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Issue 02 December 2018

YAADCORE International Selector Exclusive Interview


by Noreen

Trendy, Beautiful and Modest clothing for the Modern woman

Christmas Shopping MADE easy

Tips on how to pick perfect gifts for the special someone


Restaurant Review

Tis the SEASON DEC 2018



DEC 2018



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Merry Christmas R


ello, and welcome to our

get hosted without a hassle. The secret to

Christmas issue!

hospitality is planning in advance; our tips

I don’t know about you, but this

will for sure give you an upper hand on this

festive season is one of those


times I appreciate the most with family and friends. With the young ones in the family,

Yaadcore is our man of the season. Kilifi

the nephews, nieces and cousins, there

New Year is the location to be. We speak

is mystery and wonder as they get to see

to the Dubwise star Yaadcore about his

everything for the first time again through

life, his story, the inspiration behind what

awe filled eyes, the sense of anticipation

he does and the kind of exuberance we are

and excitement that just makes everything

all expecting come the end of the month.

feel, well, magical and surprising again. For

Reggae music is fast catching up with our

the adults, it is time for us to catch up with

people in Kenya and the Kilifi New Year

old friends and relatives we have missed in

event alongside many others is a show of

a long time.

might for all the music lovers, promoters and the entire industry. Simply put, there

We are excited to share with you our second

is no way a wonderful season like this

issue of the magazine whilst celebrating a

will pass without a memorable and global

special time of the year. We are celebrating

music festival like the one at the end of this

all there is that is glorious about the festive


season – Bonding, Parties and Celebrations, Gifts sharing and the stories of our Kenyan

In this issue, we insist on spoiling you

Christmas cultures. For many of us, there

with all there is about Christmas and its

is that special person whom we would like

festivities. We have high quality photos and

to give a special gift and would not even

videos in our digital channel to enthuse you

know where to start. No worries here, as we

to the maximum.

have Santa to share some of his gifts in the bag just as you prepare to attend the many

Please feel free to share with your friends

Christmas parties you have been invited.

and family – sharing is caring. We have

Our Santa heard your cry last year about

our own Christmas hampers we are giving

you getting tech trendy while cherishing

away to our readers. From Yoga and Fitness

the good old timeless gifts from Jessica Gift

sessions to Cakes and Jewelry, and to many

Galore. This shop has your favorite choices

more. The most shares will win awards to

in gift hampers that you will hardly give out

add on to their many gifts and surprises.

enough gifts.

Wherever you go or stay, wherever you

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end up, enjoy this precious time with your Are you visiting or having visitors this


season? Sure you do! Count yourself lucky

Merry Christmas everyone!

as we have aligned for you some simple but


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Issue 02 December 2018

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DEC 2018



DEC 2018


Yaadcore Yaadcore is a cultured and humble Jamaican selector / DJ that is making huge waves on the International and Jamaican Reggae music scene. With his beaming smile, talent and energy winning the hearts of many Reggae fan all over the world, Yaadcore is not just a rising star, He is the DJ to watch in this year and the coming decade. I have seen many selectors in various concerts, and many of them are talented and interesting, but there is something so unique about him that will make you spend more than the normal hours listening to Yaadcore speak, his music and personality. He is also the Dj for reggae artist Protoje.

Yaadcore was exposed to the art of playing music at a young age. For more than a decade, he has been serving choice music to fans in events across Jamaica, the USA, UK and many International hubs. His music is international, served with a taste of finesse. After a brief stint at a previous radio station, Yaadcore’s new home on the airwaves is Hot 102 FM, where his program, Reggae Aroma, airs Thursday nights at 12:30 to 2:00am. Presently, Yaadcore can be linked with international reggae recording and performing artist Protoje, as he clearly earned a place in his camp as Protoje’s personal Dj after creating the 7 Year Itch Sampler that was used to promote his debut album.

DEC 2018


or eb y Noreen

rit er

ica Gift Galore


ess Jessic attni, J aP

W Hann Adari, ah

Why writing? It is my safe zone. Where I communicate with the world on a personal note. Plans for Christmas? Live to experience fun with family. I enjoy hosting, I look forward to having my extended families come together and have a long celebration.

Ad Noreen Moh’d,

Why Gifts to people? It is how we humans communicate love - Gifts. What do you love most about the season? It has to be the Christmas markets and the Charity events for KSPCA. I love dogs. Plans for Christmas? Travel and be with friends and family.

Why Dress people? To spread beauty and modesty. Very important. Plans for next year? More people will embrace dressing as part of culture. Share the beauty of modest dressing to the world.

Read Jessica’s gift ideas on p. 62

Read Jessica’s gift ideas on p. 62

Read Hannah’s interview with Yaadcore on p. 62



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Top 5 Christmas Ideas in Kenya Be sure to stay updated with the latest news and talking points


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Lots of H away fo oliday Hampers r this se to give ason Lucky w . Become our inner

“I love Kenya, because the people are friendly, easy to connect with and they’re into the vibration. Yes I” - Yaadcore.






Exclusive interview with Yaadcore, International Dubwise selector 21

TIPS FOR HOSTING Plan well to enjoy the hospitality of your sanctuary - home


1, 2, 3 STEP GIFT SHOPPING Gift shopping guide for the festive season


HOUSE OF YOGA Yoga is increasingly becoming popular, join House of Yoga for more of this


DAIRY OF A JASMINE GIRL After a successful 2018, Jasmine girl shares her tips for success


WHAT IS YOUR FITNESS PERSONALITY Is your fitness style type A, B, C or D? Take the test


CHRISTAMAS AT THE COAST Amisi shares his Christmas story at the coast with his family





ETHIOPIAN CULTURE Restaurant review of Mesoob Restaurant


CROISSANT STRATA Recipe for JumbleBerry Croissant Strata


PARTY PLATTER Ripe fruits ready to entertain your guests


STAR ADVENTURE There are many beaches in Mombasa, but why is Pirates the most popular?


HOW MILLENNIALS TRAVEL They determine the new trends on shopping and travel affecting businesses.


MALINDI TOWN A town on the rise, the home of Italians and a new wave of Kenyan Italians

Sidra Khamisa explains the importance of a great gift packaging design 46

ADORE BY NOREEN Elegant Wear Beautifully made, elegant wear for the modern woman



GIFT GADGETS - TECH TRENDS Tech gadgets you can give away to friends for this festive season


TRAVEL TIPS & TRICKS Tips on air, road or rail travel with the family. Especially on a short notice



CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIPS How your personality influences your spending

Head online to discover great ideas on gift wrapping. There is something for everyone!!

DEC 2018



egerege is a Jamaican phrase meaning rags or ragged clothing and it was from this that the word Reggae emerged. I found this very interesting, considering I am very new to reggae music and when you have to interview an internationally known selector it can be intimidating.

In my attempts to familiarize myself with the history and culture of reggae music I discovered over the years it has been used to express feelings about social, political and economic hardships. For many of us, like me who are not reggae enthusiast the perceptions we carry regarding the music, the artists and their culture is most often than not denoted with crime, poverty and dreadlocks. Our interview with Yaadcore, was very eye opening and refreshing, read on; MA: How did your musical journey start? My father played a huge role in my joining the music industry. He had a sound system named Love People International. I learned from him, and some of the selectors how to mix. That is how I got involved in music. MA: How would you describe your music style? I would say conscious reggae. I have established myself among neo-roots fans as co-founder of the popular Dubwise dances, and Reggae Aroma mixtapes. Yaadcore is fantastic, his presence oozes humility and the mastery of his craft. There is a strong connection of his path to finding his strength, his inner peace and spirituality. 12 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


“If I had one superpower to change the world, it would be one that allowed me to put love and harmony in people”, says Yaadcore

Yaadcore whose real name Rory Cha has established himself among neo-roots fans as co-founder of the popular Dubwise subgenre, and Reggae Aroma mixtapes. He is not afraid to spread and share this spiritually sound music to the newer [younger reggae] bands. Recently, he made his official entry into music production with No Fenke Fenke, a song by Kabaka Pyramid and Shanique Marie. It was released on June 8 this year by Delicious Vinyl Island, the second project from that American independent label. He described this deal as one that gave him a chance to show his worth as a producer. In recent interviews, he is reported as one who really wanted to work hard, extra hard to push himself into music production. “I am very excited actually! As you seem to know, it’s been a longtime dream. I always did remixes, which is a lower level of production in some sense. Now it’s time for musical creations from scratch as well,” he said. Moving into production seemed natural for the Manchester native. Yaadcore admits doing triple shifts as selector, producer and potential artiste may

14 DEC 2018

be challenging, but the passion inside him pushes for more. When we discussed about expectations, he replied firmly, “I do not like putting expectations for myself that much. Expectations have a way of bringing disappointments, and I believe that Jah has timings that I only flow with. I believe his timing is best”. Some of his other biggest influences are heroes of hard-core sound system culture, the likes who helped make Stone Love Jamaica’s first corporate sound system during the 1990s. Coming to Kenya for the second time is huge opportunity for Kenyans whom he describes as the most hospitable and friendly people he has met in this region. Easy to communicate with which makes it easier to interact and have a good time. I am looking forward to spread the love to the people.

