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Love Story a romantic collection from

Like every good love story,

this one involves a guy and a girl...and our grandparents, Gerald & Joan. What started as a dream blossomed in December 2012 to combine our lifelong obsessions with vintage objects, thoughtful design and classic styling. From the beginning, it was clear that Gerald & Joan would incorporate our eclectic heritage – the rich soul of the American South, the timeless beauty of the Pacific West, the vivid colors of the Mediterranean and the rustic tranquility of the English countryside. While those elements are the inspiration for Gerald & Joan, this dream was made into a reality because of family – those who watch over us from Heaven and those who are still here on Earth, surrounding us with their constant love and support. Our family also gave us the idea for our first collection, as each of the pieces were originally created for my sister’s April 2013 wedding. Had Joan lived to see her youngest granddaughter get married, the collection would have made her heart sing with joy, as it included several of her very favorite things – family, hearts, yellow, birds and rustic details that feel warm and natural. As a final tribute to her romantic heart and the beautiful spring day, we named the collection LOVE STORY. When we began this collection, I never imagined we’d be able to shoot the look book at the wedding, but my little “brother” was more than willing to take pictures for us. Of the more than 1,500 he shot on that breathtaking afternoon, these are the ones that describe the LOVE STORY as it was meant to be told. While we are firm believers that every wedding day is perfect in its own way (our own included), this one topped the charts. I don’t know if I’ve ever been surrounded by so much love at one time. It was a once-in-a-lifetime day filled with the most thoughtful details and lots of happy tears. It was and continues to be a chapter of our LOVE STORY. May love always fill your heart, Crystel

Special Thanks To:

Jonathan, my partner in my own personal love story. Thank you for being my best friend and number one supporter. I love you with my whole heart. Lauren and Chris, my sister and brother-in-law, for helping me start this journey and for starring in this look book. My parents, for giving me so many beautiful memories that helped to shape my lifelong passions and dreams. Ryan, my “little brother,� for being one heck of an awesome photographer and friend. My event design team of Jonathan, Ruth and Rui. I wish we could do every event together. You rock. Gerald, Joan and all of our family members, for giving us a legacy and constantly inspiring us. We love you all.

Love Story Lookbook  

Gerald & Joan proudly presents the Love Story Lookbook and the launch of our very first collection of paper goods, as well as vintage and ha...