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• Most people experience no symptoms during the early stages of kidney cancer. • Once the tumors grow in size, changes in the body become more noticeable. • Here are a few tell-tale signs of kidney cancer, and what to do about them.

• Blood in the urine (hematuria) can be an indication of kidney cancer. • That being said, bladder or urinary tract infections can also cause blood to appear in the urine, as can kidney stones. • As always, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before jumping to conclusions.

• Cancer can sometimes cause chronic pain in the lower back or side area, where the kidneys are located.

• If the tumor is large, you may also feel a mass in your abdomen or side, below the rib cage. • Pain can also be the result of strain, inflammation, or other comparatively benign conditions.

• People who suffer from kidney cancer may lose their appetite. • Unexplained weight loss (not attributable to dietary changes) may also signal that something is wrong.

• On its own, weight loss should not necessarily worry you. Combined with other symptoms, it’s a clue that the body is unwell.

• When your red blood cell count is low, it’s called anemia. • Anemia can be an indicator of cancer, although it’s not unique to kidney tumors. • Other conditions – anything from vitamin deficiencies to internal bleeding – can also cause your body to lose or produce less red blood cells.

• Cancer-related anemia can give rise to fatigue. • Cancer cells may also steal nutrients from healthy cells, causing you to feel drained and short on energy.

• Typically, fatigue is only a cause for concern if it has persisted for a relatively long period of time.

• An acute fever may be a sign of a cold, a virus, or some other ailment. • A persistent fever, on the other hand, could signal that your body is fighting a chronic disease like cancer. • If you have a long-lasting fever in spite of having no infection, you might want to see a doctor. Ask them whether you should be tested for cancer.

Our urologists include: Crystal Run Healthcare is home to a team of expert doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the urological system, including kidney cancer.

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Steven J. Rowe MD Antonio Colaco PA-C Felix Davelman MD Gary Loden MD Ronald W. Raspa MD Emmanuel M. Schenkman MD Alexander Schwartz MD

Crystal Run Healthcare offers world-class medical care to New York residents. We have a dedicated urology department that specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the kidneys, including cancer. If you suffer from some or all of the signs of kidney cancer, it’s time to make an appointment with a urologist at Crystal Run Healthcare in New York.

Crystal Run Healthcare offers urological services at the following locations: MIDDLETOWN - 95 CRYSTAL RUN RD. 95 Crystal Run Road Middletown, New York 10941 P: 845.703.6999 MONROE 855 Route 17M Monroe, NY 10950 P: 845.615.6999 NEWBURGH 1200 Route 300 Newburgh, New York 12550 P: 845.725.0100

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Kidney Cancer Symptoms: Learn the Signs | Kidney cancer is a serious, potentially fatal disease. The good news is that a doc...

Kidney Cancer Symptoms: Learn the Signs | Kidney cancer is a serious, potentially fatal disease. The good news is that a doc...