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How do I LOOK??

Tips on how to maintain your cool in the hot HOLIDAY SEASON



Parenting views on raising children in Mombasa


TSAVO Beauty

A bustling town ready to take on the market






MOMBASA IN STYLE Use technology to push for your business

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There’s a place where moments take on extra magic. they happen every minute of every second of every day. Moments both big and little that will never ever, ever be forgotten. Contact us today to start your magical Maya Denise Adventures Ž journey of winning. 4

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elcome to our first edition of Mombasa Adventures. Be sure to take advantage of the many special offers throughout the magazine, available exclusively to Mombasa Adventures readers! We hope you will enjoy the news and information we will have gathered for you from around the Coast, Mombasa and beyond. In our premier edition, we focus on the beautiful city of Mombasa, its special features and the cultural beliefs surrounding Kenya’s oldest city. You will get a unique, unforgetable experience on the taste of our local life. We are also excited to bring to you highlights of the Pre End of Year festivals in the months of November. Our special feature also includes the experiences of men as parents and their involvement in making a happy home. We all know how challenging it can be to succeed as fathers these days while the world around us is having the expectations of Iron Man or Black Panther characters in our minds. This as our inaugural edition is a family edition, where the ladies aren’t left behind. We have tips on personal grooming, self worth and DIY tips on how to get by the sunny weather that is called Christmas Season. We need you, our people out there to welcome the visitors from far and wide. You don’t expect our visitors to go to the beach

alone while you rest in your house, would you? For these reason, we have trendy gadgets that you can use while entertaining your guests. Recipes you can practice while entertaining the long lost relatives. Did I mention relatives? Enjoy the long reads of Gidi in our focus on coastal lifestyle of “Pole pole” as a way of life. For the business minds, welcome Google streetview in your home and understand how the millenials engage in the digital space. We look forward to hear your feedback on how these views have helped you. We invite you along this beautiful journey of Mombasa Adventures as a magacine and as your trusted companion in the exploration of the vast diversity of our Motherland. In this first issue, we introduce to you the cultural programs, parties, events and lifestyle stories that are abound in the Coastal Strip. We have also added information on gadgets, gears and most important must haves for parents and single mums. Likewise, we have trends in business and career development. Welcome to our first edition of Mombasa Adventures Magazine.

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Issue 01 november 2018

Picture Courtesy Msanifu Kombo

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ar Josiah witi, M O

Why marketing?

Why become a writer?

Where were you born?

Any aspirations yet?

Best motivation for life?

Any Christmas holidays planned?

It is the staple food of life and business

I think best when I am writing

Build a story worth reading

What is your favorite thing to do when at the coast? Getting lost in the sea breeze. It is therapeutic and heals the soul. The sunset by the harbour crowns it all Read Jo’s tips for marketing on p. 62

Nairobi, one of the few babies on that said date Not quite sure, but the Bundus seem like a start

Family is everything. Then Friends.

What is your favorite thing to do when What is your favorite thing to do when at the coast? at the coast? Finding new locations to chill, some water hole or just a lazy afternoon coding. All these by the beach Read Amisi’s tips for family on p. 10

Photography and Chilling by the beach. Time moves so fast when that combination comes a live See Hawi’s pics on p. 48



ion al Reach

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Unwrap the secre the bea ch with ts of staying co your litt ol by le ones


Dancing is fun. It just is. So for a confidence boost enroll in some salsa, hip-hop or tango lessons. Dance answers the universal question of, “How do I look?”






Sharing experiences on parenting and raising a family 16

TIPS FOR DADS Using leadership and availability to charter the path of family success








WANDER IN THE CITY See the view of the City in a locals point of view and why everything is pole pole


EDITORS PICKS Fantastic products for the young at heart busy executive. Or just a fun loving person with the style

MILLENIALS SHOPPING STYLES Why are businesses changing tactics to capture the Millenials?


Building a dhow using recycled plastics to raise awareness on waste plastics in the Indian Ocean - Lamu

DAIRY OF A JASMINE GIRL Step in the shoes of our versatile girl and experience the reality first hand

HOW TO PREP YOUR SKIN FOR THE BEACH SEASON Holidays are enjoyed best with a happy skin. See the 7 tips for the beach season



Coconuts use a myriad of uses. Explore their use and advantages 61



Appreciating our inner strength to exude our beauty. Does size matter?

BABY’S FIRST BEACH SWIM Taking your young ones to the beach has never been this easy




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COASTAL BABY CARE Discover the streets of Mombasa in a local traders eye


ATTRACTIONS WE CARE The coast is beautiful. Everywhere you go you will be impressed by what you see


STAR ADVENTURE See Mnarani in Kilifi for its hidden secrets kept for hundreds of years


HAWI PHOTOGRAPHY Discover the streets of Mombasa in a local traders eye


VOI TOWN A town on the rise, picking itself as the leader in business and tourism

SPECIAL FEATURES IN FITNESS Where do you go when you need to keep fit?


Take advantage of the surplus maize corn to make a snack that is irresistable


MOMBASA IN STYLE Google street view is changing how the locals interact with technology

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eople are increasingly unsure about kids, here in Mombasa alone fertility rate is at an all-time low. Statistics indicate, 1 in 5 people will remain childless. That’s doubled since the 2000s.

Uncertainty is higher among women than men. Women are not just delaying babies; they’re debating them altogether.Having kids was once considered a necessity for every woman, but the last few years have shown shifting trends surrounding settling down. The rupture of independence has blanketed our society and it seems success doesn’t encompass having kids any more. Success has been smudged with having lots of money and staying young for the longest time. My ex-partner’s sudden urgency to have kids happened right after his friends started having them. When I asked about the abrupt change of heart, she admitted: “everyone else is doing it!” I objected but she got her way around it. We instantly had a trial balance to create with immeasurable expenditure going on the baby

10 NOV 2018

because we had little knowhow in handling one. More bundles consumed with our Google clients, hospital visits and Safaricom on the other hand eating its chunk from the never ending inquiry calls all day. After I broke up with my ex-partner over some unavoidable situation, she made a last-ditch effort at forcing the relationship by saying: “but I have a kid with you!”To be clear on this: the only time we’d talked “kids” before we got one was when we joked “probably not”. But the joke gave us a cute breathing creature called Junior. I was super busy and super happy at work and school (when the kid was born) trying to get the strongest grip of fatherhood by buying nappies and munyonyi. I constantly logged 12-hours a day just checking on him. He was still a spill of joy and an experiment to me. I had zero interest in a baby, at least I’ve told you I only joked about it. But now it happened and the girl left and the parcel of responsibility boomeranged on me. Bad argument or not, we’re all still left with the overarching question: should I have kids? Are they a waste of time? Are they a weak necessity?


Expect to get a dialogue from your growing children. With inexperience, your children need your mentorship to make the right choices

I have always seen having a kid as a show of status in our society. My boy is a believer, he values social norms. You’ll probably have kids. Because even as childlessness becomes more common, it still isn’t socially accepted. My boy will show moral outrage when he perceives someone has violated a morally prescribed behavior, something we’re ‘supposed to do’ because it’s what we see as right.

Last year, Junior and I visited a friend and his wife who recently had a baby. Every time Junior turned around, his eyes would dart around the room in horror at the wall to wall “kid garden.” Toys, play mats, a high chair, a stroller, a playpen, a swing, a whole section of the couch set up for, presumably, nursing. He just could not get over how much madness there was so he suggested we leave. After asking what was wrong, he notably said there was no dialog between the baby and its parents. The kid was left to communicate with toys and probably a gaming iPhone when he hits 3yrs old. I started dialog (what in this sense I call, ”Making the right choice”)

Cont’d Next Page NOV 2018 11

Photography: Crystal Perk,

Parenting takes emotional labor. It takes a lot of work — way more than dressing your kid in a cute outfit and calling it a day. It takes conscious communication, patience, and consistency, and unfortunately not all people who become parents were ever equipped for the most important part: Dialogue. Junior is all grown now. He likes swimming and drawing. I thought he would be doctor, or a lyrically acclaimed rapper but he doesn’t like the horrific sounds exhaled by most rap artists. He doesn’t admire how doctors make a living from asking you where it hurts then apply pressure as well. Whatever I thought or was about to suggest to him was meaningless since we nurture kids by believing in who they are, not what we want them to be.

