methods used include, among many others, folding, stamping and cutting.

Glass Mainly, simple organic forms. Production is achieved by using blowing glass techniques.

Plastic All type of luminaire forms. Wide range of industrial processes like injection molding, vacuum and pressure forming.

Metal sheet Relatively broad range of forms. Production is performed by a wide range of processes.

Ceramic Mainly it provides organic forms. Production methods include shell & slip, casting and hand building.

Persona Specifics




Form Drivers




Realizing A series of ideation and sketching sessions resulted in designs which were evaluated according to the previously defined criteria. The designs were refined in order to enhance the features of the products as a luminaire set. In addition, details and adjustments were decided towards manufacturing processes, final materials and finishes. All the above were also filtered through the corresponding costs and targeted price range just as well with sustainability issues. Physical models were constructed to verify the design intention and examine lighting issues regarding light glare. The model also offered the ability to observe interactions of the luminaire frame with the light source and enhance them.


for an office interior... The light sets given name “Frank” is derived from the essence of its’ favorable expressions. Frank(adj) - direct; straightforward; sincere

Evaluating A survey was held to confirm the initial design intention. Quantitative and qualitative questionnaires were given to 20 participants from the targeted market group. The participants were asked among others to characterize the expression of luminaire set. The results were encouraging but also showed some room for improvement. Several people commented that the individual luminaire features linking to a luminaire set were inadequate and therefore few final design tweaks were performed.

Distinct Straight forward



Honest Balanced




Despite thought the fact that the project was focused on the product expression, considerable effort was put into other aspects like defining manufacturing details, sustainability and environmental issues and cost related issues. These aspects are not directly connected to the product’s form expression but they complete the product as a whole and therefore is necessary to address them. It is the expression and the function of the product that will make it desirable to the specified market group and the rest of the factors the ones that will determine the extend of its’ market success.


The characteristic feature is the high light rendering value which IS produced by a dimmable fluorescent light source. It is adjustable in direction and height. The main body parts are manufactured from recycled aluminum and iron. The lampâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finished surface is anodised resulting in a smooth matte texture for all aluminum parts. Iron parts imitate the anoidised finish with powder coat paint.

Wall mounted luminaire with three independent light sources positioned at the top, the two sides and the front. The light sources operate in combination so that the perfect mood can be achieved. The latest LED technology is used making it possible to manipulate light color and intensity values. At the front and sides of the luminaire LED matrices are used while on the top the light is produced by two power LEDs.



Type Intensity Color (Temp) Technology Socket Driver Special feature Light focus

Working light 60 W, ~800 lm Cool (4500 K) Fluorescent tube G23 Free, with cable Excellent Ra index Direct, from above



Type Intensity Color (Temp) Technology Socket Driver Special feature Light focus

Ambient light ~ 6000 lm Neutral (3000 K) Matrix & Power LEDs Integrated 3 Light sources Direct & Indirect








for an office interior... Date Type

Location Tools

Pendant A single light source pendant luminaire with an elegant and open character. It provides warm light hues due to the contrasting inner reflecting surface which is bronze colored. The design provokes an intriguing play of shadows and light glare due to the carefully placed surface gaps. It is manufactured from recycled aluminum using sheet cutting and bending operations.


Secondary light 60W, ~600 lm Warm white (2700 K) Incandescent bulb E27 Dimmable Direct, indirect



Type Intensity Color (Temp) Technology Socket Driver Special feature Light focus



September 2014 - January 2015 Advanced form design MSc Industrial design engineering Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden Catia 3DS Max Skechbook pro Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Setting the mood


Contract furniture C









Rear support


Armrest frame and support


Connecting brackets


Main frame and front support


Frame for soft surface


Auxiliary support for E


Main support for E


Tilting frame

Date Type Location Tools

January 2013 - August 2013 Consulting George Tsironas & Associates Thessaloniki, Greece Inventor 3DS Max Autocad Photoshop Illustrator

Design and development of an outdoor furniture set for 10deka, a contract furniture manufacturer and retailer situated in Greece. Manufacturing support and supervision was provided throughout the design process. Virtual simulations and design optimizations, related with applied forces and tilting mechanism parts, were performed, reducing developing times and labor costs.

A new feel






Mirror with integrated fluorescent light




Open Cabinet




Towel hanger


Roll holder



Date Type Location Tools


Piping concealer

Faucet mounting

Contemporary bathroom set

Fluorescent light

Plexiglas diffuser

Accessories holder

October 2009 - June 2010 Personal project Thessaloniki, Greece Inventor 3DS Max Skechbook pro Photoshop Illustrator

The NC set is designed with a minimal stylish character and simple manufacturing techniques. Inox and composite solid surfaces are used due to their ideal properties for the intended use. All parts are wall mounted with significant clearance which adds to the productâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expression and function within the given context. A typical design procedure was followed that included market research, ergonomic and material selection studies, ideation and evaluation sessions. The final concepts were prototyped and tested helping justify initial cost calculations.


3D Visualizations Date Type Location Tools

September 2000 - Current 3D stills and moving images Inventor 3DS Max Vray Skechbook pro Photoshop Illustrator Premiere

CHRISTOS SAPLACHIDIS +46 (0)72 201 5850

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