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«Мы первые», Гагарин А.Г., 1960, $8 000–9 000. Галерея «Совком», аукцион № 18 «Региональные художники» (2006). Работа поступила из частной коллекции


Подпись 6 «Аполлон – Союз. Стыковка», Соколов А., 1960, $6 000. Интернетplatinum аукцион eBay Buyer Protection (2011)


ook st these paintings.Beauty, impulse, dream. Nowadays it could not be painted in such a way. But the most part of these creators are unknown soviet artists. It was a space time. As major Bashyrov in «ASSE» said: «I have gone to space in my dreams! Carring out docking and undocking». Now there are a lot of quirky auctioists who are dealing with these dockinds, selling a dream. Modern people have a lack of dream as compared with soviet nation. There is an Auction House «Sovkom» in Moscow, it has seven auctions a year, which are usually held by the founder Yuriy Tyukhtin. «The paintings of not so famous artists of 1960–1970-s are cost nowadays 510 thousand dollras. The prise will only encrease, – as he says, – not less than 50 % per year».


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