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Illuminating Water Using illuminating water to draw, which reveals when using a black light. Being able to create art in the dark since the ink is glowing.

Liquid Duality Experiment No 5

Experiment Info When using a high lighter on paper, it is to mark but still be able to show what is underneath. Using water and high lighter ink makes water glow under a black light. With this I thought that using the high lighter water as a method of painting. When it dries the painting will be sort of invisible. But once put under a black light it will reveal what is on the paper. Just drawing with water is nothing, but when combined with high lighter ink it creates another medium to make art. Also when drawing or painting we need a light source to see, but since the water glows I was able to experiment with the lights off and still see what I am drawing which was a unexpected result.


cup water yellow high lighter watercolor paper black light bulb desk lamp paintbrush

step 1&2 step 1 Put the black fluorescent light bulb in the desk lamp and put that aside. Take the high lighter and open the top to get the ink cartridge inside. step 2 Pour water into a cup and place the ink cartridge into the water. Squeeze the cartridge a little to let the ink flow into the water, and stir. step 3 Grab a brush and use the high lighter water as paint, and draw whatever you want onto the water color paper. Don’t worry about not being able to see any ink color. Let the painting dry a bit.


step 4 Turn off all the lights and turn on the desk lamp with the black fluorescent light bulb. Watch the water and the painting glow in the dark.

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