Expect to get an exhilarating performance during this years Kilifi NYE festival at Takaungu Kilifi. Great artistes are lined up for you and for sure, you will not miss a treat by Yaadcore, the Dubwise selector

“I work hard to remind myself all the time how lucky I am, and I make sure that I spend time with people who have positivity, love, harmony and are full of life� - Yaadcore

DEC 2018


a f l e s r u o y e v a H y rr e M as m t s i r h C r a e Y w e N y pp a H From all of us at Mombasa Adventures &

16 DEC 2018



Various Gift Offers This Festive Season


Christmas Gifts Offer To celebrate the Festive Season 2018, Mombasa Adventures Magazine is offering a magical Christmas gifts exclusively to the readers of Mombasa Adventures. With ranges to keep the whole family looking effortlessly stylish this season, the Magazine is a brand known for

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Gift Galore - Shop, Dinner for Two at Mesob Habesha Restaurant - Enjoy a taste of Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine. Get a Gift Wrap for Free from the Wrap Artists in Mombasa


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18 DEC 2018


The Dubwise movement plays conscious reggae

Conscious reggae spreads love and harmony amongst the citizens of the world. It is music that knows no borders, no social or political class, no religion and no biases. This music connects humanity at the mind, body and soul level.

It is all about spreading the love. It is impossible to mention Yaadcore coming to Kenya without mentioning our very own One Love promoters Tikur Anbessa Productions with Chris as one of the partners. This New Year’s Eve, Tikur Anbessa Productions is working with Kilifi New Year Festival again to bring you Yaadcore to the shores of the Indian Ocean at Takaungu, Kilifi. Tikur Anbessa loosely translates as the Black Lion and for sure, this Lion is on the Roar for this year festival that is bringing in more than two dozen artistes and entertainers. The Kilifi NYE is a 3 day festival running from the 30th December 2018 - 2nd January 2019, is the ULTIMATE New Year’s party with performing artists from the world over! Reggae fans amongst other music genres are set to colonise the beautiful 20 acre private forest somewhere in Kilifi beneath the Baobabs.

Also, join the crew on 30th December 2018 at Club Xcape where Yaadcore will be hosted by Selecta Adam for a night of Dubwise music. We and the Reggaelize It Crew shall be there.... how about you?

DEC 2018






For the outdoors this Christmas, upgrade with wireless gadgets that show the beauty of a well deserved break by Josiah Owiti

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When it comes to the crunch, clever tech gadgets always come out on top as they’ll actually be put to use. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to




he countdown to Christmas

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sort the useful ones from the gimmicks.

Fitbit Versa Fitbit’s second smartwatch

To take out the stress of the festive season,

Screen: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No, only connected | Battery life: 3-4 days | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

we’ve rounded up the coolest tech gifts that will light up the eyes of any gadget lover come Christmas morning. 20 DEC 2018



HAPPY HOLIDAYS Come on Over This is the season to host your friends and family. Whether you’re welcoming them for a week or simply throwing a get together party, here is our tips of how to make everyone feel at home.


ith every passing year, the Christmas celebration have a special bond in my heart. First that I received my first and most prestigious life achievement on this said month as well as I struggled with the thought of leaving home just around this time. With every news, big or small, I have come to learn to share or celebrate it with my family. This Christmas is no different. Like many of us, we will be surrounded by friends and family, a time of joy and togetherness, creating magical moments and

making happy memories for your children. We know it is fun and with some little bit of forward planning help, hosting and getting hosted could be easier then ever before.

Plan ahead Firstly, send out the invitations. You could be the Whatsapp guy or you could be the grounded card guy. Send them early to avoid disappointments. Clarify their stay, how long their stay and where it may be (if you plan to have it away from home). DEC 2018


Expect to a dialogue from your growing children. Surprise them on Christmas Eve with some gifts under the Christmas Tree. Pretend to be Santa and have fun

Set expectations It is not just important to clearly set what your guests can expect, you must discuss this in advance and set this prior to their arrival. In this era of tech, jot down your thoughts on Whatsapp, or even an Instagram/Facebook Story to get ahead of potential disappointments. When hosting, the pressure to be at your best is real, and for most people, the desire to set expectations gets erroded by the desire to please. If your guest is friendly and able to catch up to your moods, discuss them, if not share something like - “We usually eat early at 7 pm because the kids would have gotten tired and would be cranky by then. After that we are open to all possible activities.”

Prep your home A home full of family, friends and lots of children is to the delight of the residents, but you don’t want to be caught flat footed with no extras for your guests. Bring in extra cushions, floor mats to make your place look homely. If your dining table isnts big enough, put a pice of hardboard on top and disguise it with a festive tablecloth. Consider getting folding chairs - you can easily store them away when not in use. There are guys renting out chairs? Use them, but don’t be caught unprepared.

At the table If you have managed for 4 years and over, you know how the crockery and cutlery won’t match. Your son/daughter broke one or lost another...that is how it always happens. Don’t worry! Mismatch is on trend, and it will trend more when you add Christmas decor to your table. Add a few glitter and baubles, some extra candles and lighting wil definately do the magic. 22 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


D Dinner plans

With increased numbers in your house, you don’t want to be caught unawares when your young nephew shows up hungry and you have nothing to offer. Why not make casseroles, stews and lasagnes, then freeze them in disposable containers. You can easily defrost them for quick and lazy meals on the days between Christmas and New Years. Make use of natural snacks with plenty of fruits to make the fill incase someone my just miss out.

Make room for more

You surely will get more of gifts, guests or surprises and you don’t have space for them. Ask the kids (house helps) to go through their toys and make space for new ones. The weeks before Chrismtas are the best to declutter. That extra unused toy can be given away, the extra unused items can be reallocated. Towards the run up to the big day, freeze extra food. You never know how soon you will need them.

24 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


There is no Christams without Concerts and Live events. In the city or wherever you may be. Our very own Sauti Sol have led the way towards highly charged events that will leave you asking for more. Follow their Twitter @SautiSol to see what they are up to this festive season.

Open houses Plan and invest in open houses for your family and neighbors. This has a way of making the most of the usually limited days surrounding the festivities before they all take flight to their ideal holidays. Ask people to come over between say, 1pm and 7pm in between Christmas and New Year and to bring a bottle. Choose a favorite playlist and the rest will fall into place.

During their stay If you are hosting friends/relatives with kids, plan some outdoor fun to excite their festive juices. Fun activities at the beach, the park or the pool have a way of getting to make special talking points in the evening.

Help yourself The key to fun is to let your guests help themselves. Join in the fun and let your guests fit into your shoes once in a while. You never know which Michelin Star Chef, may have just walked in your kitchen.

Relax! Relax! Finally, you didn’t get this far just to see others have all the fun at your expense right? People in festive mood have this strange adventuresque mindest that allows them to make the hosts feel like a king/queen. Guests know that when you are relaxed, the camaraderie is worth a notch higher, so open up gently, quietly and have a blast.

Break the R.U.L.E.S!! Does it really matter if the kids are in bed by 7pm or 8pm? Does it really matter if your warm bath isn’t as warm as usual? Does it matter if adults stay in their PJs all day too? Does it matter if things don’t go as planned? Just go with it. Break all the rules and Instagram it for memories sake. Enjoy like it is December 2018!!! 26 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


travels Tips & Tricks During this festive season, although many of our readers have their trips well planned, some are stuck here with the last minute rush for urgent travel. Are you keen to avoid the high last minute air ticket fees for domestic or international flight? Use this 5 tips to find cheap flights, deals and more.