Colored page made by my kid. It is now a memorabilia in my house

Digital games have taken away the arena for most parents to have candid talks with their young ones. Go out to the sunmore often, feel the wind on your hair as you make memories

with Junior since when he was able to pronounce the syllables b-a-b-a eloquently. I did not introduce him to gargets, he likes drawing and art. I took him to school but we still strengthen our dialog no matter what. We cook together; he can cook tea for us. The idea of daily meal preparation makes me feel bored out of my mind. I hear most people agree, treating it as a necessary time bound chore, but again having dialog outside the kitchen with my kid has made me explore more food that he likes that I don’t know how to prepare. One of the biggest responsibilities I have faced, was to instill confidence in Junior and this was achieved by being more encouraging and motivating his strengths and good qualities. I’ve learned that constant criticism can rip him off his selfesteem and demoralizes him. It takes him into withdrawal mode and secretiveness, while regular appreciation helped in building strength, confidence and a positive mindset. I had to hang around with him to know all this. For me, having a child was not a necessity; it is a responsibility that I chose to handle. My kid likes to draw. Oh yeah. I said it. I pointed that out but here is the thing, he best communicates through paint brush more fluently. I used to find it wasteful since he could delay on his homework and meals but I now get the best from our dialogue. We visited our grandmother in the village a few months ago and he made the drawing above during the holidays to show it to me. He wanted to speak about the village in the simplest way possible. That happened because I encouraged him to draw. He is five. And he has evolved ever since. He can now draw amazing things. Dialogue for me and Junior doesn’t mean long stories that survive throughout the night, probably leaving you in a stale monologue after your story telling turns into a lullaby and dangles your audience by the slumber. It’s a sleek and simple conversation that leaves no one gasping for a time out. It is dialogue by action. Cont’d Next Page 12 NOV 2018

NOV 2018 13

D Dialogue by memory is what I recall as an “Authentic dialogue�

that can be archived and referenced. I have bought coloring books for Junior from various suppliers to enhance not just his creativity, but to bring out the stories in his mind. I particularly cherished the Mombasa based Maya Denise Adventures books, locally made but with an international scope. Together in this path, I can remember how far we started and how well he can now manipulate a drawing with pleasing colors that anyone would dedicate their entire inheritance to buy. Books encourage dialogue with the kids which has molded twofold benefits that I can proudly spell out: they make Junior feel that he is important to have his opinions heard in paint and it has helped in developing the art of self-expression.

14 NOV 2018

NOV 2018 15

Tips For Dads Few events change a man’s life as much as becoming a father. Being entrusted with the responsibility and care of another person is a monumental task but none is more rewarding than becoming a father and seeing your child grow gradually into adulthood. The sun is out making it an ideal weather to team up with your children and participate in event (November & December are prime times for these events) that will expose you to have fun with your children.

Spend time with your child How a father spends his time reveals to his child what is important to him. Kids grow up quickly and the time to bond is now. There are plenty of fun ways to spend family time with children.

Be your child’s role model Whether they realize it or not, fathers are role models to their kids. A girl who spends time with a loving father grows up knowing she deserves to be treated with respect by boys and she learns what to look for in a partner. Fathers teach boys and girls what is important in life by demonstrating honesty, humility and responsibility

Discipline with positive parenting Children need positive guidance and discipline, not as punishment, but to set reasonable limits. Dads should remind children of the consequences of their actions and positively acknowledge desirable behavior.

Be your child’s teacher To teach your children about right and wrong and encourage them to do their best but start with being the teacher. See that your children make good choices. Involved fathers use everyday examples to help children learn the basic lessons of life. Board Games come in handy when you are travelling or going to the village where there may be limited power. Your Chuchu TV kids will love to use their hands

Monopoly Board Games Kes 1389 16 NOV 2018


lot of issues can be solved with open communication and having a healthy, coloring lesson from him. Being a responsible parent for me is listening actively to our kids and setting it as the stepping stone to a relevant and useful discussion. Kind of like, letting the kid to bring up any topic on the table. Dialog for me is “hey, what happened in school today?”, then instantly an artwork of him scoring a goal is dragged out of his school bag. That is what will form the basis of our conversation. You can find many things that can strengthen dialog between you and your kid but don’t let it be a snarky The holidays are a prime time for outdoor activities with your kids. The best time for fun and learning

celebrity they saw on the phone, or some drolly information they saw on TV. Let the basis of your conversation be something that will build your kids future. I thank Maya Denise Adventures for the uninterrupted supply of immeasurably artistic coloring book they have had to offer. They build and sharpen the value of a kid’s creativity to a state that you will never find elsewhere. It is Intellectual atrophy. It takes a special kind of everyday saint to deal with all of the mind-numbing mundanity kids bring about. Do you know how much those little toys cost? A lot in a long run. But we as parents buy them because we don’t want dialog. We want our kids to be busy with child toolkits, which can be a brilliant idea but you miss out on the most important age bracket of your kid. Which is exactly what I point out to anyone who says they want kids so someone takes care of them in old age. Put that money away and you can hire someone. Future kids are going to see adult content in kindergarten and I just don’t have the emotional wherewithal to fight the internet. What happens when the kid gets into meth or heroin? What are you going to do with that if dialog is as complex as finding the cure for Aids? Find your dialogue.

NOV 2018 17


Story two

GIVE PLASTICS A CHANCE #PLASTICREVOLUTION Lamu’s Flipflopi Project:the first dhow boat made entirely of recycled plastic on the island as shared by Seruya Wafula.


Photography: Courtesy

lastics also deserve a second chance in our life. One of beauty and admiration without creating a landfill of dirt. Using plastic has always been convenient. We now return the favor by repurposing it responsibly too. There has been an increase in the number of plastics disposed carelessly over the last few decades. The plastics items have played an integral role in revolutionizing the lives of people, but due to their short lifespan, they become discarded faster. It has, however, become a problem when it comes to the disposition of the wastes especially along the Indian Ocean Shores. Each year plastic thrash flows into the ocean. This waste endangers wildlife, pollutes the water, and puts human health at risk. The improper handling of plastic waste materials has affected our county adversely. Some of the individuals have resorted to incineration by backward 18 NOV 2018

recyclers, and this has been done to recover no valuable equally toxic waste. The Flip Floppy Project in Lamu is one of the best-known initiatives to regain environmental value through creativity. Given how inexpensive, durable and widely abundant plastic waste is – it only took commitment and love for the environment for a team to dedicate themselves to turn the Single-use Flip Flops of different colors to something valuable. Instead of wastage through incineration which is as much destructive, they resorted to collect the wastes and make a modern- traditional Dhow. The climate change initiative that has been employed here is unmatched for any other way it’s ever been done. It has also initiated history because it’s the first time such a plastic innovation has been done. Tourist numbers in Lamu have also shot up for the exact reason. Flip Flops are no longer strewn along the shores because every collective effort is being made to create

some economic value out of them. The project has seen so many other organizations join the initiative. A good example is the Green Africa Project which together has pioneered the new environmental campaign. The Lamu culture has been wakened in an unimaginable way such that the community had a direct hand in the construction of the Dhow. It’s actually handmade with traditional men who make wood dhows. It’s a vast employment opportunity for the youth who once sat among the dirty flops along the shores. With the new improved method of handling plastic wastes, educating and providing measures on the proper management of the wastes has been the projects core initiatives. The plastics problem is being handled at the source, which leaves more than just an array of plastics to admire. The coastal governments should be on guard and should pressurize the

The Flipflopi project was founded in 2016 by Ben Morison after witnessing the shocking quantities of plastic on Kenya’s beaches, an area where he spent much of his childhood. Ali Skanda, a Lamu carpenter built the boat from waste plastics and has been recognised by the UN Environment for his innovation saying it is a lesson for the entire world.

manufacturers of the plastic products to decrease from producing plastics that cannot be reused. The Plastics industry analysts and the environmental groups should work hand in hand to ensure that the wastes are handled properly. They should also ensure that proper education and protection is given to the individuals who manage the wastes because this will reduce the health effects on those people. The disposal of plastic wastes has tremendously improved with the new awareness calls by recycling initiatives. It only takes an individual step to make by managing the waste at hand properly and probably looking out for means to get value out of nothing. Integrating recycled plastics into your life is easier and looks better than it ever was.

NOV 2018 19

20 NOV 2018


Although, we all know that it has never really been about the boat... the team simply wants to demonstrate that single use plastic doesn’t make sense.

The next step in our journey is to sail our boat to Zanzibar sharing our message along the east African coast, talking to law makers, companies and communities about what can be done to reduce plastic use and to stop plastic ending up in the environment.

Wherever you may live, the reality is that we are all standing on the edge of a global calamity. I know this with every logical cell in my body. We know that responsible lawmakers, corporates and individuals can make a difference, but urgent actions are needed, so I urge you to join the #plasticrevolution and make your voice heard! [ Ben Morison, Project Founder]

NOV 2018 21



he first thought that

hand in hand with less weight. That’s

avoid such statements from people. They

comes to anyone’s mind

not true. Whichever body weight you

suffer alone because they do not know

is “How do I look?” when

have, so long as you are healthy you

who to turn to. Such situations may

going somewhere. Looking

are good. Unless, your doctor says

lead to depression, eating and mental

presentable in any place is very

otherwise. In this case you have to


important. People try as much as they

manage your diet.

