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JLHP Year in Review Volume 31, No. 2


HIGH Junior League of High Point, Inc. Founded in 1928 1103 N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27262 Phone: (336) 889-5479 Fax: (336) 889-8508 E-mail - info@jlhp.org Website - www.jlhp.org


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2017-2018 Board of Directors


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The Junior League of High Point, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

How to Become a Member of the Junior League of High Point Since 1928, the Junior League of High Point, Inc. has empowered women through leadership training and development to positively impact the High Point community. As a member, a woman can expect to gain an awareness of important social issues, build effective communication skills, participate in fundraising efforts and accomplish significant goals through teamwork on a variety of projects. Members also develop strong, enduring friendships through involvement with community projects. The Junior League of High Point, Inc. invites women who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age, with an interest in voluntarism and a commitment to community service. You may contact the Junior League of High Point, Inc at 336.889.5479, info@jlhp.org or visit our website at www.jlhp.org for more information.

Who we are Since its founding in 1901 by social activist Mary Harriman, The Junior League has evolved into one of the oldest, largest, and most effective women’s volunteer organizations in the world, encompassing more than 150,000 women in 291 Leagues in four countries.

What we do For more than a century, The Junior League has been on the forefront of social reform, identifying problems—pollution, illiteracy, domestic violence, foster children without a safety net—and finding solutions.

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Year in Review 2016-2017


Letter from the President

What does a successful year look like? Success is about believing in a purpose. Something that “pulls” rather than “pushes” you along that entices you to find that next step, to look for the next opportunity. Knowing that there may be opportunities to improve and learn from but those are empowering rather than disempowering. A successful environment is where you’re not afraid of failure because you trust others knowing you have the same goal in mind. This has been one successful year in the Junior League of High Point.

Lauren Picha

Speaking personally, the year has brought a wealth of meaning, purpose, wonder, and joy to my life. This has been a year of true significance, with our League engaging in new community impact programs, producing successful fundraisers and providing training courses for our members. We developed impactful community relationships in both the community service and business sector. All enabling the continuity of our long heritage of training women to become leaders in the community. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our volunteers for their commitment and servant leadership. It has been a blessing to serve alongside each and every one of you. Our league measured success by knowing that our volunteers had the common purpose of propelling the Junior League of High Point forward. Knowing at times there would be set backs but choosing to learn from those moments and not let them impede the process. Continuing to be the organization that can create positive change in our community. Each year it takes great teamwork and many selfless hours to ensure our legacy will continue. When you believe in service rather than self, you are on the track for success. Lauren Picha President, 2016-2017

Thank You to Our 2016-2017 Board of Directors

Lauren Picha Emily Thiel Sadie Leder Elder Rebecca McCarter Kisten Crowe Tara Elliott Erin Miller Laura Johnston Edith Brady


President President-Elect Exec. Vice President Treasurer Secretary Nominating Chair Board Member Board Member Sustainer Advisor, Past President

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Letter from the President-Elect

As we embark on our 90th year of making a difference in our community I have taken stock on the many great initiatives our League has created for High Point. We have a fabulous root structure from which to continue strengthening our community, its resident’s and our members.

Emily Thiel

2017 included several new community impact programs that not only fed our community, but also fed our members’ souls. We are excited and energized to continue these meaningful events. Throughout the coming year we will focus on our rich history and learn from our past accomplishments. It is my hope this will invigorate our membership to have the best league year yet! Another goal for the year will be to recognize the gem High Point has in our headquarters, The Junior League of High Point, Inc. - Mary Strickland Froelich Headquarters - The Briles House. Being 110 years old, our historic headquarters deserves praise and to this end we will have celebrations and receptions so everyone can appreciate its grandeur! I imagine listening to rag time music while enjoying food and drinks from Mrs. Briles’ cookbook! Be on the lookout for more information soon! In addition to community programs and our rich history we will spend time cultivating our membership through training events and guest speakers. Being the premier women’s organization it is our duty to guide our members to be the best volunteers and citizens possible. Whether you aspire to lead an organization or be a phenomenal ‘behind the scenes’ citizen, Our League will guide you on the right path! Emily Thiel 2016-2017 President-Elect