Be flexible with airports Budget airlines in Kenya have a variety of destinations than just the main international airports, but instead you can use the smaller Wilson Airports, Ukunda Airports and the like. First, these budget airlines tend to fly to smaller airstrips closer to your destination than you imagined. Some of these fares are so low you can get a return trip on the same, and again you get a chance to visit newer locations than you anticipated.

Be flexible with travel dates The easiest way to find a great deal is to be quite flexible with your travel dates. Rather than picking your dates first, try and see when it’s cheapest to travel and work backwards. Overall, Friday and Sunday are usually the most expensive days. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the absolute cheapest days to travel.

Use frequent flyer points Get the most out of your points. Airlines offer frequent flyer points which are redeemable in amazing ways. We know of frequent flyers who have travelled almost for free while using their points, and more so their tickets get to be so reduced especially during the long festive season.

Look for festive deals Avoid the famous and highly publicized deals / offers that you see on airline websites. One, they tend to advertise expensive routes and two, they will discount their already high up prices. But again, do you know how a good deal actually looks like? Compare your prices before you purchase that offer you are already salivating about.

Photo Courtesy - Kenya Airways

There is no gift so timeless, so memorable and so magical than the special traditional Shield and spear from our very own Masai Markets. Do you have a special person who has superbly overcome their 2018? Gift it.

Masai Warrior Shield & Spear From Kes 2,500 All Masai Markets - Nbi/Msa

28 DEC 2018

DEC 2018





he thought of getting a gift for someone in itself was considered enough a few years ago. Today, with the rapid changing landscape of technology, impersonal relations created by the internet (social media) and a lack of skill when it comes to buying gifts – makes a physical gift so much more valuable. This year we would like to equip you with the skills needed to circumvent the tough exercise of gift shopping. We recommend you use the FUP effect; F- functionality U- uniqueness P- performance A good gift serves one or more of those effects. So, when faced with a tight budget always start by looking for a functional gift. The gift receiver will constantly have fond memories of you every time they use your gift. For those wishing to say, “I thought this was so unique and nice”, – personalized items are the perfect place to start such as photo albums these can highlight important dates and significant memories you want the receiver to have, adding

30 DEC 2018

a layer of sentimentality to the whole concept of uniqueness. And lastly performance, this is best for grand gesture – one of a kind moment as it may factor in the other two effects but always tends to be pricey. This includes; limited edition pieces such custom-made cars or watches to mention a few. In Mombasa, situated along links road, Nyali at Amal plaza, there sits Jessica’s gift shop beautiful store on the ground floor. As you enter, you are engulfed by the neat arrangement around the room displaying unique pieces to entice the eyes. They range from books, kids’ toys, wall hangings, art pieces, sculptures, miniature clocks and so much more. The attendant is familiar with the FUP effect and can be of great help as you select the perfect gift. The hidden gem of this shop is that besides the ordinary gifts, you can also get tattoos both permanent and temporary. If you use the promo code provided alongside, a 10 % discount will be availed (active from January 2019, Terms and conditions apply). Gift vouchers are also available. Jessica’s gift shop Tel: 0723 834484

Gift it ‘n’GO!! Jean Pierre of Switzerland chrome plated Pocket watch Kes 25,000 Jessica Gift Galore

Secret Garden: An Exploration of Wonderland Hand Coloring Book Kes 2500 Jessica Gift Galore

Miniature Office Bicycles Jessica Gift Galore From Ksh 2050

Sony Alpha A7R III. from Kes 340,000

Hugo Boss THE SCENT Eau de Toilette, 3.3 Fl Oz $87.00 at



It’s a WRAP!! Photography: Crystal Perk



hristmas is here, and there is nothing more festive about the season than the act of giving and receiving. no doubt when the word gifts come to mind, there is a whole process – making that all important list of recipients, picking the perfect gift, and most importantly wrapping it perfectly.

32 DEC 2018

For me, the wrapping is the best part of the whole process. After all we put so much thought into buying the perfect gift, throwing it into a gift bag or a quick wrap just does not scream special.

Going that extra mile and paying attention to wrapping makes the biggest difference. The perfectly wrapped gift not only looks great, but creates a perfect build up from the time it lands in the receivers lap.

There is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a gift with neatly creased edges, a silky ribbon and a personalized tag.

It indicates that thought and creativity has gone not only in picking the perfect gift but packaging it beautifully.

DEC 2018


34 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


Here are a few tips to get the perfect wrapping for Christmas.

1. Firstly always have the perfect tools. A sharp scissor, enough ribbon and paper. 2. Always try and put all gifts in a box, especially irregular shaped ones that would be hard to wrap. 3. Color co-ordinate all wrappings. Try not to make them identical but marry them together with a uniform theme. 4. Always keep name tags for each gift ready at hand, so as to avoid confusion when wrapping multiple gifts. Tag them as you go along to avoid mix ups. 5. Most of all have fun!

However fun I find wrapping, not everyone feels as passionate about it. Hence the creation of Wrap Artist, a premium gift wrapping service. We take the hassle out of it all, and perfectly wrap and deliver every single gift so as to help tick a task that can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. We cater to all sort of concepts and themes, starting with corporate gifts, to a simple birthday gift and everything in-between. We would love to help you this festive season in creating a theme that would leave your family and friends in awe. Merry Christmas from Wrap Artist. 36 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


38 DEC 2018

DEC 2018



Let’s get started This festive season will not pass without you hosting and having that special guest. Make it count

40 DEC 2018


s I drove around the City of Mombasa in search of a new experience after pictures by the tusks along Moi Avenue and riding in a the tuktuk’, I was famished. Mombasa is widely known for its spicy delicacies influenced by both the Arabs and Indians descents who introduced spices during the colonial era. While admiring the old Ganjoni buildings, the mosques, street vendors with their fruits carts and soaking in the environment, I came across a white building with the doors wide opened and the sign post read, “MESOB HABESHA RESTRAURANT”. I was intrigued by the name and a poster of beautiful Ethiopian ladies placed by the entrance to usher patrons in. The place had a very homely feel, a few more posters on the wall, a wall mounted TV oozed soothing Ethiopian music, the curtains by the window created an ambience of sitting in a living room while the tables and chairs were arranged in groups of four which appeared small and intimate. I took a table by the wall, luckily it was set for two and since I was alone, it did not feel too big. The menu was already on the table.

A Taste OF ETHIOPIAN Culture


As I read it, my excitement began to rise firstly because I did not recognize all the types of foods which immediately communicated to my brain, “New Experience”, at reasonable prices. A waiter dressed in white, majestically walked to my table and asked to take my order. I spent a few minutes querying him about the ingredients used to make the foods that I was struggling to pronounce. Finally, I settled for Zigni – a beef stew that is accompanied by their famous bread Injeera.The waiter disappeared behind double doors that resemble the saloons in cowboy movies. As I waited for my meal, a lady adorned in an off-white dress that had yellow embroidery along the hemline came to say hello. Her pleasant demeanor and beautiful jewelry placed in her hair confirmed I was about to experience a whole new culture. My food soon after arrived and I was speechless. I was a huge round metal Sinia, which contained the flatbread Injeera, a white bowl full of the beef stew Zigni and small portions of vegetables, sparsely placed on the injeera. The food is served in large portions, I was

not sure where to start. The stew was spicy a hint of pepper and chilly, thick and the beef was extremely tender. As a new experience, it took mouthfuls before my taste buds adjusted and began enjoying the food. While I ate, I noticed the staff were setting up their Ethiopian traditional coffee. Hadas came with a small saucepan and began roasting coffee beans. The smell was strong yet inviting, as they roasted she would shake the pan to have the aroma fill the room. Once ready the coffee began to brew in what appeared to be a ceramic jug. Her level of grace and warmth made the experience even more exciting. As soon as I thought we were done, a new aroma filled the room, this time it was incense burning over hot coals. The coffee was ready, I was served in a small white cup, accompanied by Hambasha, kolo and popcorn. The coffee was amazing, strong yet smooth as it passed down my throat. I was so happy for having found such a hidden gem in the streets of Mombasa. I would highly recommend you try it. To enjoy a similar and even better experience, make time and visit.