It is not right to tell someone he or she

can to remove anything that affects their

This problem actually starts from young

is too fat because you may think that

image by doing something about it.

age. When a parent says to her child

they are laughing with you but in reality

However, most people do not think

that she or he is fat. The child will feel

they are not. They are heartbroken and

about the “how do I look” question but

bad about himself or herself. They

disappointed in themselves. They feel

rather the “I feel unworthy” statements.

would feel that they are unworthy of

that they are not worth their time. We

Many people lack self-appreciation

their attention and conflicted on what is

need to think before saying something

because they feel that they are not

right or wrong about their body.

mean to someone unintentionally.

appreciated enough or at all but are

Same goes for an adult, who would hide

When someone has gained weight they

being criticized a lot.

themselves and feel that they need

critic and when they have lost weight

People tend to think attractiveness goes

to make themselves invisible so as to

they still talk. What is it that you want

22 NOV 2018


MIND, BODY & Spirit Food for the mind, body, spirit and soul “You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.�

Get Tshirts & Jeans at Bargain Kes 3500

NIKE training club From Kes 1500 AppleStore

Eat Right To Get Your Body Tight - Jane Mukami Free on Subscription

from them? People never cease to complain about something. They always feel the need that it is not good enough. When such Get Tshirts & Jeans at Bargain Andrea Owen

things are done to someone, it hurts them.

USD 11.55 PaperBack

For those among us who feel underappreciated about how we look, you because they tell you something bad about your image. Do not, under any circumstances, feel that you are unworthy because someone says so. Lack of self-appreciation and selfrespect has been a problem among people around the world for a long time.


fight them. Do not let them step all over

Energy Drink Water (Multivitamins) Kes 240

NOV 2018 23

24 NOV 2018


Self-confidence is crucial for progress in every

aspect of our lives, yet many people struggle to develop this quality. They constantly ask themselves if they are smart, attractive or good enough to be happy and never stop worrying about that other people may think about them. Whichever size, color or age you are learn to be grateful for that. Be confident in yourself and do not listen to anyone saying the opposite about what you are.

Right from the start, parents should be attentive on how to make their kids love

and respect themselves for who they are. Criticizing a child in a way that they feel

worthless would do more harm to the child. Whether they have extra weight or less weight do not critic each and every time.

Learn how to love and accept your whole self. Your body is yours and no one else’s.

It is you who decides how to take care of it. No one should tell you what to do with your body when you know that you’re doing okay. Be comfortable with your body and love yourself for who you are.

In another angle, we do appreciate and acknowledge the efforts that women have gone to build fabulous bodies through exercise and fitness. Of great example is

Jane Mukami who has dymistified the myth that women can not participate in male

dominated areas. Kudos to her team and her fans who keep the fire burning despite the challenges that they face to reach their milestones.

NOV 2018 25

How to Prep Your Skin for Beach Season Instead of freaking out about baring your skin for your first beach trip of the season, take action. These 12 pre-beach skin care tips for every body issue will have you feeling confident in no time.

If You Have Dry Skin Exfoliation is key. Sloughing off dead skin cells is extremely important. Not only do they make complexions dull, they can also clog pores and lead to breakouts. Exfoliating on a daily basis is a must. It is better to use chemical exfoliation over harsh scrubs. You do need to be extra diligent about sunscreen, though, because alpha and beta hydroxy acids can increase your chances of burning.

If You Have Dark Spots Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and when it’s applied topically it can be extremely effective in fading unsightly spots. One of our faves for all skin types is Skinceuticals followed with a sunscreen. Preferebly, emphasis on three forms of vitamins C and E, which helps protect skin while repairing the damage that’s already been done.

If You Have Scars Sun exposure can permanently darken preexisting scars, so protect them first and foremost with sunscreen. One of our favorite products for fading scar marks, though, is Bio-Oil. It’s light and not greasy, and it contains calendula, chamomile, rosemary, and lavender extracts to soothe and condition skin.

If You Have Unwanted Hair Most doctors recommend doing any kind of laser hair removal because it takes several treatments and you’ll need to stay out of the sun for a day or two after each session. To avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs, shave the night before you’re in the sun, and shave in multiple directions without pressing the blade too hard against the skin. Also use a non-irritating product to soothe, protect, and hydrate the skin afterward.

If You Have Cellulite No, cellulite creams won’t make lumps disappear for good, but we can tell you from experience that making a ritual of massaging them into skin does make dimples less noticeable.

If You Have Unwanted Hair Most doctors recommend doing any kind of laser hair removal because it takes several treatments and you’ll need to stay out of the sun for a day or two after each session. To avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs, shave the night before you’re in the sun, and shave in multiple directions without pressing the blade too hard against the skin. Also use a non-irritating product to soothe, protect, and hydrate the skin afterward.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skin Care Kes 890

26 NOV 2018

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To celebrate our love of Long Christmas Season, we have created an exclusive Healthy Food Delivery platform for all. Call today 0712 410 460

We Deliver Heal t hy Food 28 NOV 2018

Tip Buttered Maize Corn TTipip

Leave a piece of stalk at the end of the cob — it Leave a piece of makes a natural stalk at the end Leave a piece of handle. of the it stalk atcob the — end makes a natural of the cob — it handle. makes a natural handle.

Garlic-Herb Butter

Melt a pat of this richly flavoured butter

over grilled or boiled corn. It’s nice on Garlic-Herb Butter fish or steak, too! Garlic-Herb Butter Melt a pat of this richly flavoured butter

|corn. PREP 5boiled min. CHILL TIME: 2 on hr. over It’s nicebutter Melt agrilled patTIME: oforthis richly flavoured TIME: 2 hr. 15 min.It’s nice on fishTOTAL or steak, over grilled ortoo! boiled corn. MAKES: 3/4 too! cup (175mL) fish or steak, PREP TIME: 5 min. | CHILL TIME: 2 hr. 1 / 2 cup (125 mL) Compliments TOTAL TIME: 2 hr. 15 min.TIME: 2 hr.Unsalted | CHILL PREP TIME: 5 min. MAKES: 3/4 cup (175mL) Butter, TOTAL TIME: 2softened hr. 15 min. MAKES: 3/4 (125 cup (175mL) 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley 1/2 cup (125 mL)mL) Compliments Unsalted softened 1/4 cup mL) finely chopped 1/2 Butter, cup (125(60 mL) Compliments Unsalted Organic Fresh Chives softened 1/2Butter, cupCompliments (125 mL) finely chopped parsley 1 tbsp (15 mL) finely chopped 1/ 2 cup (125 mL) finely chopped parsley 1/4 cup (60 mL) finely chopped Organic Fresh Thyme Organic Fresh Chives 1/4 Compliments cupCompliments (60 mL) finely chopped 1 tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste such as Compliments Organic Fresh Chives 1 tbsp (15 mL) finely chopped Compliments Organic Garlic Compliments Organic Fresh Thyme 1 tbsp (15 mL) finely chopped Seasoning Organic Paste Fresh Thyme Compliments 1 tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste such as 1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon juice Compliments Organic Garlic 1 tbsp (15 mL) garlic paste such as Seasoning Paste 2 tsp (10 mL) Worcestershire Compliments Organic Garlic sauce Seasoning Paste 1 tbsp (15(2 mL) lemon juice 1/2 tsp mL) hot sauce 12tbsp (15(1 mL) lemon tsp (10 mL) Worcestershire sauce 1/4 tsp mL) salt juice chilli sauce 21/2tsp (10 mL) Worcestershire sauce tsp (2 mL) hot sauce 1. In medium 1/ mL) salt hotbowl, sauceuse the back of a spoon 1/24 tsp tsp (2 (1 mL) to (1 mix together 1/4 tsp mL) salt butter, parsley, chives, garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire 1. Inthyme, medium bowl, use the back of a spoon sauce, hotbowl, sauce andthe salt. 1.toInmix medium use back chives, of a spoon together butter, parsley, to mix together butter, parsley, thyme, garlic,mixture lemon juice, 2. Scoop onto aWorcestershire largechives, piece of plastic chilli thyme, garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce salt.mixture; wrap. Wrap theand butter roll into a log sauce, hot1-in. sauce and salt. about (2.5-cm) until firm, 2 to 2. Scoop mixture onto athick. largeChill piece of plastic 3 hr. Cut log into slices to serve with 2. Scoop mixture onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Wrap the butter mixture; roll into corn a log on theWrap cob,(2.5-cm) other hotthick. veggies, steak. wrap. the butter mixture; rollor into a 2log about 1-in. Chillfish until firm, to about 1-in. until to 3 hr. to Chill servemL) withfirm, corn2on P ECut R Slog E(2.5-cm) Rinto V I Nslices G thick. (1 tbsp/15 | hot |fish | on 3the hr.70 Cut log into to serve with corn Calories 0.2slices gveggies, Protein 7 g Total fat cob, other or steak. | 20 mgfish | 4.5 g Saturated fat Cholesterol the cob, other hot veggies, or steak. P E R S E R V I N G (1 tbsp/15 mL)

1 g Carbs | 0 g Fibre | 0 g Sugars | 60 mg Sodium | 7 gmL) Calories Protein Total fat | P70 ER S E R V| I0.2 N Gg (1 tbsp/15 | 20 mg| 7Cholesterol | 0.2 fat 4.5Calories g Saturated 70 g Protein g Total fat || | 0 g Fibre | 60 mg| Sodium 1 g Carbs 0 gmg Sugars 4.5 g Saturated fat | |20 Cholesterol | 60 mgfind 1 g Carbs | 0 g Fibre | 0 g SugarsYou’ll Sodium cobs that contain

Corn ornn CCor

yellow or white kernels, or a mixfind of both, ourcontain Produce You’ll cobs in that You’ll cobs that contain Department. yellowfind or white kernels, or a yellow white kernels, or a mix ofor both, in our Produce mix of both, in our Produce Department. Department.