HIGH POINT 1200 NORTH MAIN STREET 336-882-2574 To learn more, visit


Year in Review 2016-2017


Welcome Our

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Emily Thiel President

Sadie Leder Elder President-Elect

Heidi Poth Treasurer

Jackie Moore Nominating Chair


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Donna Cumby Executive Vice President (EVP)

Liz Moore Secretary

Laura Johnston Board Member

Shea Barnett Board Member

Cookbook Our wonderful cookbooks, Furniture City Feasts- Restored, are still available for only $5.00 a book! This beautiful 200 page hardbound book makes a wonderful gift for out of town guests, furniture market goody bags, wedding party gifts, teacher gifts and so much more! Our cookbook offers recipes for all skill levels. Please contact the League headquarters if you would like to purchase copies. In the meantime, enjoy this summer recipe that everyone will love. Happy cooking!

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Explore High Point’s History Permanent & Changing Exhibits Living History Demonstrations

Drive the big yellow Thomas Built School bus

Our Historical Park features three historic buildings

Museum Hours: Tues.—Sat. 10 am to 4:30 pm; Historical Park—Sat. 10 am to 4:30 pm FREE ADMISSION

1859 E. Lexington Ave. High Point 336-885-1859 www.highpointmuseum.org

Laura Johnston, Spring Fundraiser Chair, and husband Tyler, celebrate at the end of a successful evening at Pandora’s Manor.

Year in Review 2016-2017


Community Impact Kids in the Kitchen This Spring marks the 10th anniversary of the Junior League of High Point’s (JLHP) signature community impact event, Kids in the Kitchen. Over the past decade we are proud to have facilitated our Kids in the Kitchen program to hundreds of children from our High Point community. In the initial years this program shared the Association of Junior Leagues International’s focus of combating childhood obesity and empowering children to make healthy lifestyle choices. Since that time our focus has shifted to meet the changing needs of our community. Specifically, our current Kids in the Kitchen program supports the JLHP’s Community Impact focus of combating hunger in the High Point community and aims to ensure our local youth have knowledge of and access to healthy foods. This year’s Kids in the Kitchen curriculum consisted of a three-part workshop in which students participated in a healthy cooking class, a nutrition tutorial, and an exercise program. Through our continued partnership with the Millis Regional Health Education Center, we were able to host sixty participants from the Hartley Drive Family YMCA’s After-School Program. Emphasis was placed on changes these individuals can make to add nutritional value to their meals, as well as the importance of exercise in optimal physical and mental health. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude not only to the ladies who helped to facilitate this event, but also to the staff of the Millis Regional Health Education Center. This transition into a year-long initiative offering multiple workshops to different community partners allows us to reach additional children and magnify our impact on the community. Taken as a whole, we believe that our Kids in the Kitchen program is not just beneficial to the children we interact with, but also their families and friends, as each participant leaves the workshop with educational materials and a backpack full of nutritional foods and supplies to set the stage for their continued commitment to health and wellness. Sadie Leder Elder Community Impact Chair, 2016-2017


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Getting ready to get fit with the kids are Back row: Erin Miller, Liz Morgan, Deana Kelly, Zafeira Sarrimanolis, Sadie Leder-Elder, Emily Thiel, Holly Davis, Ashley Tillery, Carter Chaney, Misty Roberts, Alison Kelly and Cindy Jarrell. Front Row: Rebecca McCarter, Lyall Moore, Jackie Moore, Marilyn Nowell

Crock-Pot Cooking Class As an inaugural event, the Junior League of High Point (JLHP) held a Crock-Pot Cooking Class in April at the YWCA. This event was designed as an educational workshop to meet the nutritional needs of women and children enrolled in the YWCA’s Adolescent Parenting Program. Our event included a tutorial on healthy eating by Junior League Sustainer, Joann Godwin, who is a registered dietarian and nutritionist. Additionally, the class included a lesson on how participants could use a CrockPot to provide healthy and filling meals for their families. The demonstration concluded with each member of the YWCA’s Adolescent Parenting Program receiving lunch, as well as their own Crock-Pot and cookbook, all provided to them by the JLHP.