LOCATION: Chief Ali Binnaam Road FOOD PRICE RANGE: Ksh 400-2500 OPEN FROM: 8:00am -9:00pm No reservations needed CONTACT: 0721 971555 RATINGS Service – Good Ambience – Fair Food – Excellent DEC 2018



To celebrate our love of Long Christmas Season, we have created an exclusive Healthy Food Delivery platform for all. Call today 0712 410 460

We Deliver Heal t hy Food 42 DEC 2018

Jumbleberry Croissant Strata

Garlic-Herb Butter

Melt a pat of this richly flavoured butter

over grilled or boiled corn. It’s nice on Garlic-Herb Butter fish or steak, PREP TIME: 15 min.too! SOAK TIME: 15 min. Garlic-Herb Butter Melt aTIME: pat of1 hr this TOTAL 45richly min. flavoured butter

Tip TTipip

Leave a piece of stalk at the end of the cob — it Leave a piece of makes a natural stalk at the end Leave a piece of handle. of the it stalk atcob the — end makes a natural of the cob — it handle. makes a natural handle.

Cool Slightly before Serving

|corn. PREP TIME: 5boiled min. CHILL TIME: 2 on hr. over It’s nicebutter Melt agrilled pat oforthis richly flavoured SERVES: 10 min. TIME: 2 hr. 15 min.It’s nice on fishTOTAL or steak, over grilled ortoo! boiled corn. MAKES: 3/4 too! cup (175mL) 8fish cups croissants torn into chunks or day-old steak, PREP TIME: 5 min. | CHILL TIME: 2 hr. (about 8 large croissants) 2 L 1 / 2 cup (125 mL) Compliments TOTAL TIME: 2 hr. 15 min. PREP TIME: 5 min. | CHILL TIME: 2 hr.Unsalted 1/3 cup melted butter, divided 75 mL MAKES: 3/4 cup (175mL) Butter, TOTAL TIME: 2softened hr. 15 min. MAKES: 3/ 4 cup (175mL) 1/3 honey, divided 75 chopped mL & Unsalted 4 eggs 1cup /2 cup (125 finely parsley 1/2 cup (125 mL)mL) Compliments 11/21/3 5% light cream 325 mL Butter, softened 1/4 cups cup mL) finely chopped cup (125(60 mL) Compliments Unsalted Compliments Fresh Chives softened 1/4 cup sugar 60 finely mLOrganic 1/2Butter, cup (125 mL) chopped parsley 21/ tsp orange zest 10 mL 1 tbsp (15 mL) finely chopped 2 cup (125 mL) finely chopped parsley 1/4 cup (60 mL) finely chopped Compliments Fresh Thyme 11/4tsp extract 5Organic mL Compliments Organic Fresh Chives cupvanilla (60 mL) finely chopped 1 tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste such as 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 1 mL Compliments Organic Fresh Chives 1 tbsp (15 mL) finely chopped Compliments Organic Garlic pinch of Compliments Organic Fresh Thyme 1 tbsp (15salt mL) finely chopped Seasoning Paste 21 cups Compliments Jumbleberry Fruit Blend Compliments Organic Fresh tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste suchThyme as (frozen) 500 mL 1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon juice Compliments Organic Garlic 1 tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste such as 1 tbsp icing 15 mL Garlic sauce Seasoning Paste 2 tsp (10sugar mL) Worcestershire Compliments Organic Seasoning Paste 1 tbsp (15(2 mL) lemon juice 1/2 tsp mL) hot sauce 1 tbsp (15(1 mL) lemon juice tsp (10 mL) 1/4 tsp mL) salt (350°F). 1.2Preheat oven toWorcestershire 180°C In asauce large bowl, chilli sauceand about 21/2tsp (10 mL) Worcestershire sauce toss together croissant pieces half the tsp (2 mL) hot sauce 1. In(2medium bowl, use the melted and half the honey. Setback aside.of a spoon 1/ mL) hot sauce 1/24 tsp tspbutter (1 mL) salt to (1 mix together parsley, chives, 2.1/4Intsp another bowl, together eggs, cream, sugmL) saltwhiskbutter, thyme, garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire ar, orange zest, vanilla, nutmeg and salt. Pour over 1. In medium bowl, use the back of a spoon croissant mixture, toss to coat and let stand to 20 sauce, hotbowl, sauce and salt. 1.toInmix medium use the back of a 15 spoon together butter, parsley, chives, min. until croissants have absorbed the egg mixture. to mix together butter, parsley, thyme, garlic,mixture lemon juice, 2. Scoop onto aWorcestershire largechives, piece of plastic 3.thyme, Spreadhot half sauce thelemon croissant mixture in greased 13 X chilli garlic, juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt. wrap. Wrap theand butter mixture; roll into a log 9-in. (3-L)hot baking dish.and Spoon half the frozen berries sauce, sauce salt. about 1-in. (2.5-cm) thick. Chill until firm, 2 to 2. Scoop mixture largeDrizzle piece of plastic overtop. Repeat layersonto once a more. with 3 hr. Cut log into slices to serve with 2. Scoop mixture onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Wrap the butter a log on remaining honey and meltedmixture; butter. roll into corn the55 cob, other hotthick. veggies, fish or steak. 3.wrap. Bake to 60 min. until golden brown puffed. Wrap the butter mixture; rolland into a 2log about 1-in. (2.5-cm) Chill until firm, to Cool slightly. Dust sugar before serving. about 1-in. thick. Chill until firm, to 3 hr. to serve with corn2on P ECut R Slog E(2.5-cm) Rinto Vwith I Nslices Gicing (1 tbsp/15 mL) | hot |fish | on 3the hr.70 Cut log into to serve with corn Calories 0.2slices gveggies, Protein 7 g Total fat cob, other or steak. | 20RECIPE) | 4.5 g Saturated fat mgfish Cholesterol the cob, other hot veggies, or steak. PER SERVING (1/10 OF THE P E R S E R V I N G (1 tbsp/15 mL) | 0 g17Fibre | 0 g Sugars 1 g Carbs 60 Calories 310: g:tbsp/15 Saturated Fat| 9fat g: |mg Sodium | 7 gmL) Calories Protein Total P70 ER SE R V|Fat I0.2 N Gg (1 Carbs 34 g: Sugar 23 g: Protein 7 g: | 20 mg| 7Cholesterol | 0.2 fat 4.5Calories g Saturated 70 g Protein g Total fat || Cholesterol| 120 mg: | Fibre 2 g: Sodium 270 | | | mg

1 g Carbs 0 g Fibre 0 gmg Sugars 60 mg Sodium 4.5 g Saturated fat 20 Cholesterol | 60 mgfind 1 g Carbs | 0 g Fibre | 0 g SugarsYou’ll Sodium cobs that contain

yellow or white kernels, or a mixfind of both, ourcontain Produce You’ll cobs in that You’ll cobs that contain Department. yellowfind or white kernels, or a yellow white kernels, or a mix ofor both, in our Produce mix of both, in our Produce Department. Department.

Courtesy -

Corn orannwberry CCtor Sr

Look for firm kernels all the way to the top Look for firm kernelsbright of the ear. Moist, Look forfirm firm, fleshy Look for kernels all the way to husksthe aretop a andgreen big Strawberry all way to the bright top of the the ear. Moist, fruits, with no dents sign that the corn has of the ear. Moist, bright or any injuries. green husks are aripeness. reached peak green husks are a Avoid thethe yellowish sign that corn has strawberries, tohas get sign that the corn reached peak taste ripeness. the desired 6 reached peak ripeness.

6 6

Recipe Courtesy of

Sweet corn pairs nicely with garlic and herbs, as well Sweet corn pairs Sweet cornjuice pairsand as lime nicely with garlic Brookside Unsalted Butter, Compliments nicely withpowder. garlic chili and herbs, as well Unsalted Butter, 454 g and herbs, as and well as lime juice 454 g Compliments aschili limepowder. juice and Compliments Unsalted Butter, chili powder. Unsalted Butter, 454 g Enjoy corn shortly after 454 g purchasing, when its natural sweetness is atshortly its peak. Refrigerate Enjoy corn after shortly ifEnjoy you’recorn notwhen eating right away. purchasing, itsitafter natural purchasing, when its Refrigerate natural sweetness is at its peak. sweetness ateating its peak. Refrigerate if you’re is not it right away. if you’re not eating it right away. Woodlands Honey, 500 g

We Deliver Heal thy Food

DEC 2018


Best - ever party platter Have the friends arrived for the visit? Grab your biggest serving board and fill it with vibrant fruits to your taste. Here is a fruit platter that will get your people talking long after the festive season

44 DEC 2018

Tempt your guests with... 1. Fleshy Pawpaw This delicious fruit is super easy to eat—you can either choose to eat the raw fruit, or you can mix it into recipes to create yummy dishes. Remove the seeds and it is ready to eat.

