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Whiten Your Teeth in a Natural Way There are many information and methods for whitening your teeth in a natural way. There are methods that can be dangerous while there are some that are worth trying for. Whitening toothpastes advertised and available on markets nowadays are just bleaching out some of the minor discolorations on your teeth brought about by many factors. Lemon juice contains citric acid that is used to rub of the calcium in your tooth. This will cause your teeth to decay much faster because of no ample amount of calcium. It is not good when you use it on a regular basis and in excessive amounts since it can damage your tooth enamel. It can strip away the tooth enamel which in turn causes your tooth to weaken. Lemon juice is being applied by rubbing its peel to the teeth or by brushing using its juice. It is one of the most mentioned ways for whitening the teeth in a natural way. It is also one of the worst because of the damage it could deliver. Strawberries are not known to whiten teeth but their seeds actually are good workers for cleaning. Since it contains natural whitening agents as well as acids and sugars, it is advisable to brush immediately with fluoride toothpaste. You can mash it up and use as a toothpaste or you can rub it directly on your teeth. Strawberries are actually harmful like the lemon juice but they taste good. They contain an acid and their seeds can damage your teeth when you tent to brush hard. Crunchy vegetables also act as little toothbrushes to scrub away the stains caused by food residues. These involve vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli.Baking soda can also be used as a natural way of teeth whitening. It is efficient in removing stains and it works well when it is combined with peroxide. It will help in killing bacteria which bring about plaques and it aids in reducing the acids that actually harm the enamel of the tooth. It is applied by having it mixed with salt and brush it against the teeth. Peroxide is also used in whitening teeth and it works by gargling with it. You can use it to brush normally your teeth, swishing peroxide around the teeth and rinsing it water. It is safe to use but you can feel that it irritates the gums that can cause sensitivity of the teeth. Just remember that over-the-counter drugs do not contain the same concentration as to peroxide that is effective for teeth whitening.

Whiten Your Teeth in a Natural Way  

Lemon juice is being applied by rubbing its peel to the teeth or by brushing using its juice. It is one of the most mentioned ways for white...

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