Look for firm kernels all the way to the top Look for firm kernelsbright of the ear. Moist, Look firm kernels all green thefor way to husksthe aretop a all the way to the top of sign the ear. Moist, bright that the corn has of the ear. Moist, bright green husks are aripeness. reached peak green husks are a sign that the corn has sign that peak the corn has reached ripeness. reached peak ripeness. 6

6 6

Recipe Courtesy of

We Deliver Heal thy Food

Sweet corn pairs nicely with garlic and herbs, as well Sweet corn pairs Sweet cornjuice pairsand as lime nicely with garlic Compliments nicely withpowder. garlic chili and herbs, as well Unsalted Butter, and herbs, as and well as lime juice 454 g Brookside Compliments aschili limepowder. juice and Unsalted Butter, Compliments 454 gUnsalted Butter, chili powder. Unsalted Butter, 454 g Enjoy corn shortly after 454 g purchasing, when its natural sweetness is atshortly its peak. Refrigerate Enjoy corn after shortly ifEnjoy you’recorn notwhen eating right away. purchasing, itsitafter natural purchasing, when its Refrigerate natural sweetness is at its peak. sweetness ateating its peak. Refrigerate if you’re is not it right away. if you’re not eating it right away.

NOV 2018 29

EDITOR’S picks PRACTICAL CHIC With blustery weather, busy schedules and summer getaway plans, I have my eye on seven products this season, all of which offer up sensibel functionality and fashion flair.

2 2 1


1 LO - TOPS Converse created the definitive point blanket sneakers with real wool stripped uppers and signature Jack Purcell smile. Oh Kenya!


CONVERSE at LC Waikiki, Ksh 2500

2 LEG SHINE A subtle, sleek shimmer stick that gives legs a healthy glow all year round. MICHEAL KORS at Super Cosmetics Ksh 1500


3 STATEMENT HANDBAG Satchel handbag in vibrant orange is made from


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4 MOTO JACKET Faux leather, double breasted collarless jacket is the ultimate in affordable, effortless chic. JOE FRESH at Woolworths Ksh 5500


Dual voltage, 1600 watts pint sized hair dryer that packs a lot of heat and is the perfect travel companion. HOT POINT at Nakumatt Ksh 1500

6 ALL-IN-ONE-MOISTURIZER This Michael Kors multi-tasker (Moisturiser, toner, primer, day cream, night cream, eye cream) is light, effective, and talk about vanity space saver! Jumia Kenya Ksh 1250




Neatly shaped to work in multiple spaces, and destined to be a curl-up favorite. TACC Ksh 25,000 30 NOV 2018




This is for the “Business” man, a ladies man and the man with exotic tastes. You are busy and plans, I have my eye on six products this season, for functionality and fashion flair.


1 SHINY LOOK Quality Urban Look ROBERTO MILANO at City Walk, Ksh 12500

3 2 DESIGNER SUNWEAR Ray Ban Sunglasses most popular in the market designer sunwear. VIJAY OPTICA at Ksh 12,000

3 STATEMENT HANDBAG Breitling Navitimer 01 B04 Chronograph buy online £7,360.00 at


4 FRAGRANCES TO KILL Hugo Boss THE SCENT Eau de Toilette, 3.3 Fl Oz


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5 Kangol Hat for BigBoys

Kangol Hats Cotton Rib 504 Flat Cap - Light Grey Product Code: 161174 £27.95


6 SEE THE FUTURE IN STYLE This Olympus Binoculars is a statment in itself. A sure fact that you are the man of the moment. Ksh 20050


NOV 2018 31



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In Craftmanship, Dazzling Piece Of Cake Stands Alone. The Sweetness Of The Cake Experience Makes You To Come Back For More.



NOV 2018 35




chools are closed and the holidays have started. For parents of young babies and preschoolers, these are bitter sweet moments. Traveling with your young ones is a daunting task for many parents. Whether you are a seasoned traveler with grown up children or you are just starting out, traveling with young ones can feel overwhelming. The logistics of that first holiday or the planning to just make it right is a challenge. But by starting to break the planning process into manageable bits, gets you back into your adventurous, bubbly family that you are becoming.

GET THEM REGISTERED. If you are traveling within the country, phew!!! What a great opportunity. If not, start filling out the Passport application forms. Take advantage of Ecitizen government portal that allows you to register your little ones faster than you think. The rules for little ones passport pictures may be strict but not with the same measure for the adult ones. If you can, use your smart phone or go to your nearest photo studio to get their passports taken. The payments on Ecitizen for immigrations are via Mpesa, so again, that saves you a ton of time and money queuing at the Immigrations. Inquire for fast tracking services when you deliver your documents at the immigration offices. It costs an extra fee. This will work well if your trip is fast approaching.

TRAVEL VACCINATIONS While your little one gets their normal immunization injections, it is always

36 NOV 2018

better to be ahead of the game. If your trip lands on the immunization dates, you may cross check with your nurses on the best alternative dates. This will protect them from any eventualities. Also, carry your immunization card or copy if you are traveling abroad. For most countries, yellow fever and Hepatitis immunization is a must.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR HOTEL Most hotels supply a cot, mosquito nets and high chair when you confirm you are traveling with your toddler. We recommend you cross check when booking since the festive seasons can cause a strain in most hotel facilities. We also advise you carry your own, for that extra personal touch. Ask about in room facilities like a electric kettle, fridge for food warming. Also a bathtub or basin for your baby is really essential but not always a deal breaker. Are you booking an apartment block or a cottage? This will determine whether you have a huge balcony or not or a firm play space for your young ones. You know how energetic they can become. You will need a place to relax after the baby’s bedtime. If possible, tag your baby sitting (house) help to assist while you enjoy the sun by the pool. Are you getting a room near the corridors, the staircases or the lifts? These can become noisy when holiday makers are passing by, get rooms further away from noise and foot traffic. You will also feel less guilty when your baby gets crying in the night. Finally, are you getting a double or a cottage? Although the cottages and suites maybe pricey, we recommend their use since they give you a warm and extra space for all your toys and gears, they also give you more organization spaces.

Ready, set GO!!

DittyBird N. Rhymes Kes 600

Beach Toys Kes 600

Pram shade protector Kes 1300

Calpol Infant Kes 300

Light weight back trendy backpack Kes 2000 NOV 2018 37


We offer Orthopedic care in Kenya Specializing in knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, elbow arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, sports medicine, shoulder joint replacement, knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement surgery and fracture care. Pain management & Pediatric Orthopedics The experts at Orthobridge Orthopedics offer conservative approaches such as:

• Therapy • Injections • Exercise • Activity modification • Bracing, splints, or other supports

38 NOV 2018

Orthobridge Orthopedics Institute Upperhill Nairobi 3rd floor Nelson Awori Centre , Nairobi Kenya Phone number:0701-794-697 Email:

NOV 2018 39





abies are sensitive to even small amounts of fluid loss, so one of the biggest problems during warmer weather is heat which, in severe cases, can be life-threatening.

The coast brings with it beautiful things like wind, high temperatures, and humid indoor heat that causes your skin to freak the eff out. If you work in an office, live in a building with radiators, or spend your commute underground, in a puffy down jacket, packed into a tight space, then you know the hell that is temperature fluctuation is a norm at the coast. Being extra smooth, supple and tender, every baby’s skin is unique and needs daily care from heat. Due to vulnerability, an infant’s skin must be protected at all times. Apart from The neck region infants in the coastal region experience heat effects in the elbow, genitals and thigh region. For my case, by the second week, her whole skin was up in a nasty rash. As a parent I felt the need to take care of the problem and treat it at the earliest. I had to go through her skin care products wondering what would have gone wrong. By that time, I was armed with a huge jar of coconut oil. I made it routine to be applying on her skin daily that seemed to work but not effectively. I had to dig for more solutions to the now advent problem. I realized that there was so much more that I could do other than changing the body creams from time to time. In my findings, I realized that the solution was right there in my daily existence. Coastal babies need to be breastfed more than usual to quench the thirst. The weaning ones on solids or mixed feeds need

Heidi Klum Breast Feeding Bra Kes 3500 40 NOV 2018

cooled boiled water throughout the day as well as their usual feeds. Give them a sponge bath in cool water. Let them air dry so the evaporation of the water will cool their skin down. Also remove unnecessary bedding in their cribs, during the day, a light-colored, shortsleeved dressing for may be the best outfit. Infants should always be dressed in breathable fabrics. Stiff and heavy clothing can aggravate the heat effects immensely. Keep a stock of cotton clothes as far as possible and change the diaper every 1 to 3 hours. While doing laundry, wash all the clothes separately with a mild detergent which is gentle on clothes and free from harsh chemicals. Try to make the little one rest in a shady and cool spot as much as possible. As long as you can keep your baby out of the direct sun. To give your baby’s face, shoulders and neck extra protection, dress her in a brimmed hat. This is particularly important for little ones since they have little or no hair. Coconut oil can be found almost everywhere within the coastal region, applying coconut oil can be a very helpful home remedy. Coconut oil helps to make baby skin clean and soft. Its anti-microbial properties prevent any kind of inflammation. Gently Massage the affected area with coconut oil and wipe off with a wet clean cloth after half an hour to avoid a feeling of stickiness in the area. Lastly, Make use of a soft and cool washcloth to cool down the affected areas. A cold compress could be the best idea. Do not keep your baby in laps for extended period of time as this may also make the baby feel sweaty. We hope these tips will make you have an unforgettable motherhood experience at the coast.

