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Three Major T ypes of Diabetes

There are three major categories of diabetes, but there is a stage prior to diabetes known as pre-diabetes. It is also known as impaired glucose forbearance which is a situation where the blood sugar scale is elevated to higher level than normal range for most persons, however, it is still lower not to be regarded as diabetes. People having pre-diabetes are possible to develop Type 11 diabetes later on if they are not monitoring their situation carefully. Those who have been identified of having pre-diabetes may help keep from developing to complete diagnosis of Type 11 diabetes by monitoring their weight, doing physical activities and eating right and healthy foods.

Type I The first major category of the disease is Type I diabetes, a kind of disease wherein the pancreas creates a very small amount of insulin or none at all. Persons, who have this type, are normally below twenty years old, usually young adults or a child. Many scientists consider that Type I happens to be genetic in nature where cells of pancreas are assaulted and then they stop to function. Others believe that the disease can be caused by virus which prompts immune system in starting to attack the pancreas. Due to the damage of the pancreatic cells which produce insulin, persons having Type I will get the disease in a lifetime and will be needing treatment by means of insulin shots or insulin pump. Furthermore, regular exercises and watchful attention to diets are necessary to avoid fluctuation of sugar in the blood.

Type II Type II diabetes is usually seen in persons who are obese or overweight when they grow older. Young adults and more children are diagnosed with this type of disease because they do not have sufficient physical activities. About ninety percent of diabetes cases belong to type II diabetes. The dissimilarity between Type I and Type 11 is that in type 11, the pancreas is not capable to produce sufficient insulin or the body is not properly using it. Type II diabetes, sometimes is considered a lifestyle ailment because it is usually triggered by unhealthy lifestyle, being overweight and do not participate in physical exercises. However, heredity and age are also some factors. Gestational or Diabetes Pregnancy Gestational diabetes, the third major type, this is a condition wherein women may get during their second three months of pregnancy. About four percent of all women who are pregnant will have gestational diabetes. Unlike Type I and Type II diabetes, diabetes during pregnancy will vanish after birth of the baby.

Three Major Types of Diabetes Diabetes-Type  

Three Major T ypes of Diabetes People having pre-diabetes are possible to develop Type 11 diabetes later on if they are not monitoring their...