Helping demonstrate the healthy benefits of crock-pot cooking are: Zafeira Sarrimanolis, Rebecca McCarter, Tracy Dixon, Lauren Picha, Liz Lynch, Joann Godwin, Pierce Austin, Jackie Moore, Sadie Leder-Elder

The JLHP sought a partnership with the YWCA’s Adolescent Parenting Program in an effort to provide this group of young mothers with nutritional information and cooking resources that would allow them to better feed themselves and their families. Similar to a program created by the Junior League of Sarasota, we felt that there was a need in our community that was unmet by currently available food programs. Specifically, families may have access to (or be receiving food assistance) but they lack the time and/or cooking knowledge to make complete and nutritious meals for their families. Our hope is that by providing Crock-Pots to these young women that we will aid them as they balance the competing demands of work, family, and school. Following participation, these young women will be better equipped to provide nutritious meals for their families, which should lead to greater physical and mental wellbeing and facilitate their success Rebecca McCarter and Liz Lynch in future endeavors. entertain the children while moms learn crock-pot cooking techniques.

Sadie Leder Elder Community Impact Chair, 2016-2017

Dinner with the League

The Leslie’s House dinners were a great success! Back Row: Amanda LeFever, Jackie Moore, Donna Cumby, Elizabeth Ermis, Deana Kelly, Beth Earnst, Laura Johnston. Front Row: Liz Morgan, Liz Moore, Lauren Picha, Sadie Leder-Elder.

The Junior League of High Point (JLHP) hosted two Dinner with the League events for residents of West End Ministries’ Leslie’s House. Actives, Provisionals, and Sustainers provided a hearty, home-cooked meals for dozens of homeless women. Members of the JLHP not only provided dinner, but also joined the residents during the meal to facilitate additional fellowship and communion. This interactive experience was designed to provide nourishment and encouragement for the ladies who reside at this shelter as they work to put their lives back on track. Following dinner residents received care packages filled with clothing, toiletries, and snacks generously donated by members of our High Point community. continued... Year in Review 2016-2017


The mission of Leslie’s House is to provide a safe haven for women as they work to create healthy, self-sufficient lives. Leslie’s House can accommodate two dozen women at a time, but most are only allowed to stay for one month. Accordingly, through our partnership we were able to continually reach new women in an effort to have a positive impact on their future trajectory. Members of the JLHP are discussing ways to expand and enhance this partnership to increase our impact on the residents we interact with, as well as make meaningful strides to help fight our community’s ongoing struggle with hunger. Sadie Leder Elder Community Impact Chair, 2016-2017

Teacher Mini Grants The Junior League of High Point’s (JLHP) Teacher Mini Grants program offers High Point public school teachers the opportunity to apply for mini-grants that will benefit the health and wellness of children and women within the High Point community. The success of the JLHP’s Designer Showhouse in 2015 enabled us to bring back this popular program that the JLHP initiated many years before. This year twenty-four teachers received the mini-grants totaling over $5000. A ceremony was held in January at our headquarters, the Briles House, to recognize the teachers who were chosen to receive these grants. Several community leaders were in attendance at the ceremony including Dr. Sharon Contreras (Guilford County Schools Superintendent), Dr. Meg Sheehan (Guilford County Western Region Superintendent), Wes Cashwell (Guilford County School Board Member), and Hank Henning (Guilford County Commissioner).

Teacher Mini-Grant Recipients

Megan Fox Kids In The Kitchen Chair, 2016-2017


Juandalynn Jones-Hunt ����� Parkview Elementary �������������������Tribal Healing Turtles Jessica Williams ��������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Developing Social Skills with Cooperative Play Kassinda Ross ������������������ Ferndale Middle ���������������������������Healthy Cookbook! Oh My! Elizabeth Powell ���������������� Shadybrook Elementary ���������������Shadybrook’s Sensory Room Susan Elskoe Long ����������� Triangle Lake Montessori �������������4-to Score and Fidgeting Allowed Scottie Jackson ����������������� Parkview Elementary �������������������Operation Fit Ele Wilhelm ���������������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Experiencing Healthy Eating Joni Saffari ����������������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Experiencing Healthy Eating Emilea Gross �������������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Flexible Seating and Engaging Wellness Tricia Conlon �������������������� Florence Elementary ��������������������Active Bodies, Active Minds Kara Mason ���������������������� Florence Elementary ��������������������Just Wiggle and Learn! Cathy Thomas ������������������ Southwest Elementary �����������������Gardening in the 21st Century Cindy Lain Helms ������������� Oak View Elementary �������������������Sing a Song Kalliope Castevens ������������ Parkview Elementary �������������������All Boys Book Club Melissa Burrell ������������������ Oak View Elementary �������������������Continuing a Culturally Relevant Art Library from Healthy and Active Minds Bonny Allegro ������������������� Southwest Elementary �����������������iPod Listening Center Deb Greene ���������������������� Ferndale Middle ���������������������������Books for Sports Fans Lisa Milloway �������������������� Southwest Elementary �����������������Greenhouse Gardening Michael Graham ��������������� Southwest Elementary �����������������Fidget Tools/Toys/Learning Materials Nancy McMahan �������������� Johnson Street Global Studies �����Plants Around Us Ashley McClure ����������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Flexible Seating Megan Ritsche ������������������ Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Alternative Seating Ellen Fay �������������������������� Allen Jay Elementary �������������������Alternative Seating Stephanie Melton-Savage �� Ferndale Middle ���������������������������After-School Mindfulness

