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What Makes Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Rare? Cushion Cut, a diamond cut normally known as the pillow shape diamond shape, is one of the rarest cut of diamond. Unlike princess shape, oval cut, or emerald cut, the diamond ring with cushion a cut is not that popular. History wise, the cushion diamond ring is being use even before, together with other diamond cuts, however its popularity emerge not until the latest century. A Cushion diamond has its distinct puffy appearance that differentiates it from other diamond shape. It could be either rectangular or squared shape depending on personal preference, though the pillow cut rings could be made in different shapes and proportion. Unlike the other cushion which became popular during the earlier period, the pillow shape diamonds became popular not until the late 1800 to the early 1900. Although it is called the pillow cut diamond, it is more popular being a candlelight diamond since it is cut specifically to be brilliant in candlelight, the facets project with respect to the light from a candle. Not the sunlight, or moonlight, it's the candlelight that a pillow shape diamond ring works best. That's one thing that makes a cushion gems rare. The ability to project a thousand facets is best depicted with candlelight. Pillow cut jewel rings are difficult to find since they are mostly embedded in antique rings. We could seldom find pillow cut diamonds in modern rings. Many older gems are cushion cut, since the older civilization like their jewelries to be unique and versatile. Gems rings with pillow cuts have its time some centuries ago, when early people prefer cushion shaped diamonds ornamented in their jewelry. Cushion diamonds have more or less 60 facets, which is fewer than the other diamond shape, the reason for its less popularity. Jewelers prefer the other diamond cuts than the pillow cut gems because of its less popularity and market. Pillow shape diamond ring sparkle less than other cuts because of its cutlet, or the depth within the stone. If pillow shape diamonds have extremely large cutlets, it destroy the beauty of the ring. Since it has fewer facets, clarity seems critical, and the stone color also makes the crucial quality. Nowadays, jewelers prefer the pillow cut gems stone to be embedded with other types of diamond cuts. They are extremely used with oval and emerald cuts, to add prestige and brilliance. We could seldom find the diamond ring in pillow cut as a single diamond since it is less popular. Though the market of the cut is blowing up for couple of years now, it is far different from other diamond cuts. The buyer's personal preferences greatly influence the market and the demands are mostly old-fashioned cushion cuts. Though the candlelight gems rings are less popular than other cuts causing it to be rare, it is still consider one of the versatile diamond cuts. Don't you know that one of the best examples of a perfect candlelight diamond resembles the infamous Hope diamond? The beauty of a pillow cut diamond ring still stands the test of time. It might not be as rampant and popular as other diamond cuts, but it is worth for keeps.

What Makes Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Rare  

Pillow cut jewel rings are difficult to find since they are mostly embedded in antique rings. We could seldom find pillow cut diamonds in mo...