2. Juicy Mangoes These are a perfect combination of sweet and sour, it complements the rich taste of creamy cheeses, balances the heat of smoky dishes, and intensifies the flavors of other tropical fruits such as coconuts, melons and apples.

3. Oranges Are a great source of vitamin C. Make easy Mock tail for your guests, put orange juice, sugar and lemon juice in a bowl, mix all the ingredients well. Serve it when chilled and garnish with a mint leave.

4. Pineapples They are in plenty this Christmas season at the coast. Great additions to a barbeque, in a large resealable bag add honey, butter, hot pepper sauce and salt. Preheat the grill, lightly oil grate and grill the pineapples for 2 to 3 minutes per side. Serve with your favorite meats and salads.

5. Strawberries Entice your guests by mixing lettuce, spinach, strawberries and cheese in a large salad bowl. For the dressing, prepare vinegar & sugar mixture set aside. Combine oil, paprika, salt and garlic then add the sugar-vinegar mixture. Mix well, refrigerate until ready to serve.

6. Apples These can be used in a variety of ways. Try grilled shrimp and apple skewers for your guests this holiday. All seafood lovers will enjoy them serve with white rice, noodles or a mixed green salad.

7. Grapes Try the red grape juice cocktail using four cups seedless red grapes, two tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, one cup grape juice, once up sparkling water, ž cup vodka and ice blend everything together serves it chilled.

8. Pomegranate

It is used in cooking both as a fresh juice and as a concentrated syrup. Also, a great addition to green leafy salads.

9. Kiwi fruit These are full of flavor; their green flesh is sweet and tangy. They are a great source of fiber, vitamin c, potassium, vitamin K and folate. Can be added to fruit salads, desserts and smoothies.

DEC 2018





That you should know

46 DEC 2018


he city of Mombasa has a cosmopolitan population which was predominantly composed of Swahili People and Mijikenda. However, traders and craftsmen over the years have migrated from the Middle East, Somalia and India as a result the major religions practiced are Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. The concept of modest dressing can easily be misconstruedto mean boring, low-key, mediashy, self-conscious, meek and apologetic just to mention a few. Yet, on the contrary, a young lady from Mombasa is on a mission to showcase modesty in a very fashionable way. Noreen Mohammed, started Adore by Noreen a fashion house that is creating trendy designs for the lady seeking a modest yet chic outfit. Born and raised in Mombasa to a Muslim family, she was taught from a young age that she needed to dress in a modest way. This meant wearing abayas - is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress but at some point, she found it boring to wear them repetitively. This sparked a curiosity and desire within her to design her own abayas. As a child, the detailing on fabric, texture and colors would intrigue her, she loved fashion and wanted to be trendy. Noreen begins by choosing a style, which she then cuts and selects color combination for every abaya. Every time she wore her designs they provided a sense of creative freedom, confidence and fashion. Most of her pieces express simplicity, elegance and royalty.

It is impossible to think of Mombasa without the culture that influences its fashion. Adore by Noreen is taking elegance to new level with stylish outfits for the modern woman DEC 2018


48 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


They quickly garnered a lot of praise and curiosity from those who dressed in them. Last year she launched her first line for abayas and this year has managed to diversify by introducing bishts - flowing outer cloak worn over a thawb popular in Muslim and Arab communities. Secondly, Kimonos – full length mostly open at the front usually robe-like. The Kimono collection has become very popular and cuts across all cultures. My creative journey has allowed me to uncover the misconception around the Muslim culture and its harsh restrictions on dressing. On the contrary, they give room for trendy and fashionable modest clothes. Modesty is subjective and is influenced by a number of factors. However, when it comes to fashion it is all about how you carry yourself. “If I could change something about the fashion industry, it would be the perception that women have to reveal more of their bodies to be considered beautiful!” ~ Noreen. 50 DEC 2018

DEC 2018


Authentic Handmade Jewellery

Make Christmas personal this year @AuthenticShanga 0727 256576 52 DEC 2018

DEC 2018



SHOPPING TIPS: •Shop with a list, and remember to use that list when you shop!



he festive season is a time for family fun and for many, also a time for indulgences of what had been kept at bay in the year. These make the merry making even more memorable. Why do consumers buy this and not the other? What is it that leads to greater spending? Can your personality affect the way you spend over the Christmas? Personality researchers say yes. You don’t need to look further than taking note of your five closest friends and their spending habits. In a recent study comparing the spending habits of people during the festive season, links have been found between certain personality types and the way they spend money during this long holidays. Firstly, your spending is determined by how much money you make, how happy you are and how old you are. But all in all, why do people in the same bracket have varied spending capability than others? 54 DEC 2018

Those who have a stable emotional state and lower levels of neurotism are more likely to spend more over this festive period. Unfortunately, those who have experienced high stress levels and higher neuroticism tend to spend less. But that is not just it, those people who have some elevated levels of artistic and resourcefulness will spend less. Those persons with higher levels of conscientiousness or OCD spend more. This forms a small part of consumer behavior with the earlier discussed parts such as income, household size, also coming into play. This information is important for small holder businesses and especially those targeting massive walk in customers. You may never know who walks into your shop and why, that gesture of friendliness to individual customers as you engage in a conversation will play a major role in your profits this season.

•Set a budget, a figure that is comfortable for you to spend and what makes sense for you to spend on this shopping trip. •The research is clear: we pay 20 – 50% more when we shop with magic plasticPay with Cash. Paying with cash feels more “real” •Set a shopping timeframe. Don’t allow yourself to meander around a shopping centre in an aimless fashion. •No matter how friendly or pleasant a sales person is, here is the fact you cannot avoid: they’re in it for the sale. Follow your instincts. •Don’t buy just because it’s on sale. •To avoid impulse buying, just ask yourself, “Why?” You will be surprised how you really don’t need it. •Shop alone. Many people find that shopping partners are more akin to accomplices in crime! More tips accessible 24/7 at our website

Eat drink merry • AND BE •

There is no better place to do so than at our Dazzling Piece of Cake. Our festive cakes showcase the very best of local and seasons ingredients, rich fruit cakes with tested and proven cake designs to provide a choice for all tastes across the range. We have many indulgent treats to enjoy this festive season. We make cakes for all special days, your wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation in your favourite flavour ranging from fruit, vanilla, forests, velvets & chocolate. Or why not get your party started with one of our famous Christmas Cakes. Call 0780358438 or visit our social media pages. DAZZLINGPIECEOFCAKE

DEC 2018



We offer Orthopedic care in Kenya Specializing in knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, elbow arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, sports medicine, shoulder joint replacement, knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement surgery and fracture care. Pain management & Pediatric Orthopedics The experts at Orthobridge Orthopedics offer conservative approaches such as:

• Therapy • Injections • Exercise • Activity modification • Bracing, splints, or other supports

56 DEC 2018

Orthobridge Orthopedics Institute Upperhill Nairobi 3rd floor Nelson Awori Centre , Nairobi Kenya Phone number:0701-794-697 Email:

DEC 2018


WE ARE MEANT to wander IN wonder

Haller Park Bamburi 58 DEC 2018

Where you can relax away from the hustles and bustles of the city and enjoy the wild

DEC 2018


60 DEC 2018

Wear The World

DEC 2018


It goes without saying that the Coast is a vast area of outstanding natural beauty. Brilliant sandy white beaches, coral atols, mangrove forests, lagoons, creeks, remote islands, and secluded bays, rain forests, part arid/desert areas and mountains, the diversity is amazing. It is home to a vast array of marine and land flora and fauna.



Beyond tourism,the port of Mombasa is the gateway for most goods into East Africa and beyond. A thriving business community exists along the coastline. The coast has a myriad of farms from small fruit ‘shambas’ to vast sisal plantations. It is a melting pot of culture, tourism, industry, farming and business - set in an idyllic and exotic location on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Tsavo East N. Park

Tsavo East W. Park Mombasa

COAST COUNTIES Mombasa Kilifi Lamu Kwale Taita Taveta Tana River

62 DEC 2018


Shimba Hills Nature Reseve DIANI

Pirates Beach



The white sandy beaches, beautiful water sparkling in the horizon and a throng of beach merry makers is the order of Pirates Beach. Officially called the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, this most popular beach in Mombasa loosely named after an active and popular Pirates Beach Club situated along the busy highway. The captivating smell of the sea water is more that just memorable, it is breathtaking.