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Briles House Tours The Junior League of High Point (JLHP) was once again able to offer tours of the Briles House to fourth graders. These fun field trips highlight the importance of historic preservation and give them a chance to walk inside history. More than 150 children toured the house and were educated on what preservation is and why it is important. The field trips included a tour of the home, a lesson on historic preservation, including how to preserve their own family history, and a Preservation booklet to take home. Following the tours, the children enjoyed a “Miss Briles snack” while learning basic etiquette skills like how to set a place setting and good manners at the table. The children’s favorite part is always the “Seek and Find” activity at the end of the day. All individuals involved, JLHP members, 4th graders, and teachers, were able to enjoy a fun, free, educational, and entertaining experience, and we are looking forward to next year! Heather Rouse Briles House Committee Chair, 2016-17

Mary Powell DeLille gives tours of the Briles House to fourth grade students from Northwood Elementary. The children enjoy learning about the history of the house and the importance of historic preservation. While tours take place, other students look through their personal Preservation Booklets they receive from the JLHP. We are so proud of one of our attendees, he brought his mother back to our Open House in May, to show off the beautiful house he had toured with his Northwood class. The children really do care about the past! Year in Review 2016-2017


The Junior League of High Point is fortunate to have a Community Advisor Board who assesses and advises our League on community needs and resources, assists in program development, and allows for networking opportunities among other organizations and community members. This group provides a wealth of feedback from an outside perspective, while offering specialized advice and assistance. Each Advisor’s unique background, career, relationship with the League, and personal talent helps us to better serve our community as a whole. While acting as ambassadors for the League and advocating on its behalf, we look for our Advisors to increase the League’s visibility, credibility and importance in the community.

Community Advisors

On behalf of the Junior League of High Point, we would like to thank our 2016-2017 Community Advisors. This Board is an important component of our organization, and we thank you for your continued service! Mrs. Dorothy Darr............................................ Southwest Renewal Mr. Tommy Ballard, CPA................................... Ballard Surratt & Company, P.A. Mr. Aaron Clinard, Attorney at Law.................... Clinard Consulting Ms. Barbara Frye, VP Children’s Initiatives........ United Way Ms. Beth Koonce, Attorney at Law..................... Roberson Haworth & Reece PLLC Mr. Ray Kuethe, CEP........................................ Edward Jones Mr. Penn Wood................................................. Mary Elliott Wood Foundation Mr. Jason Oliver Nixon...................................... Madcap Cottage Meg Sheehan................................................... Guilford County Schools Western Region Superintendent

PROTECTION SYSTEMS “respect what matters, honor that which you love most, revere the legacies left for us”


1015 Eastchester Dr. High Point, NC 27262 336-889-5045 206 Trindale Rd. Archdale, NC 27263 336-431-9124 www.cumbyfuneral.com


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

841-8685 High Point, NC

Fundraiser Pandora’s Manor – 2017 Spring Fundraiser The Junior League of High Point was excited to present a unique opportunity to be one of the first to visit Pandora’s Manor, a new luxury bed and breakfast and event space in High Point, this past March. The partnership allowed us to unveil the B&B’s recently renovated bedrooms, each of which has undergone many months of custom work from high-profile interior designers including: Madcap Cottage, Thom Filcia, Alexa Hampton, Celerie Kemble, Tobi Fairley, and Barclay Butera. The myriad of styles represents the looks of each designer, while being housed in a beautiful Colonial Revivalist home.