HUGGIES wipes Kes 250

Avent Breast pump Kes 18,000

TOP TIPS: •Drink plenty of water even if you do not feel thirsty. As a quick test, check the colour of your urine – if it’s pale you’re drinking enough.

•Reduce on alcoholic, hot or sugary drinks including tea and coffee (they can make dehydration worse).

•If you go outside, carry a bottle of water with you.

•Stock your fridge with cold water and freezer with ice.

•Eat smaller cold meals such as salads and fruit.

•Wear light coloured, loose fitting clothes made from natural fibres like cotton.

•Stay out of the sun. If you must go outside, apply sunscreen and wear a hat.

•Take cool showers or baths. Minimise physical activity. Do all household chores early in the morning when it is coolest. More tips accessible 24/7 at our website

NIVEA 200ML Moisturising Sun Lotion Kes 1800


Discover the Sweetness of Afroganics We at Afroganics commit ourselves in providing you a one stop shop to find everything coconut. We make a broad range of premium coconut merchandises. The products let you enjoy the unique sizzling essence of Mombasa. While Mombasa enjoys an abundance of knowledge and resources in the industry, it has not been able to harness much of them. Afroganics covers this gap as a social enterprise that has managed to tap into this knowledge and resources, create beautiful coconut products and imbue it with digital techniques that can be appreciated by all. With the help of the local women, the team makes lovely and useful coconut goods accessible to you. But it goes beyond that. Uncompromising quality of the products is the determining success factor for the stakeholders concerned. So, we insist that the goods go through just the minimal processing to maintain the rawness, so you know the vital vitamins and minerals are still present. These natural and hand-made coconut products reflect our obsession for quality and are invaluable in developing the blueprint for the business.

As a social entrepreneurship launched in April 2016, the team at Afroganics is determined to offer quality cosmetic products, from the ‘Coconut Fruit’ in the most beneficial and sustainable way. 100% Natural, 100% Kenyan hand made. The natural products capture the sizzling essence of the coast and that aid in uplifting livelihoods too. An excellent moisturiser, gentle cleanser and treatment for skin conditions, a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, our coconut oil reduces liver stress when

ingested, detoxifies the body, is a natural mouth cleanser for oil pulling, conditions the scalp and hair, has anti-ageing properties… the list goes on. Dedicated and with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the nutrients, Try our coconut jelly line, infused with rose, lemon, pine… get baby-smooth skin with our coconut sugar scrub, luxuriate in our cold-pressed oils that you can cook with, switch to a healthy sweetener with our deliciously, unique coconut nectar. Find and shop them online, here’s one brand we’re sure you’ll go nutty over.

Authentically From Mombasa NOV 2018 41

Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city after Nairobi, offers what we call “The Hub of Diversity” in the now growing population of the Kenyan Coast. Together with other towns like Malindi, Lamu and Diani, it offers travellers an exotic taste of the African tropics steeped in centuries of seafaring history.

by shimmering coral reefs. Tourists from Europe and beyond flock here to enjoy the many things to do - from dolphin spotting trips on traditional dhows and deep-sea fishing to diving and snorkelling the wrecks and reefs and basking on the sun-splashed shores. But in the city itself, on the bustling island, a world of history and culture awaits.

This cosmopolitan tourist hub is actually an island connected by bridges and ferries to the Kenyan coast. Stretching for miles along the mainland to the north and south, Mombasa’s beach resorts preside over palm-studded strands fringed

Thanks to its legacy as the largest port in East Africa, Mombasa is a cultural melting pot. British, Asian, Arabic, Omanis, Indian, and Chinese immigrants have enriched the city’s architecture and cuisine, and many mosques

42 NOV 2018

There is no doubt that once you become a regular at the Kenyan Coast, you will have a gentle tickle to try the most exotic town of Malindi. Malindi is one of the beautiful coastal towns in Kenya, steeped in rich heritage with several cultural and historic places to discover or rediscover. Its many beaches make the town an amazing setting for a perfect holiday or weekend getaway for lovers or families. Malindi has a wide variety of exciting activities due to its diverse landscapes and it is truly a paradise with serene beauty and unspoiled surrounds.

The hotels and resorts in Malindi feature relaxing spas for exciting therapy and all-out indulgence, chic bars and restaurant for fine dining, relaxing swimming pools and much more. You can always relax and enjoy at any of Malindi’s retreat on your next holiday. The Malindians (or so they are called) love to party and the town is famed for its vibrant nightlife. Malindi holidays are the best time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. The relaxed atmosphere of the town is so different from that of Nairobi and Mombasa, but it’s quite amazing. You can enjoy a lively nightlife at the town’s various clubs. Nightlife is always thriving in Malindi..

Elephants at the edge of Tsavo East National Park near Voi Town


Boutique Hotel - Diani, Sailing at the Beautiful Mnarani Sailing Club in Kilifi, The Historic Elephant Tusks in Mombasa,


and temples grace the city streets. In the Old Town, where fragrant spices waft from local markets, you can step back in time and explore the ancient buildings. Beyond the city, wildlife parks, villages, and ancient ruins round out the wealth of water-based fun.

From Top Left to Bottom; Sheldrick Falls at Shimba Hills, Antelopes at Shimba HIlls in Kwale County, Almanara Beach


In all theses coastal locations you will find friendly locals. Enjoy their company and learn with them.

WE ARE MEANT to wander IN wonder

Butter fly Pavillion Where you can relax away from the hustles and bustles of the city

NOV 2018 43

44 NOV 2018

Wear The World

NOV 2018 45

It goes without saying that the Coast is a vast area of outstanding natural beauty. Brilliant sandy white beaches, coral atols, mangrove forests, lagoons, creeks, remote islands, and secluded bays, rain forests, part arid/desert areas and mountains, the diversity is amazing. It is home to a vast array of marine and land flora and fauna.



Beyond tourism,the port of Mombasa is the gateway for most goods into East Africa and beyond. A thriving business community exists along the coastline. The coast has a myriad of farms from small fruit ‘shambas’ to vast sisal plantations. It is a melting pot of culture, tourism, industry, farming and business - set in an idyllic and exotic location on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Tsavo East N. Park

Tsavo East W. Park Mombasa

COAST COUNTIES Mombasa Kilifi Lamu Kwale Taita Taveta Tana River

46 NOV 2018


Shimba Hills Nature Reseve DIANI



Mnarani Ruins are the ruins of two mosques, and the site of a number of tombs, in Kilifi. The site was first occupied in the early 14th century but the first mosque; the Great Mosque was not built until AD 1425. Enlargements were undertaken soon thereafter, followed by major reconstruction efforts later in the 15th century following the collapse of the earlier In all these building.


locations you

will find friendly locals. Enjoy their

tio nal R ch ea

t De livering Na


ion al Reach



De livering Na



The site was first occupied in the early 14th century but the first mosque; the Great Mosque was not built until AD 1425. Enlargements were undertaken soon thereafter, followed by major reconstruction efforts later in the 15th century following the collapse of the earlier building. Close to the first Mosque is a smaller mosque which, prior to its construction a much similar but smaller mosque existed at its location; the foundation of its Mihrab may still be seen east of the present Mihrab. The original mosque was built around 1475, while the later mosque in about 1500; this is evident by the presence of a Portuguese dish in the cistern thus indicating that the final

company and learn alterations to the with them. mosques were probably not completed before the 16th century. Mnarani was eventually destroyed by the Galla in the early 17th century and archaeological evidence seems to confirm this.

These ruins were first gazetted in March 1929 in Gazette as “Ruins of Mnarani� and to date they are known as Ruins of an Old Mosque in Kilifi. Mnarani is a scenic, peaceful spot well worth a visit and makes an excellent picnic site. Mnarani ruins is located in Kilifi District, Coast province. It overlooks Kilifi creek from the southern side, some 200 meters from the Mombasa Malindi road.

NOV 2018 47

48 NOV 2018

NOV 2018 49

Photo by Eliakim Ngesa of

50 NOV 2018

NOV 2018 51

Photo by Eliakim Ngesa of

52 NOV 2018

HAWI Photography We the team at Hawi photography grew up wanting to do something related to art and creativity. Picking up a camera gave me an opportunity to capture a specific vision and share with the world. With great interest in portraits, documentary and sports: Hawi photography aims to preserve time, make memories and feel raw emotions rising from within that image. That’s exactly what we do. The goal of Hawi Photography is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of people and that’s enough of a reason for us to hang cameras around our shoulders wherever we go. The team is based in Nairobi but cover any geographical location. Get in touch for a favorable offer.

