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Crystal Whitlow f l o r a l s u r fa c e p at t e r n d e s i g n c o l l e c t i o n

Creativit y is more than a career,

it's a lifestyle.

Crystal Whitlow surface pattern designer Designing a lifestyle is the artistic boldness to incorporate creativity into everyday life. Every day is an opportunity to develop my artistic skills through self-growth, observation, mixing color palettes, perfecting bezier curves, and finding ideal fonts. Creativity is not only a career, it's my lifestyle.

My style is based upon inspiration from my mother's floral doodles, art nouveau, and talented artists featured at Rifle Paper Co., American Greeting, Hallmark, and Ale-Hop. I am enchanted by flat graphic art as well as loose organic designs.

My dream is to mesh my love of illustrations and patterns through surface pattern design. I believe that every person expresses themself through the products he or she uses every day. I seek to partner with brands that focus on providing products that promote self-expression. While designing new patterns, I always think of how each pattern could best appear in the life of a customer, whether on clothing or other products.

As an ambitious designer, I look forward to designing more patterns that resonate with today's modern culture like florals or food illustrations. I delight in partnering with design-positive people and I look forward to designing with you in the near future.

CW DESIGN designing a lifestyle

www.cwdesign.stu u dio crystal@cwdesign.stu u dio

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da p h a n y

va l e nc ia

j oy ly n This pattern collection bloomed from a beautiful friendship. While living in Kansas City I befriended a wonderfully supportive woman named Joylyn. As a person, Joylyn radiates sunshine and is an encouragement to me in pursuing my creative goals. This collection bloomed when Joylyn told me about a competion hosted by Panera Bread to design their next gift card. After completing the designs for the gift cards, the designs were ready to blossom into a surface pattern collection. Creating this collection has played a key role in discovering my signature style.


Joylyn's Floral Ribbon

Berry Patch, Pink

Berry Patch, Blue

Striped Garden

Joylyn's Ribbon

Joy See Stripes - Green

Tight on Thyme

Joy See Stripes - Pink

Joylyn's Pin Stripes

ava Avocados are a lifestyle! Avocados were unknown in my childhood until I discovered this amazing berry while studying graphic design at Southern Adventist University. Since then, I have made many delicious dishes with avocados. This design collection is my tribute to avocados: delightfully creamy, packed with healthy fat, attractive hues of organic green, and pleasantly plump. In this collection, I centered on green and purple complementary colors to push my creativity to incorporate negative space within the design.

Ava Avocado

Guac & Stripes

Where's My Avocados?

Gaucomole Fields

Avo Blooms

Avocado Picnic

Avocado Flowers

daphany Make it lovely, make it you. Daphney is a dainty collection balancing florals, geometrical shapes, & abstract variety. This collection taught me the importance of designing a hero pattern, supporting patterns, and blender patterns to bridge the hero and supporting patterns together. The three patterns collectively achieve a cohesive collection. Creating this collection encouraged me to think more creatively in designing supporting and blending patterns to amplify the collection.


Daphney's Triangles

Daphney's Silly Squares

Daphney's Dashes

Daphney's Peaches & Cream

Daphney's Dancing Squares

va l e n c i a The Juice is Worth the Squeeze Fall of 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Valencia, Spain. While there, I studied Spanish, took dance lessons, and worked independently. I found it so beautiful that fresh oranges grew within the streets, and all the cafes and grocery stores would have orange juice machines for grantee freshness. Visiting the art museum and Mercat Central, I loved how Valencia honors their oranges within their architecture and arts. I found this to be inspiring and happily designed this collection in memory of my adventures in Valencia.


Navel - Yellow


Cara Cara - Yellow

Verna - Blue



Worth the Squeeze

California Citrus

Vitamin C

Navel - Blue

Cara Cara - Blue


Verna - Yellow

Orange Peel - Yellow

Morning Frost


Orange Peel - Blue

Grove Sky

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