Our thank you gift to the team at Pandora’s Manor was a watercolor of the home by artist and Sustainer, Laurie Mendenhall.

Boutique B&B Pandora’s Manor is in a 110-year-old High Point home, located at 407 W High Ave in High Point, and provides visitors with easy access to Market Square, High Point University, and the downtown area. The B&B, which is planning an expansion with open-air event space and gardens, hopes to pay homage to its own furniture industry history through luxury accommodations and events. We kicked-off the weekend with an NCAA themed party hosted at the String & Splinter Club on Friday, March 24. We enjoyed excellent food from the String & Splinter Club and desserts from Babycakes Gourmet of Archdale. Shane Key kept us on the dance floor and Brown Truck Brewery helped keep the beer flowing. It was a great event to begin the weekend.

Pandora’s Manor was open to the public for three days, March 24-26. We had over 200 visitors through the three days we were open. Visitors received tours from Innkeepers, along with notes from each designer in their redesigned room, and all weekend we snacked on cupcake treats from Babycakes Gourmet. Prior to the event and through the weekend we sold raffle tickets for the opportunity to have a private dinner in the fabulous kitchen of Pandora’s Manor and a one night stay. We had quite the competition going for those who were lucky enough to get one of the 50 tickets available! Congratulations to Gayle Kearns, winner of the Dinner w/Wine for 8 raffle at Pandora’s Manor, and Liz Rogers, winner of the Dinner w/Wine for 6 + One Night Stay for 2 raffle. “The opportunity to partner with the Pandora’s Manor team to help showcase the home and bring awareness to the renovation taking place in the heart of High Point was a special and rewarding experience,” said Laura Johnston, 2017 Spring Fundraising Chair. With the help of our sponsors, ticket sales, and raffle ticket sales, we raised over $15,000 to benefit the League and its mission of promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers in the High Point community. Our event would not have been successful without support from the High Point community, our partners, and our devoted membership. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. A special thank you to the team at Pandora’s Manor and Eastern Accents, our success would not have been as great without each of your hard work and vision for Pandora’s Manor. Laura Johnston Spring Fundraiser Chair 2016-2017

Opening night gala at Pandora’s Manor during Spring Furniture Market- JLHP members Liz Moore, Laura Johnston, Emily Thiel attend with friend Laura Niece.

Year in Review 2016-2017


Thank You!


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Bedroom by Madcap CottageJason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke

Seating area by Thom Filicia

Suite by Barclay Butera

Bedroom by Celerie Kimble

A break from cheering for (or against) the Tar Heels at the NCAA String and Splinter party with Jackie Moore, Liz Moore, Laura Johnston, Beth Earnst, Sharon Maney, Emily Thiel, Lauren Picha and musician for the evening, Shane Key.

Year in Review 2016-2017


Sustainers “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Junior League of High Point Sustainers live and breathe this every day. They have continued to come together to support and provide additional resources to our League over the 89 years of our long history in High Point. Beginning with our lovely Fall Luncheon in September, our Soup and Bake Sale at the Holiday Stroll and volunteering during the Pandora’s Manor fundraiser, our Sustainers have been there when called upon and continue to come together to do what they can to sustain and support the League. The Soup and Bake Sale at the Holiday Stroll was a huge hit again this year and allowed the Sustainers to present a gift in the amount of $1,500 to the League to help pay down the debt on our beloved historic Headquarters, the Briles House.

Evie Cottam, Anne Harris and Rebecca Atwell selling goodies at the bake sale.

A special shout out to Helen Congdon who received the first Spirit of the Community award. Her dedication and continued commitment to the Junior League of High Point is so appreciated! In addition, the Most Active Sustainer Award went to Cindy Jarrell, a most deserving recipient. There is not much that Cindy says no to, and her support of our League is second to none! Thank you to both of these well-deserving ladies for your love of the League. The “Soup Makers” - Debbie Irvin, Libby Cheek, Ann Byerly, Susan Culp, Ann Busby, Nancy Warburton, Nan Kester, Nancy Laney

Next year will bring many exciting opportunities to get involved. Please consider serving on a committee as an Advisor to our Actives; helping out and attending a fundraiser; donating to one of the projects of the Actives… the list goes on and on for ways to come together and serve the League. And do not forget the 110 year anniversary of the Briles House is this year (we purchased the home 15 years ago and have been in the house for 10 years) as well as the anniversary of 90 years of service to the High Point community – what a wonderful list of things to celebrate in the upcoming year!

