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Consumer Guide on Buying Business Telephone Systems Telephone Systems Installation is Affordable for Small Businesses Installing telephone system gives your business a professional image. Nowadays, the installation costs for telephone systems have reduced so businesses with small capitals can afford them. Get Suggestions from Other Companies Small businesses that are looking to buy telephone systems should get suggestions from other businesses that also have purchased telephone systems before. You should get tips and recommendations from people who run the same size of business as you. Test Drive a Demo Phone System before Buying Often, people get interested in a phone system and buy it straightway after looking at the advertisement in the catalog. Before buying a phone system, be sure to test drive a demo first so that you know whether it can meet your business needs. If it does not offer a demo, you should shop with another retailer that offer demo version of the small business telephone systems. Determine the Size of Phone System You Need You should purchase a phone system based on the size of your office. Traditional phone system has standard configurations. You should ask the vendor how much it will cost if you want more ports and lines to be added to the phone system. Basic Features in the Telephone Systems Most phone systems include all the basic features small businesses will need for carrying out internal and external communications. For example, the voicemail feature is included in most phone systems. Voicemails let callers leave messages so that employees can call back during business hours. The call hold feature is another common feature. Call hold feature lets the employee hold the call for a moment while he searches for help. Call forwarding feature lets the employees transfer the calls to other extensions, auto attendant or department. Other basic features include conferencing, speed dial, and redial. Advanced Features in the Telephone Systems Advanced features include location feature, CTI and find me/follow me. The location feature lets employees from different locations receive phone calls from customers. The customers will not know the employees are from different locations. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows callers to make phone calls by clicking the number on the dial pad in the computer screen. The find me/follow me feature can track down the location of the employee no matter where he is. Purchase Additional Wiring If you want to purchase a telephone system that will be used permanently for your business, you should purchase additional wiring. This will help you to save money in case you want to extend the phone system for your business in the future.

Do Research Before Buying Telephone Systems When shopping around, you should take a look at the features of different business telephone systems packages. You should check how much it will cost to upgrade the phone system. It is important to shop around and obtain quotes from as many phone systems vendors as possible.

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Telephone systems  

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