In all these locations you will find friendly locals. Enjoy their company and learn with them.

tio nal R ch ea

t De livering Na


ion al Reach



De livering Na



For travelers to Mombasa, this magnificent public beach is one that is hard to miss. Without a doubt, it is the busiest and most popular beach in Mombasa always packed with all sorts of activities; families bring their kids to have fun and play with water and sand. If you have ever seen any video showcasing a densely populated beach during the festive seasons in Mombasa, for sure, that must have been Pirates Beach. The views of the ocean are breathtaking. If you’re lucky, you can see large ships heading towards the port of Mombasa. The road heading towards the beach is always busy; as residents and visitors walking excitedly in high spirits. As a public beach, expect all that there is of Mombasa residents and domestic tourists. There is a variety of food for sale. This is an active beach that comes alive over

the weekends and this long festive month. Water sports lovers do enjoy the various beach sports available. If you need to venture deeper into the waters and explore the marine life, hire a boat with a glass bottom to explore marine life. The beach sports are not restrictive as you can join any group anytime. Just for the hang of it. The camel ride is most sought after. Also, there are plenty of lifesavers to watch your back, safety is guaranteed. Hawkers come in handy to sell artifacts, swimwear, kids’ toys and amongst other interesting stuff. First time visitors must not miss out on the opportunity to see the mixture of residents showcase some of their best in beach gymnastics. As the festive season moods gets heated up, be sure to catch a beach party happening here on an almost every evening. This is the Pirates Beach

DEC 2018



Discover the Practice of Yoga Yoga is the practice of aligning your mind your body and your breath. By practicing yoga, you help yourself become more flexible, more stronger and more energetic but most importantly more calmer. At The House of Yoga we aim to provide you with the necessary tools to begin or to further progress on your Yogic journey. We have a variety of practices to include Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar. Please do join us at any of our sessions that appeals to you! We look forward to seeing you on your mat

Our style is power vinyasa. Vinyasa (“flow”) links movement of the body with movement of the breath. We like to think of our practice as a dance, a moving meditation. For that reason (among many), you can expect music in almost every single one of our classes. Yogis and musicians have been hanging out since the beginning of time; at House of Yoga, we honor that tradition with playlists that become an important part of the journey inward. Often, music speaks beyond words and it speaks to the Heart. We call it House Yoga because we see that, as a tribe, we seem to have a particular

way of delivering a powerful practice. You won’t get fluffy yoga speak at House of Yoga. We speak from our Hearts and we teach from the experience of our individual lives so you can feel free to relax, drop your guard and keep it real on the mat. The House of Yoga offers guided yoga, meditation - in various styles and class times. All sessions are made with lots of love and care, because they’re not just ‘one time’ practices. Repetition is key to go deeper and work on a sustainable practice.

Authentically From Mombasa 64 DEC 2018

r u o y s ‘ t a h W


Struggling to keep your gym schedule motivated? Take our quiz to discover which workout is best for you...

A. A protein bar or a smoothie with fresh milk - something to get me energised. B. I try some gum or chocolate fudge at the bottom of my handbag. C. I am into lots of fresh fruits - banana/ apple while I pack for the gym. D. Just one Banana and that’s it.


How do you spend your Sunday Afternoon?

A. Out in the wild. You find me hiking or jogging. B. Relaxing at home, on the TV or blog sites, or digital magazines. C. I am the Mummy Commander in Chief. House cleaning or taking care of house duties. D. I am the lazy outdoors freak. Into glass of wine with friends at the park or just walking in the hood.


What is your wake up time?

A. 5.30 am - Stretch and Jog before the sun rises, Go to work fresh. B. 6.30 am - I have got my morning routine down to a slick 30 min, so I can spend longer in bed. C. 5 am - I’ve got lunches to make, bags to pack and house duties before taking the kids to two different schools. D. 6 am - I enjoy some cup of tea in bed, listening to morning radio before I jump to the shower.


Your favorite TV program is...

A. Some fitness, health and exercising shows online or Reality TV shows B. I am the Netflix binge guru. The Couch commander. C. The Real Housewives of Kawangware, and Some Machachari for a good family laugh D. Spell it, GAME OF THRONES, Suits. with some glass of wine - Heaven!


Your husband is...

A. Me?? A husband?? Hell No!! I am single and Proud of it. B. A product of Zeus. An angel! He does the housework, loves his children, puts them to bed. I am team cheering squad. C. A Company man. Always working hard at the office or the gym. We rarely get time on our own. D. Really hands on with the kids, we share every work in the house.


Your romantic life is described as...

A. ENERGETIC!!! B. Once a week, routine kind of a couple. C. Non existent. We make effort when needed. D. Just right, or Good enough. I am not complaining.

Photo courtesy -


Your Pre Work Out Snack?


Who is your Celebrity Idol?

A. Mitchelle Obama - Shes fun, full of energy and fabulous B. Akothee- she does what she wants and doesn’t bow to pressure. C. Size8 - A kid, a career success, marriage success. A superwoman. D. Julie Gichuru - she’s just beautiful, successful and just seems so chilled out.

Now turn the page for your results DEC 2018


Mostly A’s: Hardcore Fit Girl You are a star in your discipline and ambitions. A hardworking fitness star, with great determination. You could rival Jane Mukami when it comes to your fitness regime. You are on top of latest trends. Your body is your temple and you prefer to spend time working out, being up and about than be infront of a TV. You are a superwoman or single with regards to your planning. You dedicate about 3 workouts a week while still finding out the interesting things of life. We suggest you sign up for the annual marathons in the country, so you get to have something to aim at. Challenge yourself to new exercising regimen, new opportunities coming up such as fitness competitons. Join sports clubs, especially for active sports that will allow you to continuously maintain yourself in shape and win some trophies while at it.

Mostly B’s: Reluctant winner

You are a fitness enthousiast, you dream of making it all the way in the fitness arena. You are not lazy, it is just that you find exercise boring and you prefer to do something else you deem more productive. So you prefer to binge watch House of Cards reruns, and compensate for the lost hours through some stretching here and there, jog up and down the stairs without stopping.

Mostly Cs: Mommy Mover

You are very busy. You make a lot of sacrifices to make you and yours truly to be comfortable. This is no mean feat. In between school runs, taking care of your young ones you barely have time to say “Hi” to your husband, let alone go to the gym. You need a regime that can fit around your hectic schedule. We recommend short, very intense workouts that will take you to a new level of burning calories. Use workout that last for roughly 10-20 min but last a lifetime. These are called High Intensity Interval

TOP TIP Exercise doesn’t have to be boring - find a workout you enjoy and you are more likely to stick to it.

To beat the boredom of fitness, you read while you are on the treadmill or you jog when your fitness freak friends are hosting a morning jog or it has been organised in your office.

A fitness idea would be to get yourself a fitness instructor to keep you motivated throughout your workout. Or possible scream at you to at least try. Get a training session with a group of buddies in your comfort zone, like at home, nearby On some days, your workout is the park of private gyms. Team spirit is a short walk from the car to the house, great motivator to make up for lost or the bus stop to your house. When time and to master the courage to keep showing up for the sessions. you go for a run, it turns into a walk. You have on various occasions Similarly, make fitness a fun activity registerd to a gym, you attended twice and gave up on the third day. which includes your most interesting

66 DEC 2018

Trainings. This type of training gets to keep your heart rate up, you burn more fat in less time. Prior to starting this intensive training, we recommend you measure your Body Mass Index your eating plan and ensure that you are medically sound. Make this short but memorable 10 minutes count. To make it more interesting, invite your girlfriends to tag along if you ca do it outside the house. Don’t forget that there are some simp but effective ways you can use hoolahoops, Zumba dance, or skipping rope that will make thi exciting.

activities like rock climbing, zumba dance and some step trainings. They’re intense bt you can burn up to 2200kJs in a session. Sign up to a neighborhood team sport. Let it be competitive as you are guaranteed of a regular team output, which will give you enough time to catch up on Netflix.

, so






Mostly Ds: Mommy Mover You love the simple things in life. You are always searching for a little balance in your life, whether it is housework, career, young ones in kindergaten, a career husband or knowing where to draw the line between doing just enough and preventing yourself from taking too much. You are the true superwoman. You are almost always juggling a fulfilling job, a fun social life, managing a growing home with numerous expectations while all your ears are out picking the social buzzers of what is happening without looking overwhelmed. You strongly believe in moderation, and that there is a time for everything. You know just when to take a break, or when to say a NO. Like the multitalented Akothee (or is she?), - actress, mom, business and lifestyle icon, you need to find a way to combine your workout with spending some quality time on yourself. The adrenaline rush in working out will help you find your zen but you still need a sport, workout regime that can help you clear your mind. Join the office workout sessions or start a home gym this way wherever you are killing it.