As I look back on my two years as Sustainer President, I am grateful and honored for the chance to work alongside so many wonderful ladies who love the League as much as I do! Their commitment and dedication is second to none and I am so happy to have been a part of it. Special thanks go to Cindy Armfield (your incoming Sustainer President), Rebecca Atwell, Susan Culp, Holly Davis, Nancy Laney, Julie Hill, Susan Samuel and Nancy Warburton – these ladies have worked so hard over the past two years and I am continually amazed at what can happen when we all come together. On behalf of your Sustainer Board, we thank each and every one of you as you find ways to support our Active members of the Junior League of High Point in their quest to improve our community through voluntarism and developing the potential of our women through training and education. Here’s to our beloved League and many more years of service to the High Point community! Donna Blakely President, Sustainer Board 2015-2017 18

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Sustainer and Past President Caryl Adams and husband Ben spend time with Active Lyall Moore and husband Will at the NCAA String &Splinter party.

Spirit of the League

Most Active Sustainer

Laura Pearson Johnston Sadie Leder Elder

Spirit of the Community

Cindy Jarrell

Helen Congdon

The purpose of the Spirit of the League Award is to honor an Active League member who has contributed exceptional service through her placement and community work. She goes beyond the call of duty and has an energetic “can do” attitude, she values teamwork and partnership and demonstrates this on a daily basis. The Sustainer of the Year award recognizes a Sustaining member who gives her time and talents and embodies the definition of sustain … she supports, provides, and keeps going without giving way or yielding. This year’s recipient is Past President, Cindy Jarrell.

The JLHP is lucky to honor two recipients for the Spirit of the League Award this year, Laura Pearson Johnston and Sadie Leder Elder. Both women have exceeded their placement roles and have gone above and beyond in their own ways. However, the similarities of their dedication and work ethic is undeniable – they are committed, devoted, loyal, diligent, giving, patient, charitable, tolerant, loving, and beautiful inside and out. They are what every Active member should strive to be and we are beyond blessed to have them.

When members were asked to describe this year’s recipient, they used the following words: energetic, driven, thoughtful, fundraising phenom, enthusiastic, and gogetter. This year’s recipient stays involved by serving as a Sustainer Advisor (a role she has held for numerous years.) When her committee faced challenges this year, she did not back down. She encouraged the committee to embrace change and think outside the box to solve their challenges. Her leadership and support was felt by all who served with her.

This was our first year to present the Spirit of Community Award. This award acknowledges the effort of a JLHP member who has gone above and beyond to encourage and support our League’s Community Impact initiatives. This year’s recipient was Helen Congdon. Her involvement with our new programs of Dinner with the League and Crock-Pot Cooking Class made them both a tremendous success. During our Dinner with the League event she purchased clothing for the “goodiebags” provided to each participant, and took the lead serving dinner to all. Perhaps most noteworthy was her contribution to our CrockPot Cooking Class this April. As part of the event, each participant left with their own Crock-Pot and cookbook. Helen graciously provided the Crock-Pots for each of the young ladies in attendance. Her efforts not only helped set the stage for these women to succeed, but also helped to ensure that this particular Community Impact event would have funding for the 2017-2018 League year.

In addition to serving as an advisor, she supported us at community events, volunteered with members and was always willing to lend a hand at our fundraising efforts from poinsettias, to cookbooks, and show houses. This member is fondly referred to as our subject matter expert in all things by-law, policy and procedure related and she has mastered the art of selling poinsettias, placing in our top-seller category each year.