HAWI PHOT Corporate OGRA Events & PHY.C Weddings OM +254 717 552906

NOV 2018 53

Inside the


Events, Up & About

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty

1st December Entrepreneurs Den Launch - Hotel EnglishPoint

Robert Kiyosaki of “The Rich Dad Poor Dad books. Free Entry

17th November Beyond Bus Travel (Season 3) Mombasa-Bound Buses Free Entry - Charity Event to Kiembeni Call for details.

8th December Mombasa Colour Splash - Mombasa Sports Club

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty

10th November Coast Jazz Montage - Ibis Cafe, Alliance Francaise 1000/=Advance Ticket

10th November Food Festival 2018 Nomad At The Sands

Entry 250 per food sample, Drinks in Plenty contact 0738333888

7th November Disco Party Club Casablanca

Free Entry before 9pm, Drinks in Plenty

22nd November Lamu Cultural Festival 2018 Shela Tourism Promoters Call for more details 0720410460 for Package of 4 people

30th Nov - 3rd Dec Lighthouse Chess Club Mombasa East Africa Junior Open Chess Tournament Reg 1000/= Oshwal Academy


54 NOV 2018

Maulidi 2018 - Lamu

Subira Movie Premier

20 - 25 th November 2018

29th Nov, 7:00pm

An islamic holiday celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. Join in this years Maulidi Festival, the celebrations of the birth of Prophet Mohammed in the oldest Swahili settlement on the Lamu island. This is one of the most unique places with rich history and spectacular celebrations.

Subira Movie Premier Nairobi - featuring Brenda Wairimu, Shirleen Wangare, Nice Githinji and Azza Bakkar and many more. Premier at Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi.

Free Entry

Do you have an event or project that you want publicized free of charge? Call us today. +254 720 410 460

Entry: Ksh 3000

Diani Beach Festival - Diani Beach Club 29th Dec - 1st Jan 2019

DBF is a sports and entertainment festival running throughout the holiday period right on one of the most famous beaches in Kenya. The festival will be home to several days and nights activities like skydiving, kite surfing, water sports, slack-lining, to name just a few. The aim of this festival is to showcase to the world the incredible experience that this small beach town has to offer.

Free Entry -

Wood & Barrel Festival - Ngong Racecourse Sunday, 25th November 2018

The Wood & Barrel festival is an event dedicated to the art of wood and barrel aging. The festival allows the public to sample many common and rare whiskeys,beers,wines,cognacs,rums,brandies and cigars. It also gives an opportunity for the public to know the difference between whiskeys,wines,different brandies and beers.

Each ticket holder is entitled to 10 sampling vouchers.

THE JW SHOW 2018 Sat 10th Nov, 7:00pm

For the eigth edition in a row, the most anticipated fashion show, The JW Show 2018 which is a brainchild of madeinkenyabykenyans, opens its doors to designers, models and fashion enthusiasts in a one-of-its- kind experience. Venure, Thika Road Mall

Advance: Ksh 1500

Swahili NIGHT - Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam Thursday, November 15, 2018

Join us in authentic Swahili flavors, Tanzanian local vendors of unique fashion and styles includes Borabora band live performance. Location at pin Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro Kivukoni Road 9574 Dar es Salaam

Entry; Tsh 85,000 per person

NOV 2018 55

Inside the



Events, Special Offers 13TH BDS CONFERENCE

This Conference is a celebration of the power of Designers and their role in National Development of Kenya. This event is hosted by Association of Designers of Kenya (ADKE), a Professional body registered with laws of Kenya to represent interior designers, graphic Designers and product designers in Kenya

This conference is all about Information sharing, review of case studies, discussions and networking with professionals dedicated to inclusive economic growth. It will also feature discussion sessions on achievements & innovations that have potential to transform future work. Hosted by Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust - MESPT

Venue: Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort, Mombasa

Venue: Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort Mombasa.

Date/Time: Tue Nov 13 2018 at 09:00 AM To 05:00PM

Date/Time: Nov 19 2018 at 08:00 AM to Nov 23 2018 at 11:00 AM

Charges: Registration Fee Is Needed, ADKE Members Kshs 20,000 and Non ADKE Kshs 25000

For more information and booking call +254 720 410 460


For more information and booking call +254 720 410 460


This Gospel award event that seeks to promote upcoming artists. Are you an Artist, Musician, DJ, Video/Audio Producer or Gospel blogger? Take part on this year’s Gospel awards by submitting the form below . N/B Kindly Pay a subscription fee of Ksh 500 ($5) for your poster design, posting and printing

An event that is full of dance and music lined up with artists from all over the world .This festival will run for three days and promises loads of fun. 4 AMAZING DAYS & NIGHTS full of Dance and Music & 3 unforgettable days and nights of Safari with Artists and Participants from all over the world!.

Venue: Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort, Mombasa

Venue: Reef Hotel Mombasa, Nyali

Date/Time: Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 12 AM – 7 PM

Date/Time: Nov 13 2018 at 12:00 PM

Charges: Registration Fee Is Needed,

Charges: Registration is required.

For more information and booking call +254 712 410 460

For more information and booking call +254 720 410 460

If you have an event or project that you would like to publicize, please email us at 56 NOV 2018


Coastal Calendar

Finally, the perfect destination for your Beach Wedding

Tie the Knot!!!

The Elegantly Restored, Mombasa Yacht Club Intimately built grand reception in the expanded newly renovated club house and boat yard Well manicured lawns and endless scenery for your bridal party pictures Contact our wedding specialist to make a reservation



NOV 2018 57

22. al

58 NOV 2018

Adventure pictori-

NOV 2018 59

24. History of Mombasa - Diana

VOI TOWN O The gateway to the Tsavo National Parks and the fastest growing town in the Coast Region

n a road trip to or from Mombasa, Voi Town is one place that you will hardly miss for a casual stop. To any observer, Voi town in Taita-Taveta County is among the fastest growing urban centres in the coast region. To a visitor, the rapid growth of the town is an indicator of the huge economic potential it holds, being located next to the busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway, the Nairobi-Kisumu railway line and the expansive Tsavo National Park.

dge Safari Lo it at book Lion Hill ,122 view 10 es K from

Being the largest town in Taita-Taveta County in southern Kenya, in the former Coast Province. It lies at the western edge of the Taru Desert, south and west of the Tsavo East National Park. The Sagala Hills are to the south. Voi is also a municipality.


Business & Tourism Voi is a marketplace for the agricultural and meat products from the fertile Taita Hills as well as other surrounding areas. It is an important centre of commerce and industry.

60 NOV 2018

dge Sagala Lo ,490 view it at bo 10 es K from

The town is also an important gateway for tourists looking to explore the nearby national parks. Voi is well served by a quality public transport system. The town is connected by rail services to Nairobi and Mombasa and has its own train station. Bus services are also readily available, with minibuses and taxis easily flagged on any town centre street. Most lodges that service tourists for the national park are located in the suburbs at the edge of town. The Voi Sisal Estates are located to the west of the town. There are a few airstrips in Tsavo but the nearest Voi airport is 5km to the town. In addition to the SGR running through the beautiful town, tourism is open for locals and foreign travelers.

Photo by David Clode

Named after an Akamba trader Chief Kivoi who settled near the Voi River about 400 years ago, the village grew as a trading centre for the local Taita people with other Kenyan tribes and Arabs. At the start of building the railway in 1896 from Mombasa, the town grew rapidly once the railway construction reached its location at mile 100. This city in the savannah lies about 330 km from the capital city Nairobi and 160 km from the coastal city of Mombasa. Voi sits along the main road and borders two national parks – Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National Park. Voi is about 600 meters above sea level and has a warm, dry climate (about 300 mm of rain falls each year) which isn’t especially suited for farming.



hen you’re relatively rich, you feel more like you are a part of the community than when you are barely scraping by. You don’t have to worry as much about your daily needs as would be the case if you were living on casual jobs. You can afford to be concerned with more than just your immediate needs and worry about the neighborhood and others more. That’s just my quick and simplistic take on it. Two years ago, as I arrived at the bus parking lot in Mombasa, Mwembe, the only name I heard the touts shout was Mshomoroni mbao, what would that mean, it meant that to reach my destination it wouldn’t cost much. I quickly boarded but as we went by, I couldn’t help but realize that the place, was only worth its fare. The town was full of youths who sat on the edges of the street having lazy chit chats. There’s was no definite shopping Centre. Almost all the shops had a banana branch signaling “my base, lets idle and chew” The common areas were covered with trash in no time. The children would walked around dropping their trash on the ground. In the residential areas, Parents left buckets of dirt on the benches or at the side of the doors. The playground is effectively a dumpsite breathing polluted air. The picture that I saw was that of a sick population, living under dirt. They were rather unhappy and discontented. I could justify my reasons why not even a single person gave a positive recommendation of the small town. The seepages from the dumping sites to the ocean exposed the lives of the sea animals and the people who consume the water to serious problems I became curious how far they could take such things if not maintained. Well, I got a pretty good

snapshot of exactly how bad it could get when one of the tenants of my host was evicted. Well, they left the place open to air out and ultimately get fumigated. I wandered by and was assaulted as if by force by the smell I realized that I couldn’t stay to see it come to the worst, I decided to leave. I had an uncomfortable stay, I went back angry and asking myself, why is this? What is it about “poor” that leads to abuse of public property? It would seem that you would want the common areas to stay nicer, and not be worse off. What’s the deal? Come to think of it, in the rich areas of town, the children are admonished by parents to throw away their trash. Typically, the kids of the wealthier parents will clean up after the kids of poorer parents once they’ve left. Their residential areas are much cleaner. Except for the forceful mean writings on the walls by the “poor”. On the morning of travel back, I saw a group of young men and women assembled by the biggest dumpsites I saw in the small town. That couldn’t touch me more, it’s all they have ever done, endless meetings with no action points. After all, the dumpsites were plots of people who died long ago, it’s practically government land. Improper disposal of the wastes makes us feel poor. The kids dig the rusted equipment from the ground and also burn the circuit boards from electronic wastes, exposing them to toxic fumes that affect the health. At the dumping sites, the wastes promote the pollution of the environment. Note, I don’t believe this is in any way an ethnic issue, but an economic one. Today, it’s my call to action, I have to conserve the environment. But why, it’s because This small town has become part of my daily existence. I am living here, and am doing just “Fine”. My dreams will soon come true.

