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Reasoning to My Decisions of Choosing the Life of a Director/Producer By Crystal Jones Film &Television Production Program March 14, 2009


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“Beauty is not something that is made, but something that is found. I need the world to see what I see and feel what I feel. So many beautiful things are left unexplained and made unworthy of importance. It is my future goal to reveal that beauty and to remove the tag of insignificance.” – Myself. In the beginning before my revelation of becoming a filmmaker, my father had bought our first, family shared camera. It was this really old-school looking camera, (what looked to be from the seventies), with a small microphone at the front and its medium was VHS tapes, (My family was not that well off when I was younger, but we found our middle ground). The quality of the video was not all that great but it was the only camera that we had to work with at the time. When my dad was making our family videos, showing us playing and having funny conversations, (like regular home videos) I wanted to create more of a story to our life; make the viewing experience a bit more interesting by asking the members of my family to act like a specific character in a movie or genre of a characteristic and to keep that throughout the entire segment. To my surprise, no one understood what I was getting at or why they should act a different way. I thought everyone wanted to be someone contrastive to their regular, bland self. I was left confused regarding that situation. Still I continue to create different personas within myself, on and off camera. I simply find it interesting to be a drama queen and have many personalities to call my own; I wanted to become an actress. There happened to be one big problem with that dream: I had terrible stage freight. I figured if I still wanted to be involved in film, I would become the person behind the camera, the brains behind the operation, as it were. Being creative, artsy and having an eye for the perfect shot, frame or sketch has always been a part of my life. Getting to this point I had the inspirations of my idol counterparts to guide me. I’ve always been interested in seeing new movies come out created by my favorite directors and producers. Those movies, in a sense, helped me in keeping my own visual art contemporary and original. They also gave me new ideas on how to portray my art to certain audiences, giving me my own, personal way of doing things; my own trademark. My first deity in the ways of filmmaking that had a big impact on my life was the dark, but creative, Tim Burton. He had his own original style in the form of horror and fantasy that expressed sadness, loathing, morbid and unorthodox feelings. He wrote almost all of his movies and most of the time within the films he included someone who was a misunderstood outcast as the main character. His other characters consistently embodied deep emotions that triggered my interests to become a director; to work with people, their mannerisms and their interactions between one another. I wanted to become the hands of the sculptor.


Another idol that has influenced me is Robert Rodriguez for his visionary and surreal action movies. I enjoy watching his movies that depict a raw, outrageous screenplay that captures abstract feelings by using special effects and bright, saturated colors. I was always captivated by the artistic qualities of his movies. Realizing that I enjoy artistic compositions and use of symbols and colors, my other inspirations are Quentin Tarantino and M. Night Shyamalan for their multitalented and innovative selves. Both of them are risk takers, seeing things in a totally different light and both write, direct, produce, edit and even star in their own movies. I especially have a great appreciation for Tarantino’s work. He sees things differently and more in depth then most people seem to see things. He likes to get into the character’s minds and show what they’re thinking through visual art and special effects. M. Night Shyamalan is very similar in terms of career and daring moves but his art is entirely his own. Shyamalan specifically wants his movies to have scenes that are dead quiet and ending surprises or as some may say; a twist. His style is more on the fantasy and suspense side keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times. He especially enjoys using colors and symbols expressing emotions and using themes for direct audience’s attention. Something that got me into making my own movies is the powerful, over populated YouTube. When I first started using this website, I was on it for viewing random videos only until I started to notice that my peers were making vlogs (video blogging), music videos and mini films. I was soon getting ideas on making my own music videos; creating a new world of opportunities. During this process, I had other novice directors and filmmakers giving me feedback on what they liked, disliked and even their own personal tricks on how to make my movies or videos that much more exciting and attention grabbing. I’ve always been one to express how I feel or how someone else is feeling through my art whether it be drawing, editing, photography, filming; it’s just my personality. I need to get into a career that is worth the time and learning. I chose to go to Humber for Film Production for various reasons: I have a great enthusiasm for guiding and direction of people’s movements. I want to depict that through my art of film. I want people to see through my eyes, while I see through the lens.

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