JLHP 2016-2017 Super Sustainers Alison Collins Amanda Magill Amy Adams Ann Brinson Ann Fulton Ann Lynch Anne Harris Barbara Coughlin Barbra Lassiter Brenda Carr Carol Young Carroll Ann Miller Caryl Adams

Catharine Culp Courtney Best Cynthia Armfield Debbie Irvin Deborah Novak Deborah Smothers Donna Blakely Donna Tucker Dorothy Keever Dorsay Eichhorn Edith Brady Elisebeth Rogers Elizabeth Dasher

Elizabeth Finch Erin Sanders Gloria Jackson Helen Congdon Jaclyn Hirschhaut Jane Knight Jeanne Spillers Jennifer Covington Judith Stalder Judyth Hustrulid Julie Delgaudio Karen McNeill Pond Katherine Montgomery

Katherine Phillips Kimberly Floyd Lee Webster Lee Worden Lynn Jennette Lynne Ledford Malia Grimes Margaret Lewis Mariana Qubein Marlene Levering Mary Eliza Duckett Mary M. Keever Marybeth Grein

Monica Peters Nan Kester Nancy Laney Nancy Warburton Paula Lewis Rebecca Atwell Rebecca Blue Rena Norcross Sallie Phillips Susan Culp Susan Samuel Teresa Bretzmann

Year in Review 2016-2017


Looking for the

perfect place

to host a meeting, celebrate a bridal shower, wedding reception, or host a cocktail party in High Point? Come experience the beautiful Briles House, conveniently located on Main Street. Junior League of High Point Contact us to learn more about rental options for your special event in our historic home. 1103 N. Main Street | High Point, NC 27262 (336) 889-5479 | www.jlhp.org

Background on the Briles House The League bought the Briles House in 2002 with funds raised to purchase it and completed the renovations in 2007 when our headquarters was moved into the second-level of the historic home. The house was built in 1907 by Lee and Bertie Briles, an important historical family in the community involved in banking, lumber and gold mining in North Carolina. The house passed down in the Briles family until the death of Miss Ruth Briles, at the age of 86, in early 2002. In Miss Briles’ will, she stated her wish would be that a non-profit purchase the home, restore it to the grandeur it once knew, and share it with the community as a gathering place. The Junior League of High Point, Inc. has kept alive the idea Miss Briles had for how this house could serve her community. We have preserved the past for future generations to enjoy and walk through a piece of High Point history.

Rooms and Areas Available for Designation Interior Rooms

Suggested Gift

Exterior Areas

Suggested Gift



Area between back of house and storage building


Back Hallway


Flower bed at back entrance


Upstairs Landing


Flower bed by side porch - porte cochere


Upstairs Balcony


Backyard storage building


President’s Hallway

$10,000 - $15,000

Gardens, front and back could be considered

Amount dependent on selection

Briles House Named Areas The Dining Room

The Front Parlor

We would like to thank the children of Elizabeth Burton Hutchens (JLHP President 1975-1976) for their $30,000 donation and an anonymous donor for a $20,000 donation to name the front parlor.

The Back Porch

We would like to thank the family of Nancy Lineberger Lyles (JLHP President 1957-1958) for their $50,000 donation. The dining room of the Briles House has been named in her memory.

The Conference Room

The President’s Office

The Upstairs Workroom

The Children’s Room

The Upstairs Meeting Room

We would like to thank the children and grandchildren of Meredith Clark Slane (JLHP President 1942-1944) for their $50,000 donation. The conference room of the Briles House has been named in her memory.

Past Presidents of the Junior League of High Point, Inc. contributed to the restoration of this room, which is named in their honor.

The Front Foyer

We would like to thank David Hayworth for his generous donation of $30,000. The front foyer of the Briles House is named in memory of his sister Margaret Hayworth Dalton (JLHP President 1953-1954).

We would like to thank Mary Long Jarrell, Jennie Jarrell Hayman (President, Junior League of Raleigh 1993-1994 and AJLI Area Director 2000-2002) and Cindy Roberson Jarrell (JLHP President 2008-2009) for their $15,000 donation for the children’s room located on the second floor of the Briles House.

The Music Room

The Front Porch and Porte Cochere

We would like to thank Lillian Agnew Leath (JLHP President 1959-1960) for her $50,000 donation. The music room is given in honor of all Presidents of the Junior League of High Point.


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

We would like to thank the Hayden Harman Foundation for their $50,000 donation to memorialize Jesse Franklin Hayden and Velva Green Hayden. The front porch and porte cochere is named in their memory.

We would like to thank the Mary and Elliot Wood Foundation for their $20,000 donation to memorialize Evelyn Hackney Wood (JLHP President 1980-1981). The back porch is named in her memory. We would like to thank our Past Treasurers: Amanda Picha Coles, Beth Earnst, Ericka Best-Hunt, and Ann Lynch for their $10,000 donation to name the workroom. We would like to thank the Qubein Family for their $10,000 donation to name the meeting room.