We share tips on how to get by if you happen to be in Mombasa in a tight budget. FYI, Mshomoroni and Mwembe have exquisite sites to visit which are still in their pristine conditions.

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While age, marital status and other demographics influence shopping habits, millennials approach retail differently based on their own unique experiences. Growing up in a time of technological disruption, as noted by Josiah Owiti, a fickle economy has affected the way they shop and make purchases.


y normal standards, the Millenial


for a seamless experience as they become better

generation was born post 1982 –

They expect to be able to pay, shop and browse on

equipped with technology. This is both good and bad

they are keeping retailers on their

their mobile devices. This makes sense that Mpesa

news for retailers. Those brands that are willing to

toes with how, why and when

and Paypal are doing well at these times. What they

grow with an increasingly tech-savvy audience will

they shop. The relaxed business

see and like, they buy. On mobile, Hotels have used

prosper; those unwilling to change will fail. Be social

environment at the coast has been forced to

digital platforms to sell their experiences, while

is not having a blog or two in a month, it is not a

change and embrace these new consumers.

retailers have moved to faster ecommerce labels

social media link that is seen on certain days wishing

to upscale and capture this group. This is music

happy holidays and on customer service weeks only.

In the global space, this generation of consumers

to their ears as they demand greater efficiencies

And worse still, one that only responds to customer

has been using technology since their teenage

and less friction in stores. Your prices are getting

queries. These are your best inbound marketing tools

years, and to some, since their primary school

compared to other stores while they are still on the

to the millennials group.

days. Many are responsible for some of the most

isles of your shop and even before they get to your

techno savvy digital advances our country has

till. They easily access the store with a respected


yet to see. Welcome to the consumer market, the

online presence. If you are mobile and have brick

Having a global and holistic view of stock and

30-somethings born and raised with technology.

and mortar, you are a better choice to them.

inventory is key in attracting millennials. Not only

Tech determines how millennials shop.

is knowing where the stock is important for the

They want more from their shopping experiences


business. Millennials don’t want to know if stock is

and as designers say, UX is basically what drives

Retailers are aware that being active on social

coming next week or tomorrow, they want it now. The

their markets. They need and want; I mean they

media is by far one of the most important ways

customer service line better be responsive and factual.

deserve omnichannel because they know how to

to connect and engage with this tech group. The

They would rather shop when it is available, and good

maximize their use. Referring to “deserve” here

retailers that are making waves with millennials

service will keep them coming back.

is not a misnomer. Retailers who fail to give this

are the ones offering smart and easy ecommerce

group what they deserve must close shop. Perhaps

attached to some pretty clever CRM.


the biggest difference between millennials and

Using Amazon, Facebook advertising, Instagram

Millennials are beginning new chapters in their lives

previous generations is their dependence on

influencers and event Twitter geo-targeting, the

and will inevitably spend more money as a result.

the Internet. Online shopping has made buying

ways in which millennials shop products and are

Now, more than ever, retailers should capitalize on

everything from food and clothes to vacations and

urged to hit and buy are heavily influenced by their

this audience. Both digital and brick-and-mortar

computers as easy as one click. They have greater

peers, by celebrities, bloggers and good marketing

retailers must meet the needs of this audience — or

need for technology that drives convenience and


fall by the wayside.

immediate fulfillment, without damaging their

Reviews have their places too. Millennials are

parents’ need for greater customer service and that

not only changing their own shopping behaviors,

all important in store experience.

they’re also transforming those of their parents, who imitate their children’s behaviors and demands

62 NOV 2018

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WANDER IN THE CITY Known to be the tourist town, dive with us in this short story why pole pole is in the reason why we are ragged. The city isn’t slow, it is culturally oriented shares Kevin Amisi

64 NOV 2018



he estate where I currently live in Changamwe is not in the slums. It’s a nice middle-class neighborhood — about ten acres with a big

story homestead, and a whole community of mini supermarkets, apartments, houses and skating parks outside, yeah! That is the Airport but a few yards away, I can’t pass but witness a set of rags and smug all connected by winding dirt trails that run through the scrub terraces in Magongo. The long low buildings are communal houses where Swahili people live. The little shacks with signs outside are stores — butcher shops, beauty salons, convenience stores, phone top-up stands. Everything you want, you can find within the shaggy estate, sold by our neighbors. The Magongo estate is literally staffed up. The estate is also home to a shaggyconstructed school building, a scattering of small wood houses where a bunch of mostly Luyha and Kamba people (these are some of the most friendly, hardworking and loveable people I have ever encountered) live, several vibanda shops, and a mosque that emits astonishingly loud calls to prayers at apparently random non-canonical times throughout the day and night. Sometimes the muezzin has a little kid sing the call to prayer, and sometimes the kid makes mistakes with the Arabic and the muezzin comes on the loudspeaker to correct him, which never fails to make me smile every morning when I wake up to go to work. My house is custom made. It is painted white to reflect the heat, and has very comfortable one-bedroom with a spacious balcony, from which you can look down on the tin-roofed Swahili longhouses far around Magongo, where children and chickens run around freely, and men (with open bellies) and women sit outside at a round wood table to gossip and chew the leaves of the famous khat, known locally as keteppa, which can be a mild stimulant or an overpowering one depending on how fresh the batch is. Cont’d Pg 68 NOV 2018 65



or many of us, when

the comfort of their homes. Basically,

Pros (Using Google Street View)

you want to visit a

allowing you experience places before

1. You can see what a house/business

new location, a new

visiting them. This comes in handy

restaurtant, locate a shop

even more for us, Mombasa locals than

or find where whos who

anyone could imagine. Although the

looks like if you’re trying to find it. 2. You will be able to tell if your hotel is what they preach they are. 3. Potential house buyers can check out

may live and how to pick them up, the

island and its environs only cover a small

the surrounding area from the comfort

first stop is… Google it!!

area, the diversity is beyond measure

of their rented accommodation. What

for most people. In my opinion, very few

a better way to stay away from fake housing and real estate agents who post

In this age, how dare we go to a new

people actually know Mombasa area

place without the prior knowledge of

inside out.

the intended destination. That is what

Dubbed Google for Kenya initiative,


Google has become for us. We google

Google Kenya last month unveiled their

5. Sculptures and features in Mombasa

everything. How about the unwritten

outlined strategy and commitment to

code? What about the expected

contribute to the country’s economic

atmosphere of the new place? When

and social growth.

I want to go to a new place (read:

Google launched Street View in Kenya

technology and an achievement for

restaurant), I google everything I can

with 9,500 kilometres of beautiful

Mombasa grown businesses that need a

about that place. Is there parking? Are

imagery of Nairobi, Mombasa, and other

their staff rude? What does the place

towns available on Google Maps and

and/or their food taste or look like?

accessible to everyone around the world.

Everything short of being able to see the

Of particular interest to Kenyan tourist

your grand mansion is infact a servants

place before I go there.

circles is the Street View for Mombasa.

quarters in not so leafy suburbs.

nonexistent houses online. 4. Motorists can check and plan their

nice to actually know what to expect 6. It’s a great application of modern

Mombasa alongside other major Kenyan

an expansion to other cities and towns

cities have finally a growing number of

in the country.

global presence. Business exposure here. Cons (Using Google Street View) 1. Work colleagues will discover that

2. A dirty city centre gets a reputation for having filth, garbage and potholes in the most undesired places. 3. It’s just another waste of time, like

metropolitan areas around the globe

Facebook stalking, and what yahoo used to be.

where Google has launched its popular


Street View map service.

Street view offers a 360-degree image of

The feature allows one to explore and

a street or area.

navigate a neighbourhood virtually

This technology featured in Google

through panoramic street-level images.