Find ways to combine your workouts with spending some quality time on yourself.

DEC 2018


Events, Up & About

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty


Event the

8th December Mombasa Colour Splash - Mombasa Sports Club

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty


68 DEC 2018

Dar Beauty Fair 2018 - Dar Es Salam 14 - 15 th Dec 2018

he event will attract more than 3000 visitors to the exhibition of more than 200 entreprenuers, brands and companies. The Fair offers a wide selection of makeups, Hair styles, Nails, spa services Cosmetic products etc. and displays the latest innovations and services in the Beauty industry

’Tis the Season

A night of Kenyan Carols The Season is an annual concert that stirs the joy of Christmas through the celebration of popular melodious Christmas carols but with a Kenyan twist. The event which is on its 6th edition will be held at the Hub, Karen on 11th and 12th December 2018.

Ciroc Dhow Cruise - Tamarind Dhow

Because You Said So 27th Edition Saturday, 8th December 2018 It’s a show with no script, no rehearsal, and more laughter than you are ready for! Because You Said So (BYSS) is Kenya’s first improv comedy show. Here is your official invitation to an unforgettable experience to the 27th Edition. Location - The Elephant, No. 3 Kanjata Road Kshs 1,800.00

PASSION AN AFTERNOON OFWORSHIP Donnie McClurkin Jr. a 3 Grammy awards, 10 Stellar awards, two BET awards promises an intense afternoon of worship for all planning to attend. A great time to praise and worship while enjoying some of his favorite songs from his 9 albums.

Advance: Ksh 2500

The Wilderness

Saturday, 22nd December 2018 All held in a secluded, natural setting, The Wilderness is the perfect weekend to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in a world flourishing with creativity; Adventure, Team Building, Game Drive, Challenges, Entertainment and BBQ. Tickets at Kshs 3,500.00

DEC 2018


Do you have an event or project that you want publicized free of charge? Call us today. +254 720 410 460

Entry: Ksh 1500


Event the



PIFWA is proud to be the only fashion brand that promotes Tourism in the region, promote and bring the International platform to Mombasa County in both fashion, lifestyle and luxury life. Venue: English Point Marina, Mombasa Date: Dec 12 2018






If you have an event or project that you would like to publicize, please email us at 70 DEC 2018


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24. History of Mombasa - Diana


When in Malindi be sure to indulge yourself. Beginner or not take lessons in kite surfing or snorkelling, Diana Jepkoech shares about Malindi

Malindi was founded around the 1st Century AD. Its original site may have been Mambrui, north of the Sabaki River. It is now the second largest city on the Kenyan Coast after Mombasa. Locals say that the name is Swahili for Mali Ndi, meaning a lot of wealth. Malindi came under the influence of Portuguese in the 16th century for some two hundred years before being ruled by the Sultan of Oman and Zanzibar and later, in the 19th century, the British. It is accessible 120 km from Mombasa town. The town also boast of an airport located west of its CBD. Its famous for its tourism spots and restaurants. Right at the beach, water lovers immerse themselves in the water with Dhow excursions, kitesurfing, and scuba diving .The affair looks spectacular as the kite surfers’ move with every wave as the wind directs them. Kite surfing schools are available example is Che Shale Hotel provides lessons on them. At the Malindi National Park, glass boat rides gives you a glance of the beautiful under water coral gardens and if you want first glance of them snorkeling gears are available. For the bird lovers, The Falconry of Kenya is a place to be. Where variety of birds are at the open park. They include the Owls, Eagles, Falcon and Pecker birds among others. The daring ones have a chance to carry the

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eagles with the help of a guide. In Marafa get to have great pictures of the famous Marafa Hell’s kitchen gorge. The place is quite hot thus being called the Hell’s kitchen. The local communities call the place Nyari. With them having a legend story about the rich family who faced God’s wrath. A trip to this place is advised to start early in the morning because in the afternoon onwards temperature can go up to 50 °C. Moreover, a walk through the Ndoro sculpture garden, located in Casuarina exposes you to beautiful head sculptures, which have been crafted from stones and other materials. Finally for the entertainment lovers there are numerous clubs and hangout spots to chill and relax. A casino is found just within the city environs. I can’t wait to immerse myself in all these adventures.

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his is Malindi. As someone once said . “Buon pomeriggio?” a fairly tall Italian man tells me as he passes me by. I stare at him as he disappears in to the crowd.”Boon…… something something .Was that a greeting? Was it a remark? I will need to ask my host. There is an Italian supermarket, Italian restaurant … almost everything is Italian. This is Malindi. As someone once said .The little Italy in Kenya. Minutes later I enquire about the earlier incidence of language shock, apparently since it was in the afternoon. The Italian man had simply greeted me in Italian. Residents here are fluent in Italian (or it may seem) therefore it is normal for them to speak.



hat just happened? The holiday season is here again. I just missed it. Time has really passed by. Months ago, I was so excited partying under the display of fireworks, cheering and ushering the New Year. Now am seated at my balcony, staring at the sea or is it the marvelous sunset? Well it’s beautiful out here.That I can affirm. Back to my thoughts. 2018, a year of transformation and amazing memories. A year that carried lots of lessons and a lot of risk taking. Would I want a rewind of this year? Yes please. What are the lessons I picked this year? Happiness Happiness is a personal affair. Every little things that made me smile I cherished. Those crazy adventures and scary scheme with friends. So if being happy is watching that epic series with caramel popcorns as part of the plot, and that is your happiness. Then just do it. After all, joy comes in sips not gulps. Since happiness is an option, strive do big things to make you smile. Budget Having a budget for your expenses is a safe tool to have every time. For the spendthrift like me, a budget has enabled me to spend on what is important. Most importantly when tempted to buy a pair of shoe or that fancy cologne .Think deeply by criticizing your urge. Do you really need it? Is it urgent? What’s the importance? Or is it for luxury purpose. Healthy living Eat healthy. Yes a healthy you means diseases at bay and after all you are what you eat. Try organic food over junk food every time. I have not frequented the health clinic this year, all

thanks to eating vegetables and drinking plenty of water. It is important also that, while you are maintaining healthy to not forget your mental health. Stressing over small issues can cause depression, and if it’s beyond your control don’t stress over it. What is my ambition for next year? Well next year Maldives is on my bucket list or that won’t be a year. This side of the sea I have seen enough. I need to explore the coral environment through snorkeling and swimming under the crystal clear waters. I have to do it. The fantasies I have had of this place is quite something. I desired a Lamborghini the previous year. Ooh God! I was so obsessed with that car model I had stickers, room wallpapers and laptop screen savers. Then, Bugatti almost stole my heart this year. Next year, I need to put on hold my obsessions and try my luck with Vitz for starters. But Lamborghini is still on my wish list, always will be.

2018 has been an eventful year. Many of our resolutions have been met, and many of our choices shaped to meet a success. Cheers to a wonderful year.

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Since I am an avid food enthusiast especially on spicy foods like Chicken Tikka. I am considering taking cooking classes on Indian foods and perhaps start cooking for few people and charge them. Yes! That would be a good side hustle on weekends. Meaning more money for me. Finally, am thinking of buying land on the countryside and become a farmer. Agribusiness ventures looks promising. Well I can’t depend on one source, and your girl got to diversifying her income. It’s a start. Next year has lots of ambitions written all over, as the sun completely disappears. This year has been amazing. Cheers to these memories. I am living here, and am doing just “Fine”. My dreams will come true.