Donor Recognition Donations

Honorariums and Memorials

Community Impact Donna Blakely

Honoring 2016-2017 Sustainer Board Donna Blakely

Unrestricted Anonymous

Honoring Florence Mullen Mary Lou Brinson

Briles House 2016-2017 Sustainer Board Allison Forrester Ann Busby Donna Blakely Elisebeth Rogers Emily Thiel Julie Delgaudio Susan Bland Wanna Blanton

Honoring Past Presidents Ann Busby Emily & Matthew Thiel In Kind Donations Babycakes Gourmet Bonnie Broadwater Colonial, LLC / Keever Family Dali Distributing / Lisa Simmons In Memory of Mary Jane Trew Bell Margaret & Rick Lewis

Fall Fundraiser Caryl Adams

In Memory of Mary Louise Stone Donna Blakely In Memory of Nathalie Wood Ann & Bob Brinson Ann Wyche Barbara & Paul Coughlin Beth Breece Betty & Harold Martin Carolina Wholesale Associates / Ronnie Tharp

Earnst Chiropractic Clinic DR. TYLER EARNST Chiropractic Physician

231 Baker Road High Point, NC 27263

336.434.4600 Fax 336.434.4610 Cell 336.324.3529 Office Hours By Appointment www.earnstchiro.com

Bobby, Fran, and Dennis, Carroll Ann & Jeff Miller Caryl & Ben Adams Cay & Gene Spinadel Charlotte Biesecker Chris & Gary Wynne Dorsay & Keith Eichhorn Edith Brady Elisebeth Rogers Emily & Matthew Thiel Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame / Woody Gibson Jeanne & Steve Spillers Jennifer & David Covington John Ramsey Jones & Peacock Judyth Hustrulid Karen Odom Kay & Dave Maynard Kay & Dave Phillips Kristin Crowe Lane & Sanders Dallas Libit Schoch Liz Jones Mac Movers / E M Morris Martha Durst Mary & Cal Ratcliff Mary Eliza Duckett Molly & Van Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Davis, Jr. Nan & Buck Kester Nan & Jack Flynn Nancy & Bruce Laney Nancy Anderson Pat & Everette Grayson R. Glenn & Carole Simeon Lesley Ray Rogers Sallie Phillips Sally & George Lyles, III Susan & Michael Samuel Susan Culp Thomas Smith In Memory of Peggy Amos Caryl Adams In Memory of Wanna McAnally Donna Blakely Susan Culp Year in Review 2016-2017


Treasurer’s Report It has been my pleasure to serve as your Treasurer this year. I am proud to report that our League continues to operate in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner. Our Spring and Fall fundraisers were chaired this year by enthusiastic members who overcame obstacles with fresh and creative ideas. The combined profits of both fundraisers raised nearly $28,000 for the JLHP. Thank you to all the committee members who put in hard work, as well as to every individual and organization that supported us through the purchase of poinsettias and/ or Pandora Manor tickets. These funds are imperative to the financial stability of our League. Our financial success this year is due in large part to the continued generosity of our members and community. The largest influx of donations came last summer with the passing of JLHP member Nathalie Wood who requested for her memorials to be directed to the Briles House. Our office was flooded with donations in excess of $3,500 – a true testament to the kindness and generosity that Nathalie displayed throughout her life. When the time comes for you to begin thinking about your estate planning, we hope you will honor the path Nathalie has paved and consider recognizing the Junior League in your memorials. In addition to Nathalie’s memorials, we received other memorials and donations from our members and community totaling over $20,000 this year. Lastly, I would like to give thanks to our Assistant Treasurer, Heidi Poth. She has put in countless hours this year recording the day-to-day financials of our League. While this placement is not glamorous, it is vitally important to our organization. Heidi continually goes above and beyond the call of duty, always willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice. She will represent the League well as Treasurer next year. Rebecca McCarter Treasurer, 2016-2017

Front Row- Lauren Picha, Liz Moore, Jackie Moore Back Row- Nancy Griffith, Cynthia Hopson (House Manager at Leslie’s House), Beth Earnst

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Junior League members have proven that we can accomplish great things by leading change and working together. I share this philosophy, putting it into action every day when providing our community’s families with home financing guidance and while leading change in the High Point area through volunteering.

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