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T imeless Pieces Timeless Pieces: Antique Jewelries The assurance of having items that cannot be easily duplicated in any time and stand out far from the rest is what makes antique jewelries so special. Jewelries are now the most common sign of wealth way back from the different eras up to now. Its classy and stunning glow has proved its alluring appeal towards everyone especially to women; no wonder why it's one of the woman's weaknesses. Loved jewelries are rated not on their designs and carats alone. What makes jewelries expensive and precious is its quality to stand over time. Vintage jewelries are often adored because of their capability to preserve elegance regardless of the latest jewelry trends. Though these kinds of jewelries may cost more than what your pockets can accommodate you will never regret it for sure. It is determined to make occasions such as weddings and anniversaries graceful. Choosing vintage jewelries as a gift to your loved ones will definitely make their day memorable. It is also an avenue of showing your love to them in the most elegant way. It is made from the finest sets of stones and gems and the fact that some of these pieces are handmade, makes it more adorable to customers. Collectors tend to travel around the world because vintage jewelries are really hard to find. They believe that these stuffs have something to do with history and searching for it is part of its price. They are much influenced by the fact that jewelries vary from different cultures and way of living. The search starts from the period in which diamonds were revealed and became most popular. The Victorian age has the emotional and passionate attitude. It is known to be the symbol of love and also worn as mourning jewelry. The Art Nouveau period meanwhile has the feminine form and soft curves. It is also the period where gemstones became the crowd's favorite. These gemstones were then arranged meticulously using strong horn copper, hard tortoise shells, ivories, and glossy carved glasses.

The Edwardian era however has the characteristics of weightless and fresh designs. Dog collars and hanging earrings made from platinum and diamonds became the signature of this age. The variation between soft colors and flowing lines to bright and straight lines were more known to be the Art Deco period. It is the epoch of jazz and flappers. It has new perfect cuts for gems. Expensive sapphires and rubies were admired during at this point. Lastly the Retro phase showcased the large colorful over-sized gemstones. Sapphires and man-made rubies were both popular together with the precious aquamarines and citrines. At certain point gold became the metal option at this phase since there were no available resources for platinum throughout World War II. Illusion settings with elaborately carved designs, gave the look of a much larger diamond for a humble price. Jewelries differ in terms of eras and periods as well as its price. What is good about collecting jewelries is that it is not just for fashion purposes, it could also be a form of investment. Its value will rise as time passes by. We know that making your <a target="_new" href="">loved ones</a> feel that they are special is your goal. <a target="_new" href="">Visit us</a> and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Timeless Pieces  
Timeless Pieces  

The Art Nouveau period meanwhile has the feminine form and soft curves. It is also the period where gemstones became the crowd's favorite. T...