Maps and Google Earth that provides

Just like in other major cities around

extensive views from various streets

the world, the view in Mombasa allows

in the world first launched in the

locals and tourists alike to explore world

United States in 2007 but it has grown

landmarks, discover natural wonders,

worldwide. Blue lines on Google Maps

and step inside locations such as Fort

indicate that Street View imagery on that

Jesus, Mama Ngina Drive, the world

section is available.

the beautiful and historic Old Town,

4. It is yet another bandwidth hungry gimmick which could push the price of internet connections up. And guess how the internet company loves these games??? Predictions

•Street View will be combined with Vehicle Satellite Navigation systems which use wireless internet and GPRS to help lost drivers.

•Street View will be rolled out to more cities rather than being shut down.

restaurants, and small businesses from

66 NOV 2018

The streets of welcoming. Y buzzing activ Google street your desk or y

before you actually visit?

The coverage which has started will have

famous Elephant Tusks at Moi Avenue,

city are available to all. Wouldn’t it be


Sample Google Street view car as seen in the streets of Mombasa

You don’t have to be a pro to use these gadgets when you want to capture the beautiful sceneries in Mombasa

reet View

f Majengo in Mombasa town are relaxed and You only need to step out and interact with all the vities. view is here too. You can see these images right from your phone

Car Dashcam (Q270 Car dvr) from Kes 14,580

Apple Watch 3, 38mm. Road trips are now going to be the must do event for this festive season. Captures video & stills

from Kes 35,999

Sony Alpha A7R III. from Kes 340,000

Make every trip count with these amazing gadgets. With Wifi connectivity, your trip to Mombasa turns to a shareable experience.

iPhone X. from Kes 14,999 (pm payement plan)

NOV 2018 67


n a lazy Friday evening, my neighbors, ladies and some of their cousins sit out on the balcony just to chew the

leaves, which make them very alert, overly interested and talkative. You keep a wad of miraa in your cheek and chew on it like a cow chews cud; never spitting, just swallowing the juice; and chewing up a peanut or two every so often to keep your saliva flowing. That is rad mad, but this is Mombasa. This is a fad. My neighbor introduced me to their friend Mijan Gidiheh Ali, who’s from their hometown of Jomvu. Everyone calls him Gidi for short. I mistook it for Gideon but that was his intention so that he can blend in everywhere. He knows a bit of Kikuyu and Luhya as well. The language you speak matters to whom you speak to. “You should really to listen to Gidi tell his story,” they tell me. Gidi is mtaa, “street” — from the streets. “He’s not a thug, though,” they explain. “He’s a whole different kind of person.” “What kind of person?” I ask. “Just let him tell his story.” Says my neighbor. They bring out hot black coffee spiced with cardamom, which gives you a tingly feeling when you drink it with the Mahamri. Gidi and I start chatting. He starts by teaching me some Mombasa ghetto slang. I’ve been picking up some basic Swahili over the past few months since I graduated from bara. Almost a year now, but it all sounds pretty square drafted to him. For example, instead of saying the textbook kuja twende tukule, “Come on, let’s go eat”, in the ghetto they say njo tuwange mihayo, which means roughly the same thing, but sounds cooler Swahili style. I try to repeat it, and Gidi coaches me until I get it right. Then I type it into my phone, and Gidi watches me, letter by letter, correcting my spelling several times. When Gidi looks at you, there is that feeling you get that he sees everything inside you — how you’re feeling; what you’re thinking; how you’re going to react to the next thing he’ll say. His eyes are friendly but sharp because of the overdose of miraa he takes for a living, and they light up when he starts telling stories. Here’s what he tells me. Gidi grew up in the ghetto of Mombasa (in Likoni and now Magongo), a small surburb in the outskirts of Mombasa. They are literary out of the island where nobody grows up with much of anything. He and his family lived in a one-room shack they

68 NOV 2018

shared with three other families, everyone

the few shillings as a down payment for

sharing one toilet in a congested ploti. The

both women’s bills. He gathered up the

little kids usually couldn’t be bothered with

woman whose condition was improving,

the toilet, and just did their business on the

even though she was barely strong enough

floor. The adults weren’t happy with this

to walk, and left the hospital with her, so

situation, but none of them could keep a job.

her bill couldn’t mount any higher. He left

Gidi was a scrawny kid — the other kids used

the other woman to recuperate in bed.

to call him “grande” because if you pushed him over he’d just fold to the ground. That made

He took the first woman back to her

him angry; made him want to be tough. Most

family’s village, and spent some time helping

of all, it made him want to make something of

nurse her back to health. He felt very at

his life, so someday he could cruise through

peace during this time, like he was doing

that ghetto and watch those other boys stare

the right thing.

at him with respect.

In the meantime, the other woman got well enough to leave the hospital, went

From second grade onward, he started picking

looking for Gidi, and found out through the

up every odd job he could find. He collected

grapevine where he’d gone. She went and

fares on a Tudor matatu — a small van that

broke into his one-room shack, and in a rage

works as a short-distance bus from Tudor to

she set fire to everything he owned — his

Ferry and back every day. He washed clothes

few pieces of furniture, his TV, and all his

for 20 shillings a garment. If he saw someone

IDs and papers.

carrying something heavy within Likoni, he’d

When Gidi returned to the ghetto, he

run over and carry it for them. He didn’t spend

found her waiting for him, baby in arms, still

his change on candy and weed like the other


kids did. He stayed in school and he saved

“I want you to know,” she said, “that it was

every shilling. By the time he was in high

me who burned everything.”

school, he’d saved enough to move out into

Violence easily breaks up in such scenarios

his own one-room shack — a place with a nice

in the ghetto. The baby survived the fall,

clean floor, all to himself. He started to feel a

and the woman ended up with a broken

taste of the respect he’d been waiting so long

wrist. She reported this to her family, who


launched a lawsuit against Gidi. He decided it was time to get the hell out of

Respect comes with responsibilities, though.

Likoni and settle in Magongo.

By the time he was eighteen years old, Gidi

There’s a big cattle drive right through the

had fathered four children with four different

middle of our estate every day. During the

women in Likoni, and then he flee.

afternoon, you can see the cows grazing

His firstborn son died in infancy. His second-

from our balcony. A lot of goats and

born, a girl, was a caesarian birth, which ran

chickens are running around underfoot all

up a hospital bill of 9,700 shillings — three

the time — and dogs and cats and rats and

months’ salary. Gidi was known around town

cockroaches the size of mice. Oh, and the

for being careful with money, but not even

ants. Those sugar ants get in everywhere,

he had that much saved up. He called on his

and there’s no getting rid of them.

mom in desperation, and it turned out that

When I mention the ants to my landladies,

she and the doctor were old friends. She

they shrug. “Sometimes there are a lot of

somehow talked the doctor into waiving the

them,” they say. “Sometimes they go away

bill, and Gidi and his woman left the hospital

for a while, then they come back.”

with their new baby girl. Gidi’s next two children — a boy and a girl —

People in Mombasa have this attitude about

came within days of each other. Both mothers

a lot of annoyances —just let it be; it might

were in the hospital, and complications kept

change tomorrow. Or you might be dead

running up both their bills. When Gidi came

tomorrow. Who knows? Pole pole.

by to check on the costs, they told him one of

This is not an attitude shared by all Kenyans.

the mothers’ medical bills alone came to about

People in Nairobi rush around as frantically

3,000 shillings — but the good news was, her

as bees, erupting into screams at drivers

condition was quickly improving. The other

who cut them off. Nor is this laid-back

woman’s bill was 10,000, but she was too

attitude shared by the thousands of doctors

sick to leave her bed. Gidi managed to gather

who are trying to control Mombasa’s

about 10,000 shillings from various family and

epidemic diseases, or the developers who

friends. This drained most of the neighbors’

work to build the country’s roads and

bank accounts, but they were glad to give.

sanitation systems, or the advocates who

Still, it was nowhere near enough.

fight the corruption that infects almost every level and branch of the county

He (Gidi) took the money to the hospital, and managed to talk the doctors into accepting

government. Cont’d Pg 71 NOV 2018 69

70 NOV 2018

Tuktuks are popular transport means at the CBD. Always take time to understand where your destination is before taking any of them. Otherwise your bill will be one of a kind


one of these people are feeling relaxed or laid-back, and this might make you want to pin the ignorance of a tourist on

me, and say I picked up this attitude from people who work with tourists, who just want tourists to feel relaxed. My only response to that is, live for a few months in Mombasa. Make friends here. Ask them what they really think. Polé polé is in the soil here. It isn’t the slow sigh of despair that passes for relaxation. At first that’s what I thought it might be, and I asked my friends about it, and they told me that’s not what it is at all. It’s an old, deep calm. Mombasaians (or so they may be called) take it slow because they were taking it slow for hundreds of years before the Arabs came, or the Indians, or the British. Long before they heard of telegraphs or steel, they were sauntering out to pasture with their cows, calling out pole pole and hakuna matata to each other , smiling and nodding in agreement. NOV 2018 71
























































Seruya16. Coastal











PB15. Female




























































Seruya16. Coastal











PB15. Female





74 NOV 2018


Mombasa Adventure magazine is a monthly publication of Crystal Perk Co. Ltd. ( ) This is a lifestyle, business & travel...


Mombasa Adventure magazine is a monthly publication of Crystal Perk Co. Ltd. ( ) This is a lifestyle, business & travel...