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While age, marital status and other demographics influence shopping habits, millennials approach retail differently based on their own unique experiences. Growing up in a time of technological disruption, as noted by Josiah Owiti, a fickle economy has affected the way they shop and make purchases


illennials are tech-

to immerse in another place, culture and return

at a restaurant? The traditional shuttling of tourist

savvy generations who

rejuvenated, inspired, and ready for our next

in large buses from monument to monument and

have grown up with

adventure. They are travelers. Global reports

going to tourist restaurants that served food that

images of the Maldives,

show that they prefer to spend their money on

locals wouldn’t touch doesn’t cut it anymore. They

Santorini, Hawaii and

experiences over things. Louis Vuitton is out,

consider eating local food a huge part of the travel

many more flashing through their TV screens

Vietnam is in.

experience. Their need for trying out local food is

from childhood. A holiday for them is not just

Young people are also working harder than ever

very important to them, often more important than

the usual staple of white sandy beaches and the

and are putting off major life stages like marriages,

museums, monuments, and the beach. Some of these

wildlife. With their smart phones in hand and

mortgages and children. They have extra cash and

places have not changed much over the years, but

their deep desire to travel in the other, they seek

need to get away from their demanding jobs so

the food...A sumptous meal gets them coming back

to be in any one location, their thirst for travel

people are traveling three or four times a year, not

for more.

cannot be easily quenched.

just three or four times per lifetime. Social Media confirms their Need

Most tours and travel companies are trying really hard.

a team of Millennials who share this vision and not

Social media makes experience as the new social

And the problem is that they are doing too much of

only do we provide resources and personalized

currency over the fancy designer wear. After all, the

the trying to be socially conscious, and have really

travel advice and suggestions but we also facilitate

Chinese knock-offs are effectively unrecognizable

good reviews. But the best way to attract millennials is

a deeper connection through communities and

and fashion has made high-end looks attainable for

to offer and execute well on something so unique that


the masses.

people feel compelled to share it on their social media.

Millennials are travelling far and wide - their bucket

Social media is not so bad after all; it promotes

Helps to have a great story, but once it is compelling,

list may include exotic places as far as Cuba, New

interest in experiencing other cultures since it helps

it goes viral. Millennials respect and rely on the

Zealand and the Amazon. National Geographic

foster empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

opinion of their peers and if we see something super

among many other travel and adventure programs

On the negative side, the prominence of social

cool in a friend’s feed, which is way more credible

have played a role in opening up their global

media can result in travelers not being fully present

than any advertisement or sponsored blog post. In an

travelling scope. By the time most are settling

in the experience because they’re too concerned

overwhelming online world, the one post we know we

down, they have been to at least one or two major

with documenting everything on social media. As

can trust is our friends.

global tourism site. And they’re doing it in totally

a business, you will miss out on this part if your

new and unexpected ways. As for businesses, let’s

social media handles are nonexistent, uninspiring or

Working with this generation is as practical as being

look at their reasons below.

irregularly updated.

immersed in with them. Neglect the purchasing power of

Millennials travel to Identify with their Peers

Millennials are visually stimulated

They consider themselves as citizens of the world

Have you seen how millennials will take up their

and therefore, they have an enthusiastic desire

phones for Instagram pictures when food arrives

the millennials at your peril.

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CHRISTMAS AT THE COAST While the Christmas season provides Christians with the opportunity to reflect and remember the birth of Jesus Christ, other people use the holiday as an opportunity to tour the world and catch up with friends and relatives. Either way, Christmas is a time for family and merrymaking. Kevin Amisi writes from his experiences at the coast.

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he usual Christmas on this side of our existense is hard to imagine for anyone how has not been here. It is built around a strong traditon of

Food, fun, family and friends. “I am a son. I am a fearsome warrior. I am the staunch kid whose dad is chairing the meeting.” This is what I whispered to myself before napkins were tossed on the table. Christmas dinner conversation had turned into the kind of silly thought game I imagine families played long ago, before humans understood that Kerosene was not originally paraffin. Back when Mombasa was, allegedly, great and no one talked about politics or religion in mixed or familiar company because everyone agreed that talking sultan politics or exclusive religion was vulgar and best left to rude Traders who weren’t polite enough to suffer discomfort or discrimination in silence and, if possible, far from the coast. Up until this part in the meal, I had been making lots of eye contact and expressing incomplete thoughts and otherwise participating in uncontained social interactions. Interactions that don’t have a chair, my big cousin who by nature can monopolize a conversation up until dawn comes in. I am a fully functional human being, the point of this meetup is to feast. Everyone knew they’d be chicken because they’re dependable in every heavy meal. A meal without chicken wings during this festive date is like a bank without any cash. What would it be banking then? In the hurried prospects of picking the best chicken pieces, someone picked the gizzards which are traditionally left for the elders, but the young souls would equally fight about them a lot. Food became nonsensical for most gentlemen after that: I could see my dad start by sorting the bowl contents desperately looking for the gizzards in vain. We tried, at first, to go around the table and, one by one, give thanks on the Christmas nightfall. A little ritual before passing the casseroles and puffy peperoni sandwiches that juiced up my mouth, I was almost dehydrating. Cont’d Pg 80 DEC 2018



hat inspires you? There are a lot of things that can provide inspiration – seeing other people accomplish great things, seeing other people overcome adversity, hearing inspirational quotes from great people, even the sheer beauty of nature can remind us just how lucky we are to be alive. It’s easy to forget what an amazing gift life really is. Easy to forget the blessings that a lifetime, a moment

or the year 2018 really is. Our lives are nothing but a cosmic blink. Even our seemingly all-encompassing world is just tiny blue dot circling an average sized star spiraling around a galaxy. Yet for one brief moment, we get to experience the wonders of existence, of consciousness.

Having a positive outlook on life is a crucial part of finding inspiration. Our brains are wired to find things we’re looking for – we are what we think about, and the universe around us is built on what we think – positive or negative. Of course, there are times when it’s difficult to feel cheery or positive – life can be difficult. We may not always have the right answers or the right thoughts, but in time while consciously looking for answers, the universe has a way of bringing out the answers we seek. Stay on the path of seeking answers to the inner questions that we have yet seen. Usher in the new year with answers, hopes and dreams. 78 DEC 2018

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That is, after all, the point of the holidays. The whole reason the dinner exists. Mom spoke for all of us, thanking the usual suspects. The Fantastic Four: Family. Friends. Food. And Family, again? Fun? Um, Fresca? “My intestines will surely toil to death.” My uncle thanked the kitchen troops. Then it was almost over until my dad woke up with a steak held high and started jittering his usual comforting words of wisdom. “God did his part and brought up something we could not order by ourselves, that is Jesus… For us, this day is all about our commitment to Christianity as a family and the show of simplicity as we extend by forging new marriages” my dad said. Everyone just nodded in submissive words. I don’t always feel like I fit in myself. I love my family, and I really like the vast majority of my extended cousins and uncles, but having to mingle with more than one extended family member always makes me squirm inside and out. I will always be feral. I like to think people like me have always existed in the past. Every ancient society had some absolute lunatic who lived in the streets, probably a drunkard but most unfortunately an outcast. I’d probably wear a coat made from tropical creatures’teeth bones if I had been lucky to be one of those misfits. Ahead of the holiday, a friend of mine had told me that it was my responsibility to confront my family members during Christmas. 80 DEC 2018

We all meet once per year and on Christmas. I mean, where are the other days? I would love it if instead of igniting a debate about food and family all the time, we should talk about the normal things that pass through our lives as a family. We mainly talk about how good the food is, how good the food tasted, and how we all ate too much food. The Swahili community have a lot of food variations, we experiment with them and talk about them all day at Christmas dinner until they lose their taste. It is so amazing we don’t collectively choke ourselves to death from the amount of talk we shell out. Our conversations are hazed with various dissatisfactions with our bosses, coworkers and societies every year round. There is always a quenching talk about creeping decrepitude, for instance, the hover board I got for my birthday was stolen last May blah blah blah. As I mentioned previously: I was hardly fitting in. I am a fascinating conversationalist but my family insists on the obvious. It was all good for a laugh, and families should laugh. I believe families should laugh together in many arrangements throughout the year and not just on Christmas days as you know, time flys. The Christmas dinner table has a way to make believe that if we’re all going to be afraid of the taxes, high living standards, a barren family member, then we should all be afraid together. But I don’t think that’s why we were laughing. We laughed with them — and also at them, right to their face.  I was last unfortunately, everyone else shrugged when I brought up my funding need that needed a little help. That answer was enough to end the meals; plates started to stack. But now that I’ve had my share of time to think about it, I wish I’d played along and joined the conversation. I will not be any different from my family. All I need from them is interactions, small talk and from the older guys; wisdom. I usually get a chance to show them that I love being around them. That would have provoked some towards my funding I guess. Occasionally I feel like an inessential appendage. This might be the truth. Let us just say that I think Christmas is barely thanksgiving and interaction. I wish we could do it with DJ mixes, games, suggestions, promises, outdoor visits rather than just food, food and food. The health impact is not a day’s thing. You can’t dedicate a day to food; I mean there is world food day on 16 October every year. Let’s have a good time that really means good time. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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